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From Chapter 11

As I entered the Boson’s locker I saw Jon sitting on a barrel with his back to me. He was bent over resting his head on a pile of ropes. I heard him sniff a couple of times.

Quietly I spoke, “You know a real friend should always give his best friends a second chance to believe and trust in him. I’m sorry, I was angry with you but then I realized how important you are to me. Bastian and I can never have too many friends and the thing is when we find one as special as you we should never take them for granted.”

He turned around with tears rolling down his cheeks and began to sob. I took him in my arms and held him tight letting him cry. After a few minutes he managed to say, “It hurt so much when you got angry at me and then when the dolphin appeared I realized how wrong I had been. Leo, I love you more than anyone I’ve ever met…” He looked up at me wiped his eyes and smiled. He has a cute smile.

“Leo, do you think we could have an affair and then I can die a happy man.”

“No, silly boy, I am reserved…but…I’ll give you this.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Oh wow that really satisfies me!” he laughed.

“Good then you won’t need anything else!” I said as I turned to leave.

Chapter 12

Only a day and a half left to go til we reach England. I was working back as a deckhand seeing as I had made up with Jon and the Murphys were pretty well back to normal. But in the back of my mind I was avoiding Doug. Somehow the connection with him via my dolphin I knew he was like me at his age. You know confuse about my own sexuality knowing that being homosexual was wrong in most everybody’s eyes and just knowing that that was the way you were. I knew that there was almost natural attraction I had towards him because of what we had experienced.

I was having a tough time myself dealing with what had happened on this voyage. There were so many unanswered questions. Why had there been this connection with a dolphin? Why me? It would be so easy to blame all of this on my wild imagination except for the sequence of events that followed the initial encounter with my dolphin.

A ship is a small place and everyone knew and almost everyone called me Dolphin Boy or referred to me as the Dolphin Boy. Even the engineers would stop me and enter into conversation with me some disbelieving but most believing. My only sanctuary was my ability to tune things out while I worked.

I longed for Southampton and time seemed to want to stand still. Most of all I needed to be in Bastian’s arms. I needed to make love to him away from everything and everyone and I know he needed it too. How I knew was that I would look over at him and he would look over at me and it was like instant hardon for both of us.

I mouthed, “Love you” and Jon walked over and dumped a bucket of cold water over me almost whispering, “Cool it! You’re a little too obvious the two of you. Now take the bucket and throw the rest on me.”

“You asshole!” I yelled and I took the bucket from him and threw the rest on him then I ran to side of the ship fetched a full bucket of water and dumped half of it on Bastian who was laughing and the rest on Jon. The other two scrambled to get their own buckets as I went to fetch more water for fifteen minutes we laughed and screamed and drenched ourselves. At which point it was almost lunchtime.

“Enough!” laughed Jon, “Come on let’s put the buckets away. We followed him to the Boson’s locker and entered. As I shut the door Bastian grabbed me and pulled me into his arms and passionately kissed me. Jon came up from behind Bastian and started nibbling on Bastian’s ear then the next thing I knew is we were all three having a tongue war and kissing. Off came our clothes as Jon locked the door. Bastian went down on me and began sucking my cock I grabbed Jon’s cock and pulled it towards my mouth. I licked it a couple of times and then took it into my mouth. Soon he was ramming it down my throat. I just moaned as Bastian worked away on me I knew I couldn't last that long and I knew Jon was getting close.So I stopped, lay down and took Bastian’s rock hard, pre-cum dripping penis into my mouth and began to work away at it. Bastian moaned as he pulled Jon down and began working on him and Jon went down on me. The intensity of sex was bringing us to the edge. I couldn’t hold it back any more and released wave after wave of my juices into Jon’s hot mouth, which brought Jon to a climax and in turn I received a flood of sweet juices in my mouth from my Bastian.

I would never have believed that the sex between us could have been so intense so gratifying, so beautiful and so full of love. Yes we were spent sexually but what remained was an intense feeling of togetherness and love. Not the same or as intense as Bastian’s and my love for each other but a love nonetheless.

After ten minutes of just lying there my stomach growled alerting all to the fact that it was lunchtime.

“Trust your stomach to ruin the moment,” giggled Jon.

I kissed them both and stood up and started search for my clothes. God I hate putting on wet clothes.

After lunch we were leaning on the rail looking at the sea chatting about nothing in particular when Doug approached shyly.

“Hi, Doug” said Jon. Doug sort of blushed and shyly returned the salutation.

“Leo, can I talk to you privately?” he asked nervously.

“Sure.” I said and walked with him down the port side deck. “What’s up?”

“Not here,” he said and continued to sickbay which was empty, “Mom, Dad and Zach are still at lunch.”

“Ok. So, what’s your problem?”

“I don’t know how to say this, I like you a lot and I think you like me, but I also feel you are avoiding me and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.”

I thought for a moment…he was getting really nervous and tears started to well up in his eyes. I sighed heavily then began speaking, “The other day when all this happened I ugh, it’s hard to explain, but I caught a glimpse of you or your mind or something. At first I thought it was just me I was looking at, it wasn't me it was you. You see I had the same confusions you do a couple of years ago. It took me a long time and a very special in my life to deal with it. I think you know what I’m talking about…you know you feelings. Am I right?”

He nodded as a few tears escaped.

“I avoided you because I was afraid might be a bad influence on you. We shared a fantastic experience together and I’m sure that you saw some part of me…”

“I saw love and kindness. I don’t want to be this way, but I am. I hate me! Look at me I’m ugly! Why can’t I be normal?” The dam broke and his tears flood forth.

I moved over and took him in my arms and held him while he sobbed. After a few minutes he seem to get things under control. I still held him tight. “Please don’t hate yourself because there is nothing to hate and there is a lot to love about you and you definitely aren’t ugly.”

“Are you and Bastian uh…”


“What about Jon?” he asked coyly.

“I knew it! You like him don’t you?”

“Oh, yes!” he said a little enthusiastically then blushed.

“I think he likes you too”

“Really, what did he say?”

“Well,” I laughed, “It wasn’t so much what he so much what he said it was what he did!”


“He was checking you out,” I laughed.

“What do you mean?”

“He was looking at your equipment,” I said grabbing my crotch, “Know what I mean?”

He turn as red as a beet. I laughed. “He does it every time he sees you. Come on let’s go! You watch his eyes. First on you face then down to your crotch!”

“I don’t know, Leo, I get all tongue-tied when I get near him.”

I giggled and pulled him out of the room and back to the others.

“Leo, no, please.”

“Not listening to you Doug! He doesn’t bite. Actually he’s really gentle!” I laughed as I pulled him along.

“Hey, guys! We’re back!” Jon smiled and looked at Doug and true to form Jon's eye went first to Doug's eyes then to Doug's crotch where they paused for a second too long then back to Doug’s face. “Too late, Jon, he saw you looking!” I thought to myself and then burst out laughing, Jon went red in the face and Doug was as red as a beet!

“What? What are you up to, Leo?” queried Bastian.

I was laughing so hard, but finally I managed to say, “Have you ever noticed how Jon looks at Doug?” The two continued to blush and Bastian saw the humor and joined in my laughter.

“Oh! Shut up you two!”

“Okay, okay,” I laughed as I grabbed Bastian and started away from the two, “We’ll leave you two a-lone to get to know each other.” I wiggled my eyebrows and walked away with Leo giggling all the way.

Bastian and I went back to work. There was a storage locker that needed cleaning out and reorganized. So we tackled the job.

After an hour or two we had every thing out of the locker and sorted into junk pile stuff to put back and organized. We were both sweating profusely. So, Bastian offered to go get us a drink. Ten minutes later he came back laughing and giggling.


He handed me a large cup of water. “I needed some rope and nails from the Boson’s locker. I opened the door and there the two were in the most passionate kiss with their hands down each others pants! You should have seen the look on their faces and boy! They must have jumped ten feet when I opened the door.”

“Did you say anything?” I laughed.

“No I just said HEY! LOCK THE DOOR! As I walked in cause just before I opened the door I could here the moans of serious making out! Ha-ha he-he!”

We finished the locker by four o’clock and decided to go take a shower before dinner

When we got to the shower the place was empty. I started getting undressed and noticed Bastian was just looking so I decided to put on a show for him. I looked at him with a coy smile and purse my lips at him a couple of times then licked them real slowly as I slow pulled my dirty t-shirt up and over my head. I put the shirt in back of me and reached down and pulled it up between my legs and began see-sawing it back and forth in my crotch and giving him all sorts of sexy looks.
My erotic movements were definitely having the desired effect on him as the bulge in his pants was pronounced. I threw the t-shirt over at him so it landed around his neck. He smiled. Slowly, I dropped my jean shorts and boxers exposing my stiff member, which was oozing pr-cum like mad. Then I bent over with my butt facing him and slowly removed my socks. I stood up wiped my finger against the head of my penis and gathered a dollop of pre-cum and slowly touched it to my tongue and the sucked on my finger.

“Hey, baby, I want you…” I said softly.

“Oh God! You are the most sexiest sight in the world. I need you now!” replied and practically ripped off his clothes.

In seconds our bodies were entangled in a passionate and frenzied embrace our lips locked and tongues in a fierce and fervid battle, our bodies grinding against each other trying to become one unified body.

“Excuse me but isn’t this a shower!”

We jumped. I slipped on the shower floor and both of us ended up on the floor scrambling to get up and away from each other went it dawn us that the voice was now laughing his ass off along with another voice. Yep both Doug and Jon where laughing their fucking asses off.

“You mother fucking assholes!” I laughed, “You just gave me a heart attack! Just you fucking wait!” Soon we were all laughing.

Quietly I said to Bastian, “Showtime” and raised my eyebrows. Bastian and I stood up.

“Hey, baby, I want some of that,” I said in a sexy voice and nodded towards Bastian’s semi-soft dick.

“Love, you can have all you want as long as I can suck on that lollipop of yours,” he licked his lips sexily.” God was he hot stuff!

Doug and Jon couldn’t believe we’d be so bold.

“Hey, baby you are so sweet I want to lick you all over starting with this” I frenched his ear, then kiss him passionately, then nibbled and sucked on each of his nipples.

“Oh, Leo, do it to me! Oh, God your good!” he moaned.

I worked my way down to his dick and began licking it, then his balls. He was really moaning loudly for show I think but maybe not.

“Oh Leo, I’ve got to have you. Now!” Bastian whispered loud enough for Jon and Doug to hear. I glanced at them the bulges in their pants show they were really turned on. Bastian sank to the floor and we began passionately kissing and grinding into each other. We moved into a 69 position and from there on I was oblivious to everything except Bastian. We licked, we sucked, we nibbled, and we came at the exact same moment, drinking each other’s juices until we were dry and not wasting a drop of the precious fluid.

As we finished and moved around to embrace and kiss we looked over to see that both boys were engaged in a frenzied 69 and both erupting into their loved ones mouth. After a few moments the two were embraced and showering words of love upon each other.

Bastian couldn’t resist the temptation he quickly jumped up turn the shower on full cold and aimed the shower at the two embraced lovers. The two screamed and got out of the way as fast as they could as a volley of swear word erupted from their mouths.

We laughed hysterically!

In the end we all calmed down, came together in a final hug and group kissing session before getting dressed and going up to dinner.

To be Continued

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