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Life Model for Biology Class

Chapter THREE

Edited by Sandy (Scotland)




He pictured himself with everyone staring at his dick and

balls. In his imagination, the students were eager to explore

his body and to touch him. He did feel strange about girls

also touching him but he would cope with that too.

The most exciting prospect was the possibility of having an

orgasm at the end with everyone watching him. He had often

masturbated, but this time he would have an audience.


In his imagination he squirted his cum with three or four

eruptions in an arch high into the air. This fantasy really

grabbed the young man's imagination. Steven came to

orgasm faster than usual and the climax seemed to be

even more intense than usual. It was just like when he

masturbated on the day he admired Brian nude in class.
After the last seed had shot out of his penis, he relaxed.

A pleasant peace and contentment came over him. He

gathered together all his clothes and went to his room. He

grabbed his dumbbells and trained for a while. He didn't

want more muscles than he already had, from his workout.

His intention was to maintain his existing muscles and keep

himself in good shape. His ideal of perfection was Brian's

body. Brian was his model and he wanted no more. The

bodybuilder with huge muscles did not impress him. Indeed,

he considered such extreme muscular development as



He hoped Brian had not trained his body too much in the last

two years. He winced inwardly. It had been two years since he

had last seen Brian. Perhaps he had now changed completely.

Steven had seen young men who had outwardly changed

under the influence of alcohol and other drugs and

permanent lack of sleep: it had done them no good at all.

Other young men who were quite attractive as teenagers,

as men lost all their attractiveness. He had seen some movie

and tv actors. As a child or teenager, they had been

attractive, and as adults they looked rather boring.

Sometimes their faces were wider and assumed a hardness

which he did not like. Hopefully Brian had not changed for

the worse in the last two years.
Maybe Headmaster Ellison had already telephoned or sent

Brian an email and Brian had reported to Steven. Steven sat

expectantly at his little desk with the computer.


The computer was a gift from his cousin who was passionate

about computer games and always needed the fastest

computers. Steven had been very happy with the gift.

Finally, he had his own computer. On the other hand, the

patronizing behavior of his cousin ​​had disturbed him. To get

old stuff from others that he no longer valued and did not

want to have, always felt a bit demeaning. Steven didn't

have a particularly good relationship with his cousin. They

both seemed somehow to live in two completely different

worlds. Shame really. Steven did not care about computer

games. He used the computer mainly in order to surf the

Internet and to do his homework. He was often on

Wikipedia, and learned about different things. Of course, he

had also found a few websites with tumblr where he had

found tasteful photos of nude young men.


He enjoyed every photo of naked young men who were

similar in stature and appearance to Brian. He turned on his

computer and put on his clothes again while he waited for the

computer to boot up. The computer was very slow and

took time. Perhaps the computer would have to be

overhauled. Maybe if a professional looked at it, it would be

a little faster. His cousin had just given him the computer,

because he had found no buyer for it. Unfortunately, Steven

had no money for repairs.
After a few clicks Steven was online and signed into his

e-mail account. In fact, he had received a letter, just five

minutes ago. He excitedly opened the mail.
"Hi Steven, this is Brian. You remember me as a live model

in the biology class two years ago. Mr. Ellison has contacted

me and informed me that you want to ask me some

questions, before you make your own decision. So feel free

to ask me anything. One request I would have though of

you. You know what I look like. I would also like to know

what you look like. Can you also send me a photo. Then I

will know who I'm dealing with, which makes it easier to

communicate with each other. I look forward to hearing from

Brian. "
Brian wanted to have a photo of Steven, that was not so

easy. Steven did not have a digital camera or a camera

phone. Maybe Brian was still sitting at his computer and if

he answered him quickly, then they could have immediate

contact. Then Steven remembered that he had saved a

photo of himself on the computer. Until recently, he had

mowed the lawn and done some simple gardening jobs for a

guy nearby. Steven had searched for a long time to get this

temporary job in the area. For many times were now hard

and many homeowners who had earlier entrusted such work

to students or companies, now they did it themselves, to

save money.
The job was ok, and it paid ok too, but the man - Mr. Rubin –

sometimes gave Steven the creeps. While Steven did his

work Mr. Rubin was always nearby and watched him. Initially

he thought Mr. Rubin wanted to oversee his work and make

sure that Steven did no damage and did not steal anything.

Then, one day, three weeks ago, when it was particularly hot

and Steven had become very sweaty, he had taken off his T-

shirt. Mr. Rubin gave him compliments on his toned torso.

He encouraged Steven to make a few typical bodybuilding

poses and to flex his muscles. Mr. Rubin seemed to be very

excited suddenly. Then Steven started work again, even

though it was unbearably hot.
"If you want, you can also take off your pants. I'm sure you

wear underpants. Here in the garden behind the house no

one sees you. The trees and shrubs provide good privacy;

that's why I planted them."
Steven was a bit uncomfortable and was worried that Mr.

Rubin had other intentions. But the heat was so unbearable

that he accepted the offer and took off his pants. Mr. Rubin

was watching him very closely and was only short distance

from him.

The break was a real relief for Steven. Then he realized his

pants were a little sweaty and almost completely stuck to his

body. His cock and his balls were outlined very clearly. When

he looked up at Mr. Rubin, he saw him staring with his eyes

completely fixed on Steven's crotch.

"You're a really exceptionally well-built young man, Steven.

You can really thank God for that. The proportions of your

upper body, waist, hips and legs fit together perfectly. Many

young men only train their upper body and neglect their

legs. Your legs are as muscular as your chest and your upper

arms. You should really work as an art model, posing for a

painting class or a sculptor. Do you know the sculpture

"David" by Michelangelo?"

"Yes, I know it. In school we once discussed it. Mr. Rubin, I

would finish up quickly, I have to get something done for my


"Of course, I don't want to delay you. Would you just turn

around briefly for me? I would like to have a look at you

from the side and from behind. Don't worry, we are both

men, I am very interested in art, you know, painting,

sculpture and photography to be exact and really appreciate

a fine body."
Steven complied with Mr. Rubin's request and turned round

a few times for him.
"You see, Steven, the human body plays a very important

role in art. Would you mind if I make a few photographs of

you next time? I have a new camera and want to try a few

settings. I also publish photos on the Internet. There are

platforms where very talented photographers show their

work. I'd like to make it clear that these are not cheap

grubby pictures but true art." 

Mr. Rubin's gaze went from the beautiful face of the young

adonis down to his chest muscles, then quickly right and left

before his eyes travelled down his muscular upper arms and

wandered across his abdomen. His dick and two balls stood

out clearly and he could tell that Steven was better equipped

than many other young men of his age.

Steven felt uncomfortable to be so intensely scrutinised by

Mr. Rubin and he did not know if he wanted to meet Mr.

Rubin's requests. The man was strange.
"If you know Michelangelo's David statue, then you realize

that the artist sculpted David completely naked. David is not

covering his genitals. No one takes offence, because this is

art. Michelangelo has created a masterpiece. In art,

everything is permitted. Through your work and your

sporting activities you have also created a work of art,

namely your body. Do you realize that? "
Steven was a bit surprised how suddenly Mr. Rubin had

become so animated, while still gazing at Steven´s body.

Was Mr. Rubin really suggesting that he wanted to

photograph Steven completely naked? Steven was

dependent on the money from this temporary job. His

mother could not give him much pocket money. He did not

want to upset Mr. Rubin, but he also did not want to be

photographed naked by him.
"Ermm, Mr. Rubin, I'll think about it. If you don't mind, I'll

get dressed again and finish my work for today. Shall I come

back next week at the same time?"
"Hmm, yes. Well, just take time and think about what I told you."

Mr. Rubin put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a wad

of money.

"Now, Steven, I think that you've earned extra today.

Because it was so hot and... well... when we do photos next

week, then of course you'll get a much larger tip. Thinking

about it yourself, but please don't mention this to anyone

else. Narrow-minded people would only misunderstand. If

you get my drift? "
He pressed a note into Steven's hand and then shook his hand

with both hands. For Steven this felt very uncomfortable,

even if he could use the money.

Steven was glad when he had extricated himself from Mr.

Rubin. Damn, what would Mr. Rubin require from him next

week? How would he react if Steven refused to be

photographed naked?
Unfortunately, the week was over too soon. Steven had

racked his brain: How could he, on the one hand, satisfy Mr.

Rubin enough to keep his job, and on the other avoid having

to strip naked and get photographed by him?
As a sprinter, Steven had a pair of which were very short but

kept him covered. If Mr. Rubin photographed him in them,

although he would be showing a lot of skin, there would be

nothing inappropriate. Steven thought this outfit very sexy.

His long muscular legs were presented perfectly. His narrow

waist and V- shaped upper body should meet Mr. Rubin's

In fact, Mr. Rubin was very disappointed when Steven

steadfastly refused to take off his gym shorts. Michelangelo

's David would, after all, have had to lose a loincloth so that

his body's contours could be represented perfectly without


Mr. Rubin had still took loads of photos of him. He even knelt

before him to photograph him from the bottom up. Once he

had even come very close to his feet on the floor and had

photographed up his thighs from below Maybe Mr. Rubin had

also hoped to catch a glimpse of Steven's genitals. However,

the sport shorts had an inner lining so that Mr. Rubin quickly

lost interest.
The tip had been rather puny.
"Steven, I 'm going to edit a particularly good photo and

send it to you via email, so you can see that the images are

really artistically demanding. Maybe you'll then agree the

next time to let your pictures be taken like David."
Mr. Rubin continued to try to be very friendly, but he

obviously was having trouble disguising his disappointment

and anger. This just reinforced for Steven the unpleasant

suspicion that Mr. Rubin was not honest and had ulterior motives.

A day later, Mr. Rubin had sent him one photo via email. It

was a black and white photo with very strong contrasts. Mr.

Rubin had changed the background too. Instead of standing

in Mr. Rubin's garden, Steven stood in an ancient sports

facility. Steven didn´t like this photomontage. How was this

art? Anyone who looked closely would see it was a kitsch



The only thing that Steven liked was the image of himself.

Mr. Rubin had captured his body really well. Steven was

mostly straight on to the camera but slightly turned to the

side. Steven also liked his facial expression.

Mr. Rubin asked whether Steven's concerns had now been

removed and if he would agree to having even better photos

taken the next week. He expressed himself very carefully and

avoided the mention of nude photos. Steven replied that he

had no interest in further photos and wanted only to keep

working in the garden.

The next day, Steven received an email telling him his job

was at an end. Mr. Rubin said they wanted to do the

gardening themselves in future. He explained that his doctor

had recommended more exercise in the fresh air for him.

Steven was very shocked and upset that he would no longer

get this regular income. He would have to do without some

things in the future. So, he decided to speak personally with

Mr. Rubin, to change his mind. At his normal time Steven


made ​​his way to Mr. Rubin's house. He always went on foot.

A taxi drove past him and stopped in front of Mr. Rubin's

house. A young man got out. Steven estimated him at 19 or 20

years old. The young man looked very good and wore

very tight jeans and a tight-fitting T-shirt.

Steven stood and watched what was going on. The young

man rang and Mr. Rubin let him into the house. Already a

few minutes later, Steven heard the lawn mower in the

garden behind the house.

Steven was curious and approached the garden through the

many shrubs and small trees that were planted at the side of

the house.

From one point he could see quite well in the garden. The

young man was mowing the lawn, wearing only a jockstrap,

and Mr. Rubin was constantly around him making photos. Mr.

Rubin was obviously very excited.

After a few minutes, Mr. Rubin stood close to the young man

and ran his hands over his chest and upper arms too. He

even let his hands slide down and felt the large bulge in the

jockstrap of the youth. Then they both went into the house,

with Mr. Rubin all the time touching the young man's body.

Something told Steven that the young man was probably a

hustler. On the one hand it excited him to have witnessed

the whole scene: the young man had a particularly well-built

body but he wasn´t athletic. On the other hand, Steven

found the idea of being touched by Mr. Rubin repulsive.

It was useless to speak to Mr. Rubin again about the job.

Disappointed, Steven made ​​his way home. He would have to

find himself a new job.

Steven sent the photo that Mr. Rubin had taken of him to

Brian. He had no other current photo in digital form.

"Hi Brian,
I am very glad to hear from you. I sending you a photo of

me, which is only three weeks old. Please ignore the stupid


Steven was very unsure about how Brian would react. He

hoped Brian would like the photo. Was Brian at all interested

in men? If so, what type of man did he prefer, anyway? What

reaction exactly did Steven want from Brian?

Steven suddenly felt queasy and anxious. This was the reality

now. In his fantasy everything had always been so easy.

What was the best approach? What questions did he want to

ask? What questions was he better not asking?

"Hi, Steven. I was not expecting you to answer so quickly.

Yes, the photo is a little bit cheesy, but now I know who you

I remember you very well. You were one of the students in

the second biology lesson, when I was the model. You

immediately made an impression on me. You looked really

great and I thought to myself, man, when the time comes,

that guy will be a real heartbreaker and now it's actually



Steven was overjoyed to read this. Brian had a manner

which made Steven immediately feel comfortable.


"I will send you another photo of me. I just have to find it. I

know a website with a chat room function. This would be a

much easier way for us to communicate. I have a second

nickname and password for it, you could use this. Just a

moment please."


... to be continued ...



(c) Copyright MORITZ - Hamburg - Germany




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