Life In A Northern Town

By Dabeagle

Chapter Six

After dinner was done with, and I had helped John with the dishes while Scott and Joe did their homework, we settled into the living room to watch some TV while John did some paper work. I wasn’t really paying attention to the TV program, but rather, I was thinking about what happened in the past few days.

Joe was working on his lap top and Scott was completely focused on the TV set. I had a feeling Joe was writing a love letter to Randy. It was pretty funny to watch him type into his laptop, with his tongue sticking out between his teeth as he concentrated on the words on the screen. One could almost hear the wheels turning in his head.

I heard the phone ringing the other room and John speaking into the handset before hanging up. He poked his head around a corner a few minutes later, and taking stock of the room, looked at me and let me know that Nick and Randy were going to stop by for a few minutes.

“Randy’s coming over?” Joe asked.

“Joe,” John said with a look of warning.

“What?” Joe asked, doing his best to appear innocent as the new fallen snow, and failing miserably, I might add. He excused himself a few minutes later, while Scott remained oblivious on the couch. I decided I needed to go brush my teeth and comb my hair before Nick got there. Wouldn’t do to be seen looking like some refugee. Besides I wanted him to like what he saw, maybe kiss me again!

I went upstairs and heard the water running as I topped the last riser. Joe emerged from the bathroom with his hair damp, freshly combed, and cupping his hand in front of his mouth to check his breath. I broke out laughing. I know it wasn’t nice, but it was so funny. He looked at me with a hurt expression, then a sheepish grin.

“Go ahead, laugh, but Randy is hot!” he said with a grin.

“I need you to tell me this?” I grinned, then decided to push the envelope, “his ass is pretty much hairless.” I smiled as innocently as I could. Joe gulped.

I popped into my room and grabbed my comb from the nightstand, and then headed back into the bathroom to freshen up a bit. I headed out and sat on the back porch, as I had the previous night, waiting for Randy and Nick. The sound of the door opening and closing alerted me to company joining me, and I was mildly surprised to see Scott.

“Hey,” he greeted me. I replied in kind before he shyly asked if he could join me for a few minutes. I waved at the open portion of wooden porch next to me and Scott sat quietly for a moment before he broke the silence.

“I know they’ll be here in a minute, so I guess I better hurry the hell up, huh?” he laughed a little to himself.

“Well,” I drawled, “I would like to see them a bit for myself, if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, I figured. It’s just, well, Joe’s real happy right now. Happier than I remember him being since he got here, so I figure that has something to do with you. That and maybe that he is physically in proximity of Randy Proctor. I have a serious question though,” he trailed off and I stepped to pre-empt his question.

“No, Randy is straight, not even a little Bi,” I said with a sad grin. I did feel bad for Joe. I mean, I had Nick and he was what I wanted, right? So I was lucky in that respect anyways.

“Well, I figured that much, Einstein,” he laughed a little, “my question is, will he let Joe down easy? Or will he be a dick? Cause Joe is about as hard to see through right now as a pane of glass!” he chuckled.

“Randy has never been an asshole a day in his life. As long as I have known him he was always worried about other people. I think the only thing Joe has to worry about is if he makes too much about me being here, since Randy’s dad is trying to get me out,” I said reasonably.

“Good point. No comments about you living here. Got it,” he said ,as if he were responding to a superior officer.

“Oh, and one other thing,” I smirked, “Randy will let him hang around if he’d just be cool, I think. And next time Joe has questions, tell him to come ask me himself,” I chuckled at a surprised Scott, who then joined my laughter.

“I better go before Joe thinks I am a double agent,” he smirked at me before going inside. Remarkable relationship those two had, symbiotic one could call it. I shivered in the evening air and was finally rewarded with the twin funnels of light that marked the front of Nick’s car. The engine kicked off and I walked towards the car, feeling myself blush and my nerves hop like live wires.

“Hey bro,” Randy greeted me with a hug, two in two days!

“Hi babe,” Nick said before giving me a light kiss on the lips and then a big hug. God! I was in heaven!

“Hi you guys, I’m glad to see you,” I mumbled while my head was buried in Nick’s shoulder.

“Ran into one of your house mates today. Joe is it?” Randy snorted, “Had to set him straight.”

“Bet that wasn’t easy,” I grunted at him while continuing to hold Nick in a death grip.

“Guy seems to think you belong here, Adam. It pisses me off, you aren’t some fucking reject,” he said hotly. I reluctantly broke my embrace and looked at Randy, who looked pissed.

“Rand, it’s not what you think, really,” I said, trying not to reveal too much.

“Just ‘cause he’s here doesn’t mean you are supposed to be!” he complained in a hoarse whisper, trying not to be heard from any eavesdroppers in the house.

“Rand, quit being a dick!” I groused at him, “He hasn’t had it so good. He didn’t have some advantages I have. Like you,” I touched his shoulder and wrapped my arm about Nick’s shoulders, “and Nick here. He hasn’t had the things we had, Rand. Trust me, it’s not what you think.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, toeing his sneaker into the asphalt of the parking lot, “I didn’t mean anything, really. It just pisses me off.” I lifted his chin so his eyes met mine.

“I miss you too,” I smiled sadly.

“How are they treating you?” Nick asked.

“John’s been…a lot different than I thought he’d be. I think he really does give a shit, to be honest. We got some clothes today. No names, but still it was all new,” I said to them, “Plus Joe and Scott have been nice, if not a little nosy about my personal life.”

“Well, as long as you’re happy,” Randy began.

“Rand, I am not happy,” I smiled at him, “But I’m OK.” He nodded at me and we began walking towards the house, John looking out through the window as he did some phantom dishes, no doubt. I wonder if he thought I’d run away or something? That would be kind of wild. Hop in Nick’s car and never look back! Instead, I just walked up the back steps and through the door, into the kitchen. John turned from the sink, tea pot in hand, and greeted us.

“Hi Randy, Nick,” he nodded his head at each of them, “like some tea?”

“Um, sure, thanks,” Nick replied, while Randy waved him off and said, “no thank you.”

“Adam?” he nodded at me, “want a cup?”

“Yes, please,” I replied before we sat down around the table.

“You coming back to school tomorrow?” Randy asked me.

“I think so, right John?” I asked.

“Yeah, they’ll be expecting you. Do you want to take the bus with these guys, or should I drop you off?” John asked.

“I, um, I could pick him up on the way. It’s not far out of our normal way to school anyways,” Nick said hopefully.

“Well, I’d like to say yes, but I think we need to work on structure first. Plus, there are the legalities. Like it or not, this is a placement, and one of the rules is that he can’t ride in private vehicles not operated by staff. And the only staff is me,” John said not unkindly.

“Oh,” Nick said with a defeated look.

“Look,” John said taking a seat with us, “It’s not usual for someone in this placement to have so many people here to support them. I don’t want to cut that off, but at the same time, I need for Mr. Adam here to make progress.

Randy, I know your dad is setting up to seek custody of Adam,” John smiled at him, “That’s great. A loving family is the ideal environment for someone who needs stability. But, in the meantime he lives here. I think it would be a good idea if we work together, so that when Adam goes before the judge we can say how much progress he has made. And that he is ready for adoption, instead of us fighting and him maybe getting in trouble somewhere along the way.

“Like getting into your car, Nick, and maybe you get pulled over cause your taillight is out. He’s not supposed to be there, so please help him follow the rules. What do you say?” John asked as the teapot started to whistle. While he got up to attend to that Randy eyed him until he returned with two steaming cups of brewing tea, and set them on the table in front of Nick and me. We murmured our thanks while John looked back at Randy.

“What?” John asked.

“Do you really give a damn what happens to Adam?” Randy asked.

“Sure, Adam is easy to care about. He’s had it rough, now things will get betterwe hope.”

Randy made a satisfied sound as he looked at me before stating in a monotone, “Lawyers said this could take a few months. The family court isn’t always easy to work with.” Randy remained silent for a moment before looking at John in a calculating expression, one I have seen very few times on his face.

“Ok, we know we can make this placement easier or harder. What are the rules?” he asked.

“Well, let’s make as few rules as necessary. Adam comes home and does his homework, we have dinner and then the boys do cleanup hour, a nightly chore. About seven thirty to eight thirty, providing his homework is done, you guys can visit. For now, I’m sorry, but it’ll have to be here. After we get to know Adam a little better, and he’s settled here, maybe he can go with you guys to the park or something. Trust is an earned thing. Adam and I had this talk. Right now he and I are (giving respect?) and we are making pretty good progress with that I think, but trust is something that takes time. Agreed?” he asked.

“Yeah, I don’t like it, but at least I can see them. What about weekends?” I asked.

“Well, they can’t ride in the vehicles due to insurance regs, but if we are going to, say, the movies, and they happen to show up, well, can’t help coincidence, can we?” John smiled. It occurred to me he was pretty smart, using my friends to keep me in line, dangling them like a carrot for me. It was the one thing I would behave willingly for. They were all I had left.

“Ok, we’ll help him behave, and he better do his damned homework,” Randy growled at me. I laughed at him while John excused himself.

“So, game plan. We both have study hall with you fifth period, homework time,” Randy instructed me.

“But when will I have time to drool over my boyfriend?” I whined.

“In the halls, slacker,” Randy grinned and Nick placed a protective arm around me. Just then Joe walked in to the room and Nick began to withdraw his arm, but I moved my hand and caught his before it snaked away from me and pulled it back around.

“Cool, dude, way cool,” Joe said with a smile and Nick relaxed onto me a bit.

“Um, Randy, want some tea?” Joe asked.

“No,” He was cut off as I kicked him under the table, and urged him, with a look, to accept the damned tea. So he switched gears as he looked at Joe, “Jesus, I guess I do Joe. Thanks,” he replied while meeting my look with a questioning one of his own. Joe happily poured the tea and brought it to Randy, asking if he wanted some sugar as well. Randy nodded the affirmative and Joe happily complied with his wishes. Nick began to giggle under his breath, and Randy just looked confused before Joe wisely decided he had stayed almost too long and said his good nights.

“What’s so fucking funny?” Randy growled, and Nick and I collapsed on each other with giggles not quite stifled, and Randy looked at us and just shook his head, probably thinking it’s just some queer thing.

We stood in the drive way and I began to feel empty again as I knew it was time for them to leave, back to normal lives and their own families. I felt a pang of loss as Randy hugged me, but before he could release me I pulled him to me, holding him close and trying to communicate how much love I had for my best friend. I released him and his eyes shimmered in the moonlight, full of feeling and understanding. Randy retreated to the car and Nick and I were alone again, the pale light of the moon glowing across us and casting shadows on the walls.

“Well, I guess I should go,” Nick started, and my face fell.

“What? We’ll be there in school tomorrow. What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’m sad. Sad that you’re going, and sad that I can’t come with you. I was really hoping for…” I felt my cheeks burning as I looked at him. “I was up for a while last night.”

“What kept you up, baby?” he asked while stroking my cheek.

“My first kiss,” I said as I met his eyes.

“Oh, is that all you wanted? Don’t you know you can kiss me anytime you want?” he asked with his sweet and sexy smile as he leaned forward and it happened again. I was rapidly climbing way past cloud ten and then a rocket booster was added on as I felt his tongue at my lips, and I agreeably opened my mouth to it. Mint from the tea was lightly on his tongue as it slid into my mouth, and I hungrily meshed my tongue with his in yet another first for me.

He applied a steady suction on my mouth and before I knew it my tongue was residing in his mouth, the taste of mint strong as I ran my tongue behind his teeth, under his tongue and across the top of his mouth, exploring each spot within my reach. He pulled away from me and then eyed me suspiciously.

“You sure you never did that before? He asked while breathing heavily.

“Nope, just been thinking about it all night, and all day, since you kissed me yesterday,” I replied with my cheeks burning brighter than the moon above us.

“You think you could do that once more?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“I can do this all night,” I replied as I moved closer and practiced my breathing techniques on him.


I climbed the stairs after bidding John a good night, and was not surprised to find Joe at the top of the stairs lurking near my bedroom door.

“Did Randy say anything?” he asked.

“Joe,” I whined.

“Come on! By the way, nice lip lock out there!” he whistled at me, “Do you even breathe?” he snorted with laughter.

“I was practicing my kissing,” I said petulantly.

“Ya think?” he laughed some more.

“You guys are getting ready for bed, right?” John called up.

“Yeah,” we both said and then giggled at our stereo effect.

“So,” Joe began while I took off my shirt and reached for a tee shirt to sleep in, “Is Nick a good kisser?” I looked at him and must have had the dopiest grin on my face.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” he laughed as he rolled back on my bed.

“Nick is, like,” I fell silent as Joe suddenly went silent and was rapt with attention, “He’s like this gentle, considerate love. He treats me with this respect and his touch leaves me breathless. And then, when he kisses, it’s like an accelerant.”

“A what?” he asked.

“An accelerant. It’s, like, I’m this small flame until he gets near me, and then it’s like this explosion, this fireball of energy that I really can’t describe it any better,” I replied.

“ I knew you were a flamer the first time I saw you,” he giggled as I flipped him the bird.

“All I can say is, Nick can flat-out kiss, and the only thing I can think to do is practice holding my breath so I can keep my lips on his a lot longer!” I said with a real smile on my face.

“So, you think Randy has a clue?’ Joe asked, trying for nonchalance but failing utterly.

“Nah, Rand’s oblivious when girls like him, he just thinks Nick and I are insane for laughing when you served him,” smiled benignly at Joe, “just remember, if you play it right, you’ll get the best friend you ever had.”

“I try and think of it that way, but all I ever see in my dreams is Randy and I replacing you and Nick out there,” he sighed.

“Impossible dreams, Joe,” I sighed.

“And you guys actually wonder why I say it’s axiomatic that you are up to something! To bed with you!” John scared the hell out of us by rounding the doorway, not to mention that he got up the stairs without making a God-damned sound.

Joe departed and I closed my door, and switched off the light before getting under the covers.

I dreamed of kisses past, and kisses yet to come. I wonder? Do you know how much I love you Nicholas Jackson?

... to be continued

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