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This is a spinoff story which is in the Adult/Youth section (Age & Time). Thinking about things and about Leo there was much that was missing. Leo and I had talked a lot about all these things so I feel okay about writing this from his point of view.

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My life really was miserable. My parents were getting divorced. Dad had been sleeping with some bimbo student and planning on marrying her. She was like twenty-five! I have a sister older than her! Now we, Mom, my younger sister Tina and me, have to leave we're leaving today on the train for Denver to stay with our cousins. I really don't want to go. I have friends here. Well, not a lot of friends, but some.

We arrived at the station about an hour ahead of boarding time and an hour and fifteen minutes ahead of the scheduled departure. I thought Dad would at least come to say good-bye but he didn't.

Most of the people in the waiting area were grownups or little kids, not one person near my age was there until five minutes before boarding time when a man and his son arrived. He looked like he was my age just a little taller probably 5' 7", dark brown hair and a smile that was incredible. I found it hard not to stare but he was the most attractive boy I have ever seen. I instantly wanted to be his friend and somehow I feel that we will become friends.

I was so disappointed though when I saw him darting for the exit while his father looked around the room then started coming towards our area.

"Mom, can I go get a comic?" I asked as it was going to be a boring trip.

"Leo, I'd prefer you to get something like Popular Science or Boy's Life, not a comic." As I said a very boring trip!

I got back to mom just as they were announcing the boarding of the train to Denver. I looked around but I didn't see the boy. I sighed deeply. Mom said something, but I wasn't paying attention I just said "Yes, ma'am

Mom, Tina and I boarded the train. We were lucky to get a family seat there were only two left.

I heard a man behind me talking "Seb, I was worried you were going to end up taking the next train."

Still out of breath the boy spoke "I ran all the way, but I got it!"

"Got what?"

"Your present, sorry it's not wrapped." His voice was so soft and dreamy he sounded like an angel.

I wanted to turn around and just look. I felt so happy. I knew it was going to be a great trip.

I put the bags away in the overhead luggage area. I looked at him. He was gorgeous, dark brown hair, almost black eyes sort of deep-seated, slightly oriental and the most beautiful pair of lips I've seen. His Dad said something and he smiled slightly. He glanced at me - and I quickly looked away. They took the family seat opposite ours.

"Thank you, God," I thought to myself.

He looked out the window seat and I couldn't see him well so I asked mom to let me have her seat. He was looking out the window as we road along. I couldn't stop stealing glances at him. He looked about my age maybe younger although he was taller. I closed my eyes and started daydreaming about he and I having some sort of adventure.

"You know I should get out my sketch pad. At least then I have an excuse for looking at him," I thought to myself, but before I had the chance I heard his Dad ask him if he'd switch places with mom. He went real red in the face. I happened to glance at his lap and realized why. He had an obvious hardon. Next thing I knew I was sitting next to him.

He was still staring out the window so I closed my eyes and continued my adventure, but after a few moments I decided to grab another look and to my surprise he was looking at me.

All I could think of was to say 'Hi' and it seemed like ages for me to get that out.

"Hi, I'm Sebastian McCormick, most people call me Bastian. What's your name?"

"Leo. Leo Hare. Where are you going?"

"Home. Fort Worth, Texas. We've been visiting my mom and grandparents. Where are ya'll goin'?"

"Denver. We're going to stay with some cousins…my parents are getting divorced." I hate the idea of staying with a bunch of girls.

He told me about his parents being divorced and his mom leaving home when he was seven. He and his dad lived alone in a big two-story house. We didn't seem to have a lot of common interests, but he fascinated me. For example he told me he never hated his mom for leaving he said she had her problems and she had made it clear to him that it wasn't his fault or the fault of his Dad. Most parents like mine blame each other for their incompatibilities.

The first night on the train Bastian and I talked and talked and talked. By eleven he was getting sleepy and so was I. Mom and his dad had been in the club car for an hour or so. Tina was curled up and sleeping on the whole seat. Bastian fell asleep learning against me with his head on my shoulder. When no one was looking I gave him a kiss on the top of his head. I was about to place my hand in his lap hoping he'd get a hardon, but the two adults returned so I pretended to be asleep.

"I'm amazed at how quickly Sebastian has become friends with Leo. He is usually so shy and withdrawn. Leo's had a good effect on him. I worry a lot about him - I guess like any parent academically he ranks in the genius are but socially he only has two or three friends in his own age group who he rarely sees. They look good together," said Mr. McCormick.

"Leo has that effect on people," stated my mom. What a liar! I'm nearly the same a Bastian. She went on, "But there is definitely a difference in Leo. This divorce has really hurt him, a lot of hostility that he suppresses. He can be a real handful to handle! I had to threaten him to get him to come on this trip. Has Sebastian always been quite and shy?"

"No. I don't know what happened, but something happened when he was twelve. He begged me to send him to a private school. A military school, it was when he was going from elementary to junior high. Up til then he had lots of friends, lots of sleepovers. Since then nothing."

"When he joined the CAP he improved a bit but his closest friends are in their late thirties. He spends most of his time with them. They are a childless couple so they enjoy his company. They too are concerned about his lack of friends his age. Dick especially is concerned, but he says until he gains Sebastian's trust a little more he doubts Sebastian will ever tell him anything."

Mom had to go and change the subject so I soon lost interest in their conversation and drifted off to sleep when I woke Sebastian was lying on the other seat opposite me looking at me with his soft brown eyes a smile appear on his face that made me respond in kind.

"Good morning," I said.

"Hi. I hope you don't mind I took a picture of you sleeping…It's just that you looked so beautiful," he blushed, "I mean peaceful. I meant peaceful not beautiful…I mean … I don't mean to say that your ugly cuz your not…"

Oh, man is he cute when he gets all embarrassed.

"Hey, it's fine, but only if you let me draw a picture of you."

"You're an artist?"

"Of sorts, I'm not that good, but I love drawing."

"Wow. That's neat. How do you want me to pose?" Then he proceeded to do different poses. "This is my sexy pose." He gave me such a sexy look with his eyes half closed and his lips slightly pursed. I could feel my heart rate increase markedly! I think if he'd kept that pose I would have kissed him right there in front of everyone.

"Or my normal look," he laughed as he made himself look cross-eyed with buckteeth.

"Well, first of all let's go get some breakfast!" I laughed.

We talked about art and photography all through breakfast and after breakfast he showed me some slides he'd taken with his Kodak Retina. The pictures were incredibly good. He told me he'd won second prize in some photo contest.

Later, while he was posing I asked him, "Did you ever want to go to military school?"

"Once. Why?"

"Oh, just curious. I thought about it one time too. So what happened?"

"Nothing, I never went. The only reason I wanted to go was I was scared of going into junior high because I had heard of all these initiations like scrubbing the halls with a toothbrush. The first six months of school I walked around trying to be invisible and avoiding all the ninth graders like the plague; nearly having a heart attack anytime one to notice of me. Finally, I realized nothing was going to happen."

"Oh. I bet you're a popular student."

"Me? No. If they were to take a popularity poll of all the students I'd not even be on the list. When they're choosing teams. I'm always last and the person making the last choice just points to me and says 'him'."

"Don't you have any friends in your classes?" I asked.


"Wow that's depressing! I have tons of friends in my classes, I'm not mister popular, but I can't imagine not having any of my friends in my class. Do your friends go to another school?"

He sat there and didn't answer or say anything for a few moments. Then he got up saying, "I have to go." And he walked away.

"Bastian wait up!" He walked faster and then broke into a run.

I caught up with him between the cars. He was frantically trying to open the next door.

"Bastian! Please stop!" I yelled.

He turned and faced me his back against the door and looked at me with tears streaming down his face then he slide down the door into a sitting position.

"Leave me alone. I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS! OKAY! NOT ONE! YOU HAPPY NOW THAT YOU KNOW! I am mister Nobody…I'm not even unpopular…I'm nothing…"

At that moment someone opened the door and Bastian got up quickly and left while I let the person pass through before I went after him again.

I got back to our car but he wasn't there.

"Have you seen Bastian?" I asked his dad.

"No. Is there a problem?"

"No," I lied, "We're playing Hide'n'Seek."

I turned around and went back the way I came - I started checking each restroom and found one that was locked and nobody would respond.

"Bastian, I know you're in there. Please open the door." I waited a minute without hearing anything. I found it hard to believe that he had no friends. Why? What had happened? It must have been something really terrible. "Bastian! You lied to me! You said you had no friends and THAT'S NOT TRUE! You have one friend. ME! I'm your friend. I-I really like you."

"Really?" came a voice behind me.

I must have jumped a mile. Which made him laugh.

"I'm sorry, I'm not in there," he laughed.

Then the door unlocked and a little old lady came out. I looked at him and we both went into wails of laughter. Somehow, we found ourselves in sort of a half-embrace still giggling and then we realized we were much to close to be considered respectable.

He took my hand and led me to the club car where we sat opposite each other.

He ordered two cokes. Neither of us said anything, but my heart was racing and I felt all coy and shy. God! What is wrong with me? The drinks arrive and he sat there looking at his drink with his finger on an ice cube twirling it around in the drink.

"Leo, I know you must think I'm some sort of cry baby sissy, but the truth is I haven't had any friends for a long time. I have lots of acquaintances, but no friends…until you. It scares me a bit…a lot but for some reason I trust you and I really like you. You know I heard Dad talking to your mom too." He glanced up at me giving me a sheepish grin.

"So, I'm going to tell you what happened. I had a friend once in the sixth grade. We were always together well one day I told him a secret…well he threatened to tell all my classmates and all my other friends if I didn't do something for him. Help him steal all the final exams from school so he could pass. Well, I got caught and he hid in the restroom and let me take all the blame. And he also told everyone my secret. Most everyone didn't believe him but a few did and they tried to antagonize me. But before they really got going I was expelled from school. I went from straight As to Straight F's. They didn't fail me so I got to go onto the seventh grade."

"I got really sick. My sister thought I might have polio. I couldn't walk. But I was supposed to go to upper New York State for the summer. Something that I now looked forward to."

"Dad said if I wasn't better in a few days I'd have to stay home for the summer. I hadn't told him what was going on and the idea of spending the summer at home was something I didn't want. So with the help of my oldest sister I managed to walk by the Friday. Dad was at the station to see me off and to make sure I could walk. I nearly passed out with the pain but I did it and spent the summer in New York."

Bastian looked up at me then back down at his soda.

"Leo, you're the only one who knows what happened. Anyway after that I just kept to myself. I became a nobody."

I knew better than to ask him what the secret was. I really didn't care.

"Bastian, I'm not going to ask you about the secret because it's not important to me and because I know someday you will tell me without me asking you and when you do it will be because you trust me. I know I have to earn that trust. I just want you to know I will never betray you like that guy did."


"So, I have a drawing to finish."

I finished the drawing.

There's something wonderful about Bastian. Something that is hard to describe. Maybe it was because he is so smart or because he care about me, but we just sort of go together like bread and butter.

When we arrived in Denver I gave him the drawing, but I didn't expect his reaction - his eyes filled with tears, he turned away for a second.

He looked at me and said softly, "Thanks, Leo. I didn't expect that." He paused for a moment then continued after a big sigh, "All I have to give you is my friendship. Forever friends!" He put out his hand and we shook hands.

Now I'll admit a handshake doesn't seem like a lot, but at that moment I realized two things; first that I really loved him and second how short two days really is. It would be two days that I would never forget.

As unlikely as it was I knew we'd meet again.


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