The LeFleur-Winfield Men III: Sid the Kid 1

by John Michael

In this chapter:

Ashley:  26
Micah:  25
Page:  24
Paris:  21, Junior at UC - Berkeley
Sidney:  18, Freshman at UCLA
Kai:  18, Freshman at UCLA
Dmitry:  25, CEO at Winfield/Caldwell-West
Zach:  35, John's Assistant
John & Dustin:  55 & 54, Parents

Part Three:  Sid the Kid Chapter 1

Fall 2041

When Kai entered the two-story, three-bedroom apartment, he stopped in the two-story foyer, looked up toward the vaulted ceilings, and started spinning around with his arms extended.  Sidney walked into the apartment and stopped his friend by putting his arms around Kai's waist.  With his back toward Sidney, Kai allowed himself to mold into his best friend and brother.

"You wanna stop twirling and help me move us in," the tip-toeing Sidney asked just as John and Dustin walked into the door.

"Hey; your father and I aren't here to do everything by ourselves," John said as he was carrying boxes labeled Sidney followed by Dustin, who had even more boxes with Sidney written on them.

Sidney and Kai quickly released each other, but not before a kiss, to help unload the U-HAUL.  While unloading, Sidney noticed the boxes starting to pile up in the living room downstairs and announced, "I think it's time to bring these boxes to their respective rooms."

"Have you and Kai decided on the setup," Dustin asked.  "There are three bedrooms."

"One can be a study and homework room," John suggested.

Sidney looked at Kai and said, "Let's go upstairs and check everything out."  Without saying anything, Kai raced passed Sidney and up the stairs; Sidney followed suit, tackling Kai when he got to the top landing.  The boys continued horse playing until John called upstairs, "Enough of that or I'm coming up there!"

Sidney helped Kai off the ground and the two looked around.  Downstairs, the kitchen was to the left of the foyer, the living room was directly in front of the foyer, the dining room was on the left of the living room and an extra bedroom was on the right of the living room.  Upstairs, the two-story living room continued to the ceiling, providing a balcony view into the room.  Above the dining room and kitchen was a bedroom and bathroom.  The bedroom had very large windows, but unlike the final bedroom, which was above the bedroom below, it did not have a balcony.  Sidney and Kai came to a mental decision and before Sidney could say anything, Kai asked, "Why don't we just share this room, save the room across from this one as a guest room and use the other room on the first floor as an office?"

"Sounds great, but I want to keep something that can convert into a bed in the downstairs office so that it can be used as a third bedroom, if necessary."

"Cool; sounds good to me.  Let's go tell the `rents."

The boys basically jumped down each flight of stairs and ran outside to the truck where the found their fathers removing more of their items.  Kai and Sidney each grabbed some more items to bring into the town house where they told John and Dustin their plan, to which John asked, "Aren't you two a little old to be sharing a room?"

Sidney surprised Kai by answering first, saying, "No; we're just more comfortable doing it this way.  We have always slept like this; and before you say anything about privacy, you guys, we're nudists and we share everything, including all of our deepest, darkest secrets.  Kai and I have no privacy."

Kai smiled at Sidney and added, "I agree with everything Sid just said!"

This being the end of the discussion, the men spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting everything settled before John and Dustin headed back to their now empty nest in Irvine.


Later that night, Kai and Sidney were having oral sex and Kai wanted to take things further, but Sidney refused.  Over the course of the semester, Sidney continued to refuse Kai's sexual advances, something Kai found to be very frustrating.  Finally, after weeks of resisting, Sidney gave in and went all the way with Kai, but told Kai this could not be an everyday occurrence.

One night, while in bed, Kai looked at Sidney and started to draw imaginary circles in the sheets with his finger.  Sidney, who got finally got tired of Kai staring at him put his iPad down, turned to his friend, and asked, "Yes?"

"You've really cut down on our, intimate moments, since we started school."

Sidney sighed and asked, "Don't you think we're getting a little old for this."  Sidney paused and added, "We're in college, now; it's time we start dating people with whom we are compatible."

Kai laid down and said, "Fine!  For an athlete, you have great grammatical skills."  The boys chuckled and ended the conversation before turning in for sleep, with Sidney wrapped tightly in Kai's arms, something Kai was excited he and Sidney still did together.

Having gone to a gay bar the previous week to celebrate Kai's eighteenth birthday, Sidney wanted to try a different scene so the two decided on a dance club to spend their Friday night.  "I hope you chose a good spot," Kai said as he got into the car.

"Anything's gotta be better than being groped by some old guy wearing nothing but a tutu; not even underwear," Sidney exclaimed, eliciting laughter from Kai.  Sidney added, "That was not at all funny."

"Yeah," Kai said between laughs and gasps for air, "but your face sure was!"

Sidney glared at Kai when the stopped at an intersection, prompting Kai to say, "Shouldn't you focus on the road?"

"The light's red."

Sidney continued to stare until Kai said, "It was funny; even you have to admit it was."

Sidney stared at Kai for a few more seconds and then said, "Yeah; you're right, it was a `what the fuck' kinda way.  That's not happening again, though."


When Kai and Sidney walked into the club, they were handed condoms by a tall, skinny brunette who said, "Don't forget to practice safe sex, guys!"  Kai and Sidney took the condoms and thanked the woman before paying and being stamped as minors.  The club had multiple dance floors, all offering different types of music and dance.  Kai and Sidney raved, without the drugs; line danced, pogoed, and visited every floor with the exception of the House floor.

Kai felt at home when he and Sidney started dancing to the House music.  Sidney and Kai were lost in the music, the dance, and the energy of the crowd as they continued to dance.  Sidney was so lost in the energy, he barely noticed when small arms wrapped around his torso.  Sidney turned to see who was hugging and dancing with him to see a small blond girl who looked about his age dancing to the beat.  Kai was watching as Sidney danced on with his new interest; Kai watched as she played through Sidney's hair and as the two basically fucked on the floor.  Kai had enough of this and decided to sit down.

At the end of the dance, Kai watched as Sidney dragged the girl toward him.  Not wanting to meet her, Kai forced a happy face when Sidney and the girl approached him.  Sidney said, "Hey, Kai; this is Allie.  I'm taking her back to our place, okay?"

Kai crossed his arms and nodded in response, giving the bare minimum action warranted to show understanding, but enough to show disapproval and end the conversation.  Sidney handed Kai the keys to Sidney's car ad left with Allie.


When Kai got back to the apartment, he heard screaming from the guest room upstairs.  Alarmed by this he hurried up the stairs only to realize that Allie was actually screaming in pleasure after he heard her say, "Ah, fuck, Sid.  Fuck, yeah!"  After hearing this, Kai was now seething in anger; Kai decided to go to a friend's dorm to spend the night.


The following morning, Allie's car was nowhere in sight when Kai pulled into the parking spot next to Sidney's car.   When Kai entered the kitchen, he smelled eggs, vegetarian sausage, vegetarian bacon, biscuits, and fresh orange juice.  This infuriated Kai even more; the thought that some strange girl had this effect on Sidney, but Kai could not was enough to overrule the fact that Sidney made breakfast.

Kai barely spoke to Sidney as the two ate; luckily for Kai, Sidney was in the talking mood, so Kai was content to pretend to listen.  It was like this between the two of them for nearly a week until Sidney finally asked, "What; what is it, Kai?"

Kai stared at the infomercial selling wireless charging platforms and answered, "Nothing."

"It is something, Kai; you never give me the cold shoulder, so what is it?"

Sidney was looking at Kai when he noticed Kai's face turn to anger; Sidney nearly jumped when Kai faced him and barked out, "If you don't know, then you don't need to know!"

Sidney sighed and responded, "It was just a one-night-stand; nothing serious.  And if I do decide to get serious with someone, Kai, I'm going to need some space, okay?"

"I'm not angry about the one-night-stand; I'm pissed that we decide to go out, together, and you pull some crap like that.  You basically bailed on me."

"So this has nothing to do with me sleeping with someone."

"That did hurt, but I already know that's out of my control."

There was a moment of silence before Sidney responded, "I'm sorry, Kai; that won't happen again.  I understand where you're coming from and I wouldn't want to be put in that situation.  I'm sorry."

Another silent moment passed before Kai faced his friend and said, "Okay, Sid; I accept your apology.  Maybe we can go with a group next time."

"Or maybe I can stop the one-night-stands."

"I'm not asking you to do that."

"Nah; I wanted to have one, I did, and now, I'm done with that.  It won't happen again."

When Kai did not budge, Sidney crossed over the sofa and hugged his friend.  Kai allowed Sidney to kiss him before the two went to bed together.

After his second consecutive shutout, Sidney was signing autographs for scores of fans in Pittsburgh.  Sidney noticed lots of women who all wanted a piece of him, but he had no idea just how badly they wanted to get into his pants until he, Kai, and his teammates decided to go out.

Throughout the night, Sidney decided to stop counting the numbers of gropes because he had lost count once he they got to the double-digits.  Kai Sidney made out with at least three different women, one of which was probably in her late twenties or lower thirties.  Sidney was feeling like a celebrity and was on cloud nine; Kai, on the other hand was dealing with his jealousy and the guilt he felt for being jealous in the first place.  What Kai did not know is that Sidney wanted to sleep with any one of the women, but felt guilty about what his actions would do to Kai.


Kai and Sidney decided to fly back with their fathers for Christmas.  On the plane, Sidney cuddled with Kai as they watched a movie in the lounge while John worked in his office and Dustin kept John's company.  Sidney and Kai enjoyed the security they provided each other; Sidney was feeling himself doze off when he decided to say, "Kai; you need a boyfriend."

Kai, who was also dozing off was instantly jolted awake when he heard Sidney say this. Kai replied, "What; why?  Where did this come from?"

Sidney decided he should tread lightly and choose his words carefully; he responded, "We should both start dating.  It'll be a good change for us."

"Hmph," Kai responded, "okay."

Sidney was surprised by Kai's response and asked, "Okay; you're okay with that?"

"Yeah, Sidney; I know where you're going with this and I'm okay with it."

"Okay, cool."  That ended the discussion and before long, the boys both fell asleep, Sidney in his best friend's arms.

Summer 2042

Everyone was together again for Micah and Shea's wedding in San Francisco, which gave Paris and Micah a chance to catch up on everyday life events, and other events which were not so every day.  During the reception, Micah followed Paris outside of the reception hall and to a grassy area.

After the two sat beside each other, referring to the Coit Tower where Micah and Shea were married, Paris asked, "Of all the places, why Coit?"

"It's beautiful, American, and a symbol of the city."

"Shea picked it?"

Micah gave Paris a knowing look before smiling and answering, "Of course!"

"I take it she's gotten over your stint in the porn industry, eh?"

"What; I never told her!"

"Sharing is caring; secrets don't make friends."

Micah turned to his brother and answered, "I'm kidding, little man."

Paris smiled and responded, "I figured; how'd she take it?"

"She was livid; especially because no condoms were used in any of the shoots."

"Yeah; I noticed that."

"She was pretty open-minded about it, albeit adamant about me never doing something like that again."

"Was she okay with the fact that you were doing it while you were dating her?"

"After I told her I was under contractual obligation, she cooled a bit."

"How'd they mask the scar?"

"This neat stuff called CGI makeup.  Basically, they used CGI to smooth my skin and a special makeup that contains special particles that allow the computer to replace the just the treated area with CGI.  Pretty neat shit!"

"That is pretty cool."

The two paused for a moment, enjoying their missed closeness before Micah asked, "How are things with Zach?"

"Significantly better; he hasn't broken any laws, so that's always an improvement.  I noticed that he's much happier and less stressed.  I'm now helping him reconcile his differences with his mother; this is the man I'm going to marry, after all.  I want our children to know both sides of their family."

Micah nodded and answered, "That's good, Paris; we're all grown up, now!"

Paris smiled when Micah said this, but before he could respond, Ashley, Page, Sidney, and Kai came out of the building looking for their brothers.  The boys enjoyed the rare moment of all being together at once for they knew, this would end soon and they would have to return to their adult lives of responsibility.

End of Chapter 1

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