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This is a spinoff story which is in the Adult/Youth section (Age & Time). Thinking about things and about Leo there was much that was missing. Leo and I had talked a lot about all these things so I feel okay about writing this from his point of view.

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Chapter 2

Staying with my aunt is singularly the worst experience of my entire existence. Imagine a house full of PMSing women, my mom, my sister, my seventeen-year-old cousin Lucy, my sixteen-year-old cousin Kate and fourteen year old cousin Alicia and of course their mother the bitch of bitches Aunt Em. She was five years older than my mom and going through menopause. She was always bitching at me. I think she was a lesbian and hated all males.

I had to sleep on the living room couch. So, I had no privacy at all for example the first night there I felt like my balls were going to burst if I didn't shoot my wad. Everybody's in bed so I think and I start jacking-off. I'm lying there thinking about Sebastian and imagining we're together talking about girls and he says, "I don't have a girlfriend Leo," he pauses and gives me this real coy look and smiles, "I-I like you."

"Really, me too Sebastian, but for me it's not's love" I say almost in a whisper as I lean forward and we kiss.

I'm stoking my self slowly at first while I imagine the kiss getting more and more passionate. The more passionate I kiss the faster and harder I stroke. I can feel the pressure building in my balls.

Suddenly I hear giggles coming from the outside of the room and in the dim light I can barely make out four girls.

I'm trying to decide what to do, I'm pissed and I need to get my rocks off and so I said something really dumb and of course got me in serious trouble. I said to them, "Don't just watch girls come over here and suck me off!"

"Eewwww! You are sick, Leo!"

The next thing I knew Aunt Em was in the room and the lights were on and the sheet I had covering me up was still tented, but the tent pole was beginning to sag.

She of course told me was a disgusting creature I was and that I was a little pervert.

I called her a fucking lesbian bitch and I could well understand why Uncle Harry divorced a bitch like her. Well, that earned me a slap in the face. Of course, I was on a roll so I added, "Oooh, I bet you enjoyed that!" Which earned me another slap. I just glared at her, which earned me yet another slap. Finally, I'd had enough and turned and walked out of the house with her yelling at me.

It was past two o'clock in the morning before I returned. Mom was the only one up. She was waiting up for me we talked for a while; she wanted me to apologize to Aunt Em, I told her I would as soon as hell freezes over. I promised to just keep out of her way as best I could.

The next day I found an old army cot in the garage and so I set it up in the garage and that became my room. I keep clear of Aunt Em and the girls most of the time, I managed to missed dinner most of the time.

School was a drag except for art, but then I got in trouble there too. I asked my teacher on any limitations on what I drew she said no I could be as creative as I wanted and up to that point she had never seen any of my art. I did a pen and ink drawing of myself and Sebastian standing side-by-side, our arms across each other's shoulders looking at each other. I thought it was a great likeness of both of us. Of course I had to guess at what his cock looked like, but I think what I drew was pretty close from the glimpse's I had taken on the train. But he was dressed on the train, but not in my picture…we were both completely nude.

The problem was when I turned in my artwork we had a substitute teacher and she did not appreciate the work and told me I should cover up the private areas with a fig leaf or something. I asked her why and she said it wasn't appropriate, which really pissed me off. I wrapped them both in a scanty towel and gave them both an obvious hardon. She didn't appreciate my humor and was taken not sent to the principle's office.

"That woman has no sense of humor," I said as I entered the principle's office.

"Young man, this kind of thing in just not acceptable. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Not really, but she Mrs. Whoever-she-is…"


"Yes, Johnson, told me to cover them up which was not what I wanted to express…so I changed it and gave them obvious hardons…which was not my original intention which was to just express two people with nothing but their friendship. It was art and Mrs. North said I could express anything I wanted too, however I wished."

I got 5 day suspension, which just served to confirm what and evil lowlife I was with Aunt Em. She made such a big to-do out of me being suspended at dinner that night.

"Leo, I understand you were suspended from school today. Well, I can't say that I blame them as I said to your mother you are one sick perverted boy! Drawing a perverted sexual picture of you and another boy! Well, I guess one good thing is I don't have to worry about you being a bad influence on my girls…you are just so disgusting and perverted."

"It wasn't supposed to be like that…" I said as the tears poured down my cheeks, "You just don't understand."

"Oh, but I do understand you are a queer!"

"No I'm not!" I screamed at her. Why did Mom have to leave me here and go back to California? I got up and ran out of the house to my space in the garage throwing myself on the cot and crying. I missed Bastian. I knew I loved him and deep down inside me I knew it was right.

I was still sobbing my heart out when someone came in. I felt them put their hand on my shoulder.

"I hate her so much sometimes. She can be so cruel and heartless. Leo, I'm sorry for being a bitch to you. I know what it's like to go through a divorce. My Dad isn't a bad guy and he tried for years to mend things with her, but she would never forgive him so I guess he figured what the hell!" Lucy spoke so quietly.

I don't know but there must have been some sort of chemistry or something between us.

"I just want to d…"

"No, Leo don't say that. You are too special and someday things will be all right. I have a confession to make and if you hate me - well I will understand."

I turned and looked at her with tear-swollen eyes.

"The other day I, uh, I saw your drawing pad sticking out from under your pillow…I pulled it out and looked threw it. Leo, you are such a great artist. When I saw all of the pictures of the boy on the train - well I knew that he was someone special to you. I could feel the love and friendship between the two of you and I cried. How I wished I had someone that special in my life…"

"His name is Bastian," I said softly, "He's the only boy I have ever loved. I don't know why I do and the worst part is - I really don't care what others think."

"What does he think?"

"I don't know. He doesn't know how I feel. He'd probably hate me if he knew I was…queer…"

"Well, that would be his loss. When I first saw you I thought you were so cute…I still do…too bad we're cousins," she smiled.

I smiled back.

"Don't do that," she giggled.


"Smile at me like that! It makes me want to kiss you!" She laughed and her laugh was contagious because I started laughing too.

"Tell me about Bastian," she said.

"Oh, Lucy, you'd love him. I can't imagine anyone not liking him. He has the most perfect lips, slightly oriental eyes, his dad is part Filipino…" I pulled out my drawing book and showed her my most favorite picture of him that I had drawn it was really of both of us when he fell asleep learning against me on the train with his head on my shoulder. I can still remember the beautiful smell of his hair when I kissed him. I was lost in my thoughts for a while.

"Hello, Leo?" she giggled.

"Huh? What?"

"You've been staring into space for almost three minutes. Are you okay?"

"Yeah sure. I'm fine. I was just thinking about something."


"Well, I kissed him on the top of his head, then his dad and my mom arrived back and they were talking about us and well mainly Bastian - Well when he was 13 or 14 something happened and he went from be very out going to very shy and no friends…He never made friends until me. It sort of made me feel good.

"The next day I was drawing a portrait of him and I asked him about what happened and he went real silent and I said to him that it couldn't be that bad. He got up and left I panicked. I thought I lost him as a friend after an hour of searching I couldn't find him. Finally, I found a restroom door which was locked and I thought he was in there cuz I knocked and there was no reply. So, I pounded on the door and still nothing, I started pleading with him to open the door I was almost in tears. I said 'Bastian, please!' and at that moment he said 'Please what?' He was standing behind me. At the same moment a little old lady opened the door and came out. It was so funny we both nearly died laughing. We laughed so much our sides were aching!

"We went back to the club car where I continued drawing the portrait. He told me he was sorry for running off like that. He said 'Leo, I heard my dad when our parents come back too ya know. And I guess what Dad said brought back some bad memories and when you asked me…I just flipped out. I want to tell you someday, when we really get to know each other, but please not now.' So, I didn't ask. After thirty minutes or so I was nearly done he said I was his best friend ever."

"That is so sweet," said Lucy.

"Yeah, but I just realized. He must have known how I really felt about him. When I kissed him he must have been awake."

"And he never said anything?"

"No, but I could feel he really liked me. I miss him so much."

Lucy and I talked for nearly two hours.

School was horrible. My first day back people shunned me like I had the plague. Even the teachers were curt except for Mrs. North. She asked me to stay after class.

"I hear you got into trouble while I was gone," she said.

"Yes," I said looking down because I felt like I let her down. A tear manage to squeeze it's way out and roll down my cheek.

"Leo, I'm not going to tell you what you did was wrong because I only know other peoples' viewpoint and not yours."

"I'm gonna be late for my next class," I said after a few moments of silence.

"I've give you a pass, but first I want to hear your side."

"I drew a picture it was called 'Friendship', it was of two boys, they were nude but not luridly so. I wanted to express that there was nothing between them, no lies, nothing just pure naked truth and friendship. Then Mrs…I don't remember her name said I should cover up their private parts, I was angry because it wasn't what I wanted!"

I looked at Mrs. North she had a faint smile on her face. I looked down as I continued; "I got mad and covered them with small washcloths…" I venture and another glance at her, "I gave them a-a-a hardon," I said in almost a whisper.

"Leo," she said softly.

"Yes, ma'am," I said looking at her. She was smiling slightly.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For being honest with me; for telling me your side; for being the most talented artist I've ever met."

"Really, you think I'm that good?" She nodded. I've never hug a teacher before, but I reached out and hugged her.

My feeling of jubilance was to be short lived. I had PE next. I suited up in my gym clothes. They were playing basketball today. I was hoping the coach would just let me sit on the bench, but no such luck.

"Hare! Jensen is short a member. Get in there and play!" yelled the coach.

"Coach I won't play with that homo," stated Ben Jaimeson and he walk off to the side.

"Me neither," said Al Mondae as he followed Jaimeson's lead.

And so on it went through each player until only Bill Jensen was left.

I guess I had been in shock or something because I could believe what was happening. I was pissed off and hurt but the last thing I was going to do was cry. Not then, not in front of them. I simply turn and walked out.

Coach Martin yelled, "Hare! Get back here!"

I kept walking and gave all of them the finger without stopping or looking back. I was almost dressed when Coach Martin arrived.

"Come into my office," he ordered.

"Fuck you," I said as I left the locker room.

I skipped the rest of my classes for the day. I knew I would be in trouble, but I didn't care. I wandered around and ended up in an art supply. I found a really nice sketchpad and ink pen with changeable nibs.

"I don't have any money to pay for this, but I was wondering if I could sketch a picture of you and you like it we could make a trade," I asked the lady behind the register.

"No. I'm sorry, I can't do that," she said then she smiled and said, "Mr. Morris over there might, he's the owner."

I walked over to Mr. Morris and asked him the same question. He looked at me for a moment and thought for a few seconds.

"Hmmm, if I don't like it the deal is off right?"

"Yes sir."

"I want you to know I have never liked any drawing or photo of me."


"When you're as old as I am you'll probably feel the same."

I studied his features. He was actually quiet good looking for an old man. He was probably a lady killer at one time. After about two minutes of studying him I set to work. And forty-five minutes later I was done and handed him the drawing.

He looked at the drawing and I watch as his face lit up. "Leo! Leo! Leo! My boy! You are…how old?"

"Fourteen, sir"

"Well, you may have the drawing pad, but not that pen! Follow me." He gave me a really expensive drawing pen that he got out of a case. "Now this fits your talent. Have you ever thought of having an exhibition…oh silly me probably not! Well, let me see what you can do over the next week or so."

"You really think I'm that good?" I asked. The second person that day that went ape-shit over my work.

Mr. Morris convinced me that I was good and I should draw more. I left feeling really good and until I got home - what a joke to call it home. Aunt Em was there, again calling me names I went to the garage with no food, no dinner. I was so hungry. After an hour though Lucy was there with a huge sandwich for me.

I told her what happened at the art supply. I told her I was not going to go back to school. She asked why and I told her because I didn't see the point of it I was going to be an artist and I didn't need all that other crap.

I drew a portrait of her and three more of Bastian. I wonder if he's forgotten me.

The next morning Aunt Em woke me and we of course argued. I lost. I found my self in school again. I tried to ignore all the whispers and people pointing me out to other people, but after math Ben Jamieson and his buddies caught me in the hall.

"Hey, homo, I could really use a blowjob," he said grabbing his crouch.

"Fuck off," I responded, "You ain't got nothing to blow!"

"You little asshole!" he said as he hit me in the chest.

It hurt but what really pissed me off was I heard my new pen break.

"I'm not a fucking homo!" I shouted and as I felt the ink leaking from my pen I lashed out. I caught him square in the solar plexus and then I tackled him to the ground and began pulverizing his face. The next thing I knew was I attacked by his buddies who took turns beating me to a pulp until a teacher interrupted. Still I got in a bunch of good kicks and punches.

Of course I got expelled from school, which although I had to listen to Aunt Em was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I talked to Mom. I begged her to let me live with my dad. She said she'd ask him.

It was mid-April Mom was still in California I asked her about living with Dad she said she was sorry but she forgot to ask, but she did have some good news for me.

"Do you remember Mr. McCormick and his son Sebastian, well Sam McCormick and I have been writing to each other a lot and we have a lot of common interest and I like him a lot." My heart began to race good news this was great news! "Sam has suggested we come and stay with them sort of a trial marriage to make sure we all get along okay. And he said there was no reason you couldn't go there immediately. That is if you want."

"Yes! I'll be ready in an hour mom!" I laughed.

"Well, I know Aunt Em will be happy and I knew you would so your plane leaves tomorrow at 3:30 in the afternoon."

I was delighted. I gave the phone to Aunt Em. I was so happy I gave her a kiss on cheek, which surprised both of us. I ran off to pack.

Lucy spent most of the evening with me just talking about things and I gave her the drawing I'd done of her. She cried. I would miss her a lot. My only concern was what if Bastian didn't feel the same way about me as I did about him. Could I stand that? Being so close to him yet never about to express my self…I began to get apprehensive about going.

What if he hates queers and me especially?

Well, whatcha think of this chapter? Want to hear more? Comments welcomed - Sebastian