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This is a spinoff story which is in the Adult/Youth section (Age & Time). Thinking about things and about Leo there was much that was missing. Leo and I had talked a lot about all these things so I feel okay about writing this from his point of view.

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Chapter 3

It was the first time I had ever flown in a plane so it was sort of exciting. I saw Bastian as soon as I entered the airport with his dad. I was so nervous overly nervous which I hate because I tend to really say the absolute wrong things. It was like I was distanced and someone other than myself was doing and saying things.

His dad said some things about how anxious Bastian had been for me to arrive. Bastian blushed. I just wanted to kiss him at that moment, but my other self was in control the side that puts on a show to say and prove that I am not a homo.

I made so nasty comment about him calling his dad 'Daddy'. It was like I wanted to hurt him; I didn't want to be I got scared that he might think I was queer for him. I was, but I didn't want him to know. I guess I was afraid I'd loose him.

I didn't expect what happened next. He looked so hurt and then he just turned and walked away. I had by my own stupidity driven him away.

I looked around the room, in the closet in the drawers; Bastian had given me half of everything. But it just wasn't half it was the better half the top drawers. I put my things away but only after putting his things in the easier to get at places.

"Leo," said Sam, "what happened between the two of you?"

"I guess he doesn't like me," I answered.

Sam shook his head no, "No, I don't think that's it at all. This whole week he's been so excited about you coming. Leo, Sebastian can be a little..." He thought for a moment, "strange. I know he likes you, it's just that it's been a while since he's had a friend, he is very much a loner and maybe he was a little embarrassed or something."

I want to tell Sam that I was being an asshole to Bastian, but I didn't instead I asked, "Sam can I call my Dad?"

"Uh, I guess that would be okay," Sam said with a look of sadness. "If you want to talk with me too, I'm here for you too. The phone is downstairs in the hall. I'm going to take a nap until Ida has dinner ready."

Sam went to his room and I went downstairs. I called my Dad. I guess it was time to face reality.

"Dad, I want to come stay with you, please."

"Leo, that's not possible." My heart sank into my gut.

"Why?" I cried.

"Truth is Leo, I heard about your suspension from Aunt Em…I can't deal with that. I can't deal with having a homosexual as a son. Please don't call me again ever!" He hung up!

I was crying. I wanted to die. I looked up the stairs and I saw Sam looking down at me. He started coming down the stairs.

"He doesn't want me, he hates me," I cried. Sam pulled me into a hug to comfort me. He just held me tight fo a long while before speaking.

"I was afraid of that," Sam said softly, "Leo, I want you and I don't hate you and I know Bastian likes you too. Why he went off like that I don't know, I worry about him sometimes. I was so pleased he was so happy about to coming to stay because you were such a positive influence on him."

"Sam, I really like Bastian, but I know I upset him a lot because I teased him about calling you 'Daddy'. I know he hates me now and I really messed things up."

"Oh, I don't think so. Bastian doesn't take to teasing very well, but he'll cool off."

There was something about Sam, I felt safe. I realized that there had been something else missing from my life for a long time - an adult who cares about you and let's you know it - a real father.

We were still standing in the hall with Sam holding me close when Ida announced that dinner was server.

"Ida, this is Sebastian's new brother and my new son, Leo. Leo, this is Ida our cook/housekeeper who is as much a part of this family as all my sons and daughters."

The jovial black lady gave me a hug, "Master Leo, welcomes. If I can be of help, you let's me know. I jest hopes youse not like Master Bastian always hidden and jumpin' outs to scares me. My Lordy Master Bastian is so right, you is a handsome boy!"

"Thank you Ida."

"Mister McCormick where is that boy, Master Bastian?"

"I think he is probably with Mrs. Sanderson."

Sam and I went into the dining room. He sat at the head of the table and I sat to his left. Dinner was great and Sam was an excellent conversationalist, I had literally forgotten all my problems. We talked mainly about art and who my favorite artists were; why I liked them and so on.

I know I said this before but Sam had a way about him that made it easy for you to talk to him. I knew that when the time was right and when I told him I was a queer he'd be okay about it. In away it seemed like he knew, but I have no idea of how I know that. Although somewhat overweight he was still very handsome.

Sebastian had some of his qualities the softness of manner just not quite as mature as Sam, but then he wouldn't be because he a teen like me.

Ida said good night half way through dinner and that when I found out that the evening ritual was Ida cooked the dinner and clean the pots and pans. Those eating put away leftovers and did the dishes.

After dinner I put away the leftovers and started washing the dishes while Sam made a phone call. I supposed it was about Sebastian. So, I eves-dropped.

"Hi, Mary. Have you seen Sam, he was a little upset when he left….He WHAT! Oh my God!…Dick is at the airport waiting…uh-huh well I'm sure of that. Look whatever, Dick decides has got my approval. Yes please do. Bye"

Sam came into the room. I rushed over to the sink and started washing. He looked at me, "God! I hope you aren't a pain-in-the-butt like Bastian!" and shook his head.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing really," he said with a sarcastic tone, "he simply took a plane without permission, in a plane he's never flown in before, without having an instructor on board…the idiot! He could very well loose his license, but he won't. Dick maybe livid with him, but he won't take that away from Bastian. Still, I would hate to be in Bastian's shoes when he arrives back."

I guess I looked confused.

"Bastian's dream is to get his pilot's license. Flying for him is like art for you - you're both naturals. So, imagine if somebody forbade you to draw or paint or take photos for a year."

"I think life would cease to exists for me, but why did he do it?"

"When you get really upset with people what do you do to get over the upset?"

"I off some place quiet and draw," I said.

"There's your answer."

The light suddenly went on. "Oh, I see," I said. I must have really upset him. I know he hates me. I'll have to do something to make it up to him.

Just before eight-thirty the phone rang and I went to answer it.

"Hello," I said, "This is the McCormick's residence."

"Who is this? Oh, yeah you must be Leo. Well, is Mr. McCormick there?"

"Who shall I say is calling?"

"Dick Sanderson."

"How is Bastian? You haven't grounded him for life have you? Look it was my fault I was being an ass. I upset him and so you should be mad at me. Please don't ground him, please," I begged.

There was silence from the other end of the line.

"I'll do anything to make it up to him, please I know he may have been wrong, but if it hadn't been for me he wouldn't have done wrong!" I was almost crying.

"Well, let me speak to Mr. McCormick."

"Yes sir," I said dejectedly.

I went into the living room and told Sam. After he left, I collapse on the couch and cried. The idea that Bastian would be grounded because of what I did was unbearable. He'd never like me.

Five minutes later Sam returned. I was still crying.

"Leo? Leo what wrong?"

"He's going to ground Bastian and it's all my fault. Bastian will always hate me!"

Sam chuckled, "Hey, Dick said he'd be lenient, he was very impressed by the concern you had and the responsibility you were willing to take. He's only grounding him for a day or so. Okay?"

What a relief. I nodded my head, "You must think I'm a real cry baby," I muttered and sniffed.

"No. I don't. You know what I think? I think you are a very mature and responsible boy. Who I think has learned a lesson about friendship. I am very proud of you."

Again we hugged. I wanted to tell Sam that I loved him. I wanted to ask him if I could call him Dad, but I was too shy. Maybe I would ask him someday.

The next day I spent day with Sam. He got me registered in the junior high called Meadowbrook and then we went to have lunch and then to do some shopping. Around four o'clock he called Bastian. My heart was really in my stomach.

He persuaded Bastian to have dinner with us. It was Ida's night off and he wanted to take us to the Mexican Inn, which he said was Bastian's favorite place. Right after that he got a call from Mary Sanderson to say that Dick was planning to have Bastian solo. I was relieved and happy and it showed!

We arrived at the airport and I saw Bastian entering a door. I guess he didn't see me, but I saw him and he looked so happy. I walked into the office.

"Mary, look! It's official! I soloed. It was so great!" Bastian said as he wrapped his arms around her, "I love you! I love Dick! Right now I even love Leo!"

"Oh, that's good. Oh hi, you must be Leo."

Bastian whispered something to her.

"Hi, Bastian," I said softly.

He blushed so sweetly and barely audible said "Hi."

"Congratulations, your dad told me on the way over here. I'm sorry for being an ass the other day." Now it was my turn to blush.

"Why, don't we just forget that ever happened and get started on the right foot," he said softly.

"Deal," I said and gave him my hand to shake. We shook hands. I didn't want to let go and I think he didn't either.

I rode with Bastian to the Mexican Inn. I felt like my heart was beating so far and I was nervous. I didn't want to goof up or make any mistakes.

"Leo, I'm sorry I ran out, it's just…I had some things I had to sort out…it's just I thought that you uh, hated me and…" He was talking so softly then he blushed "I just wanted to be best friends…" his voice trailed off.

"Bastian, I want that too it's just that when I get scared and nervous I always seem to say the wrong things and do the wrong things. The truth is my dad doesn't want me…ever, " I barely got that out but I felt I had to.

He didn't say anything for a few moments he pulled off to the side of the road then he looked at me I looked down at the floorboard.

He turned and looked at me saying, "He is the loser and will always be the loser and, and on top of that he's an asshole! Cuz I know my daddy," he paused and smiled, "my dad," he faked cleared his throat, "yeah my uh dad thinks you're as good a son as one could hope for."

I giggled, "You just had to rub it in, the daddy, I mean dad thing."

"Yes," he giggled, "But my daddy loves you like a son. I know that by the way he talks about you. Anyway, we better catch up with them. I'm starving." He put the car in gear and moved back onto the road.

I sat in silence for a while thinking about everything that had happened since I arrived. Thinking about Sam and how he was with me. The idea of him being my dad made me feel great. I knew he liked me. I could deal with being his son.

Mexican food has never been my favorite but the Mexican Inn may just convince me to become an addict like Bastian. It was so good.

Dick suggested that Bastian and I sit at our own table. He said, "Cuz the restaurant is so busy". Bastian blushed when he suggested it.

After we ordered I asked him, "Why did you blush?"

"Huh?" he replied and blushed again, "No. I didn't!" Then he giggled, "I'm blushing now aren't I?" I nodded 'yes'.

"Oh, God!" he said in response to my nod. Oh, man was he cute! He has this really cute way of rolling his eyes when he gets embarrassed.

"I just blush so easily over nothing, really!" he said. I guess I knew better than to press for the real reason, but then I said something stupid, "Well, I think you're cute…I mean funny" which made me blush, "I meant funny not cute."

He gave me a killer smile, "Oh, so I'm not cute?"

"No! I didn't mean that," I said turning red in the face, "I mean, uh, I'm sure all the girls would think you're really cute."

We just looked at each other and started laughing hard…he looked away took a drink of water looked up at me and nearly choked coughing up water because it went down the wrong way because he had started laughing in the middle of drinking.

The whole evening we joked around, giggling and laughing and just getting to know each other better. So many times that evening I had to stop myself from just saying "Bastian, I love you."

As soon as we got to our room Bastian asked, "So, which bed is yours?"

"This one. I've slept in both and yours is the most comfortable."

"Yeah, I know, but I don't mind you having it if you want. I can sleep in that one just as easily."

"Nah, I'm fine. I put your pj's under your pillow."

"You know, I think I just sleep in my briefs tonight."

"Yeah, me too," I said and quickly got into bed and giggled, "Turn out the lights."

Bastian smiled at me and turned out the lights and got in his bed. All I could think of was I wanted to feel him close to me. I wanted to touch him and have him touch me. I was horny as hell.

"Damn!" I said in a loud whisper.


"Is there anyway to get comfortable in this bed?" I asked.

"Yes," he giggled, "By sleeping in this bed."

That was my cue, I got out of my bed and stood by his bed, "Well, come on scoot over!".

To my surprise and joy he scooted over and I got in bed with him.

We talk some more quietly.

I was so nervous. All I could think of was how much I wanted him. What if I do what I want to do and he figures out that I'm queer and he hates me. Maybe I should just sleep. I had to try something.

"I like to be tickled like this," I said as I lightly ran fingers across his forehead along each eyebrow down his cheek and gently across his lips. I waited a few seconds. He seemed to like it.

"Do you like it?" I finally asked.

"Yes, more," he sighed.

I started again and then ventured down his neck, on to his chest around each nipple and on down to his belly button along the waistband of his briefs. I was as hard as a rock and I think he was too. I started back up to his face and lips.

"Your turn," I said hoping he would follow my lead.

He proceeded to tickle me in the same manner around my face, across my chest down slowly to my belly and along my waistband. He ventured down his side to the bottom of my briefs and along the bottom of my briefs. I spread my legs apart inviting his tickling to continue all my briefs. We were both breathing heavily. Across my brief covered ballsack and up the other side as his fingertips move upward along my side his arm brushed across my hardened penis. It felt so good.

When his fingers lightly ran across my lips he stopped.

"My turn," I said.

I started again at his eyebrows but I moved quickly to his waistband and followed the same track he had down his side and along the bottom of his briefs. He spread my legs apart as I had done. I slowly move across his scrotum stopping half way. I wanted to feel his hardened penis and to see how big it was. Slowly I move my fingers up his hardened shaft and then slowly back down the side of his prick, up the other side to the head of his prick and then to the waistband. My fingers slipped under his waistband and down to the head of his throbbing prick. My God it felt soft yet so hard.

"Your turn," I said leaving my hand where it was.

He went straight for my underwear grabbed each side and pulled them down. I did the same for his. We were both completely naked as he wrapped my fingers around my penis. I was smaller than him and not nearly as much hair as Bastian, but he was a year older. He slowly, began jerking me off as I was doing the same to him. As I got closer I began pumping his cock faster and he responded by matching my speed. Within a few minutes we were both cumming all over ourselves.

We lay there for several minutes. I took my underwear and clean him up then he did the same for me. As he was cleaning me up I just lay there with my eyes closed and a slight smile on my face. When he finished I opened my eyes, "Thanks."

"My pleasure," he giggled. I smiled and got up walked over to our dresser opened the drawer and tossed him a clean pair of underwear then got myself a clean pair. I got back in bed with him and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke when I heard a toilet flush and quickly got in my bed. I heard Sam wake up Bastian as I pretended to sleep.

I guess I dozed off because the next thing I knew I felt him kissing my cheek I wanted so much to kiss him back but then I didn't want him to think that I was queer. I didn't want him to hate me because I loved him so much.

He gently shook me. "Leo, get up and take a shower, I'll make us breakfast." Sleepily I opened my eyes and smiled, "Okay, Bastian…" I said and I almost said I love you, but I said, "Thanks for waking me up."

He dropped him off at his school and drove off. All day I thought about what we'd done last night. I mean what-if he thinks I'm queer and he tells everybody and he hates me. I had to do something. Jeanie Marsh provide a solution to my dilemma. She'd been flirting with me all day so when I saw Bastian arriving I gave her a quick kiss on the lips which surprised her, but she liked it.

"Who was that?" Bastian asked.

"Jeanie Marsh."

"You don't waste anytime."

"Well, I'm not a queer, you know! I got her phone number too. I can't wait to get into her pants."

He looked pissed off and so we drove home in silence.

He pulled up in front of the house. We sat there for a few moments.

"Well, are you getting out. I have things to do," he said.

"Oh, I thought you be home with me. Where ya goin'?" I asked.

"Flying." He snapped.

"Can I go?"

"Why? You'll just get bored, besides you have much more important things to do like calling miss hot pants! Of, course it's probably not much of a challenge for you."

"What's not a challenge?"

"Getting in to another person's pants. Look, I have to go. Can you just get out? I'm sure Miss what-her-name is just dying to talk to you."

I realized I fucked up again. I reluctantly got out of the car and he burned rubber getting out of there. I ran into the house and up to our bedroom and cried. How I got through dinner without bursting into tears I don't know. Sam had asked where Bastian was and I just told him that the told me he was going to go flying.

I went to bed early.

About 3:30 Bastian arrive in the room. I got into bed with him because I wanted to apologize and I want to tell him how much I loved him. I cuddled up close to him and reached around and grabbed his penis. He groaned a bit then suddenly leaped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I heard him throwing up. So, to be on the safe side I got back in my bed. I guess he must have been drinking pretty heavily. Maybe he was queer like me…I could only wish.

When he came back I got into bed with him and cuddled up. I figured he wouldn't really be interested in sex. I watched him drift off to sleep. I could hold back no more. I returned the kiss he'd given me on the cheek this morning then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when I heard the toil flush I was up and out of Bastian's bed. I knew Bastian was in no shape to cook Sam's breakfast. So, I walked out of the room to the bathroom for my morning pee meeting Sam half way to our room.

"I don't think Bastian is in any shape to cook you breakfast, so I will," I offered.

"Thank you, Leo," he smiled and chuckled, "I think you're right. How about you stay home and make sure he's all right today."

"Sure!" I said a little too enthusiastically, but covered it up by asking him what he'd like for breakfast.

After Sam left for work I got back in bed with Bastian and fell asleep until around 10:30. We were both sleeping on our sides facing each other. For the longest time I simply lay there looking at him and studying his face. I loved his lips so I kissed them lightly. I did it two more times with my heart racing. I tried again a third time. My heart almost skipped a beat when I felt him kissing back. Quickly I pulled my head back, he was still sleeping.

A few moments later he mumbled, "I love you, Leo. Never…" My heart did stop when I heard him say that. I knew he was dreaming, but he was dreaming of me and he told me that he loved me.

"Never what?" I whispered but got no response. "I love you too, Sebastian".

At that moment the phone rang and I ran downstairs to get it. It was Sam. He asked if Bastian was awake yet. I heard the bathroom door close so I said, "I think he just woke up. He's in the bathroom."

A few minutes later I entered the bathroom.

"What are you doing home?" Bastian asked weakly


I glanced down to his lap, but his dick was hidden from view, he spread his legs apart to give me a better view. I smiled appeared on his face then looked away and closed the curtain. I was instantly hard.

"So, when are you getting out?" I asked.

"When my headache subsides a bit more."

"You know what you need is a massage to really relax you. If you get out I'll give you a massage. It will make you feel better."

"Well, let me stay in here a little longer. Then I'll get out," he said.

"Yeah, fine. Mind if I stay in here to keep you company. It's boring to just hang around." I knew what he'd been doing before I came in there and if I left he'd just continue. I wanted to show him how much I loved him.

We talked for another ten minutes and he got out. He turned off the shower and got out still porting a semi-hard dick. I handled him a towel. I was still in my underwear and I made no effort to hide my hardon. He continued to put on a good show for me as we walked out of the bathroom back to the bedroom naked with his towel in his hand.

"Spread your towel on the bed and then lie down on it," I said.


"Cuz I'm going to give you a massage, remember? I don't want to be the oil on your sheets."

He did as I said.

I started the massage. First his shoulders, I was standing beside the bed for a few minutes. he actually was relaxing.

"Hold on a sec."

I wasn't sure what to do but I want to please and get pleased. I took off my underwear and then I strattled his back and began massaging him again. The feeling I got from my dick sliding up and down his crack was incredible as I massaged up and down his back. I think he was enjoying it to as he began to moan. My hands worked their way down his back to his butt cheeks. My thumbs slide down his crack to that placed right behind his ballsack. He began to moan and slightly humping to meet my down strokes.

"Turn over," I whispered.

He did.

I oiled up his inner thighs and my very hard dick. "I want to try something."


"Put your thighs together."

I slipped my dick between his thighs and started humping him slowly at first. I had never felt anything so good. Soon I was pumping faster and faster I could feel the sperm getting ready to explored from my balls and then I was cumming like I had never cum in my entire life. It lasted longer than any other time I just seemed to be pumping out gallons of boy-juice. I wanted so much to kiss him at that point, but that would mean I was a homo. Well, I am but I pretended not to be. I lay on top of him for at least five minutes with my head on his chest.

"Wow, that was fantastic. It's your turn," I said and we switched places, him on top still sticky from my cum.

He lubricated up my thighs and his dick and followed my example. It didn't take him long to cum. "Oh, Leo! I'm cumming! Oh! Oh!" he cried. I could feel his balls pumping out his juices. He lay on top of me for a while with his lips gently touching the side of my neck and ever so slightly kissing me. It felt so good to know that he loved me. He was as relaxed as I was. We both fell asleep.

So I completed this chapter. I hope you liked it. I'd sure like to hear more from you people - even just a simple 'I like it' helps to encourage me to write more and summer - Sebastian