Introduction - The Life of Jonathan

By Vincent

Well, where shall we start? My name is Jonathan D. Morrison. I am known by my peers as John. I am your typical, average, high school student. And I'm gay. I'm 16, with black hair, green eyes. I have freckles, and I wear glasses. In short, I am a geek. Or at least, that's the way I view myself.


I am a writer. As such, I have often dwelled in my different emotions for inspiration. Being an author... well, it forces you to go deep into those places inside of yourself where you sometimes don't feel capable of going into. Your pain, your secret emotions....

I've gone into all of those emotions. But for some odd reason, there's been no sense of fulfillment. When you create something, you should feel some sort of satisfaction, shouldn't you?

Maybe I haven't been focused on the right topics. Maybe there my writing has an unfulfilled need inside of it. That's when it hit me. The one part of myself that has gone into no observation at all. The one part, that may, in fact, hold many answers to the questions that I have--

My sexuality.

Even though I have said that I am gay, queer, whatever you may wish to use, I have never had sex with a man. And that's not by choice. I have always known, since my pre-pubescence, that my attraction to other people was towards the same sex. It is something that I have struggled with, something that, at times, I have been ashamed of. Now, however, I feel that it is time for me to find out how my sexuality affects the rest of my behavior.

I wonder if you find this strange. Those who knew me did. That and everything else that happened afterwards...

What did I find? I have written my chronicles into, let's say, "gaydom," into several entries. I have decided to share what I have found out about myself, maybe in hopes that other people (who haven't been scared off already) will look into themselves to find some meaning to their lives.

What you are about to read is my life. The life that I have pursued. The life that I am comfortable in. Nothing has been changed. Nothing has been held back.

This is completely me.


Well, isn't that a teaser. I know, I know, most of you are running around right now wondering "What about Brian and Darien?" Well, um... they ran off to Fire Island or something. I don't know! j/k. Seriously, if you really want to know, just email me, k? I know most of you who got my email have wondered where I've been... I've been fine, but my computer hasn't. Sadly, the computer that helped me compose "The New Yorker" has gone to the big chain computer store in the sky..-sniff- He's been replaced by my new 1.1 ghz. 128 MB, 60 GB Compaq. ^_^ anyhow.. email me at I'll be there, `cause I'm probably going to get a new stack of email soon. Ok peeps...C-ya!