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Let's Do It Again, Part 2
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.


After my encounter with Rich Collins at the roadside park, I figured that I wouldn't have to jack off for days.  I'm sure that the amount of cum that I shot into his mouth must have equaled about a week's worth.

In fact my body just worked harder and managed to re-supply itself almost instantly.  I guess that's what happens when you are fourteen.  Remembering the details of my first blow job had me hard and almost frantic for release as soon as I hit the bed that night.  I tried to take it slowly but the thought of Rich's throat gripping my cock had me squirting within about two minutes.

Exhausted from my day of football practice, chores at home and, of course, sexual escapades, I fell asleep immediately.  I didn't open my eyes again until the alarm roused me with my typical morning wood firmly in hand.

I didn't want to jack off during my morning shower because I knew that I would need all my energy for practice that morning.  Today's football schedule would have us beginning with wind sprints, getting timed in the forty yard sprint, lifting weights that would be increased by twenty pounds today and finishing with a six mile run to build endurance.  I knew it would be exhausting for everybody.

As I stood in the flowing water, though, I found my mind returning to the day before and Rich.  As soon as I began to lather my cock and balls, I knew that I would not be able to fulfill my self promise to avoid a morning cum session.

I got my hands as soapy as possible and set to work on my familiar rod.  The slick sensation, especially around the crown, made me shiver.  I could feel my breathing getting deeper as I mentally reenacted yesterday's climactic events.

It was as if each stroke of my hand brought my memories of the feel of Rich's mouth wrapped around my cock into sharper focus.  I could almost hear the sounds of his moans as my cum hit his tongue, and he learned my taste.

I slipped my free hand behind me and started exploring my butt, zeroing in on my hole.  I pressed the opening lightly with my middle finger and felt it penetrate to the first knuckle.

This was a fairly new addition to my jack off technique.  I've only been playing with my butt for a few weeks.  I'd never even thought about my ass in any sexual way until I read online about a guy who always stuck his finger in.  He claimed it felt great.  I decided to try it.  It felt okay to me, so I do it almost half the times that I jack off.

With my finger soapy it seemed to go in easier than usual, so I decided that I would push it in farther.  I never tried going in any farther than that first knuckle. Maintaining my stroking pace, I pushed my finger half way.  It felt funny, but I just left it there anyway.  I soon found that I had gotten used to the new sensation.

I started to think about watching Rich jacking off after he was finished blowing me.  That turned out to be as stimulating a memory as the thought of him actually sucking me.

Since I had just cum at the time, I don't think I had really gotten all that excited while I was really watching him.  Now, though, as I pictured it, I saw how very sexy it really was.

His strong, manly hand moving up and down so fast on his perfect guy tool was almost beautiful.  Okay, take away the "almost;" it truly was beautiful.

I then recalled the moment of his climax in a kind of slow motion.  Standing there in the shower, working my own cock at the same speed that Rich worked his in my memory of my view through the hole in the toilet wall, I almost came in unison with him.  I had to fight it back, because I suddenly had a different idea for my finishing touch this morning.  I wanted to save myself for something special.

I suddenly had this intense curiosity about what it would feel like to have Rich shoot off into my own mouth.  What would it taste like?  I decided that if I ever had another chance with him, I wanted to find out.  Suddenly that became my focus.

Now, instead of remembering events that had happened only eighteen hours before, I started to imagine events that I wanted to occur sometime in the future.  I found myself hoping that it would be the not too distant future.

When I first turned thirteen, I spent about six months trying to taste my cum.  Yeah, I know that's weird, but I was curious.  I think I already knew that at some point in my life I would want to have some guy's cum in my mouth.  Actually, I think that I had known that a long while before I turned thirteen, it's just that it all started to become a little more clear then.

Every time I would jack off, which was once or twice a day, I would decide that this would be the time that I would for sure put some of my cum into my mouth while I was actually shooting it.  Each time, though, I would forget when I was actually shooting.  By the time I would be finished with my climax, I would lose interest.  In fact, at those times the idea of having any cum in my mouth sounded disgusting, which is probably what some of you are thinking right now.

After doing that same thing--promising myself and then backing out--day after day for months, I decided that I had to stop being such a wimp.  I mean how bad could it be?

I remember that I chose a Friday to take myself to the next level in my sexual self-education.  I decided that Friday would be good, because there would be no school the next day.  I figured that way, if the cum made me sick, I wouldn't have to miss school.

Looking back I know that I was being really stupid.  I knew that there are guys all over the world that give full blow jobs to guys all the time.  They obviously wouldn't do it if they ended up puking for the whole day afterwards.  I just wasn't thinking clearly, I guess, and I was a little scared by the idea. 

Anyway, that night after I jacked off, I used my finger to scoop some of my cum off my chest and talked myself into putting that finger in my mouth.  I think that I expected some horrible taste.  I know that I expected a stronger taste.  It was a little salty but a little bitter, too.  I didn't taste bad, though.  Really the only thing weird about it was the texture.  I hadn't really given any thought to that part of it until I actually put it into my mouth.  It was like it was a liquid but it really wasn't.  I mean it was too thick to be a liquid.  It was kind of slimy, I guess.

The next morning when I got up, I could still taste it in my mouth.  I brushed my teeth extra long that morning, and then I rinsed a lot with mouthwash.  It wasn't that the old cum tasted bad, I just wanted to make sure that my breath didn't smell like it.

I had never bothered to taste it again.  However, standing in the shower dreaming about giving Rich (or anybody) a blow job, I realized that I had only tasted a few drops.  I knew that was surely very different from having a mouthful.  That's what I wanted to use my shower jack off session to find out.  What does a mouth full of a guy's cum feel like?

I decided that I needed to know that before I ever gave any serious thought to actually giving a blow job for the first time.  I didn't want to embarrass myself by spitting it out on the poor guy while he was still in that magical state we feel when we climax.

With my hard on bobbing in the air, I thoroughly rinsed myself, paying special attention to my left hand.  I didn't want any soap mixed with my experiment.

I stepped away from the water spray and closed my eyes.  Again I thought of Rich sitting on that toilet stroking feverishly on his cock.  Unlike the real event, in my mind I could see his face.  I imagined that I was in the same stall that he was in.  I mentally dropped to my knees and bent forward so that my mouth could take over the work of his hand.

I imagined the feel of his ample rod filling my mouth.  Not having any experience with that, although I tried unsuccessfully several times to reach my own cock with my mouth, I couldn't be sure that those imaginary sensations were completely accurate.  I knew what my own cock felt like to my hands, so I just transposed that to the inside of my mouth.

I saw myself bobbing up and down on this cock as Rich began to moan louder and louder.  I actually sucked in as I might actually do in a real situation, and imaginary Rich practically shouted a moan.

I then heard him say, "I'm gonna cum.  Take it all man, take it all."

At that point in my fantasy I started shooting into my waiting hand.  Over and over I fired, filling my palm with my own juice.  Once I was sure that I had finished, I quickly brought my hand to my mouth and slurped until I had it all.

It tasted stronger than it had during my first exploration, and my mouth could feel a couple different textures.  Some of it was very thick and some of it was kind of watery.  It was okay, though, especially as I imagined that what I had in my mouth had been produced by Rich.

I ran my tongue over and through the various globs, noticing each variation of taste and texture.  I pictured Rich's cock deflating from his release and swallowed it all.  The residue remained in my mouth.  I felt it coating my tongue and the inside of my cheeks.  I noticed that my cock was still rock hard.  

I washed off the stickiness from my hand and got ready for football practice, where I would actually have a chance to see the real Rich.  I wondered how I would feel when I saw him.  I hoped that I wouldn't instantly get a hard on.  

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