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What Last Happened

The next day it was a Wednesday and I was at school and I was going to my locker and I found a little note on it. I took it and the bell was about to ring so I ran into class and throughout the day I was so anxious because I did not want to read the letter at school. I was scheduled to meet with Dr. Miller so I was thinking of taking the letter with me but I second guessed myself and so I talked with Dr. Miller getting nowhere so I cut the appointment early and ran home, he did ask me if I was anxious but I did not answer. I got into my bedroom and found the letter and opened it and it read.....

"Get away from my fucking friend before I pound your queer ass into the ground....." I dropped the letter after that because I had started to cry and I did not want to read on.

My brother found me on my bed, all soaked in tears and asked if I was ok, and then we started to talk but I had said nothing about the letter so I wouldn't worry him.

I had gone from the top of the world to pile of nothing. I had become depressed and scared and I was hiding all my emotions from every single sole except for one person who knew somewhat of my pain and it was my brother. I told him everything and I told him not to tell a single sole and well I don't know if he has said anything but I do trust him allot. I had worked out some problems that I thought that were not too controversial with the therapist but still I barely even talked with him. I had become behind in my school work and then my parents started to ask questions.

My mom had approched me on saturday and asked, "Hey hon, I really need to know, Jeremy why are you falling behind and you have been distant please tell me what is going on? I said nothing and just screamed, "Get over it..." and I ran upstairs to my bathroom so I could get some privacy, I had secretly started cutting myself to relieve the pain. I was caught once with a razor in my hand but it was by my brother and I assured him I am only doing it that once.

I had lost all my friends over that last couple of months since all of this had started, I was on top of the world and now I am now nothing. I have felt this way forever but now I am doing something about it. There was one person who had watched over me and it was Brad, I knew he would come back to me and talk but we haven't talked in weeks because I have been skipping school. I did see Brad after school once and we had made small talk before he had too see his grandmother. I was in dispair and I found out my bro had talked to my mom and they had set up a meeting with me to get me straightened out by another shrink. The shrink had declared me clinically depressed and said I was unfit for normal society which was a complete insult to me. I was shipped down to a rehab center which specialized in the clinically depressed and somewhat insane.

"Brad's Point of View"

I had been spying on Jeremy for awhile now, because I had deeply cared for him. I could tell that he was not happy with himself and I knew he was depressed but I had to be away from him, I deeply loved him but I did not want to hurt him so I stayed away the best I could. I had learned that he had been moved to a rehab center but that was all I knew. I had googled them alot just to find where he was but I could never find the place where he was.

I had a pretty good life I had since moved on to other boys that I had fancied but they were just not the same, I had to find my Jeremy. I was somewhat depressed also but I was controlling it better than Jeremy, I had many meetings with my therapists and I turned out almost normal. I was lost without Jeremy because seeing him was the highlight of my days and now I am mostly depressed but have dealt with what I got.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Months Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Jeremy's Point of View"

Well I got back home just a week ago and my life has changed dramatically, I had switched schools so start a whole new life. I was back up on my feet and have made new friends but still I do miss Brad. I was in my new school everything was going great, when one day I had picked up a school newspaper and there was me, a picture and a backstory. I had not known that they have coverstories of the new students and there was this whole story of the last couple months and I was so embarressed. I ran off campus and headed home, no one was home so I just went to my room and just slept. My mom came in and told me too get up there was someone at the door for me. I walked down the narrow hallway slowly and you could hear the floorboards creaking underneath me. I walked into the dark livingroom and with only one dim light on and it was focused on Brad. I walked over to Brad and kissed him deeply and he wrapped his arms around me and I was so relieved to be in such familiar arms that I wrapped my arms and legs around Brad.

Brad moves me over to the side of the couch and drops me while I fall onto the couch and drag him with me. We kissed passionatly for about five minutes until we are interupted by a grunt and I look up and see my mom. We straighten ourselves up and I look at my mom and she says, "Glad you guys are back together," she walks over to hug me and whispers in my ear, "be safe." I just blush and take hold of Brad's hand and lead him outside to my car and put him in the passenger seat and I get into the driver seat and I head for the highway. We don't speak too each other very much on our drive, he seemed timid and I was nervous as hell. So I ask, "Where do you want to go?"

"Jeremy we can go to the end of the world if you want to, as long as it is with you," Brad says while sneaking his hand over to the drivers side. I take the initiative and grip his had and hold it and then I said, "Brad, I have been so sad over the last couple of months, I have had time to think over all of what has happened and I just want you to know that I am in love with you and I want to be your boyfriend, so would you?" Brad seemed nervous but confidently answered, "Of course Jeremy I would always want to be with you, I really am in love with you also and I do want to be your boyfriend."

I pulled the car to the side of the road and boldly take my seat belt off and throw myself on my new boyfriend. I could sense he was horny so I started to rub my crotch over his crotch and he had gotten hard instantly. I was very horny and started to kiss him deeply and started to rub my hands all over him and slip my hands into his pants and start to fondle while still kissing him. He stops kissing me and starts to undress me with his hands while he starts to nibble on my neck and it feels so good. I was halfway undressed, and I was dry humping Brad when I hear a knock and looked over and found that there was a police officer and well we both hurried but our clothes on and I rolled down the window and asked the officer, "What may I help you with sir?"

"Son you and your "friend" were just about to engage into sexual intercourse, I have a right to put you two in jail, so now get out of the vehicle and put your hands behind your back," the officer demands. I get out of the vehicle without hesitation and put my hands behind my back and I am escorted to the back of the officers vehicle and soon comes Brad. We find ourselves at the police station fifteen minutes later and then booked and put into seperate cells. The cells were together so still we held hands through the bars while we awaited our future.

A couple of knocks and then our parents come around the corner and they look so disappointed. My mom speaks up, "Well look at this, we let you go and look you get horny and fall into jail....geez oh just kidding...um we are here to bail you out and well bail isn't so cheap so you guys better be so freakin sorry." We came out of the cells hand in hand and we were seperated by our parents and got into seperate cars and went our seperate ways. The next day we meet at the locla park but we try to keep our feelings to ourselves as we were just put in jail for public sex. I say, "So what did you do last night?" Brad cracks up and then I start to laugh and then he says, "Well it was just like jail, ha...." We we chatted and then we went our seperate ways because we both had to work at our jobs that afternoon so we kissed goodbye and left. We stayed away from each other emotionaly for a few weeks until we finally had enough money to rent a motel room for a couple nights. We really got physical that week, We had tried many sexual positions but I decided to be the bottom most of the time.

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