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Chapter 6

The next morning I slowly opened my eyes to see my sweet Sebastian looking at me with a gentle smile on his face. I wasn’t the most aesthetic site my eyes had seen. His right eye was all black and blue from where I had hit him but at least the swelling had gone down.

“Good morning, my love,” I said. His smile broadened, “You look like shit.” I giggled.

“You don’t look so hot either. So, I wasn’t dreaming; you really love me and you’re queer?”

“Yes, I think I started falling in love with you from the first time I saw you.”

“On the train, right?”

“No, before that,” I said. Just thinking about it gave me such a warm feeling.

Bastian gave me a quizzical look.

“Before we got on the train I saw you and I thought you were the most beautiful person I’d ever seen. I thought I’d never see you again when I saw you leave Sam, but then you came back and I was so happy because I wanted to be your friend.”

I guess my attention was on my thoughts because when I looked back at Bastian tears were rolling down his cheeks. “Bastian?” His tears turned into sobs as he fell into my arms with his head on my chest.

“Bastian, please what’s the matter?”

He shook his head and just held on to me tighter as he cried. I held him tight for about ten minutes finally his tears subsided and he spoke, “I’m sorry, Leo, I-I’m sorry. I love you so much I always have and I almost lost you by trying to cut you out of my life because I thought you would hate me for loving you the way I do. Leo, I have never wanted to be with a girl, never fantasized about it…you are the only one I ever want to be with for the rest of my life.”

“Me too, Bastian, me to,” I whispered. We lay on the bed with his head on my chest for a while then my stomach growled and Bastian giggled.

“I’m hungry too,” he said as he pushed himself up off my chest. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a few moments and then his stomach let out a growl. With that he lowered his lips gently to mine and we kissed.

“I could stay like this forever but we need to eat…” he put on a wry smile.


“Maybe…hmmm…maybe I just eat you,” he wiggled his eyebrows. God he is so cute…instant hardon!

He giggled again, “Ah! See breakfast is served!”

“No that’s desert!” I laughed and got up after pushing him off me.

When we walked into the kitchen Mary was sitting at the breakfast table drinking coffee and reading a paperback novel. She looked up and smiled at us. “Good morning you two. Well, you make quite a pair. I hope you don’t mind I peeked in on you this morning and I was really surprised…” an evil grin appeared on her face, ”I really did expect you both to be fully dressed.” She exaggerated a heavy sigh.

My mouth dropped when I heard Bastian say, “Oh! Shame! Well don’t worry, Mary. If you keep your ear to the door after breakfast and a shower Leo has promised me desert! Of course the door will be lock, but if you listen carefully you here Leo moaning in pleasure!”

My face must have been bright red as they both began laughing. “I think I’m missing something here?” I finally said.

“Mary and Dick know how I feel about you. They have sense the day I took the plane.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember. I had been a real asshole to you too.”

“Dick’s brother committed suicide because he was a homosexual and I guess just figured it out and he asked me that day. I knew then that I was in love with you, I know that I’ll never change because if changing meant I’d loose you or that you’d fade from my heart then I don’t want to change. I don’t love anybody else or want anybody else,” Bastian said as he came over and stood in front of me and took my hands in his.

We stood there looking at each other’s batter faces. I saw nothing but beauty and love and a new beginning. Our lips were almost touching when we were interrupted by “Ahem! So, uh, Leo, how do you like your eggs?”

“Over medium, please…Bastian?”


“Dad knows about me loving you and all. So, does Mom.”

An instant look of fear appeared, “And?”

“I was scared you’d hate me when you find out and he said you wouldn’t because whenever I’m around you, you are always happier. He said that you may not be like me but I got the feeling he knew we were the same.”

The fear was overcome by a smile. “How can I hate something that’s apart of me when it’s the best part of me?”

“Awww, that’s so sweet Bastian,” commented Mary. Bastian blushed.

I felt so different. I mean here I was being myself, openly showing my feelings in front of two people who only showed me love and caring. I kept feeling that any second I would wake up and all that had happened would just be a dream and I’d be back to what I was. Always secretive, always hidden, always something I hated.

I guess what Bastian experiencing before when he was sobbing in my arms I was now experiencing. I could feel it building up in me like a tidal wave of emotions, of despair and grief. I could feel the dam breaking. The hours of suppressing the pain, and love and oneself; the wall of lies and “normalcy” I had built lie by lie over the years was beginning to crumble under the strength of Bastian’s love for me – open and pure.

The floodgates opened and I hadn’t even finished my breakfast.

“Leo, dear? What the matter?” ask Mary.

Bastian who had been by the sink ran to my side and took me into his arms. I held on to him as wave after wave of emotions hit. I sobbed like I had never sobbed before as I held on tight to him for fear he would disappear from my life or I would disappear from his life. I cried because of the way I had treated him, the omitted Xmas present. Somehow through the tears and sobs I voice all of my fears to Bastian and now he was crying with me.

“Leo, please don’t cry about that!” he cried, “Who cares about a silly present! I have the greatest present anyone could give me – I-I have you! I have you, Leo. I have your love!” He squeezed me tighter as I did him and we both cried.

Finally, I voice my worst fear through my sobs. “Bastian, I’m so sorry. I-I-I made you this way.”

“What do you mean, my love,” he wept.

“I mm-made you a queer. I’m sorry. I-I started it all. I just wanted to be close to you…I’m sorreee…”

“Leo,” he said, “Leo, look at me. Look at me!”

He held my face so that I had to look at him. “Leo, you didn’t make me queer. I knew I was queer when I was fourteen. Finding you was a godsend! I wanted you in my bed! I’ve cried when you weren’t! I loved what we did because I loved feeling you so close…I wanted more I wanted to make real love to you to kiss you, to hold you, to feel you and to…to make mad passionate love to you!” He smiled.


“Yes, really. I love you Leo Hare. With all my heart and soul I love you.”

“I love you too Sebastian McCormick.”

I looked around and Mary had left.

“Why don’t we take a shower?” asked Bastian.


“Is there any other way?” he smiled.

Bastian took my hand and led me through the bedroom, locking the door then into the bathroom.

Gently he started undressing me. As he pulled down my pants my dick stood hard and firm with peeking out of my foreskin with just a little pre-cum gathered at the tip. I stepped out of my pants. He looked up at me smiled, look at what was right in front of him, back up to me. I knew what he was thinking.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” I said.

“Oh, baby, baby, baby! I want to!” He was looking directly at it then stood up. Bastian sighed. “I love you, and I really want to have sex.” He looked down and then back at me and continued, ”And I can see you do too, but I want too do it properly and a little more romantically. I mean it will be like the first time for me…”

I started taking off his clothes slowly. “I love you too, Bastian and I agree with you…I want it to be special for you,” I said pulling his pants down. Damn he had some beautiful equipment and it was just as hard as mine. “Bastian, I don’t want to be your brother anymore,” I tapped his leg so he’d step out of his pants. I looked up at him and slowly stood up, “I want to be your…” God! What was the right word, not husband or wife, more than just a boyfriend. Try as I might I couldn’t think. I guess I must have looked confused.


“No. I don’t like that word – sounds to doggish – dogs mating!” He giggled.


“Yeah…” I puzzled. Then it hit me. “Inamorato!”

“Huh? Ina what?”

“Inamorato. It comes from the Italian word innamorare – to inspire with love. In a more boorish translation, I think, boyfriend, male lover. Bastian, have you ever heard of a soulmate?”

“Yes, and I think you are mine…”

“Really? So do I,” I said as we hugged. I kissed him gently on the lips and we stepped into the shower. Our lips never parted and we were becoming more and more passionate. He turned the water on and suddenly we both yelped as the icy cold water hit us. Bastian quickly reached over and directed the showerhead on to the wall to the side and then adjusted the water temperature.

It struck us both as being funny and we both went in to wails of laughter. I looked down and both of us were as limp as could be. “Well, now I know what cold showers do to ya!” I laughed.

I wanted to go first so I moved Bastian under the shower then moved him back to the shampoo and shampooed his hair gently massaging his scalp and neck. I could feel the tension release. I soaped up his back and continued to massage his body. His arms and legs. I stood against him from behind reaching around under his arms and massaged and rubbed his chest and down to his privates. His penis was hard as a rock and although I was so tempted to relax that muscle I didn’t I would handle it in good time.

Bastian followed my lead and gave me a relaxing massage. It felt so good.

We dried each other off then I lead him to the bed where we laid down facing each other and soon began kissing each other. Our passion grew as our bodies became entwined.

“Bastian, I love you and I always will. I never want to be apart I want to be a part of your life forever and I want you to be a part of my life forever. I shall always try to bring happiness and joy to your life, to help you succeed and achieve your greatest potential. Whether thou goest I shall also go,” I pledged to him in a low voice then I sealed it with a passionate kiss.

“Leo, you have a way with words that I can’t begin to match, but my love for you is endless. I pledge my life to you and your happiness, however I know that life throws us a curve sometimes and any troubles in life you may have to face know this that I will be there by your side helping in anyway that I can to overcome those hurdles. I love you, Leo Hare. I will forever be yours as I know you will forever be mine.” He sealed his pledge to me with a passionate kiss.

We lay in each other’s arms of a few moment then I started kissing Bastian on his neck. “Bastian do you remember when we had sex after the first time you got drunk?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Afterwards you were so lightly kissing my neck…”

“Yeah. I loved you so much Leo, but I was afraid to really kiss you so I kissed you like that and you didn’t object. I knew then that life without you would not be life at all.”

“It’s a moment that I will always treasure because it was the first time I knew that you loved me. Bastian it was the first time that I felt anybody really cared about me. We have wasted a lot of time because of our fears.”

“Yes, we have, but now we have a lifetime to make up for lost time.”

With that said I continued kissing Bastian from his neck downwards. I never made it to his feet – I sort of only got half way there. Of course, he only managed to get half way down to my feet too. It was so special because it was the first time we had sex out of love and devotion to each other. It was sex for the purpose of bringing pleasure to our partner and not for self-gratification.

That day and everyday Bastian made me feel so loved, so much a part of him. It wasn’t just sexual pleasure any more – it was the pleasure you get from knowing that although you are an individual you are also an unseparatable pair.

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