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From Chapter 10

By the time I got to the bow of the boat the ship had stopped. We waited. “Come on!” I could tell he was getting closer but five minutes passed and I heard the engines start up. I saw the Captain on the bridge.

“It’s not happening Leo,” said Jon.

“He’s almost here! Less than a minute! Please!”

“Leo! Get real your imagination is running away with you,” said Jon.

“No. He’s right Jon. I know my Leo. Stop the engines.”

“I can’t. I won’t,” said Jon.

“Then fuck you! And fuck your friendship!” I screamed. In a flash I was up on the rail. I jumped into the cold Atlantic.

Chapter 11

I clawed at the water back to the surface barely making it in time. I swam out from the ship about twenty feet.

“LEO YOU’RE A FUCKING IDI…” yelled Jon who had stopped mid word.

Something swam between my legs then a Dolphin's nose popped up out of the water and he came right up to me. I grabbed on to his dorsal fin and he started back to where he came. Twenty minutes later I was at a yacht and three dolphin noses boosted me up on to the deck I found one boy probably 14 or 15 lying on the deck unconscious. As I drug him into the shade he started coming around. He saw me an panicked a bit.

“It is all right. Help is on its way. Lie here I need to check on the others.”

I found his mother next lying in her own vomit I turned her over and wipe her face clean with a wet rag. She was running a high fever. I did what I could and went to find any other person. I found the father unconscious and barely breathing. I positioned his body so he could breathe better. I really didn’t know what else to do.

I was about to go back on deck when I heard a baby crying. I opened a cabin door and there was a baby standing in a crib. I pick it up and knew what was wrong. P.U! I looked around and found some diapers and made the change.

“Come, buddy let’s go check mom and see where my ship is.” The mom was still out. The ship was about half a mile away. I tried the radio and finally selected the right channel frequency.

“Avon River this is Leo, do you read me?”

“Read you loud and clear Dolphin Boy. Stand by for Captain Jones.”

“Leo. Captain Jones. What’s your status?”

“Sir three unconscious persons, Mother, father and son plus baby boy. The baby is doing fine, but had a stinky diaper.”

“The Medic is on his way. Are you all right, son?”

“A bit damp but otherwise okay. They are gone now.”


“The dolphins. The medic is here sir. Leo – out.”

The problem was food poisoning. The three people were moved to sickbay. As we were over half way to England the Captain decided to tow the yacht to Southampton. I started to give the baby to the medic but he started crying so I became the baby holder. I found out the baby’s name was Zachery.

As we setup on board someone took Zach from me and he started screaming and kicking up a fuss so I took him back. Someone told me that the Captain wanted to see me. So, Zach and I went to see the Captain.

“Come in Leo. And who is this?”

“This is Zach. We’re best buddies. He won’t go to anyone else. Puts up a real fit if anyone insists. His parents and brother are in sick bay.”

He smiled, “Leo I don’t know what to say. I thought you had gone nuts quite honestly. I’m sorry I doubted you. I’ve only know of this happening once before in my life.”

Zach began to fuss. “I think Zach’s hungry. Could you have someone get him a bottle of milk please?”

The Captain did so and the bottle of warm milk was delivered and I started feeding him. And when he was nearly finished with the bottle he fell asleep in my arms. The Captain wanted to know everything and so I told him what had happened and all the emotions and feelings I had experienced yesterday and today. Towards the end of the meeting I asked to be reassigned to the Medical Unit so I could watch over Zach and help with his parents and brother. I didn’t bother to say that I also wanted to be reassigned because I didn’t want to be part of the deck force and hence under Jon control or area. He granted my wish.

I met Bastian at dinner.

“Hey. How are you?” he asked.

“Okay. Zach this is my love. His name is Bastian,” I whispered to Zach, “You want him to hold you for a while?” I handed Zach to Bastian.

“Hi Zacky! I’m Bastian.” Zach seem to be okay so Bastian looked at me, “Quite a day, huh.”

“Yeah, I asked to be assigned to Medical, so I can help Zach’s parents and brother and take care of Zach.”

Bastian looked at me smiled, “And so you don't have to deal with Jon too.”

“He’s not a friend. A friend doesn’t walk out when the rest of the world does. You didn’t!”

“But I also know you better than anyone and am very much in love with you. If you where going to hell I would go just to be with you.”

“I know you would. And when I jumped into the water I wasn’t too sure if I was doing the right thing.”

“You know you have to give him another chance. Look how many times we fucked up our relationship.”

I smiled, he was right and he knew I knew he was right so I stuck my tongue out at him, “I really hate you sometimes” I chuckled, “Well, he needs to suffer a couple of days.” We chatted for a while longer I took Zach and was leaving as Zach came in.

“Leo, I’m really sorry,” said Jon quietly.

“Well, I’m not. Bye.” And I walked out.

Zach was getting tired so I lay him down on a bed in sickbay he went right to sleep. I checked on his mother. She was a very pretty woman. I took her hand gently in mine, “Your son Zachery is doing fine, Doug and Peter will be fine too. You rest and if you need me I’ll be right here. My name is Leo.”

I sat down in a chair and fell asleep until 3am when I heard someone moaning. I was the father, Peter. His eyes were open.

“Who are you? Where am I? My wife…”

I placed my hand on his chest and quietly told him “You’re on the ship Avon River. Your family is here too and they are all recuperating except for Zach cuz he wasn’t sick but he’s sleeping now. My name is Leo Hare. I’m on duty here.”

He relaxed and managed a weak smile.

“Would you like some water? I’m allow to get you some if you’re thirsty.”

“Yes, please.” I got him some water.

“You look sort of young?”

“I’m sixteen. We are towing your yacht and we’re on our way to Southampton. Is there anything else I can get you?”

“No. How did you all find us?”

I blushed. I didn’t know whether to tell him the truth, which he probably wouldn’t believe, or what. “You have to ask the Captain.” I finally said.

“Okay, thank you, Leo. It is Leo, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Dad,” moaned the boy about an hour later.

“Doug I’m here son.”

I went over to the boy. “Hi, I’m Leo. Would you like a drink of water?”

“Yes, how’s my mom? And Zach?”

I gave him some water. “You’re mom is recuperating and Zach is fine he’s sleeping.”

“Are you the boy?”


“Are you the boy the dolphins know?”

I was startled. I blushed. “Uh-uh. I-I mean…How…what happened?”

“You are him…you save our lives…”

“No…it was the dolphins. Did you see my...I mean the dolphin?”

“Yes, I saw your dolphin! I was on deck I threw up overboard and I saw your dolphin – I had a terrible pain in my stomach – mom and dad were sick. He came right up to me and I asked him to help me help us. Then I passed out! Tell me what happened.”

“Maybe later. You need to rest. Maybe after the medical officer sees you. I promise”

By the time the Medical Officer checked in all three patients were awake and full of questions. Zach was lying in his mom’s arms quite happily until I started to leave. Then he wanted to go with me. So I took him much to everyone’s surprise.

“Zach is usually so shy,” said his mother.

“Really, well we are best buddies since we met,” I dramatically sniffed him saying, “I think somebody needs a bath!”

“Yes definitely,” laughed Karen, his mom.

I went to get my shower stuff and off we went to shower. Luckily Bastian was still showering. I undressed Zach and held him out to Bastian to take. Bastian takes Zach his hands under Zach’s little armpits and holding Zach at arms length.

“Well, don’t just stand there put him in the shower but don’t let the water get in his face. I was watching Bastian and Zach, as I got undressed. The warm water of course did its thing to Zach and soon he was peeing all over Bastian.

“Damn! He’s pissing on me!” exclaimed Bastian. I could have sworn Zach had a smile on his face. I started laughing as Bastian didn’t know what to do with this baby. “Come on Leo take him! Take him!”

“Hold on a sec, let him finish first,” I laughed.

Finally, I took Zach in my arms. “Hey, Zacky, did you have a good pee on your uncle Bastian,” I giggled as I began washing him. First of all, Bastian you hold a baby like this. Can you wash my back? There’s nobody here.”

“You really like babies don’t you?” he asked as I kissed and cuddled and washed little Zach.

“Yes, I like kids and babies. I’d love to have some of my own someday…you know adopt them.”

“I think I would too.”

After breakfast Zach and I and Bastian returned to sickbay. Bastian was carrying Zach. I was surprised to see the Captain.

“Leo!” called Doug. Everyone turned to look at us. For once nobody called me Dolphin Boy.

“Hi, this is my best friend Bastian. I think Zach has taken a liking to him since the christening.”

“Christening?” queried Karen.

“Yeah, he peed on Bastian in the shower,” I chuckled.

“Leo you promised to tell me about your dolphin,” said Doug.

I smiled and looked around the room. Everyone was looking at me.”

“Please, go ahead, Leo,” urged the Captain.

So, I told them all from the beginning to the end.

Peter and Karen kept thanking the Captain and me.

Telling them what happened was good for me for one reason; it got me to look at my upset with Jon. Bastian was right he and I had gone through a lot of rough times. Jon just didn’t know me like Bastian; I mean everyone except Bastian thought I was nuts. For a while I even thought I was nuts.

Out of the blue I said, “You should thank Jon, the Boson and Bastian. Jon cuz he said something that made me jump into the water and Bastian because he didn’t stop me and in fact has always encouraged me to the right thing and think for myself. If you will excuse me, I need to good talk with someone about friendship.”

As I left the Captain winked at me and said, “Try the Boson’s locker.” I smiled and left.

As I entered the Boson’s locker I saw Jon sitting on a barrel with his back to me. He was bent over resting his head on a pile of ropes. I heard him sniff a couple of times.

Quietly I spoke, “You know a real friend should always give his best friends a second chance to believe and trust in him. I’m sorry, I was angry with you but then I realized how important you are to me. Bastian and I can never have to many friends and the thing is when we find one as special as you we should never take them for granted.”

He turned around with tears rolling down his cheeks and began to sob. I took him in my arms and held him tight letting him cry. After a few minutes he managed to say, “It hurt so much when you got angry at me and then when the dolphin appeared I realized how wrong I had been. Leo, I love you more than anyone I’ve ever met…” He looked up at me wiped his eyes and smiled. He has a cute smile.

“Leo, do you think we could have an affair and then I can die a happy man.”

“No, silly boy, I am reserved…but…I’ll give you this.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Oh wow that really satisfies me!” he laughed.

“Good then you won’t need anything else!” I said as I turned to leave.

To be Continued

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