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Chapter 9

I ran out of breath and had to stop. I leaned up against the side of a building. Gasping for air. After a few moments I realized I was not in a very good area of town. The area was dimly lighted and I became aware of someone watching me. I turn back to the way I came and as I took a step forward the person jumped in front of me.

“Going some where?”

“Yes, back the way I came.”

“My are you a cute little one. Why don’t you come with me I can show you a nice time.”

“No. Thanks. My friends are waiting for me.”

“Oh, really the ones you were running from huh?”

“Come with me baby. I’ll treat you really good.” He grabbed my arm in a vice like grip.

“Let go of me!” I blurted out loudly. Wrong thing to say as the next thing that I knew he backhanded my face sending me flying backwards and landing on the ground. He walked over to me reached down grabbing my shirt and pulling me up. His hot smelly breath was hitting me in the face. I turned my head away from him.

“Now my sweet boy you ass is mine and I’m going to fuck you brains out.” He pushed me backwards a bit and then fell on top of me. I looked up to see Jon standing there with a blackjack in his hand. He put it in his pocket and reached down and helped me up.

I was shaking like a leaf as he pulled me into a hug. At that point the Hoover Dam, which seem to reside in my head decided to break loose.

“Leo, it’s okay. Your safe.”

The guy on the ground moaned. Jon kicked him hard in the balls and then in the face then led me a way. When we got back to a safer area he stopped.

“Leo, I’m so sorry. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I was taking advantage of you and I really feel bad. It’s just that I have a crush on you.”

“I can’t go back, I can’t. I can’t face Bastian.”

“You have to face him. We have to face him. Leo, you are everything to him. “

“I can’t. I just can’t.”

We sat down on a bus stop bench. I sat side ways with my knees up and folded my arms and put my head down on my arms. I say like that for five minutes just crying silently. I didn’t even look up when I heard Jon leave.

“Leo, it’s okay,” said Bastian quietly.

“No. It wasn’t okay what I did. I let him touch me. I enjoyed it! I knew it was wrong! I betrayed you and your love.”

“Yeah, I know, if I were sitting in your place I don’t know that I wouldn’t have done the same thing. Do you love him?”

“No. I like him. He’s good looking, but I don’t love him.”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes, more than anyone or anything.”

Bastian had move down in front of me.

“My Leo, look at me.” I complied.

“I love you. I am not upset about what happened between Jon and you. What upset me was you running away from me. Please don’t ever do that to me again. Leo I love you so much and I thought I loose you and I would die if that happened. Jon told me where he found you. Leo, I beg you never run away from me ever, no matter what the problem is we as a couple can handle it.”

I looked at him. Tears were streaming down his face. All I could say was “I promise.”

All three of us walked back to the ship in silence but before we boarded the ship Bastian pulled me into a dark shadow where no one could see us and kissed me passionately.


The equipment we were waiting for arrive the next morning. By noon we had everything ready to catch the high tide a two o’clock. I was like so excited. By that wasn’t to last to long. As soon as we were passed the breakwater the motion of the ship had me turning green. I swear I have never been that sick in my life.

I was ordered to bed and given Dramamine but it did little to help. I had thrown up some much there was nothing left – just dry heaves. Luckily, I fell asleep.

At two I was awoken to go stand sea watch. Bastian asked me how I was doing – I just shook my head.

“Leo don’t resist the motion, go with it pretend you are creating it,” he said as I went up to the starboard wing to do my watch.

As I stood there looking out into the darkness I thought about what Bastian had said. ‘Go with the motion don’t resist it.’ So I tried it and it seemed to work. Within twenty minutes I was feeling great!

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and all I could say was wow! I had never seen so many stars in my life! I could see ships in the distance and little tiny light bursts in the water. They fascinated me.

Around 4am the Captain came out with an instrument in his hand, which I recognized as a sextant.

“Hello Leo.”

“Hello sir, going to take a reading to find out where we are?”

“Something like that. Today with radar and radio you pretty well know or can figure out where you are without one of these, but I like keeping the skill honed. You ever used one?”

“No, sir, but someday I would like to learn. I learned something tonight.”

“Oh and what was that?”

“That if you don’t resist the motion you go with it then you don’t get seasick. It really works! Honest! Bastian told me.”

He chuckled, “Who do you think told Bastian?”

“Oh. You must have.”

He smiled.

“You’re an unusual boy, Leo. I was amazed at how you handle things the other day. I know grown men who would have made the situation a disaster.”

“Thank you, sir, but it was Bastian that help me not be a disaster. He has an ability to help me look at things reasonably and not panic.” “Like last night,” I thought to myself.

He smiled, “Your not really brothers are you? I mean there’s a lot more to your relationship.”

I was shocked at what he said. Shit! Am I walking around the place with queer written across my forehead?

“He-he’s m-my step brother,” I stuttered.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he smiled and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Look it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. The way you look at each other, the way he pulled you into the shadows the other night.”

“Oh shit.”

He laughed. “It’s all right. My nephew is Jon. I knew Jon was attracted to you and so when you all got back to the ship I talked with him because I noticed sadness in his face. He’d probably kill me if he knew I had said something. I just don’t want you and Bastian to close him out. Try and be a friend. He needs good friends like you and Bastian.”

“Are you queer too, sir?” I asked.

“Yes and I have my Bastian too. That is to say I have my lover who I have been with for over thirty years.”

“Wow! Thirty years!” I wondered if he and his lover had ever had a situation like Bastian and I have with Jon. “Sir, have you ever had a situation like we have with Jon? I mean I know Jon likes me and I like him but…I don’t know if it’s love or physical attraction and general horniness.”

He bellowed out a chuckle.

“Oh, you have a way with words, Leo. I can understand how Jon has such an infatuation with you. I think I could even develop such a crush on you too if I weren’t so old!”

“You’re not old. Bastian had a crush on a man who was fifty when he was fifteen. They didn’t do anything but that was only because his crush wouldn’t do anything. They really loved each other though and I don’t really think that’s a factor if two people really love each other.”

“Hmmm. Well, you know Bastian is a very handsome young man now.” He smiled.

“Hey, he’s all mine so don’t get any ideas there mister!” We both laughed. I really liked the Captain. He was the first queer adult I had ever met. He went on to tell me about times in his life where he and his lover had been involved with others. Not in an orgy type environment but in a very close friends environment. None of the incidents had ever been for just plain sex there had always been a close bonding of some sort.

“Leo, I think the way I can put it is that the love between Ralph and I is so string no one could break it or come between us and in a way we shared our love with others that we loved. It has only happened four times in thirty years but when it did it was something that we as a couple have always treasured.”

My sea watch was over at 6am and I met Bastian for breakfast and Jon joined us. I was sort of quiet. The Captain had given me a lot to think about.

“Is there something wrong?” asked Bastian.

“No. Why?”

“You’re awfully quiet.”

“I’m in one of my pensive moods. I was talking to the Captain this morning while on watch. He’s a very smart man and I really like him a lot. I’m just trying to digest all he had to say.”

“What did you talk about?” asked a very anxious Jon.

“Oh, navigation, the sea, and about ourselves and mostly about his life. I really enjoyed the discussion. It sort of got me to thinking about my life,” I looked at Bastian, “About our life.”

“Our life?” asked Bastian.

“Yeah, he knows about us. He saw you pull me into the shadows the other night,” I said quietly so no one else could hear.

“Oh, shit!”

“It’s okay…he’s like us.”

Bastian’s jaw dropped. Jon blushed.

“Did he say anything about me?” asked Jon quietly.

I decided to tease Jon. “Why would he say anything about you?”

“Uh, uh-uh, well, you know, uh-uh…”

I couldn’t help but laugh and that made him blush even more. Bastian was totally confused. The two of them looked so funny as I continued to laugh uncontrollably.

“Leo be serious!” ordered a confused Bastian.

I put on a serious face for about a second then continued my laughing. Jon started to leave and I grabbed his hand. “Jon, don’t go. Please.” He sat back down.

“He told you everything, didn’t he?”

“No. I know he’s your uncle. Everything else he said I already knew.”

“I feel so stupid!” said Jon. I could see tears welling up in his eyes.

“Come on you guys let’s go out on deck! It’s to stuffy in here and I might start throwing up,” I said and lead the way out and up to the bow of the ship. “You sit there or do some boson thing, but don’t leave. Please.” Jon nodded

I took Bastian up to the bow railing. I told him everything about the talk the Captain and I had. “So what do you think?”

“I think if we weren’t being watched I’d take you in my arms and make mad passionate love to you. I think I am the luckiest guy in the world just to have someone in my life like you. I know that you love me, sometime more than I deserve. I think we should be friends with Jon cuz I really like him too and if we share our love with him for a while and help him to find his way in life then so be it.”

We went over to Jon. I told him everything about my talk with his uncle and Bastian.

“I think what Leo is trying to say is we both like you and we really want to be best friends with you and if things happen between us then they happen.”

Jon cried at first I think just out of the joy of knowing he was no longer alone in the world. We ended up joking and laughing and really beginning to know each other.

to be continue...

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