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Let's Do It Again, Part 3
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.


Football practice was completely different from what I had expected that day. Juniors and seniors went through all the conditioning work that I had expected  to be doing.  The younger guys, including me, worked on learning some of the plays that we had never had a chance to run before.  They were a lot more complicated than those that we had used in Junior High School.

As it turned out, I only had a chance to see Rich from a distance, and I don't think that he even glanced in my direction.  Of course, there really wasn't any reason that he would look at me.  He had no idea that I had been on the other side of that wall the previous day.  To him I was still nothing more than a silly freshman.

The older guys finished their workout while we were still trying to master the variations of a pretty cool quarterback option.  They were finished with their showers and out of the locker room by the time we had finished.

During my shower I took the opportunity to check out some of the other guys with more interest than I previously had, but I managed not to get a hardon.  I had been showering for a couple years with the other freshmen, so I paid the most attention to the sophomores.  When a guy would have his eyes closed while he worked the shampoo into his hair, I would glance down at his cock.  I tried to memorize each one so that I could remember it later that night or whenever I might want to picture it while entertaining myself in my bed.

I took my time, so I managed to check out most of the guys as they rotated in and out of the shower room.  When I started to feel my cock start to grow after spending some time gazing at a new kid, a sophomore who had just moved to our school, I decided it was time to head back to my locker.

Peddling my bike toward home, I realized that I wasn't nearly as tired as I had been the previous day.  Our day of learning plays was almost like we had been given the day off.  It was fun and somewhat challenging, trying to remember every move that I was supposed to make in each new play, but we didn't work that hard physically.

As I got close to the roadside park, I saw a car coming toward me that I thought I recognized.  Rich Collins drove past me.  I waved, but he pretended that he didn't see me.  Maybe he didn't.  It seems like he should have.

I wondered if he was coming from the park.  I got mad at myself for spending too much time showering after practice.  Maybe I could have met up with him again, and who knows where things might have gone this time.

When I cleared the next little hill, I could see the parking area.  At about the same place that Rich had parked the previous day, I could see a little two seater sports car.  I felt my stomach get kind of jittery, and I thought about turning in.  At the last second, though, I just kept riding right past the driveway.

As soon as I passed it, I thought that I was being a chicken.  I regretted my decision.

Checking for traffic and seeing none, I whipped my bike around and headed back.  As I approached, I briefly saw the shadowy outline of a head disappear from view through the high windows on the men's side of the building.  Again, I walked my bike to the rear of the little building and leaned it against the outside wall.

As soon as I got inside, I saw a pair of shoes under the partition of the same stall that I had been in twenty-four hours before.  I wondered if I should risk going into the other stall.  Instead, I turned right and moved directly to the urinal.

I unzipped, reached in and pulled out my cock, still completely soft probably because I was nervous.  I glanced to my left and saw the same peep hole that I had used to first spy on Rich.  I could see light shining through the small opening.

I pulled my cock well away from my pants to avoid any dribbles.  I noticed that light no longer passed through the hole in the wall.  I realized that meant that the guy inside the stall was looking through the small opening.

That's when I realized that I didn't have to pee at all.  I pushed; I strained; I tried to force myself by simple will power to produce urine.  There was none to summon.

While my mind was focused on the unsuccessful task of peeing, my cock must have been concentrating on the fact that it was being watched.  It started to expand at a rapid rate.

"Now what?" I wondered.  My cock was revealing my horniness, something that I wanted to keep secret for some reason.

Too frightened to move or even think clearly, I just stood there.  Of course the longer I stood the more my rod expanded.  Once it had inflated fully, it bobbed up and down in time to my rapidly beating heart.

My adrenalin was really starting to do its thing, now.  I decided that I needed to just run out, grab my bike, get the hell out of there and never stop at this park again.

"They have a mind of their own, don't they?" whispered my unseen companion.

There was something funny yet gentle about that remark.  It was sort of like he had told me to not worry about anything.  We're all the same.  I started to relax.

Still I didn't move.  I wanted to say, "They sure do," but I just continued to stand there in silence.

"I think that big thing of yours wants some attention," he whispered once it was clear that I was speechless.

"I guess so," I struggled to reply.

"I could help with that, if you want," he said, taking the game to the next level.

Without tucking my cock back into my pants, something that at this phase would have probably been impossible anyway, I turned and walked to the empty stall.  I walked in and started to close the door, but that was interrupted by my new acquaintance.

"No.  Come in here with me."

Again, I became scared.

"Are you sure?" I asked.  "What if someone comes in?"

"It'll be okay," he tried to reassure me.

I didn't really feel reassured.  What I did feel though was extremely horny!

I heard him turn the lock on his door and the movement of the door swinging open.  I gave in.  By this time, I felt ready to give in to anything.  It had only been about five hours since I had last cum, but it felt like it had been weeks (not that I could really know what it would feel like to go more than a day and a half without cumming).

I entered the familiar stall where I found a man who looked like he was probably about my grandfather's age.  He smiled at me as I entered.  I glanced down.  There between his legs was a cock that was standing up straight as an arrow and even larger than mine.

He stood up to reach the door to lock it again.  As he did, our cock tips touched, and I felt a shiver run through me.  My cock had never touched another.  

Without giving it any thought at all, I dropped to my knees.  I grabbed his cock with my right hand, and I immediately noticed how different it felt from mine.  It was thicker.

As I moved my hand to explore it more, I noticed that the skin was looser than mine.  When I stroke my cock, my hand moves across it.  When I moved my hand on his, the skin sort of moved along with my hand.

I noticed something shiny on the tip.  I guessed that it must have been a drop of pee.  I ran my finger across it to clear it off before I did what I was planning to do.  When I touched that drop, I discovered that it was a very slick liquid.  As I pulled my finger away, there were little strands stretched between my finger and his cock. 

I looked up at his face, and he must have been able to read my question.

"It's called pre-cum," he said.  "Taste it."

For some reason, I already trusted him enough to follow his instructions without questioning them.  I put my finger near my mouth and reached for the little bit of goo with my tongue.

If you've ever lived on a farm, you've probably sucked the nectar from a purple clover.  That's sort of what this pre-cum tasted like.  It was sweet, smooth and just a little sticky.  I liked it.

Having part of him, his pre-cum, in my mouth made me want more of him.  I leaned over and reached for his big cock with my mouth wide open.  I enclosed the head and ran my tongue around, imitating the swirl that Rich had done to my cock the day before.

The man sighed loudly, and started rubbing my head softly like you might do to a favorite dog.  His gentle touch inspired me to take more of him inside.  I pushed down until I started to gag a little.

"Don't try to take too much, kid," he said.  "Whatever you do will feel good to me."

I didn't try to go that deep again, but I continued to practice my cock sucking skills on this guy.  I tried to remember everything that Rich had done to me.  I would bob my head up and down, sucking gently on the upstroke. 

I don't know how long that went on, but I guess maybe as long as ten minutes, although the guy made me stop a couple times when he said he was getting too close.  I obeyed him, even though I think that I wanted him to shoot in my mouth.

"I think it's time that I try some of yours," he said.

He stepped backwards and sat on the toilet seat.  He put his hands on my butt and pulled me to him.  Leaning in, he devoured my entire cock with one movement.

I was astonished.  I'm not sure it would be too much of an exaggeration to say that I almost passed out from the amazing feel of it all.

I thought that Rich was good, but this guy was absolutely amazing.  It was like his mouth had been made for this one purpose.  He used suction at the same time his tongue was rapidly traversing the underside of my cock.  Then he added a pistoning head movement, and I immediately shot my wad into his throat.  

I didn't even know that it was going to happen until my whole body started to shake like an earthquake.  I have never cum that quickly.  It was absolutely amazing, but as soon as it happened I knew that I had wanted it to last longer.

"I'm sorry," I said.  "I didn't know I would cum that fast."

"Hey, don't worry about it, kid.  That happens when you're a teenager.  Just enjoy it."

"You want me to jack you off or something?" I asked, hoping that he wouldn't ask for a blow job, because after cumming that didn't sound all that good to me anymore.

"There's no rush," he replied.

I wasn't sure what he meant by that.

He reached forward and started lightly touching my balls.  It tickled but in a good way.  Then, with his other hand, he reached behind my balls and even more gently rubbed a spot that I don't think I had ever known even existed before.  It was the area between my balls and my butt.

It felt so good that I actually felt my knees shake a little from the sensation.

I couldn't believe it.  My cock, which had never gone down completely, actually started to get stiff again.  I had just come not even five minutes before, and I actually got another hard on.

He looked at it, laughed and said, "You young guys are amazing."

I reached forward to touch his still hard cock.  I started to jack it.

"I've got something else in mind," he said.

I was beginning to think that if he wanted a blow job maybe I could do it after all.  However, he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a condom.

I had seen condoms at school, of course, but I had no idea how two guys would use one.  Of course, I would soon enough have that question answered.

He opened the foil wrapper and, much to my surprise, unrolled the condom onto my cock.  I had never worn one before.  It felt kind of good, providing even pressure along my whole shaft.  I thought that maybe I should use one when I jacked off some time--just for variety.

Again he reached into his pockets, this time retrieving two other packets that I didn't recognize.  He tore a corner off one and squeezed out some sort of shiny liquid onto my condom covered cock.  He stood, as I backed up slightly to give him room.  He opened the other packet and squeezed the contents onto his fingers.  When he reached around himself with that same hand, I started to realize what he might be doing.

When he was finished, he turned facing the toilet, bent forward and grasped the sides of the seat with his hand.  His white ass was facing me.

"Take me," he whispered.

I had never given this situation much thought, but instinct told me what to do.  I reached out to spread his cheeks.  I saw my target, clean but puckered, nestled amid short grey hairs.

My cock was pointing straight into the air, so I had to use one hand to bring it down to the correct angle.  I moved in and placed the reservoir part of the condom right at his opening.

My cock looked huge compared to his hole.  I wasn't at all sure this was going to work.

The man must have sensed my uncertainty.  

"It'll fit," he said.  "Start out slow at first."

I pressed forward until he jerked.  I was afraid that I had hurt him, so I pulled out, but he reached back with a hand on my butt and pulled me back until I was farther into him than I had been the first time.

I decided to let him do the directing.  He breathed deeply, then pulled me a bit deeper.  Following this procedure several more times, I finally was completely into him.

Only at that time did I begin to recognize the sensations I was having.  It was as if his ass was snuggling with my cock, lovingly squeezing it.  It made me want even more of his ass, and I found myself moving forward and backward.  

The more that I did that, the faster I wanted to go.  My pace started to increase more and more.  I realized that each time that I would pull almost all of the way out of him and then plunge back in, he man would emit some deep guttural sound.

As my pace increased, so did the volume of his happy grunts.  The sounds only served to spur me on.  Each time I hit bottom, I did so with more and more force.  Eventually the man started almost humming constantly.

He stood so that he was now nearly erect.  As I pushed in, he pushed back even harder, practically impaling himself on my demanding cock.  And still the volume of his happy sounds grew.

I felt his ass tighten around me.  I eased my head around his so that I could get a glimpse of his cock head just as it began to shoot.  He was cumming without even touching it.  His grip on my cock became almost painful, but it pushed me over the edge.

My voice joined his in the song of ecstasy.  I filled the condom, then filled it more as I watched his cum, which I thought of as beautiful, shoot from his rod and finally slow to a trickle.

For some reason, I felt stimulated knowing that we had cum at the same time.  I had been almost as turned on by the image of the cum shooting from him as I had been by his unrelenting grip on my own cock.  It was simply amazing.

As I withdrew from his ass, he turned around to face me.  I grinned into his face and glanced down to his slightly less swollen cock.  I noticed that a bit of his white cum clung to the tip.  Purely on instinct, I dropped downward and took his rod into my mouth, licking the cum off the cock.  Although it was a small amount, I tried to spread it around my mouth.

He leaned in to kiss me.  He gave me a light kiss on the lips and backed away.  I grabbed his shoulder and brought him to me, again.  This time I kissed him, exploring his mouth with my tongue.  When I was finished, he stuck his tongue into my mouth, running it across the back of my teeth and then the front.

"I can taste my cum in your mouth," he said. 

"It's delicious," I replied.

"Let's do this again some time," I said.  It was both a question and a request.

"We'll see," he answered.     

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