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Chapter 8

“So, you ready?” asked Bastian.

“For what?”

“To go get you’re passport?”

“Passport? Really! But how are we going to get there?”



“Orville Smith, he’s a senior in the CAP, has a friend who has a ship some sort of exploration ship they use for locating oil. Anyway, he talked to the owner who has got us jobs on the ship. It leaves June 4th for the North Sea. It’ll drop us off at Southampton in England. It will be coming back to Galveston in September so we’ll be a little late for school.”

I was totally excited. Do you have any idea how long the last two weeks of school can be? I thought it would never end!

Dad gave Bastian traveler’s checks and me a $100 in cash for an emergency.

On June 4th we reported on board the Avon River. We were both assigned as deckhands. We found out that the departure date was delayed for three days waiting for some special seismic equipment to arrive.

The ship was 220 foot MV (Motor Vessel) specially rigged out for oil exploration. She was a deep drafted vessel, which I found out was necessary for the North Sea. Our berthing was in the forecastle (pronounced ‘folksel’). Of course we share our berthing with about ten other guys. My bunk was below Bastian’s but with the close quarters I figured there wouldn’t be any love making for us.

After we got our gear stowed we reported to the boson.

“Hare, you see the top of that mast?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well the light needs to be changed.” He explained how to change the light. I have to take off the weatherproof casing being careful not to drop the rubber gasket, take out the old light bulb and replace it with the new one. It all sounded pretty simple except for one thing.

“Sir, how am I supposed to get up there? There’s no way I can shimmy up that distance,” I voiced. What I didn’t say was I was a little scared of heights.

“Boson’s chair.”

Now the Boson’s chair was a flat board with a rope going from one end to the other end and a C clip which clipped on to a cable that ran through a block and tackle at the top of the mast. I also wore a safety harness which had a couple of ropes tied to it.

The only tool I had with me was an alan key tied to my wrist as they proceeded to haul me to the top of the mast. I had to help guide myself around the radar, which was three-quarters of the way up. You know they always say don’t look down. Well, now I know why. My nuts felt like they were trying to climb up inside me to hide in my stomach, which was also trying to climb out my throat.

“You okay?” I heard the boson shout from below.

“Yes, sir! I’m doing fine!” I yelled. “I hope,” I said to myself. I check my safety harness it seemed fine. I tried to keep my mind off the height and just look around and enjoy the scenery. What there was of it. Old warehouses, other ships, itty-bitty people on the deck below me. Oh, God! I am high up!

Somehow I managed to change the light bulb. I just happened to look at the block and tackle that had been used to pull me up. It was cracked and just barely holding together. In my panic to grab hold of the top of the mast I must have exerted enough pressure to finish it off the block and tackle snapped in half I screamed and as I held on to the mast I saw the block and tackle hit the deck narrowly missing the boson. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hang on.

I had my legs wrapped tightly around the mast; the boson’s chair rope and the cable were at my waist and the chair was dangling in space below my butt. Scared? No, petrified is more like it!

The next thing I knew was someone was calling my name.

“Leo, this is the captain speaking. I need you to unhook your right safety line – don’t let go of it and then loop it through the hole in the flange at the top of the mast.”

“I can’t! I CAN’T LET GO! I’M GOING TO FALL IF I LET GO!” I screamed. I go feel my self getting weaker.

“My Leo,” called a very calm voiced Bastian, “Do as the Captain said. Unsnap you right safety line and put it through the hole in the flange. Please Leo do it, now.” His voice quivered, “Do it for me…”

I closed my eyes tight. With all my strength I inched my way up to get a better hold. Slowly I unclipped the right safety line and fed it through the hole. I couldn’t let go of the line to grab the clip to re-attach it to the safety harness. So I let it slide back out of the hole and re-attached it to me – back to square zero. I took the c-clip from the boson’s chair and clipped it through the hole. Again I pulled my self up so that I could clip the boson’s chair rope to the clip. I managed to sit in the chair.

“Excellent, Leo, you’re doing well!” said the Captain.

I relaxed a little to rest my arms and legs just sitting in the chair.

“How are you doing now?”

“BETTER! I’M JUST RESTING A BIT,” I yelled but my voice was definitely shaky.

“Take your time boy and let me know when your ready.”

I looked around. I looked down and I saw my Bastian’s face. He looked so worried. I stared at him for a moment then smiled at him. Right now he was probably more worried than I was. I was stuck of a mast. I knew for the moment I was safe. I mean I knew I wasn’t going to die. My stomach growled. What a time to be hungry, but suddenly I was positively starved.


What they were planning on doing now that I was up there was for me to install a new block and tackle. I had to feed the boson’s chair cable through the c-clip down to them for them to attach a new block and tackle. That was hard work and my stomach was really growling.


I heard the Captain roar with laughter and in a matter of moments I was hoisting up the block and tackle and my sandwich. I consumed the sandwich in minutes, installed the block and tackle and the boson’s cable and finally clipped the boson’s chair to the cable and was lowered down to the deck.

After the excitement of me being back on deck it was time to eat. After lunch Bastian got assigned to sanding down a railing for varnishing. The boson told me I could take some time off. I told him that wasn’t necessary and that I’d like to help Bastian. By dinner we worked harder and faster than anyone else which made the boson happy.

After dinner, “Hey you two,” said the boson, “You guys can have the rest of the day off but be back on board by midnight.”

“Well, we’ll probably just play chess or checkers. We’re sort of on a tight budget,” replied Bastian.

“Well, in that case I’ll treat you guys to a movie,” he replied.

We three went to get ready, when we were alone Jon the boson, said, “Hey you guy are going to take a shower. I ain’t takin’ no stinky guy to the show!”

So we all went to the showers. I noticed as we were stripping Jon was checking out Bastian and me when we weren’t looking. Of course, we were checking him out too. He was about 22, 6 feet tall, slim muscular build, blond, hair blue eyes, nice bit of hair on his chest but not too much and a really nice looking uncut dick.

Bastian caught me looking and I blushed a bit. Bastian smiled. He was like semi hard…so was I…so was Jon.

Jon looked at me.


“You have a beautiful body,” he said right in front of Bastian.

I smiled, “Yeah, so I’m told, but it is reserved for one person and one person only.”

He sighed, “I sort of figured that when he called you my Leo, but I was hoping that maybe you’d share.”

“You are a lucky guy, Bastian.”

“Yes, I am,” replied Bastian as he took my hand, “and we are very committed to each other for life.”

By this time I was so horny I kissed Bastian on the cheek and pressed my body up against him.

“You guys go ahead…I’ll just occupy myself,” he said waving his right hand.

Bastian, turned and we fell into each other’s arms in a wild and passionate kiss. I think the fact that Jon was there intensified the moment and soon we were jacking each other off in the shower while we kissed.

I heard Jon reaching his climax and just before he shot Bastian and I looked and saw wave after wave of hot juices pump out of his stiff dick which brought Bastian and I over the edge as our boy juices released.

Jon came over to us and pulled our weak bodies into a hug. “God! That was fantastic! Thanks guys,” he said as he gave each of us a kiss on the cheek and we returned the favor.

When we got to the movie I ended up in the middle. As we got into the movie I felt Jon’s hand moving up and down my leg. His hand was getting closer and closer to my crotch. I started getting a hardon and spread my legs apart to give him better access. I was holding Bastian’s hand. He began rubbing my crotch and I continued to let him feel me up. I was about to cum and I knew it. I knew I was wrong for having let him do that to me. For not being true to Bastian. What was wrong with me? What kind of perverted idiot was I? Just as I started to cum I said “NO! Stop it!” Jon pulled his hand back, Bastian looked at me surprised and I got up and bolted out of the theater. I had no idea where I was or where I was going. I just ran.

to be continue...

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