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Let's Do It Again, Part 5
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.


Friday afternoon, about fifteen minutes after we got to Rich's house in town, Alan Mueller our team's first string quarterback who is Rich's best friend showed up.  I started to worry about what Alan might think, although I didn't say anything to Rich about it.  Somehow, he sensed my concern.

"It's cool," he said, winking at me.  "Don't worry about Alan."

That remark didn't really reassure me.  Later I learned that Alan and Rich had started fooling around with each other when they were twelve.  By the time they were thirteen, they came to the conclusion that they made better friends than sex partners because they got jealous whenever either of them got interested in some other guy, even if it was a non-sexual interest.  As a result, they just gave up on all sexual experimentation with each other but had remained the closest of friends.  

In fact, Rich had already told Alan about me.  Maybe that should have made me nervous that Alan would spread the word about me, but I was too busy being happy that Rich liked me enough to tell his buddy.  It seemed almost romantic.

By now, four years after their first sexual encounter, Alan had found a girlfriend that he had been with for a year.  He claimed to have lost all interest in guys, which Rich believed entirely.

"My god, Crawford," Alan hooted as I climbed out of Rich's secluded pool, where we were all skinny dipping.  "No wonder Rich likes you so much.  You are really hung, dude!"

"And here I thought it was my brown eyes that he noticed first," I laughed.

Rich had gone into the house to get us all something to drink.  Alan swam over to the side of the pool closest to the chair that I had settled into.  He was obviously and without any embarrassment staring at my cock.  My adolescent rod began to react to the attention.

"How much bigger does that thing get?" he asked without breaking his stare.

"Not much," I explained.  "Mostly it just gets harder."

"That's not true, dude.  I can see it getting bigger, now."

"Well, I guess it does grow a little," I admitted.  

I was starting to get seriously turned on having this guy that I was just getting to know give my cock so much admiration.

Rich came back to the pool area carrying three unopened colas.

"Rich, dude, can you really take that whole thing?  Man, I'd gag after it was half way in."

"You could have done it too if you had kept up your practice sessions," Rich kidded his friend.

Meanwhile, my cock was continuing to grow to full proportions and become as hard as it had been since Rich and I were doing the sixty-nine, Thursday.

"Prove it, Rich," Alan challenged his friend.

"Are you serious?  You're supposed to be straight now," replied Rich.

"You can't really do it, can you?" chided Alan.

"This okay with you, Tyler?" Rich asked me.

I nodded my response.

Rich pulled a towel off a nearby chair and threw it on the ground to cushion his knees.  I watched as his already familiar head lowered onto my anxiously waiting meat.  I instinctively lifted my hips to hasten the contact.

"Holy shit!" Rich laughed.  "I'd like to have a picture of that."

"No way," I said.

The demonstration was over, and Rich had proved his point, but he didn't stop his oral magic on my anxious cock.  I wasn't sure about cumming in front of a guy that I barely knew, but my cock didn't seem to display any inhibitions.

"Can I try?" Alan asked, totally startling me.

Rich kept up his sucking but lifted his eyes toward mine in a questioning way.

"It belongs to Rich," I announced.

"Okay, man," said Alan, obviously disappointed.

He lifted himself out of the pool.  Staring at his magnificent form as the water dripped from it I wondered if I had given an honest answer.  The quarterback was a hot guy, no question about it.

He walked toward us, and then he continued to a position behind my chair.  He brought both hands down on my developing chest and started to work the muscles.  Next Alan began to lightly brush my nipples, and I experienced a new sensation.  I moaned reflexively.

I tilted my head back to look at my new admirer.  His balls hung down above my eyes and I could see his cock was sticking almost straight out and working its angle upward.  

I couldn't resist!  I raised both hands and cupped his balls.  They felt full and heavy.  This time it was Alan's turn to make a sound as I heard his faint sigh.

Rich watched as I played gently with his friend's scrotum and as that friend gave me increased pleasure as he pinched my pink nipples.  The sight seemed to make Rich even more ravenous.  He devoured my cock with an intensity that I have never experience, even more voraciously than he had the previous day in my bedroom.

I felt the last of my inhibitions exit.  I removed my hands from Alan's ball sac.  I placed my left hand on the back of Rich's head, while my right moved to stroke Alan's now throbbing cock.    

Alan shuffled around beside my chair to give me a better angle on his cock.  His rod, while smaller than Rich's, still felt wonderful in my hand.  I explored its unique shape and discovered that it was different from both mine and Rich's.  I wondered how many different cock shapes and textures there might be in the world.  

Alan moved so that his cock was more aligned with my mouth.  I knew what he wanted, but I didn't comply.  I did not want to make Rich jealous.  

"Has he fucked you, yet with that monster?" Alan asked, startling me since none of us had spoken in quite a while.

Rich shook his head.

"That'll take some practice," Alan stated matter-of-factly.

Rich nodded his unspoken agreement.

The thought of fucking Rich or, even better, being fucked by Rich brought me even closer to the edge.  I considered both of those opportunities to be worthy goals.  

I released Alan's cock long enough to spit on my hand for lubrication.  When I returned to the stroking with my wet hand, Alan's occasional sighs turned to outright moans.  He moved his tool even closer to my mouth, as if I might not have gotten his first signal of his desire.

Rich brought his hand up to my mouth and pushed his middle finger in sort of twirling it around.  I couldn't figure out his purpose.  If this was supposed to create some sort of sexual sensation for me, it failed.  Just as quickly as it had entered, he withdrew it.

I watched as he brought that hand around Alan's butt.  Alan spread his legs apart to shoulder width.  Although I now had a sense of what they were planning, the side effect was to bring Alan's cock even closer to my mouth.

I saw that Rich was searching for his target, using only his sense of touch to guide him.  He must have found it, because I saw Rich press inward toward Alan's ass.  At the same time, Alan moaned his happiness.

I felt my cum churning deep within me, readying itself for its journey towards its destination deep in my new lover's mouth.  I felt Alan's cock growing in my hand, signaling his impending climax no doubt hastened by the insertion of my lover's finger deep inside him.  I felt my lover's best friend's fingers performing magic on my upright tender nipples.  I was ready to explode from within.  I imagined my body parts spreading out across the manicured lawn and the waiting swimming pool.

I fired my first volley at the same moment that I felt Alan's jizz land on my upper lip.  I flicked my tongue to retrieve it.  The first taste triggered my desire to take the rest of what he had to offer directly.  I virtually dove onto Alan's cock, as he shot glob after glob of his juice into my mouth.  Meanwhile, I continued to fill my own lover's mouth so much that I felt him swallow twice.

As both of our climaxes subsided, I pulled off Alan's spent cock, and he took a wobbly step backwards.  Rich released my rod.  Bracing himself on the arms of my chair he raised himself and leaned into my waiting kiss.  Our tongues mixed my cum with that of Alan.  This would be the first time that Rich had tasted Alan's cum in three years, although I did not know that yet.  I would learn their history that night as Rich and I snuggled in his roomy bed.

As our kiss lingered, I heard Alan whistle, then say, "Wow.  Maybe you guys really are in love."

That wasn't a word that I had used yet, and I didn't plan to, but I wasn't going to open that can of worms by contradicting him.  I notice Rich didn't comment either.

After the kiss, I took my lover's hand and pulled him to the nearest lounge where I motioned him down.  He reclined with his cock pointing straight up.  I stood near his head and tried to imitate the magic that Alan had performed on me.  First I rubbed as if I were giving a massage.  I next moved to tiny strokes around and across each nipple.  Finally, I leaned over and nipped each tenderly with my teeth.

My prize awaited.  I was anxious to get that cock in my mouth, but seeing it so upright gave me a different idea.  I leaned down, taking it all into my mouth in one movement, but then I withdrew summoning more saliva.  Once my mouth felt wet enough, I moved down upon it again, leaving as much spit behind as I could.

I mounted the lounge.  Resting on my knees I straddled my boyfriend facing him and lowered myself.  Unfortunately, we were not lined up properly.

Reliable Alan came to our rescue.  He moved to us from where he had been watching the action.  I noted some life had returned to his cock while he had watched me serve Rich.  He wet his finger in his mouth and began exploring my anus.  He wet it again and pushed in.

I felt him probing around until he found what he was searching for.  I felt an immediate, powerful sensation the instant he found my prostrate.  I had read about the experience, but I had never been brave enough to explore it myself.

Alan next gave his attention to Rich.  He hacked a bit and spit what he had brought up onto his hand.  He grabbed Rich's cock to transfer the slick slime.  He continued to hold Rich's dick from its base and gently pulled my hip downward.

I felt my hole make contact with the tip, and my anticipation grew.  I wanted to give myself fully to Rich in this way.  I pressed downward too quickly, then.  I gasped for air and successfully fought back a scream, but I couldn't blink away the tears that were blurring my vision.  I had never felt such pain.

Alan grasped both my hips and raised me up a bit but not all the way off.  

"Breathe in and out quickly, like a woman in labor," Alan instructed.

I had seen that on television enough to know exactly what I needed to do.  I was surprised but relieved to discover that the trick actually worked.

"Once the pain stops, you can go a little further down," Alan said.  "Make sure you just go part way each time.  When you do it, push out like you're trying to take a crap."

While it wasn't a very romantic description of the process, I trusted Alan enough to try the technique.  I was surprised to see that it actually worked.  With each new push, as I would take a little more of Rich inside me, it hurt but not very much.

Once I was all the way down to Rich's pubes, Alan said, "Just rest there a moment to get used to the feeling.  Then you can just let nature take its course."

I nodded my thanks to my unlikely teacher.  When I did, I saw that he was fully erect again.  I, on the other hand, was about as small as I ever get.

Rich's eyes were closed, but he had a dreamy look on his face.  I was already proud of my accomplishment.  I felt behind me to feel the point of contact.  I think I did that to convince myself that this was actually real.  Blood started to return to my own organ.

After some time, I began to lift myself upward.  Rich opened his eyes to watch the performance.  Alan moved to the side of the lounge, I assume for a better view.

"Not all the way out," Alan reminded me.

I started a downward movement again.  This time there was no pain.  In fact the part of me that had Rich inside felt better than the part that was empty.  Again Rich's pubic hairs tickled my butt cheeks, and I felt very close to him, closer than ever before.  I repeated the process a little faster next time, gaining speed on each successive trip.

I felt Rich flex his cock every once in a while as his cock head passed my prostrate.  Each time he did that I would feel the same sensation that I had experienced with Alan's finger.  It was amazing.

Rich noticed before I did that I was hard again.  He reached out to touch it lightly with his fingers.  He wore a huge grin.  I was happy to be making him happy.  To be honest, though, what I was feeling was a better reward than pleasing Rich.  My body felt fantastic.  What I had thought would be a gift for my boyfriend was really another gift for me.

I continued to build speed.  I noticed that Rich was thrusting upwards to meet my downward movements, hastening the moment when we would be fully joined.  We fell into a comfortable rhythm.

I noticed some movement on the periphery.  Alan was stroking his cock in time to our fucking.  Rich must have noticed at the same time, because he leaned over and licked the tip of Alan's cock.

Alan must have taken that as an invitation, because he managed to position himself in a way that allowed him to push his way into my lover's mouth.  I felt a quick wave of what I guess was jealousy, but that quickly changed as I found the sight of my boyfriend sucking a cock to be very exciting.

I increased my pace in response.  I now moved about as fast as my leg muscles would allow.  I could feel Rich's cock growing in my gut, signaling what was about to happen.  I heard a duet of moans, meaning that Alan must be getting close to cumming again as well.

Alan began to scream, and I sensed Rich shooting into my ass at the same time.  Again, two guys were cumming simultaneously.  The fullness I felt became even greater.  I tried to squeeze my gut to make sure that I got every bit of Rich's cum deep within me.

When Rich finally released Alan's cock from his mouth, I knew that Rich's climax was complete as well.  I collapsed onto my lover's chest.  Our mouths met, and Rich pushed a mouthful of Alan's cum into me.  Alan's face was hovering near ours.  I pulled away from Rich and used my hands to push together their two faces.

Their kiss seemed familiar to them.  I knew that Rich was giving Alan some of the residual cum that was still in his mouth.  They broke their kiss and Alan turned to me.  I met him half way.  His tongue felt different in my mouth than Rich's, but it was a good kiss just the same.

When my kiss with Alan had ended, something happened that I wouldn't believe if I hadn't experienced it.  Just as Rich and I were returning to our own special kiss, I felt Alan's hands spread my ass cheeks.  That was surprising enough by itself.  What happened next was positively amazing.  He lapped my hole with his tongue, obviously searching for any cum that might have spilled out.  He plunged his tongue into my hole and actually slurped.

All that probably sounds disgusting to you, and maybe it was, but I almost ejaculated another load just from the sensations of that event.  The intensity of the feeling was indescribable.

Once we were all dressed and Rich and I were saying good bye to Alan, I joked, "How come the supposedly straight guy is the only one who came twice this afternoon?"

He winked, grinning and said, "Maybe the straight guy isn't quite as straight as he thought he was."

"I think you're right about that," agreed Rich.

"You guys don't have to worry though.  I won't mess with you again.  If I decide to experiment, I'll find my own playmate.  What you two have is special."

Alan left for his date with his girlfriend.  Rich closed the door, and we continued with the evening that we had originally planned.  A shower together, pizza and a stack of video games culminated in another sixty-nine session in Rich's bedroom before we fell asleep in each other's arms.        

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