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Gay Male, High School.....If any of this offends you then walk away....

What Last Happened

The next day was a Saturday, and well I have missed 2 whole weeks of school because of Brad and because of some other personal matters. Brad knocked on my front door at noon and he had all my homework done and he said that he did because he cared about me and I that was really thoughtful of him. So I drag him to my bedroom and we talk just talk for a couple hours until we were interrupted by the phone ringing. I picked up the phone and it was Vinnie. I had only talked to Vinnie over the phone for about 5 minutes until I said to Brad, "Vinnie is coming over for some "extra" work.

Brad and Jeremy waited for 15 minutes before Vinnie had arrived and they had already started the "extra" work. Jeremy pounced on Brad's dick before he could say a word. He was licking all over it and teasing the mushroom head. Brad was getting worked up so Jeremy slipped a finger in Brad's ass and started to rub Brad's prostate and he was going wild, there was knock at the front door and Brad shoved Jeremy's head down while he was cumming and yelled for Vinnie to come up, Vinnie was up there in about 30 seconds and watched Jeremy suck up all the sweet cum on Brad's softening dick.

After Jeremy was finished he said, "Hey Vinnie come over here." Vinnie ran over to Jeremy and before Vinnie could say anything, Jeremy shared a cum kiss and kissed for about 3 minutes before, Vinnie had to take a breath and whispered, "Oh God that was great." Jeremy and Vinnie decided to strip to be in the same state as Brad and it took them no time. Brad's dick had become hard again and since we all had hardons, I decided a circle suck and it was very interesting then I wanted Vinnie to fuck me in the ass, so yea I got on my bed and flung my legs almost over my head and while Vinnie was preparing his dick, Brad was loosening me up with his fingers and when Vinnie was ready, Brad already had 4 fingers inside me.

I wanted Vinnie so badly but I hissed, "fuck me hard very hard, I so want you...oh my god..." after that Vinnie was pounding my ass so hard the headboard started chipping the paint off the walls (paint was no properly put on but took some force to peel off). I was moaning and groaning all the time, very loudly at one point, and since Brad was horny he put his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my face, so I was stuffed with dick and I loved it. Sadly I felt my cum boiling and I had to cum, so I came all over the place, and then my mouth and ass simultaneously filled with cum and I thought I was going to drown in it!

We were spent, Brad and Vinnie fell on top of me, I liked it until we heard the front door open, I said, "Clean up real fast because that is my mother, and I do not want her to see this!" So we cleaned up everything and us in about 10 minutes, and his mother just said at the bottom of the stairs, "Honey I'm, Home" and she went to do her stuff around the house. We all run down the stairs to make sure that she didn't hear anything, so I said, "Hey mom you have a good day?" Mom gave me a suspicious look because there was sweat rolling down us, and we must have smelled of cum but all she said was, "It was good, looks like you just got back yourself," and we said in unison, "Yea we went for a run." That was it for the rest of the day, I said goodbye to Vinnie and Brad after another two hours of just laying around. I was so excited that night I could not fall asleep because I kept replaying the scenes of sex that he had done, I was so horny that I jacked two times before I could finally close my eyes for a good eight hours.

Sunday was very uneventful except for the usual church so I was sad because I had to wait until Monday to see my new "best" friends.

Monday rolled around and I was so groggy in the morning I was almost to first period because I had woken up late, I had forgotten to do some of the homework for my classes and I was just very grumpy. I took a bathroom pass during 3 period and I found Brad in the bathroom, he was grinning for ear to ear, but I declined sadly because I was not in a very good mood. But Brad forced me into a stall anyway and started kissing me with such passion that shook me out of my groggy state and for the next 3 minutes we had the most intense make out until I said I had to get back to class, so I gave him one more quick peck and left. I did not see Brad or Vinnie until lunch were we went off campus to my house for a good solid hour of hot sex that we craved so much of. I was so excited because of the fact that my mom came home early and was taken a rest just three rooms away, so 10 minutes before the bell rings we get back to campus clean and horny as ever, we had a group shower that was slightly packed but still it was a "hot" shower.

After School I headed home with Brad, but I told him no funny business because I had to leave early for work. Since we have gotten together, Brad has been saying, "skip the job." He ripped my asshole many times a week and it still was not enough for him, I was a little scared one time when he was fucking me and had a little razor and cut the my back a little and sucked on the blood. It had freaked me out a bit but it has happened somewhat consistent every time we fuck, and I cannot wear any tank tops anymore because my back is covered in little cuts. He is so horny and we get close to my front door and he hugs me from behind and slips his hand into the front of my pants but I have to stop him, even though I want him.

"Brad stop please," I say loud enough for him to hear. He kept on going but I stopped him and said, "Bradley, please stop, if I asked you to stop once, then why don't you just do it...please just go, just go." with that I open my door and shut it before he could say anything. I look out the window and still he has not left, he starts texting on his phone and after a couple of minutes my phone rings and the text says, "dude wtf is wrong with u open up, if i hurt u im sorry just open the fuckin door." I just run upstairs and run into my room, I have thoughts running all over my head about what I have done, what will happen, so I remember having some sleeping pills hidden so I get those out and gulp down 15, I'm thinking of just killing my self so i through down 5 more, I lay down on my bed after I lock my door and just sleep, and to get away from all the bad memories that happened to me I just want to finish myself off, after that I do not remember much. I remember seeing Brad crying at my side and all my friends and family stare at me come back to reality, and I try to squeak out, "Where am I?" My mom comes to my side and says, "Hey babe we are in the hospital, how ya feel'?"I reply groggily,"Never better I guess."

I ask, "Mom why am I in the hospital," mom answers, "Honey you tried to kill yourself with sleeping pills, we came home and found ambulances surrounding the house, and then we find you being rushed from the house and we find Brad running front he house into my arms and I hold him until he says what happens." "I tried to kill myself, when?" Brad shyly answers,"Well you tried to kill yourself 3 1/2 weeks ago, and you have been in here ever since." I say um why did I try to kill myself?" There was silence in the room, until Brad finally mustered up enough courage and stated, "I slept with your son and I am the reason why he tried to kill himself." I say in my groggy state, "What's happening, oh my go......" I remember nothing, but I see next shocks me because I have never seen something a fight like that before.............

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