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Let's Do It Again, Part 12

by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.


Rich asked me to hang around after practice so we could talk.  When he came out of the school building he didn't look glad to see me waiting for him.

"What the fucking hell is this about Tyler?" he asked, shoving a piece of crumpled paper into my face.

I immediately recognized Jake's handwriting from the note that Jake had stuffed into my locker the previous day.  I was mad, scared and sad all at the same time.  I read the note, too afraid to look up at Rich even after I had finished.

The note read, "I see you hanging around that Crawford guy a lot.  Do you guys have a lot of 'fun' together?  He gives a great BJ, doesn't he?  Do you let him fuck you with his big cock?  Give Tyler a big kiss for me, you fucking homo.  What if everybody in school found out the star football player loves to play queer games too?"

It was unsigned, of course.

"I know who wrote this," I said.

"I don't fucking care who wrote it," he replied.  "What are you going to do about it?"

I had no answer for Rich's question.  Granted, Jake is an asshole.  What I wanted to do was kill him, of course, but I knew that I couldn't actually do that.  I knew that this was my fault for ever doing anything with Jake in the first place.  Still I was a little mad at Rich that he seemed to think of this as my problem to deal with rather than something we had to take care of together.

"He's nothing to worry about," I said.  "He's just this geeky eighth grader."

"I don't care if he's in kindergarten," Rich said.  "How did he find out?"

"He's just guessing," I replied, without realizing what an inept explanation that was.

In fact what I said was true.  Jake really didn't know anything about Rich.  He was just taking a stab in the dark.  It just happened to be a stab that turned out to be right on target.  But Jake had no way of knowing for sure.  I wondered what his real goal was, but I wasn't thinking clearly enough to guess it.

"Did you really suck him?"

"Yeah," I had decided that I needed to be honest with Rich even before this whole thing with Jake escalated.  I wished now that I had told him about it before, but there really hadn't been a good time in the last couple days.

"Before we got together?" he asked.

I knew that the truth might be the end of my time with Rich, but I couldn't really lie to him since Jake had dragged him into it.

"No.  Two days ago.  I stopped at the park and he was there."

"Who is he?" Rich asked.

"He's just this eighth grade asshole.  His name is Jake," I answered.

"Fuck," was all that Rich seemed to be able to say.

"He's just guessing," I repeated.

"Well the little fucker guessed right, didn't he?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't know that," I offered hopefully.

"Do you know what would happen if people at school find out?  Do you know what would happen if my Dad found out?" Rich asked a question that startled me back to what had consumed my thoughts most of the day.

My encounter with Rich's dad had been very disturbing, partly because I really liked it.  But I also wondered why a straight guy like him would want to be fucked by a kid like Jake.  I wondered why, even after that experience with Jake, a married man would want to hang around and play with me in such a way--like the cock docking we did and stuff.  I wondered why Rich was so afraid of his dad finding out that he had a gay son.  I mean, certainly Rich must know that his dad wouldn't hate him if he found out about Rich and me.  Or maybe that would make his dad even madder.

"I don't think that I can hang around with you, anymore," Rich said.

"I'll take care of it," I said more panicked than I sounded.

I had absolutely no plan, but I knew that I had to think of something.  If I wanted to be with Rich, I had to.  If I wanted to have a normal life, I had to.  If I wanted to keep playing football, I had to, because if anybody found out then my own dad would and he would pull me off the team as punishment.  If I was going to keep living around here, I had to figure out some way to make Jake shut up.

"I don't think I better come over to Alan's Saturday night," Rich said, reaffirming his commitment to not hanging with me.  "Not if you're going to be there."

"Come, Rich.  I'll have it under control by then," I reassured him, although I still had no idea whether I could actually deliver on that promise.

Rich started walking to his car, leaving me to dispose of the note.  He walked with a determined stride, but he stopped before opening the door.  He turned toward me but not all the way.

"Tyler, I love you.  Please think of something."

"I will," I said, pretending more confidence than I actually possessed.

That evening and through the night, I thought of about eighty-four ways to destroy Jake or at least diffuse the threat he posed.  Some of the ideas involved taking him on a snowboarding vacation and both of us being caught in an avalanche.  In that one I was rescued by a frantically digging team of St. Bernard dogs assisted by Rich and Alan.  Of course, they were too late to save Jake.

In one that was even more bizzare, Jake fell in love with Rich's dad and they moved to an island somewhere in the South Pacific.  I didn't like that solution, because Jake ended up too happy even though he had discovered that he was gay after all.  I knew I didn't like to think about Jake being happy.  Actually, I didn't even like an ending in which Jake turned out to be gay.

As the sun was coming up, I knew that I needed help in thinking through the whole mess.  I could only think of one person that I could turn to in this sort of situation.

Alan and I ate lunch outside, although the weather had turned cold by then.  We were in a secluded part of the school campus.  Okay, if you want to know the truth, we ate under the football stadium grandstand.  Although that was a popular make out spot for straight couples during the warmer months, by this time of year we had the place to ourselves and could talk freely.

I filled Alan in on the whole story.  There was just something about Alan that made me feel safe in telling him everything.  I told him about the whole episode with Jake, including the part about Rich's dad, although I made him promise to keep it a secret.

Alan wasn't surprised at Rich's father's role in the story.  He told me about two times that Rich's dad had played with him when he was staying overnight at Rich's house when they were in sixth grade.  It was when both Alan and Rich had been asleep; Rich's dad entered the room and did things to Alan.  Alan said that he had awakened, but hadn't said anything fearing that Rich would wake up.  He said that he didn't want Rich to be freaked out, because Alan wanted to do the same things with Rich although he didn't want to be doing it with the older man.  Alan really felt as if he was being molested, but he didn't want to get his best friend's dad in trouble, so he never said anything to anybody.  Since he was only in sixth grade, Alan did cum into the older man's mouth, but it didn't feel like one of those really good climaxes that he had by himself when he was thinking about Rich.

I really liked Alan's honesty.  He wasn't worried at all about what other people thought of him.  If he didn't have a girlfriend, Alan would be just the sort of guy that I would want for my ideal boyfriend.  He always spoke honestly about everything.

"I'll take care of it," Alan said.


"You'll see, just play along with me on this one," Alan reassured me.

When I got to Alan's house for the sleepover Saturday night, Alan greeted me at the door.

"Just go on up to my room.  I'll be there in a few minutes."

When I opened the door to Alan's bedroom, my first impulse was to run from the house.  Instead I closed the door behind me.

"What are you doing here, asshole?" I said to Jake who was smirking at me.

"I'm here for a sleepover," Jake said with a wink.

"I didn't know you and Alan were friends," I said as I began to realize that this was a set up.

"I didn't either, but when he told me you were going to be here, I couldn't say no."

"Look the other day was a one time deal, so don't get your hopes up," I insisted.

"We'll see about that," Jake said, grabbing the sizeable bulge in his jeans.

I have to admit that I was intrigued by the idea of seeing that cock again, the one that looked so much like mine.

Alan walked in and took a seat on his bed.

"I take it you guys know each other?" Alan asked, even though he knew the answer.

"Oh, yeah," Jake jumped in before I could say anything.  "Tyler knows me very well."

"Is anybody else coming?" I asked, partly to change the subject and partly to find out if Rich was still going to join us.

"Rich is going to stop by later, but I don't know if he can spend the night.  How about we play a little game while we're waiting for him?"

I thought I saw where Alan was taking this thing.  I could hardly wait to see the master in action.

"Sure," I said.  "What you got in mind?"

"Well since it's just us guys and my parents are out tonight, how about a little strip poker?" Alan revealed part one of his plan.

"Sure, what the hell," Jake said enthusiastically before I even had a chance to play my role in endorsing Alan's proposal.

Alan grabbed a triple deck of cards from a desk drawer and started dealing.  I noticed that he didn't shuffle or ask if anyone wanted to cut.

"Five card stud," he said.

With the selection of that game where nobody would have a chance to change the order of the cards, I knew that Alan had stacked the deck.  As with everything Alan plans, he had arranged the cards perfectly.

Alan and I were both down to our underwear before Jake lost his first hand.  Of course, he lost every hand after that.  He sat in our little circle on the bed with his huge cock pointed directly at the ceiling.

"That's quite a monster you have there," Alan said as soon as Jake had slipped off his boxers.

"You like it?" Jake asked proudly.

"Well, I don't know if I like it, but I'll bet the girls love it," said Alan, playing directly into the little bastard's ego.

"I think everybody likes it," said Jake confidently, not realizing how perfectly he was playing into Alan's plan.

"Has anybody ever been able to suck that thing?" Alan asked as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Oh, yeah," Jake bragged.  "You should ask your buddy here about that."

I felt a fresh surge of hatred replace the lust that I had been feeling when he so quickly divulged what should have been a secret.  Of course, I had already told Alan about my mistake with Jake, but Jake didn't know that.  I was stunned at how quickly he was willing to refer to an intimate encounter.

"I can understand how even a straight guy might want to experiment with something like that.  Man, when did it grow so big?" Alan played Jake like a violin.

"Well maybe I would let you try it for yourself," Jake didn't even bother to answer Alan's question.  He was too anxious to add another guy to his list.

"I've never had any interest in other guys, but if I was turned on enough I actually might think about taking you up on that offer," Alan said.

"What would turn you on enough?" Jake asked luridly.

I had noticed that Alan was already excited, but I don't think Jake had even glanced at the nearly naked quarterback's briefs.  I fought back a smile knowing that Alan would probably like nothing more than to wrap his lips around Jake's tool.  That, of course, would not be part of the plan.

"We've got a game to finish first," Alan said as he dealt the cards to me and himself.

I wasn't surprised to see that I had absolutely nothing that could beat his pair of threes.  His deck stacking was perfect throughout.

I started to remove my underwear, but Alan interrupted me.

"Wait a sec, Tyler."

"What?" I asked.

"I want to watch Jake remove them for you," Alan explained.

Jake didn't question Alan's instructions.  I stood, and Jake slowly revealed my totally erect cock.

"You know your cocks could be twins," Alan feigned surprise at this discovery.  "Jake, show me how you jack that thing."

Jake took a prone position on the bed and started to massage his big dick.

"No," Alan added.  "I mean show me using Tyler's cock."

Apparently figuring that this was the route to getting at least a partial blow job from the quarterback, Jake didn't complain as I took a position next to him.  He abandoned his own woody and started to make the same motions on mine.

"You like that Tyler?" Alan asked.

"Yeah, it's okay," I said, trying to sound less enthused than I really was.

"I think it is extremely hot," Alan said in what I recognized to be an exaggerated way.  "Oh, yeah.  Keep doing that dude."

"You like this Alan?" Jake asked, his voice quivering a bit in anticipation of what he hoped would soon be happening.

I saw him glance at Alan's crotch for the first time to check out the size of the bulge.  When he realized that our host was hard, the eighth grader grinned.

"Oh yeah," Alan said, almost moaning.  

I almost giggled, except I was actually getting pretty excited myself.

"Hey," Alan began.   "Why don't you try to put it into your mouth?"

"No way," Jake said emphatically.  "I don't do that!"

"Okay," Alan said, pretending to give up.  "I guess we should get dressed before Rich shows up."

Alan reached for his shirt on the floor.

"Hang on, I'll give it a try," said Jake, obviously fearful that he would never feel Alan's mouth on his tool.

Alan tossed the shirt across the room and sat down in his desk chair.  He made a dramatic move of inserting his right hand into the already stretched briefs.  He clearly had Jake's attention now.

Jake repositioned himself without releasing his grip on my cock.  I thought that I could feel a little tremor in his hand.

He leaned over to take just my bulging cock head into his mouth.  He quickly pulled off as if it had burned him.

"How's that?" Jake asked Alan.

"Well, that was a start, but I want to hear Tyler moaning."

Jake tried again, this time going far enough down my cylinder that he gagged.  I have to admit, he was dedicated.  He didn't pull off all the way, and he brought his tongue into action.  After a while, it started to feel pretty good, but I was determined not to let him know it.

"How's that feel?" Alan asked.

"It's okay, I guess," I responded, underplaying my real evaluation.

"No, I mean Jake.  How does it feel, Jake?"

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be," he said, and then he started back to work on my dick.

"I want you to do it like you really love it," Alan deviously instructed.

Jake pulled off briefly again.

"Is this turning you on?" he asked Alan.

"It's starting to," Alan confirmed.

"Enough to do me?" Jake asked.

"Not yet," Alan led him on some more.  "Get him good and wet."

Jake redoubled his effort, and I found that I was getting close to cumming.  I had to think about how much I hated this guy in order to force myself to not climax.

"You know what I'd really like to see?  I'd like to see if you can take Tyler's big cock in your ass.  Now that would be really hot."

"I won't do that," Jake practically shouted.  "I'm not queer."

"I don't blame you," Alan said.  "Let's get dressed.  I didn't really want to blow you anyway."

That hit a nerve as Alan knew it would.

"Wait!" Jake said.  "I'll try it, but you got to go really slow Tyler."

"I'll be careful with you," I reassured Jake.

I couldn't believe how expertly Alan had choreographed this whole thing.

I saw Alan pick up his cell phone as Jake tried to get my cock as wet as possible.  I knew that he snapped a picture, but Jake didn't even notice.  He had other things on his mind.

Alan maneuvered Jake onto all fours and instructed me to take my position behind the eight grade geek.

"Let's see how you like it doggy style," Alan said.

"Are you sure you'll suck me, if I go through with this?" said Jake, obviously beginning to have second thoughts.

"I promise that I'll try if you let Tyler get all the way into you," Alan claimed.

I began to wonder if Alan would actually do it.  I've never known him to lie about anything, but I certainly didn't want him to actually give any pleasure to this guy whom I had grown to hate so much.  I thought Alan and I had something more special than that.

For the first time Alan lowered his underwear removing any doubt about his level of arousal.  He moved closer to the bed so that his cock was directly in front of Jake's face.

"Wrap your lips around this," Alan ordered Jake.  "It'll help keep your mind off what's going on behind you."

Jake followed Alan's instructions.  I could barely see by the reflection the in wall mirror that Jake's eyes were tightly shut, as if he was trying to shut out what he was doing to Alan and what I was about to do to him.

"Oh, man, you are a great little cocksucker," said Alan while winking at me and shaking his head no.

"Okay, Tyler.  Start to push in," Alan said, but he looked me in the eyes and his head shaking became even more intense.

I made contact with Jake's butt cheek, but I carefully avoided his hole.  His smell had wafted in my direction.  I wasn't sure that I would even be able to maintain my erection.  My arch enemy had a thing or two to learn about personal hygiene.

"On the count of three, Tyler, you give him everything you've got.  Jake you hold your breath and try to relax, and you had better not bite me."

"One," Alan said far louder than necessary.  
"If you're ready for this, tap your finger, Jake."

I saw Jake's index finger move against Alan's bed.

"Two," Alan again winked at me.  "Are you ready, Tyler."

"Oh, yeah," I feigned uncontrollable lust.

"Three," Alan loudly dragged out the word as if it had three syllables.

At that moment, Alan's bedroom door burst open.  The event startled me, even though I had known that Alan must have had something planned.  Somehow, I managed to maintain my position pushed up against Jakes skinny ass.

Rich did a pretty convincing acting job even though he knew the exact scene that was waiting for him, as he and Alan later explained it all to me.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" he shouted holding his phone high in the air.  "What the hell are you doing with my friends you little blackmailing shit?"

When I heard his second sentence, I did wonder whether Rich was actually acting or whether it was his genuine anger showing.

Jake released Alan's rapidly deflating cock, tumbled off the bed and started a mad search for his clothes.

"Get out of here," Rich practically whispered his command.

"I gotta get dressed," said Jake with a quivering voice.

I saw tears streaming down his cheeks, but I didn't even feel the tiniest bit sorry for him.

"You can find your clothes in the backyard," Alan said.

"No, man, come on.  Just let me take my clothes with me."

"If you don't get out of here right now, you'll go out the window with your clothes," Rich sounded very threatening.

Jake moved quickly toward the door in response to Rich's menacing tone.

"Wait, fuckhead," Rich said.

Jake paused.  He even flinched as Rich brought his phone up for Jake to see.

"If I hear one tiny rumor about me or any of my friends, this is going to be all over town," Rich played his trump card.

I didn't get to see the image until later, but somehow Rich had managed to frame a picture so that anyone could see a cock that seemed to be about halfway into Jake's ass and another cock pushing into his mouth.  The only face that was visible was Jake's.  I knew the meaning of his facial expression with his face all tightened in fear and maybe some self-disgust, but it was the sort of look that could easily be misconstrued as sexual ecstasy.  His big erect cock seemed to reinforce the latter interpretation.

Through the window, we watched Jake shiver naked in the cold night air as Rich and Alan took turns tossing out one piece of clothing at a time.  Vindictively, they threw them to the ground in the exact opposite order that Jake would have wanted.  Needless to say, his proud cock was completely shriveled by the time he was finally able to cover it.

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