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From Chapter 9...

We went over to Jon. I told him everything about my talk with his uncle and Bastian.

“I think what Leo is trying to say is we both like you and we really want to be best friends with you and if things happen between us then they happen.”

Jon cried at first I think just out of the joy of knowing he was no longer alone in the world. We ended up joking and laughing and really beginning to know each other.


Chapter 10

We docked at Port of Miami a 3am for refueling and to take on one more passenger an engineer guy. At 9am we left for Southampton.

Two days later Bastian and Jon were below somewhere. Me I was up at the bow of the ship. I love this part of the ship. As I looked down I saw some dolphins swimming along crisscrossing wildly only inches it seemed from the bow like children playing a game. One of them had a black spot on his back. He was so neat so fast!

I know it’s silly but I felt a connection with him and started talking to him and believe it or not he jumped out of the water and waved his flipper at me! Really! I was so excited and so involved with him that I didn’t notice Bastian and Jon behind me.

“Hey! Boy! Do it again for me! Wave! I love you!” I yelled at the top of my voice. He did it! I kid you not! He jumped so high out of the water and waved at me!!! It was all I could do not to jump overboard.

“Are you going to England?” I asked. He jumped from the water waving his head from side to side. I thought for a while and watched him. I got the distinct feeling he was going to the Med.
“You’re going to the Med?” I inquired loudly.

Again he jumped from the water nodding his head!

“Oh my God!” shouted Jon, “Bastian! Did you see that?!”

I was startled to see them there with me for a second then excitedly I told them all that had happened.

“Look! Hey Boy! These are my very best friends Bastian and Jon! Have a look at them.”

The dolphin did his out of the water wave and then started showing of and we all started laughing. Our fun lasted for about an hour more then they went their way and we continued on our route. I wondered if I ever meet my dolphin again.

We were ecstatic like a bunch of kids did sort of a group hug thing and then went below to get some shut-eye.

I woke before Bastian I surmised that Jon must be up because his bunk was empty. After making my bed I grabbed my sketchbook and pencils and headed for the galley to get a cup of coffee and then to the stern instead of the bow.

The sea was fairly calm and the weather pleasant dinner would be in a couple of hours and then I would go on sea watch at 8pm until 2am. But for now I was happy. I started drawing the dolphins especially my dolphin. Picture after picture I drew. Now when I get really involved in my drawing I tended to forget time and everything else the next thing I new it was almost sunset and I had one minute to get to my watch. I ran for the port bridge wing and just made it in time.

“I taught you ver gonna be late, Dolphin boy” said Sven Irreson with a smile.

“I was drawing pictures of them you want to see.” I handed him my sketchbook.

“You’re a goot artist!” he commented.


I watch him as he thumbed through the book. He stopped at a page and just stared at the page.

“You are an incredible artist! I have never seen anything like this!” he exclaimed, “Bjorn! Look at this!” He walked on to the bridge to show the First Officer.

I stayed at my post but I could hear the raves coming from the bridge. I was hoping Sven would come back soon because I was really starving. Fifteen minutes later he came back and I asked him if he could get me something to eat. He agreed and returned ten minutes later with a huge sandwich then bid me goodnight.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Bastian and Jon since this morning because I had gotten so involved with my art. The more I thought about it the more I wondered why Bastian hadn’t come looking for me for dinner. Maybe he was sick. Maybe I pissed him off over this sharing of our love with Jon. I was deep in thought when somebody approached and startled me.

“I’m sorry Leo, I didn’t mean to startle you,” apologized the Captain.

“Have you seen Bastian?”

“Yes, he’s on watch on the starboard side.”

“Oh. I was worried I haven’t seen him or Jon since this morning.”

“Well, he quite fine he and Jon were looking for you earlier, but I sort of waylaid them. Apparently they had been searching for you and forgot to check the stern. Bastian went off to get you, but you were apparently into your art so he left you. I got to talking to both of them about your experience with the dolphins and before I knew it, it was time for his watch. Sven show everybody your drawings. You are by far one of the most talented artists I have ever seen.”

“Thank you. So, Bastian is okay. He’s not mad at me?”

“Heavens no. I tell you what you go see him for five minutes. I’ll stand watch for you.”

“Oh, no sir! I couldn’t have you do that!”

“Leo, I am the Captain, I order you to go see Bastian.”

So I followed his order. As I went through the bridge everyone congratulated me on my drawings. I thanked them and continued on my way.


“Hey, Leo. Look I’m sorry about dinner, but I was with the Captain and just forgot the time.”

“Yes, I know. He ordered me over here to see you – I guess cuz I was sort of worried, but I’m fine now. Did you see my drawings?”

“Yeah, Sven showed me. I love the friends one.”

“Yeah, me too. I wish I could kiss you and hold you.”

“Me too.” a devilish thought crossed my mind. “Oh, look!” I said bending well over the rail. No one could see my face. “Down here! You see it!”

Bastian bent over the rail to look, “No what?”

“This.” I kissed him on the lips and he kissed back. “Oh, God I love you.”

“Wow! That is really neat but looked at that!” he said and then kissed me. If you can picture two guys bent over the railing on a ship kissing it’s pretty funny at least it stuck me that way and I started giggling. Bastian also started giggling. Our giggles turn into laughter and we both ended up on the deck on out butts laughing.

I think for a moment we both forgot where we were as we merged for a real kiss. Right in the middle of it someone cleared their throat. We were apart and standing up in a flash not knowing whom it was.

As it turned out it was the Captain and he began laughing. “You two need a room!”

I looked down at Bastian’s crotch and he was obviously sporting a hardon on…so was I.

“I’ll be getting back to my post, sir.”

After breakfast I would like you, Bastian and Jon to report to my cabin.

I must have looked worried because he immediately added, “Don’t worry Leo I just want to talk to you about the dolphins.”

The next morning Bastian, Jon and I were on our way to breakfast when suddenly I got a sharp pain in my gut and fell to the deck in pain. The pain was so intense that I was crying out but then as soon as it came it left. I was a little shook up and after Jon and Bastian pulled me up I staggered over to the side of the ship as I thought I might throw up. I started climbing over the side to jump into the water when the other two pulled me back.

“Need help! People need help! They are calling for help! I have to help them. The boy! I must go find the boy! He will help them. You two stay here I will go get him!” was what I heard myself saying but it wasn’t me!

“Leo, what’s wrong?” Bastian asked he looked nervous.

“Don’t you feel it? The fear, the confusion!”

“Leo, tell me what’s going on.” Bastian was standing in front of me.

“I don’t know! They need help! We have to save them!” I cried. My emotions were on overload, but the emotions weren’t all mine. I could feel I was just a receipt point for these emotions. I had to figure out what was happening.

“Take me to the Captain, please,” I wept.

Bastian looked at Jon and Jon nodded.

When I work on my art I tend to tune everything out except what I am working on. That’s what I did. I knew Bastian and Jon would get my body to the Captain. So I tuned out everything except these strange feelings I was receiving – I can only explain it by saying I let myself go. A new feeling came to me. I could feel the water flowing over my body except it wasn’t my body. It was as if I were moving fast through the water, out of the water for a spilt second to breath.

“Leo, they need help! Stop your ship. Come to me! Follow me! Please!” my dolphin cried to me.

“STOP! THE SHIP!” I screamed! Then I realized I was standing in front of the Captain.

“Captain, it’s my dolphin, something terrible the people need our help!”

“Leo what are you talking about?”

Told the Captain about the pain and the feelings I had some people were in danger or hurt and needed help. “ Captain, I think they were poisoned or something but some are dying and if we don’t help them they will die. My dolphin is coming we must follow him please!”

“Leo, calm down. I will stop the ship and wait five minutes if your dolphin shows up I will follow it,” he reached for his intercom to the bridge, “First officer, All engines Stop.”

“Thank you.”

By the time I got to the bow of the boat the ship had stopped. We waited. “Come on!” I could tell he was getting closer but five minutes passed and I heard the engines start up. I saw the Captain on the bridge.

“It’s not happening Leo,” said Jon.

“He’s almost here! Less than a minute! Please!”

“Leo! Get real your imagination is running away with you,” said Jon.

“No. He’s right Jon. I know my Leo. Stop the engines.”

“I can’t. I won’t,” said Jon.

“Then fuck you! And fuck your friendship!” I screamed. In a flash I was up on the rail. I jumped into the cold Atlantic.
to be continue...

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