I hadn't slept very well the night before. In fact, my anxiety of this morning kept waking me up all through the night. Almost as if I was afraid to miss my chance by sleeping through the ring of my morning alarm. Believe it or not, I woke up just eleven minutes before my alarm was going to go off, and decided to just stay up. It was weird...but since Deme has been a part of my life, which hasn't really been that long, I've been the most awkward and lopsided person on Earth. I couldn't explain it. My mind, heart, and body just got out of sync somehow, and everything was just kinda flopping around on its own these days. I'm surprised that I'm survivng this assault on my emotions at all.

I was going to school that morning, but this time, Dimitry was coming with me. Even if it was just to pick up the appropiate papers and enroll for the remaining school year. Sighhhh.....sitting on my front step, my bike leaning against the bushes, I felt myself getting increasingly nervous for the moment when I'd see his delicious form come riding around that corner to come join me. My feet were tapping, my fingers were tapping...I was an entire symphony of nervous habits all by myself. But after what seemed like an eternal wait...I saw him. My heart stopped, my breathing stopped, all of TIME stopped...and I watched as he stood up on his bike to pedal his way quickly towards my house. Boys on bikes are SOOO damn cute!

He came up my walkway as I stood on my feet, and screeched to a halt. "I hope I am not late." He said.

"No...you're right on time." I could feel myself blushing already, and I kept my head down to keep him from seeing it as I walked past him. "You ready?"

"Yes. You go, I will follow." He said, and we started off on our way to school. It was about 20 minutes away I guess, with me riding a bit slower than usual. What surprised me was that it was basically a very quiet ride. Without much more than a few smiles between us as we sped our way through the neighborhood streets. The silence didn't bother me, mind you. I just...had this picture of us really bonding with each other on the way there for the first time. Teenage fantasy...it never turns out the way you think it will.

But once we got there, and we went to the steel rack to lock our bikes up, Deme smiled at me. "That was not too far at all. I am glad we are close by." His smile almost kept me from hearing him. It transformed the mundane task of locking my bike up into a religious experience of epic proportions. His teeth gleamed in the sunlight, and his long lashes brushed past his adorable brown eyes with the cutest blink. I felt my body turn to concrete as it stood in awe of his beauty. It was miraculous...they way every angle of him would just radiate that sweet personality of his and draw you uncontrollably into it. It truly made you believe in magic!

We walked inside, and I had never felt like such a king at that school until I had a hottie like Deme walking beside me. I swear...the not-so-subtle reactions that we got from people...it was outrageous! They looked, they stared, they stopped everything that they were doing....just to get a glance of the cute new boy walking the halls. You see, most of the people in my high school I'd known since the third grade or so, with a few new faces popping up in junior high. But Deme was an 'event' as far as new students were concerned. Girls swooned in his presence, guys seemed to take a sudden position of distrust and self consciousness in his presence...it was awesome! They were literally hiding their girlfriends from Deme instinctually the second they saw him coming. I suppose that, even on some basic animalistic level, boys know when other boys threaten their position in a girl's life. Walking the halls of that place, I was really really proud to be standing next to him. I was sure to be popular for the next week JUST from people asking me who he was. Damn....Dimitry was a walking sex pot if ever I saw one.

I led him to the main office of the school where he'd have to get his papers. "Ok, here you are. If you go in there and ask for your enrollment papers, they should set you up with everything you need to get started. K?" I said.

"I see. So you have to go to class now. Am I right?" Deme said, his head flicking his soft hair back with a single jerk of his neck.

I almost couldn't speak at first. "Yeah.......yeah, I suppose I should go." I didn't want to leave him, but it was the 'safe' thing to do. Because I was seriously falling in love with him standing there face to face with the most beautiful boy in existence. The lights of the school just seemed to bring out this glow in his lightly tanned skin perfectly, and his eyes wee shining with this friendly vibe that was causing me to daydream of candied kisses and extended hugs. I needed to back away before my coordination began to break down and I was reduced to a blithering idiot in front of him. He really had a major affect on people. It only took one glance. He could kidnapped your affections and made you his bitch from the very first smile. A dangerous charm that both scared and excited me at the same time.

"I will see you later, perhaps?" He told me.

"Sure. Just don't COOK anything while you wait." I joked, and I saw that olive skin of his turn pink in front of me as he bit his bottom lip lightly to hold back his bashful grin.

"Hehehe...do not tease me. I made that for YOU!" He reminded me, and I could only giggle in response.

I heard the late bell ring, and I had to go. "Ok, I'll see you later. Are you alright? Can you take it from here?"

"Yes. I will get my papers and go back for my father to sign." He said, and then I saw him reach in his pocket to grab a piece of notebook paper. "If you can manage, come by my house later. Ok? My father and I are still fixing the house, but maybe we can spend some time together. Yes?" GOD...I LOVED his accent on certain words. They tickled my ear drums sometimes, and it made me smile with infatuation at the vibrations it caused.

I watched anxiously as Deme scrawled out his name and phone number on the scrap of paper, then he added an address as well. I could feel my heart fluttering just looking at it. I felt that once incredible 'distance' between me and the god-like beauty of the boy I had fallen head over heels for...suddenly decrease with every letter he wrote on that piece of paper. I thought the tremors I felt in my stomach were going to show through my tshirt. I was shaking SOOOOO bad! He was 'connecting' with me! He was giving me his PHONE NUMBER!!! DEME!!! The boy that, just days ago, turned me into a scared little kitten, staring wantingly at him through a cloded restaurant window! To think, he was just a stranger not long ago. Now I can't imagine how my life had any adrenaline at all before Deme stepped in and electrified every aspect of my existence. I was practically bouncing on my heels while he finished writing it out.

Then.....the magical moment came. Deme put the cap back on his pen, and I tried to keep from having my knees collapse as he slowly handed it to me. He looked me right in the eye as he did it, and I couldn't stop this gigantic psychotic smile from spreading across my lips! I knew I was blushing ferociously, I just hope it didn't look too girly. I could his fingers slightly touch mine briefly as the paper transfered from his grip into mine. And I think my smile caused him to grin slightly too. I must have looked absolutely ridiculous! But he didn't mention it. And I was so ridiculously infatuated that I nearly melted into a puddle right there at his feet.

Finally, I got a bit of courage and said, "Ok...thanks." Soon adding, "Um...should I...should I call first? Or..."

"No, it's ok. Just come by. We we'll be painting a bit and I don't know if the phone will be connected when you try to ring me. I will be there, however. Just come to the back door around the side, and ring the bell. Ok?"

"Cool. I'll do that." I said.

"This..this is no trouble?" Awww.....sometimes I wanted to kiss him SOOO bad!

"No...hehehe...it's no trouble. It'll be fun." I said timidly. "Well....I'll see you then." I started backing away from Deme slowly. I had the most awkward time just trying to walk straight, so overjoyed just to have this adonis TALK to me in such a friendly manner! But just as I was about to burst out with a fit of girlish giggles, high school security came over and told me to get to class. So I had to wave goodbye. "Ok, see you later, Deme."

"Bye, Shane." He smiled, and it was an emotional orgasm to hear my name spoken with his light hearted voice....even MORE so when spoken with that adorable smile! I grinned all the way to my class, and kept that grin for most of the day.

School felt like a distraction from life itself that day. Honestly, it was just an obstacle that I had to get through in order to get back to my baby. Thrugh every class, my feet were tapping impatiently on the floor. My mind went blank as I daydreamed of Deme off and on every few minutes or so. Not sexual stuff either....although I did entertain a few of thoughts as well throughout the day. Sorry, couldn't help it. But most of the time, I was just thinking about his smile, or the way he could flip his hair out of his eyes with a jerk of his head, or the way he would sometimes take a quick, almost unnoticeable pause, while trying to figure out the English equivalent of the word he was searching for when he talked to me. His forehead would wrinkle up in the cutest way when his little wheels were spinning. I would just look out into space and remember little things that he said, or how he looked when he giggled, or the intense look in his eyes he ept while writing in his poetry book. Every moment was prolonged in this dreamlike slow motion where I could watch every inch of his existence. God, it was wonderful. By the time school was over and I was able to go to his house, I think I had sunk even deeper into this lovey dovey quicksand of mine. And it was sure to finish swallowing me whole if I didn't find a way to get a hold of myself.

Deme's neighborhood wasn't that far from mine, and I traveled out there pretty quickly on my bike. Of course, I could have gotten there faster, but I didn't want to show up sweaty or anything. I needed to look my best. Even if I was complete jelly inside. I counted down the house numbers as I got closer, and finally arrived. It was the kind of cool little suburban home that a working class family could really be proud of. One floor, but probably with a huge finished basement, like most of the other ones I've known. Wow...I can't believe he's actually in there...waiting for me. Sighhh...I'm getting really stupid about this, aren't I? Hehehe! I locked my bike up to a nearby streetlamp, and made my way to the sidewalk leading to his house. This is it. This is my chance to hopefully make a good impression on him.

I'd be ok, right? I mean, it won't be THAT hard to keep myself under control. I'm not some perverted sex maniac or anything. Keeping that in mind, I walked around the side of his house, and rang the doorbell in the back like he told me to. My fingers nervously tapping on anything they could find while I waited to see my big crush again. I heard the gentle pound of running footsteps coming towards the door, and heard the lock being undone. I took a deep breath, and prepared to at least ACT like I wasn't hopelessly in love! Like I said....how hard could it be?

I think I had tuned my head for a split second to look at his neighbor's back porch, but when I heard the door finally open, I turned my attention back to the door...and fucking FLIPPED OUT!!! inside of course. God forid if I was to make my reaction known to anyone else. It would have blown my cover for SURE! Still...I nearly blew up trying to hold the feeling back!

Looking through the screen door, I saw Deme standing there before me...with a cute little splotch of paint on the side of his forehead where he probably wiped his head with his wrist...and NO shirt on! In fact...the ONLY things he was wearing, were a pair of old gym shoes with no socks on...and a pair of sweatpants that were cut to make them shorts. They were cut about five inches above the knee, and had these jagged little fringes at the bottom. Not only THAT, but they were made of a very THIN material! Just a step above being pajamas! I couldn't even tell if he was wearing UNDERWEAR or not underneath them! But....but...I don't think he WAS!!! Holy fucking CHRIST!!! I nearly felt my heart 'POP' inside of my chest as I took a few seconds to stare at the lovliest teenage body to EVER cross my vision! EVER! His chest was beyond perfection, flat, smooth, and tanned to match the rest of his buttermilk skin without a single blemish or flaw on it anywhere. There were another few drips of paint on his shoulders and at the base of his neck, I wanted to lick the dripplets right off of him. He had these dime sized nipples, that looked erect even when they were't. And he was as smooth and frictionless as a ten year old, it almost looked abnormal. His shoulders were soooo cute! I wish I could describe them! The little round nobs at the end of them, and that sexy collar bone, and that sensually defined line from the base of his smooth neck, down the middle of his light boyishly defined pecs, reaching down over his soft warm tummy and connecting to his tasty 'little boy' navel. Then, his hips sucked in a gentle curve at each side, and disappeared into the revealing material of his cut off sweats...slight 'V' lines visible at the top of his thighs. Then....this nicely sized 'pouch' in the front. You couldn't really make out much of an actual shape, but it was definitely a mouth full, and it made me salivate just looking at it. It looked like it had a gentle 'weight' to it, some 'heft'...and it drove me WILD to see it right there in front of my face like that! I felt my breath get caught in my throat as I imagined rubbing my nose and lips back and forth across that tender bulge and feeling its spongy softness harden from the contact. Then came his legs, silken, sleek, seductive...his calves were the most suckable curves of meat on his body next to the obvious treasure that rested comfortably in the front of those sweats. Even his KNEES were hot! I was literally losing my mind here! The one moment that it took for him to open that door and say hello...lasted for an eternity while I tried to shut off whatever uncontrollable hormone it was that was making me so undeniably HUNGRY for this boy's sex!

"Shane, you came! Good! Come!" He said....and he opened the screen door to let me get an even yummier view of that beautiful body without the restriction of screen or glass. I was finding it very hard to BREATHE at that moment! I nervously walked past him, and felt myself begin to get really stiff in my pants. There was no way in HELL that thoughts of baseball and math equations was going to help me soften up after THAT! No WAY! And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse...Deme closed the door, walked up, and hugged me from the side! I swear..I thought I felt the 'pouch' touch my leg....and I nearly sprayed the walls of his kitchen! Omigod....I think I'm going to actually faint. This wasn't 'horny' here! No...this was some new level of inescapable passion that threatened to rip the flesh from my body if I tried to stand my ground as his attractive body sucked me in with it's magnetic pull. My chest tightened, and my heart was literally turning itself inside out as Deme's slim arms wrapped around my neck, and his warm chest came in contact with me. I could feel his affection in his squeeze, making me hold back a slight gasp in response. His chin rested on my shoulder for a moment, and I inhaled his scent. It was like sniffing warm marshmellows in a bag, with just a hint of teen sweat from his work on the house. He held the hug for a second or two, and I was going to hug him back...if for no other reason than to be polite...but my arms refused. They were paralized with shock. I tried to think of a way to return his friendly affections, but I couldn't. My hands floated clumsily in mid air, afraid to feel the velvety softness of his flesh. There was not ONE place that I could touch him without feeling his warm skin beneath my fingertips. Unless of course, I grabbed his ass...which would NOT improve the situation at ALL!!! I was just STUCK...ungracefully trying to hug him and NOT hug him at the same time. It was the most uncomfortable moment that I ever 'enjoyed'.

"It is good that you came! I am already tired." He said, and I could hear some music in the background, as well as the sound of someone else working.

"Yeah....um...hehehe...yeah..." I stumbled.

"Yeah, what?" He asked, and I felt myself blush again.

"Um...nothing. Forget it." I couldn't get my grin to go down. And I could NOT look directly at Deme! My eyes traveled every inch of that room, but if I had looked at him, I would have tackled him to the floor and covered him with kisses before he even knew what hit him.

Deme gave me a quick look of confusion, but his smile returned quickly. "Come. You can meet my father." He said, and walked by me to lead the way. He really had no idea that he was almost....'gulp'....NAKED! He just felt so comfortable with his body, and didn't mind showing a healthy amount of skin in front of me. Then again...if I looked like HIM...I'd feel pretty fucking comfortable too! As I followed behind him in the house, I noticed some more paint drops and splotches on the back of his shoulders, and a little on the back of his elbow. On him, it looked like decoration, and I loved the thought of his sleek body reaching, tensing, and twisting, in order to paint the high walls of the place. I should film the experience and sell it to teenage girls on Ebay! I'm sure they'd pay big time for it. I soon felt my eyes being weighed down to stare at his pert teen butt as it swished and wiggled in front of me down the hall. With every step, the soft globes would bounce playfully, flexing and stretching with little effort, and for a swift moment.....the material would settle gently into the valley in between. I already had an army of wet dreams and jack off fantasies in my 'spank bank' for later, and they were building fast. His ass was displayed much more proudly in these sweat-shorts than they were in the jeans or pants that I had seen him in before. The roundness of it, the tightness of the cheeks, the taut, almost pouty buns moved with such an innocent sexual charm. I was tempted to bend him over a chair and crush my face against it like a child giving his strongest hug to his favorite teddy bear! It was bad enough that I was falling in love with his cheerful and delicate nature...why did he have to be so damn HOT on top of it?!?!?!

"Dad, Shane is here!" Deme yelled out, his cute voice reminding me that I should be concentrating on NOT being overly infatuated right now. I let my eyes wander up from his ripe succulent ass cheeks, and I did my best to pretend that the tight lean muscles of his nude waist, back, and shoulders, weren't equally as erotic. This boy was a total 'machine', and I don't think I've ever wanted ANYTHING this badly.

Deme led me into a room with tarps and newspapers spread all over the floor. There were some rollers and paint buckets around, and the scent of fresh paint reached my nose. The house was pretty big once you saw it from the inside. High ceilings and big open windows, flooding the room with light. I saw a man standing on a small step ladder, painting the ceiling with this cream colored paint that was just a shade brighter than Dimitry's glowing soft skin. The man looked over at us and smiled, with a face that definitely let you know his contribution to Deme's magical genepool mixture. He was a warm individual, with the kind of looks that just invited you to smile back at him. Already, he seemed like a sweet guy. "You must be Shane." He said, his accent just as heavy a his son's, maybe a bit heavier. He stepped down and wiped his hands off on his shirt before walking over to shake my hand. "I would give you a hug, but as you can see we have been painting the new house all afternoon." His family, from Deme to his dad to Milo, was such an affectionate bunch. I loved the open contact though. It made you feel like family.

"Deme...why don't you take a long break?" His father said, using his finger to wipe a little smudge of paint on Deme's forehead.

"Can I?" Deme asked.

"Go. We'll do more later. Ok?" And with that, Deme took me by the hand, causing a rush of excitement to shoot through me like white lightning.

"It was nice meeting you, sir." I said quickly as Deme pulled me out of the living room and down the hall. I wasn't even around long enough for a response.

He took me to one of the rooms off to the side of the hallway, and closed the door. "This is to be my room. It's cool, right?" He said proudly. There were boxes everywhere, and a mattress laying on the floor for him to sleep on until things were more in order. He had a desk and a chair on wheels in the corner, and a computer that was still half packed away. But his clothes were all hanging up in his closet, and a few posters were already decorating the freshly painted walls. I guess he was anxious to get his room 'operational' after the move. It was just taking some time. "Do you like?"

"I like." I grinned.

"Wait until you see this?" He said, and walked over to open up a door that I thought was another closet. But it was a bathroom. "You see? I have my own bathroom. I never had my own bathroom before. My father says I have to keep it clean, but it's mine." He was so happy, I couldn't help but be happy for him.

"Very cool." He guided me over to his mattress, and plopped me down on it.

"Relax. I will get us some drinks, k?" He was being such a hospitable little heartthrob, I loved it.

"Hehehe...ok..." I felt myself getting mushy and giggly again, and did my best to combat it while he disappeared into the kitchen. Contain yourself, Shane...don't go spoiling anything now. Everything's going smoothly. Now is NOT the time to let your crush take over and turn you into a stuttering idiot.

He rushed back into the room and sat in a chair in front of me. He handed me the soda, and we both popped the tops at the same time, taking a few healthy gulps of it together. I was still trying to fight back my urge to stare at him with that goofy sensation of puppy love surging through my veins, but it was forcing itself out anyway. Not to mention that the mattress I was siting on was on the floor, and Deme was sitting in a chair. His legs were splayed wide...not lewdly so, but in the comfortable way that any normal teenage boy with a slight slump in his posture would sit. And his special 'areas' were pretty much level with my face, even though he was sitting about four or five feet away from me. With those long smooth lightly baked tan legs of his and those thin shorts with the ragged edges...I was left breathless on the floor. Quick flashes of me getting up on my knees and crawling over to bury my face between his legs and mouth at his bulge with my lips kept fluttering through my sexed up mind. I could feel myself blushing at the very thought of it, and just tried to concentrate on drinking my soda instead. DAMN he was hot! I wanted to lick his chest, and suck on his cute little belly button, and kiss his long soft neck. When he sat in the chair, his soft tummy would 'fold' slightly in the middle. His slim frame would have this cute little line that went horizontally across it, and it was just as adorable as the rest of him.

"So do you like it here?" I said, my voice squeaking a bit from being so damn nervous! Shit! I cleared my throat, hoping that Deme wouldn't notice how terrified I was just being around him like this.

"Yes, very much." He smiled. "My other neighborhood...SO noisy! But I like this here. It is very quiet, and I can think." He told me, and his legs moved together slightly for a second...his pouch becoming more pronounced for a split second before he widened his gap again and the material blocked out the view of my prize. "I can write here much easier too. I get many ideas from the silence."

"Heh....cool..." I said, trying to get my breathing under control. "So you've been inspired lately, huh?"

"Yes. It makes me think, and then I can tell what I'm feeling. Here..." He said, pointing to his sexy, sleek, hairless, lickable, bare chest.....um....I mean...his HEART! "You know?"

"I wish. Like I told you before, I can't write anything. Not unless it's homework."

He smiled. "Writing is not just for 'homework', Shane. It is an expression of what's inside. It lets you explore the wrld around you, and write out your...um...how do you say it...?" He said, trying to find the Englsh equivalent of the word he was trying to reach. Something about hearing his accent, coupled with the cute way he looked up at the ceiling while searching for the right word...it made my heart beat with more intensity. I could feel my restraint breaking down, and I almost wanted to BEG him for a kiss at this point! I'd even offer to PAY him if he'd let me! "Um...to talk to yourself, but only inside your head?"

"Hehehe, I think we just call it 'talking to yourself'." I grinned, my vocabulary probably not as poetic as Deme's was.

"No, that is not right." He giggled, but tried with some frustration to come up with the right word. "Argh! I do not remember! But....to take what is inside and make it real on paper. It is beautiful." He said, and I think I felt a slight swoon as my head spun. Hearing him speak with that angelic voice was pleasure enough, but to hear him express a passion of his with such...I don't know...awareness...it enchanted me like you wouldn't believe. "You understand, yes?"

"Yeah...I understand." I tried hard not to sigh outloud, but a little extra breath escaped anyway. He could have told me my shirt was on fire, and I wouldn't have been able to do anything more than stare lovingly into his eyes and agree with him.

"Good." Deme's eyes met mine for a second, and I realized that I was practically gawking at him. A bit of a smirk silently curled up at the side of his thin lips, and I felt as though my eyes were giving away every secret I'd ever had. Most of my recent ones I DEFINATELY Didn't want Deme to see! So I looked away, hoping that I wasn't creating a repeat performance of my SISTER'S halfbrained reaction to him yesterday! I needed to change the subject, and quickly.

"So when do you start school?" Good save. I made sure to look over at his closet, or the wall, or his desk...avoiding those cute brown bedroom eyes of his.

"I don't know for sure. I suppose they will tell me later when my papers have been accepted." He said. Just then, his father peeked his head into the room.

"You like this room, eh? Soon you'll be holed up in here like a rodent." His dad teased, and Deme rolled his eyes with a smile. His father didn't want to interrupt or anything. Just 'checking up' on us, I guess. Then he looked over at his son, and said. "Deme...put a shirt on. We have company." He said. MUCH to my disappointment! Arrrgh!

"It's ok, I really don't mind." I mean I REALLY REALLY don't mind!!! I was praying desperately that Deme would stay just as close to naked as he was right now. JUST for a little bit longer! I was truly appreciating the show.

"Hehehe, I'm sorry. I forget." Deme said, and got up to go to his closet and grab a tshirt. I was silently cursing myself for not thinking of a decent way to stop him from 'covering up', but it passed as soon as he stood up out of that chair. That healthy lump of his in his sweats was even MORE impressive from the side view! Plus it was accentuated perfectly with the sensual curve of his ass, which jiggled a bit when he walked. I stared and blushed at the same time, unable to take my eyes off of him. Secretly wishing I could pause time so I could take it all in at once. He shuffled around in his closet while talking a bit. "I was helping my father with the painting, and it got so hot in here. I take off my shirt so I can cool down." I was listening, but I was mostly staring shamelessly at the soft mounds behind him, tensing ever so slightly as he reached around for a shirt. It was the most delicious looking thing on this Earth, and I couldn't pull away from it. I felt myself getting soooo hard in my pants, it almost hurt. I leaned forward and folded my arms across my lap to hide it, but pressing down on it only made me hornier than before. I can't WAIT to get home and fantasize about THIS! I'll spray the headboard for SURE!

Then, I saw Deme grab a slightly faded light blue shirt and slip it over his head. It fit him snugly enough where I could still make out the awesome shape of his sexy bod, but it wasn't like the eye full of amazement that I had gotten before.

I swiftly tore my eyes away from him as he turned around and sat back down in the chair. My eyes wanting to drink him in the whole way. Then he said, "I hope, when I get accepted to your school that we can ride together in the mornings. I had fun earlier today."

"Me too." I answered. "I think that would be fun." It made me a bit nervous, but I had to add, "You can come over whenever you want, you know?" I said shyly.

"Cool. Thank you. You too." He paused for a second, and for a quick moment...I could have SWORN I saw a light blush come to his cheeks too! Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, but it excited me nonetheless. Then, with the CUTEST 'shy guy' smile...Deme's fingers bashfully wrapping themselves around the fringe of his cut off sweats...he directed his eyes down to his feet and said, "I'm very glad to have met you, Shane. You make me laugh, and you are a very sweet person too." He looked up at me again, and my bones became rubbery and useless as I felt my whole body go limp from the compliment. WOW...how can the simple words from a boy like this, suddenly make me so crazy inside?

I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. I could smile, I could nod, I seemed to be able to blush my ASS off! But actual speech? That was beyond me at that very moment. Finally, I was able to squeak out an adolescent, "Thanks Deme."

"You are nervous?" He asked.


"Your voice squeaks when you are nervous. I notice that."

He NOTICED something about me? Cool! No...wait...I squeak when I'm nervous! That's not cool at ALL! "I do not." I said, trying to keep my voice under control to prove my point. I took another sip of my soda, hoping that would keep my screeching to a minimum. Deme looked at me with a grin, and I told him, "I'm NOT nervous!"

"Hehehe, you lie." He giggled.

"Whatever." I tried to brush it off, but I was extremely flattered that he noticed. I just...I feel so cool just sitting here TALKING to him like this! How many closeted gay boys actually get to talk to that gorgeous stranger they see in the streets? If Deme hadn't been so damn exceptional in the 'cute' department...I never would have had the guts either. I guess it was just the luck of the draw. "What's that?" I asked, pointing to his desk.

"Oh, it is my book for writing in. Well...ONE of the books I write in. Every book has a special meaning. This one, I write in when I have new experiences in my life. So today I write about my father and I painting, and working at the restaurant." He leaned back to reach for the book on the desk behind him, and as his lithe body twisted slightly and he leaned back a bit on the chairs back legs...I saw a tiny gap form in the legs of his already revealing shorts. I gasped quietly, and held my breath as the smooth surface of his lickable thighs revealed more and more flesh...as they crept up into the thin fabric of his shorts. Deme's legs spread wider for balance, and I could ALMOST see up there! Not quite, but ALMOST! The BEST part was...I didn't see any boxers under there, and no sign of briefs either. Meaning that the space between me and that glorious piece of Deme's perfection was only as thick as the fabric of those shorts! I was captivated, invited, and my boner was practically trying to burst out of my pants as if to say 'I wana see! I wanna see!' Just another inch wider, Deme.....just...just spread your legs ONE inch wider!

But he grabbed the notebook and leaned forward again before I could get a good look. All this happened in a matter of seconds, but to me, it was like watching an eternity slip by. It was near impossible to NOT look disappointed in front of him when he turned to look back at me again. My heart was fluttering so fast I thought it might stop if I didn't get a hold of myself. I took another heavy gulp of the soda, and he handed me the book. "Thanks." I squeaked again...even WORSE this time! Dammit! He's right, isn't he? I've gotta stop that!

He just shook his head and grinned to himself. "You can read it if you like. I should warn you though, I'm not very good."

"I'm sure you're beautiful." I said, and then caught myself! "I mean AWESOME! At writing, that is!" SQUEAK! Dammit!

"Hahaha!" Deme was so cute when he laughed. He was so cute when he wasn't. He was just...well, you get the idea. "You see, Shane? You make me laugh. I love that."

"Oh..ok......cool..." It felt like my body was burning up with fever, and I was thankful to have his book in my lap to both hide my erection and keep my eyes focused on something other than the most gorgeous specimen of teen beauty in existence. "S-s-so this book is for new experiences?" I mumbled timidly.

"Yes. I write in it when I do something I have not done before. Or meet new people. I wrote about you twice. See?" He got down on his knees out of his chair right in front of me, and leaned forward, his dark hair obscurring his eyes from me. The very scent of him, even after working with his dad in a hot room all day, was just as sweet as it had ever been. Maybe even MORE so. Deme reached down and began turning the pages of the book...which was balancing itself rather uncomfortably on my stiffened bulge. I held the book tightly against my lap, hoping he wouldn't see it. But feeling his fingers turning the pages, adding the most delicate pressure on my privates, smelling that incredible aroma packed with teenage pheromones...I nearly erupted! Thank GOD he found the right pages quickly! I don't think I would have been able to hold back! "This one, and...um...this one. Those are about you."

"Me? Really?" I tried to get my breath back. I think I should find a way to politely escape this house and go home to 'take care' of this little problem. I don't know if I can hold it. I've practically been on the edge of orgasm since Deme opened the door. And having him touch me ANYWHERE...especially THERE...when I'm this excited is going to push me over. I figured, I'd only stay a few more minutes and then go. He was so interested in having me read something he wrote, I couldn't turn him down.

"Oh, and I have more too. I have a book for when I am upset, and one for when I am sad...um...let me see..." I took another gulp of my soda as Deme leaned back in his chair again to reach for something else on his desk. My eyes shot up quickly to see if I could get a bettr peek. And I DID! This time, his legs splayed themselves even wider, the gap got bigger...and I saw straight up the left leg of his shorts! NO UNDERWEAR!!! None at ALL!!! I caught a very healthy glimpse of what was up there, and could actually see one of his balls resting comfortably against his thigh! And stretched out on top of it...was the head of his penis! This time, I'm sure I gasped outloud! It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and looked pretty damn big for a boy our age! It was the same creamy buttermilk color as the rest of Deme's skin, and had the most delicate dusting of hairs around it. Other than that, it was just as smooth as his thighs were. At that very moment, I fell in love! I don't think I could call this an infatuation or a crush anymore, I was absolutely, head over heels, in LOVE with this boy! Uncontrollably so! And I HAD to have him! I don't care if I have to drug his tea...I have to have him! My GOD he's gorgeous!

Deme leaned forward again, and my view disappeared. I got extremely scared that he'd catch me looking and fumbled a bit with the soda in my hand as I tried to put it back on the dresser next to me! I might have been able to save it, but that would have meant dropping Deme's book, and that was in my lap, protecting a rather explicit vision of what I was thinking about. So the soda tilted and spilled on his floor! "Omigod! I'm sorry dude!" I said, with a squeak that hurt even MY ears! And I picked up the can before the mess got any bigger! Then looked around for something to clean it up with.

"It's ok. I'll get some paper towels." Deme said, and he got up to grab some from the other room. I felt so STUPID! I covered my eyes and sighed in humiliation. I can't believe I just did that. I look like such a dork now. "Don't worry about it. I got it." Deme said, and he squatted down on his haunches too wipe up the mess. Only giving me another seductively close view of his body's curves and forms. Especially his ass, which was almost touching the floor. You could see the bottom of his tightly bundled cheeks, and the sensuous line between them. It was like a number three laying on its side. You have no idea how tempted I was to just reach my hand down between his legs from the front, and glide my finger tenderly back and forth along that space. To circle his sweet hole, and then slide up to his balls,and then back again. An activity like that...I could do it for hours. And when my finger got tired...I'd happily replace it with my tongue...

"I'm so sorry, Deme. Really." I felt like I wanted to cry, but couldn't. It wasn't so much the embarrasment of the spill...but it was the fact that my heart, body, and mind, was so out of control all of the sudden. My soul was so willing to give itself up to him, to be completely vulnerable without any calculation of the risk involved. I was infatuated with his smile, in love with his spirit, mesmerized by his beauty, sexually frustrated by his body, and longing for his companionship as more than just a good friend. I was being pulled in several different directions at once, to the point where it felt as though I'd snap. And yet, every last one of those directions led to a piece of Deme's presence that I found totally alluring. Satisfying my every question about what the perfect boyfriend would be. That inner conflict...and the struggle I had to go through to keep it bottled up inside...made me feel so helpless. I just...I needed him soooo bad. My chest was inflating with helium, and it just wouldn't stop.

"I told you, Shane, it is ok. I plan to spill much more in here myself." He smiled, only making my need for him worse. "Say...why don't we get out of here for a while? There is a park a few blocks away that I saw yesterday. I want to go. Just to check it out." He told me, and even though he was being all cute and sweet about it, I declined.

"Actually, you know what? I've got some homework and stuff to do. So I wasn't going to stay for too long. But...uh...." I shouldn't have said it, but I said it anyway. "...Maybe tomorrow?" Tomorrow? Tomorrow??? I'm supposedly going to go home, jerk off, get myself together, and fight off enough of this love virus to be able to function by TOMORROW??? No way!

"Ok. Tomorrow it is then. After school." He grinned happily, and I stood up to leave. "I'm so happy you came to see my house, Shane." I saw more than that!

"Thanks for having me over and all. I guess I'll see....." But before I could finish, Deme came up to give me a tight hug. I began to hyperventilate almost immediately, knowing that he wasn't wearing any underwear just made things harder for me to take lightly. He gave me a squeeze, and although I was terrified that my hands would automatically grope him somewhere they shouldn't all on their own, I hugged him back. I loved the feel of his arms lightly constricted around my neck. I loved the feel of my arms as they slipped around the firm and narrow trim of his waist. My head was over his shoulder, and I wanted so badly to turn my head into his neck and kiss him there. But I'm much too much of a chicken for that. So I enjoyed what I could, and put on the best smile that I could manage before leaving his room.

Deme walked me to the door and we said our goodbyes. Then I unlocked my bike to ride home. Deme watched me the whole time, and waved when I rode off. I was still trembling. Still confused as to why this was so hard. My body just seemed to split up into ifferent entities with minds of their own whenever Deme was around. It wouldn't function as a single unit anymore, and it made me clumsy and awkward at best! I've GOTTA find a way to calm down! Just long enough to see if maybe...just MAYBE...I can make a go of this. I KNOW it sounds far fetched and ridiculous...but...I want him. Do you understand. I WANT him! This has nothing to do with statistics of gay teenagers or 'puppy love' being more about sex than love. This has nothing to do with finding the odds of such a thing actually working out in my favor. It's just....me desiring a single beautiful boy more than anything else on this Earth, and finding a method of letting him know how I feel.

I swear....somebody really needs to teach THIS stuff in high school! Because right now I could use it a lot more than I can use the Periodic Table, I can tell ya that!

Sighhhh...it's getting to the point of no return, isn't it? I'm gonna have to tell Deme how I feel eventually. I'm not really one for sitting back and suffering in silence. If I had to live through this day of glimpses, grins, touches, and hugs, all the time...I'd be insane in a week! So....I guess that's it, huh? I've gotta just tell him. Just...'tell him'.

This is NOT gonna be easy!

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