The LeFleur-Winfield Men II: Paris is for Lovers Epilogue

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  25
Micah:  24
Page:  24
Paris:  21, Junior at UC -- Berkeley
Sidney:  17, 12th Grade
Kai:  17, 12th Grade
Dmitry:  24
Zach:  34, John's Assistant
John & Dustin:  54 & 53, Parents

Part Two:  Paris is for Lovers -- Epilogue

Spring 2041

Paris and Doctor Chakwas noticed a large improvement in Zach over the period Paris decided to have the therapist focus on Zach's abandonment and depression issues, rather than his sexual ones.  Zach seemed as happy as he was the day he started dating Paris; John also noticed this improvement at work, but decided not to broach the conversation.

The two were at the beach sitting in the sand with the water splashing against their lower bodies.  Paris leaned closer to Zach and placed his head on Zach's shoulder.  Zach leaned closer to his fiancÚ and said, "I love you, so much!"

"I love you, so much, too!"

"I know that I've been a pain in the arse about the therapist, but if you had not pushed me, I am sure I would have destroyed us.  Thank you for believing in me."

Paris encircled his fiancÚ in his arms and squeezed tightly and said, "I would never stop believing in you, Zachie."

"We're going to get married, and get a real house, and have a family together; and I can hardly wait!"

Paris smiled, feeling the most at-peace and content he had in a while.  Paris was very happy he decided to take his fathers' advice to give Zach his unwavering support and to stop trying to change him.  Paris hoped that when he and Zach had children someday, they could be as smart, guiding, and loving as his parents.

Kai stared at his new birth certificate as he, John, Sidney, and Dustin walked out of the courthouse.  It had his name, Michael Kai LeFleur-Winfield, his actual date, time, and location of birth, and, most importantly, his parents' names.  Under parent one was Dustin Matthew LeFleur-Winfield, his former last name, and his race, white, and under parent two was John Andrew Winfield and his race, black.  Kai laughed at the prospect of not only to men giving birth to a child, but a black man and a white man giving birth to a blond child.

When the group got into the car, they all gave Kai a kiss on the head, officially welcoming him into the family and at the same time, giving him warm fuzzy feelings.  After the John started the car, Sidney noticed Kai was crying, placed his hand on his friend's shoulder, and asked, "Are you okay, buddy?"

Kai started laughing suddenly and responded, "I don't know how I feel right now.  I feel awesome, wow; yeah, awesome!"  Sidney joined his best friend and brother in laughing and joking for the rest of the trip home for today was truly an exciting and..."um, wow; awesome" day.

The newly wedded couple, Ashley and Vinca, came to Los Angeles for a family dinner after taking a two-week vacation and honeymoon in Tierces and Cacaos.  Everyone was in high spirits and talking and laughing loudly while John and Dustin were grilling.  After closing the grill cover, John and Dustin looked around at their adult children as they were horse playing like little children.

Page was showing off his wrestling skills to Dmitry by pinning Ashley and Micah into submission, while Paris, Zach, Sidney, and Kai were busy playing tag in the pool.  Shea and Vinca were left at the mercy of the boys and their daiquiris.  John and Dustin accompanied them, enjoying the occasional escape from the mayhem that is a household full of boys.

"Is it always like this," Vinca asked, seeming a little worried.

"Yes; wait until you have a full house!  Fun times are ahead," John responded.

"We have breaks, though.  It's rewarding to see them grow up, become successful, and make decisions on their own," Dustin chimed in.

"We could not be more proud of them," John added.


Once the food was ready, everyone gathered around the table and participated in the customary LeFleur-Winfield moment of silence.  During dinner, the boisterous atmosphere created by the men continued as Dmitry and Vinca, both only children, looked on in amazement as they were still in the adjustment phase, unlike Zach.  As they were watching the rowdiness grow at the table, John and Dustin were beginning to have feelings of both relief and of longing to go through the process over again.  Sidney and Kai, their last two sons, are graduating and moving into an apartment this summer, leaving a truly empty nest at the LeFleur-Winfield household.  After being together for thirty-eight years, John and Dustin had developed a sixth-sense when it came to reading their partner's thoughts and responding appropriately.  Dustin leaned over toward his husband and rubbed John's shoulders; in a quiet tone, Dustin whispered into John's ear, "Don't worry, we can always press for grandchildren."  John looked at his husband who was giving a smile that said, "I understand, I feel this way, too," and replaced it with a kiss that got whistles and chants from the boys at the table.

After John and Dustin broke the kiss, the table quieted down unexpectedly.  Micah decided to use this opportunity to get down on one knee in front of Shea with a diamond engagement ring on display in a box in his hand.  Paris conveniently pulled out Micah's camera to capture the moment as Shea said, "Yes," and Micah slipped the ring on her finger.  Paris captured the hug and the kiss shared between the couple, followed by the hug and kiss shared between Micah and his fathers and Shea and John and Dustin.  At the end of the night, everyone agreed that this get-together was another successful dinner.

Sidney had been the second draft pick to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, or the Baby Pens, at the AHL draft in San Antonio, Texas.  After three days of celebrating and getting to know his team, Sidney finally had time to slow down and celebrate with his fathers and Kai.  The first place the group went was the Tower of the Americas to enjoy a good view of the city.  Kai was glued to the glass as the observation deck rotated; he jumped when he felt Sidney's arms encircle his waist.  Sidney squeezed tightly around his friend and said, "What happens when we have to split up?"

"I'd like to not think about that day," Kai answered.

"We will someday," Sidney responded.  "I don't want to have to move away from you and not have a back-up plan to see you after months of being apart."

Kai smiled at his friend's admission and fell into Sidney's hug.  The four were seated at a table near the large panoramic window that encircled the deck and promptly ordered drinks and appetizers.  

John watched as Sidney looked out the window with Kai and asked, "Sid; have you thought about what playing for the AHL will mean for your schooling?"

Sidney faced his fathers and answered, "Of course; but I'm still going to UCLA, though."  Kai smiled from ear-to-ear when he heard this answer.  "The AHL has a rotational strategy for college students now, so it's not like I'll be going there every game."
"That's true," John agreed.

The family chatted about Kai and Sidney's short-term and long-term plans, among other topics during the course of lunch before leaving the tower and heading to the River Center, a massive mall at the end of the San Antonio River Walk.  When the group passed a Jos. A. Bank, Sidney decided to stop in.  Kai, John, and Dustin followed, wondering what Sidney could possibly need with another suit.

Sidney turned to Kai and said, "Prom is coming up in a few weeks, we should get tailored."

Kai smiled and asked, "You have a date in mind?"

"Yes, I do."

"Who might this lucky person be?"

"Well, this lucky person is beautiful, inside and out, has been my closest friend since the third grade, is blond, has the most beautiful green eyes that make me green with envy, has a smile that lights up the room, and is not female."

"I'm really starting to like this person; when can I meet him," Kai asked, moving closer to his friend.

Sidney reached out and pulled Kai closer; now with his nose inches away from Kai's, Sidney asked, "Kai, will you be my date to prom?"

Kai smiled and chuckled a bit before leaning forward and planting a light kiss on his best friend which Sidney accepted graciously.  Still smiling, Kai answered with a simple, "yes."

"Well great," said a salesman, startling the boys.  "Let's find some suits to make prom a night to remember.  Dustin and John just sat back on a seat in disbelief that Sidney had taken things this far.

The men watched as the boys got fitted and chose accessories to go with their tuxedos.  After passing John and Dustin's inspections, the boys gave their tuxes to the tailor and took their accessories to the counter.  John took out his American Express Centurion card and paid the over seven-thousand dollar bill.  Kai nearly choked when he saw the price.

Once the shopping was finished, John had the items purchased brought to their suite while the four started down the River Walk.  The evening could not help but feel romantic, as John and Dustin were in the front row of the boat and Sidney and Kai were in the back.  Sidney and Kai were subconsciously mimicking John and Dustin, with Kai leaning against Sidney and both boys hugging each other tightly.  The rest of the night and trip in San Antonio was awesome in Kai and Sidney's opinion because they became closer as a result.

Kai sat across from Sidney at Eva's Caribbean Kitchen playing footsies as if they were still in third grade.  "I love the fact that we're both not wearing any shoes right now," Kai said, smiling.

"I love the fact that you've been courted by your favorite straight guy in the world and all you can think about is the lack of shoes on our part," Sidney responded.

"So, when are you going to put a ring on this finger," Kai asked, pointing to his ring finger.

"Give me a few years and you'll get one," Sidney responded in a joking manner.

"What's a few?"

Sidney pretended to be deep in thought for a few seconds before responding, " four years?"

"It'd better not be your high school ring; although, I want that one, too!"

"It won't be, maybe."  After Sidney's response, Kai kicked his friend under the table, causing Sidney to grab his leg in exaggerated pain.

After the two left the restaurant, the Rolls-Royce Phantom headed to the convention center at OVHS.  The driver pulled up to the prom's black carpet at the entrance of the convention center before letting the boys out.  Once Sidney and Kai graced the carpet hand-in-hand, they got a lot of looks, partly because Sidney is straight, and also because of their outfits.  The boys were both wearing matching Signature 3-Button Notch Lapels with pinstripes and matching pants.  Kai's shirt was a lighter gray than Sidney's; Sidney wore a black tie and Kai wore a white bow tie.  The pinstripes, a secret gift from their parents, were actually made up of letters that formed the continuous phrase, "SIDNEY&KAI2041PROM."  The boys had no idea, but still wondered why new suits had to be made and tailored.

The boys continued to walk down the carpet and were inundated by reporters for the various news organizations on campus wanting to get a piece of every couple, group, or person walking down the carpet.  The closer Sidney and Kai got to the paparazzi wall, the better the quality of reporters.  The boys finally arrived at the large black and white, checkered paparazzi wall where they posed for various school magazines and fashion-related shows.  Sidney and Kai left the paparazzi wall hand-in-hand to take prom pictures before heading into the large arena where the prom is being held.  The two posed closely and lovingly during their photos, just as an actual couple would.  Sidney and Kai even made sure they got a few kisses in for good measure.

Once inside the arena, the boys proceeded to dance the night away.  The seniors on the hockey team were being especially open about dancing with Kai, something Kai had no complaints about.  Sidney and Kai danced with Illia and Tamara, and then switched and danced with Casey, Josh, and Riley.  As the night progressed, Kai and Sidney managed to dance with all of their friends and only got to dance with each other twice.  Finally when a slow song came on, the boys gravitated toward the dance floor.

Kai and Sidney held each other tight and close as one snuggled into the other, dancing as any loving couple would.  Kai felt as though he and Sidney were melting together, into one being, because the two were so close; Kai loved this feeling.  At the end of the song, Sidney whispered into Kai's ear, "I love you, Kai," making Kai smile and feel warm inside.


After the dance, the boys headed over to In-and-Out Burger for a small meal before heading to Laguna Beach.  Once on a secluded part of the beach, the boys discarded their clothes and took to the water, wasting no time playing a game of grab-ass once submerged.  The boys continued to swim and play tag for nearly an hour before they started making out while still in the moonlit ocean.  Kai loved the feeling of his naked friend against Kai's naked skin.  The boys rubbed their crotches together, making them both hard as rock.  Once both boys became extremely horny, Sidney decided it was time to go do this in a bed.  Back on the beach, the boys showered the salt off their bodies and headed to the limousine where they both got dressed.

As the driver pulled into Hotel Montage, Kai's face was glued to the glass; Sidney was equally excited to spend the night here with his best friend.  The boys made their way to the concierge desk to get their room keys.  Sidney pulled out the Centurion to pay for their rooms, prompting Kai to ask, "He gave you his card?"

"For the night," Sidney responded.  "He had just two rules:  don't do anything illegal and don't `spend a car'."

"Sounds good to me; I still can't believe how much he's spending on our prom!"


The boys wasted no time stripping out of their clothes once in their room.  Kai tackled Sidney onto the bed and smothered him in a deep, passionate kiss.  Kai grabbed Sidney's hands and pushed them upward on the bed as he ground his crotch into Sidney's as vigorously as his kissing.  Sidney was really starting to love the feeling of being dominated by Kai; so much so, he felt that he could come at any moment.

Kai eased off his friend and had Sidney roll onto his stomach.  Kai found a bottle of massage lotion on the counter.  Sidney cringed when the massage lotion touched his skin and sent shivers down his spine.  The chill was replaced with warmth and, soon, ecstasy as Kai rubbed the lotion into Sidney's back.  Kai had started at Sidney's back and then worked his way up to Sidney's shoulders before going back down Sidney's back.  Kai was now beginning to knead into Sidney's ass cheeks, causing Sidney to moan softly.  When Sidney felt Kai's hand move between his butt cheeks, he shivered and spread his legs, giving Kai more access.

Kai face dove into Sidney's exposed boyhole and lapped at it like a hungry dog.  Sidney moaned and purred as Kai's tongue worked magic on his most private region.  After Kai was satisfied with his work, he started to massage Sidney's hole with his middle finger.  Kai pushed the entire length of his finger into Sidney, making Sidney moan loudly.  Kai massaged Sidney's prostate for a few moments before removing his finger and flipping Sidney over.

Once Sidney was on his back, Kai took Sidney's six-and-a-quarter-inch dick deep into his throat while pushing his middle finger deep into Sidney.  Sidney moaned when Kai made contact with his prostate; as he moaned, Sidney treated Kai to a squirt of his pre-cum, which Kai eagerly made disappear.  Kai continued sucking his friend, taking Sidney deep into his throat and massaging Sidney's cock with his throat.  Sidney began fucking Kai's throat whole-heartedly as Kai finger fucked his hole.  In just a few minutes after Sidney began fucking Kai's face, he was moaning loudly and dumping his load down Kai's throat.  Kai swallowed all Sidney had to offer, enjoying the fact that part of Sidney was inside him.  Kai removed his finger and continued to suckle on Sidney's cock as Sidney came down from his orgasm.  When Sidney's orgasm completely subsided, Kai dropped Sidney's semi-hard cock form his mouth and kissed his best friend deeply.

As the boys were kissing, Sidney rubbed his best friend's very hard, six-and-three-quarter-inch dick.  When the kiss was broken, Sidney returned Kai's bright smile and said, "I want you to make love to me."

Kai's smile got bigger; he leaned down to kiss Sidney once more before reaching for the lotion.  Sidney stopped him and said, "No; I want to try it without the lube this time."

"Are you sure; it's gonna hurt."

"I'm positive; just you and me."

Kai smiled before lining up his cock with Sidney's sphincter.  As Kai pushed forward, he was met with overwhelming resistance.  When Kai's dick entered Sidney's sphincter, Sidney immediately flinched away from Kai and placed his hands against Kai's thighs, urging Kai to stop his progression.  Kai looked down at his friend who was flushed and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Sidney nodded and said, "Just give me a minute; your dick is fatter than the last time we did this."

After a few minutes, Sidney nodded and Kai pushed forward; even though Sidney flinched and was still in pain from having his near-virgin hole stretched around Kai's cock, he allowed Kai to enter him completely.  Once Kai bottomed out in Sidney, both boys exhaled, Kai from the feeling of the warm grip on his dick and Sidney from the relief that all of Kai was inside of him.

Kai, now hunched over Sidney, with is hands on the bed beside Sidney, asked, "Are you okay?"

Sidney nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm fine."  After a short pause, Sidney added, "Do it Kai; make love to me!"

Kai began moving his hips, to test Sidney's comfort level before continuing.  When Kai determined that Sidney was ready, he started a steady rhythm of pulling his dick out until just the head was still buried and then driving it balls-deep into Sidney.  After nearly fifteen minutes of this steady rhythm, Kai started to speed up and fuck Sidney in earnest.  Sweat was dripping from Kai's brow when he lowered himself to plant a kiss on Sidney.  The two continued to kiss as Kai began rabbit fucking Sidney deep and hard.  Kai and Sidney were sharing more than a kiss, they were sharing one breath, one body; this thought sent Kai over the edge as he pounded hard into Sidney and released his seed deep into his best friend's bowels.  Sidney, who was hard again, grabbed his dick while the two continued to kiss, and added his moan to Kai's growls and grunts as he came between their bodies.  Sidney released his dick and hugged Kai close to him, smashing his come between the two.  Kai continued to slowly fuck Sidney as the two refused to part until Kai got tired in this position and rolled off his friend.  After coming down from their post-orgasmic bliss, the boys cuddled close and stayed near each other for a while.

The boys moved into a better cuddling position, with Sidney sitting against the headboard and Kai lying on his chest.  Sidney rubbed Kai's hair, ear, face, neck, and then chest.  They laid like this for a few minutes quietly until Sidney broke the silence, saying, "I wish I could be your boyfriend."

Kai smiled at this and responded, "I wish you could be my boyfriend, too."

After sitting in silence for a while longer, Kai added, "It's okay, Sidney; I really appreciate the gesture.  If I find someone half as great as you, I'll be the happiest boy on the planet!"

"Ah," Sidney said, smiling and hugging Kai closer to him.

Kai moved up, kissed Sidney, and said, "I love you."

"I love you, too, Kai," Sidney responded.

The boys moved into their regular sleeping position, spooning with Sidney in Kai's arms, and fell fast asleep with their futures on their minds.

End of Part Two

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