This story was originally called NYNY, it has been renamed and rewritten in a number of areas, I hope you like it.


The rain fell gently against the window and blanketed the scene outside in clean water. Peaceful, most would say, and I suppose I can agree with that most of the time. But not tonight. Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl and a faint chill pervaded the room. I lifted the beer bottle to my lips and winced at the flavor. Acquired taste I guess, I thought as I set it down. Idly I wished for a cigarette, even though I don't smoke. Just in that frame of thought I guess. The water continued to coat the landscape, tiny prisms of light reflecting from the various and sundry automobiles in their endless hues.

Ah, back to imagery again? Somehow when I think of him, it always comes out like that. Have you ever imagined you were kissing someone? I mean really kissing, not just making out with animalistic fervor. I mean that real, `oh so sweet' moment where time stops and gives you that one fleeting moment to keep, that one scene, to hold deep in your heart until the day you lose all your secrets to nothingness.

I imagined kissing him on many levels. In fact, I know just what it would feel like. The anticipation would build as my heart beat in time to his, for once I wouldn't have to fear my voice betraying my excitement and my awkwardness because all that needed to be said was plain to see in his eyes, nothing but love in them. The passion is overflowing from his being near to me and showing me his deepest emotions through the windows on his soul.

The colors of the rainbow are no match for the spectacle before me, with just a glance he sends me into the stratosphere, speeding like a comet with a many-colored array of wonder passing before me, a feeling of exhilaration like none other. A feeling unknown to me invades my being and every hair stands with energy of it's own, a tingling sensation moves from my scalp and down my spine, slipping from top to bottom with a mysterious energy all it's own and completely foreign to me.

A gentle breath escapes him and moves across my face like a warm summer breeze that makes the reeds dance on the river banks, the same breeze that makes fields of wheat roll like a golden ocean on the great plains, never ending and filled with life eternal, beholden to nothing and holding the sun in place as it sets and illuminates the world in a dizzying array of golds, oranges, reds and yellows unlike any others ever seen before or after.

Ever so slowly he leans forward, hands reaching out to the sides of my head to hold me. He moves in and at the moment his hands make contact, silence. Stillness settles over the world for a fleeting instant and time gives you one memento to hold dear. A kaleidoscope of colors and emotions flood my senses, too much for me to process. So much beauty and love that it overwhelms my senses and forces them to a previously unheard of plain of joy. Pleasure rolls like thunder and I feel it pass from molecule to molecule as every fiber in my being absorbs the love it has been so long denied. I feel it travel from one arid patch to the next, giving unending nourishment and life to a land that was barren at best, before it's arrival, before it's gentle touch.

Every inch rejuvenates with newfound energy, vibrating in time to the loving force gripping each tender extremity. Electricity gathers and one can almost smell ozone in the air as monumental charge of energy builds, and then...

Our lips touch. The sky is a marvelous blue, unlike any other moment in time. And all at once, all the might in the world, ancient armies from Alexander the Great to MacArthurs war machine, pale in strength. I feel as powerful as Zeus, atop Mount Olympus, with the power to hurl lightning at will in defense of love, and only true love can withstand it for it brooks nothing to stand in it's way.

And then the moment is gone. I open my eyes reluctantly to the empty room around me, and pick up the warming beer. Ech, it tastes worse when it nears room temperature.

I watch the rain fall on the street, watch for those lights on the second floor to come on, to see my secret love.