The Life of Jonathan, Chapter 3 - The beginning of the next
-By Vincent-

" Hey John, you're here," Ross said. "Um, this is my friend Jen. Jen, this is John," Pointing to the blond-haired girl sitting next to him. As if anyone else mattered.
" Hi," she said in a happy, cheerful voice. Great, not only is she a bitch to me already, she's a perky bitch as well.
" You can get in the back, we've stopped for gas and all. Come on, let's go," he said to me as I got behind his seat.
I really felt pretty stupid. Well, not as stupid as well as duped. I didn't get why Ross was in such a hurry to bring me to this concert in the first place. It didn't make sense.
" So, how do you know Ross, John?" Jen said in (what I now know to be) her typical perky voice. I wasn't in a mood to talk to her right now, as she was my rival.
" Um, well, Ross is in my history class. I don't really talk to him that much. As a matter of fact, I really don't know him that much either," I admitted.
" Really?" She said. "That's weird, because he talks about you alot. In fact, for someone you don't know, Ross, you'd act like you two were best friends or something."
" Um, Jen?" Ross turned to her, then turned back to the road. "This is one of those moments where you're mouth is supposed to be kept shut--"
" Wait a minute," I said, wanting to put my two cents in about a conversation that was about me in the first place. " Exactly why do you want to know so much about me?"
Ross was facing straight at the road right now. "Look, it's just--"
" I bet you didn't tell him about the picture you have of him in the glove compartment, did you?" Jen blurted out all of a sudden.
" Jen!" Ross yelled, immediately becoming annoyed with his girlfriend. Then again, if he was her boyfriend...
" Why do you have a picture of me?" I asked him. This kept getting stranger...
" Ok, first of all, Jen, shut up!" Ross yelled at Jen.
" Hey! I snapped. " You have no right to talk to your girlfriend like that!"
Jen and Ross looked at each other. And they both said in unison,
" Girlfriend?!"
" Like Hell!" was what came out of Ross' mouth.
" As If!" was what Jen said.
" Look, John," Ross said to me, " We need to talk anyway. Later, at the concert. Besides, Jen's not my girlfriend. She's a friend, like I said." There was a pause. " What made you think that we were dating?"
Well, at this point, I'm starting to wonder why I'm even bothering to think at all...


Upon getting to the concert, I had realized that it was actually a small club of sorts. Or local hangout, since they don't have clubs out in the middle of nowhere. It was progressive rock, which is kinda odd, because punk rock is usually the music that the local bands play. There we're at least 70 or 80 people around, which is not bad, considering. The parking lot was a grass field that was next to the building that was about as large as a medium-sized, one-story house. Most of the people were outside, as we had arrived early and none of the bands had started playing.
After Ross parked, he was greeted by a slew of friends -- I guess he was a local here.
" Ross! Hey man!" One of the guys called out once we had gotten out of the car. He was tall, with short brown hair that had been straightened.
" Steve," Ross said as he greeted the guy with a handshake and a hug. " What's up man?"
" Nothing much, man. Hey, do you know who's playin' tonight?"
" Um..." Steve said to himself. " I think Oxygen, In Neutral and Lack of Info. You can check while you're in there." He glanced at me. " How about an introduction?"
" Huh?" He said, then turned around to realize that we still existed. " This is John, and you know Jen by now."
Steve extended his hand. "What's up? Your first time here?"
" Yeah," I replied as I shook his hand. " Um, Ross? I gotta talk to you."
As he looked at me, I got the sense from him that he already knew what the entire conversation was about...
"...Ok. Steve, talk to ya later."
" O.K man. C-ya."
As Steve headed to talk to some guys at another car, Ross turned to Jen. " You'll be fine, right?"
" Of course," she said to him. " My boy's playin' in Lack of Info. We'll be cool. As a matter of fact, I won't be needing a ride back, so that'll be one thing off of your list."
" Cool. Talk to you later, then," Ross said and kissed her on her cheek. As she went inside, Ross finally looked at me.
He moved his hand towards me, waiting for me to grab it.
"You coming?"
I was a bit nervous. I had only known him as a rival who sat behind me in my history class. Now he's the guy who is/who isn't trying to hit on me.
" Sure," was the most intellectual thing I could think of using as an answer.
He took my hand, and walked me into the club. There were no seats, just an open space. At one side, there was a guy on a sound board. On the other, there was a band setting up. In the middle was the space that the audience was supposed to assemble. There was a door that led to the other side of the building.
We walked over to the door and opened it. There were no lights, no people. There was nothing but the sight of nearby woods. It was like another world.
" Ok," I said, being slightly moody. " Hopefully there is a sensible reason why you brought me here."
" I don't know," he said, looking me right in the eyes. " Do you think I'm a sensible person?"
" I'm not sure what I think of you," I said back to him. " You personality is..." I was becoming tongue-tied. I've never gotten tongue tied. Could it be because of the feeling in my stomach right now?
"..Manipulative, and you're arrogant, and you're..."
He took my hand again. Only this time it felt different. It felt as if he used his touch to take away every insult I was going to use on him. I had never lost control of my emotions like that.
My mouth opened. "...Warm, and you're...confusing."
We walked towards the woods and sat down on the grass. No one was near us.
" I get the feeling you're not all that comfortable here with me," Ross said in a sarcastic tone.
" Ok, let's post the `isn't that obvious?' sign on my head now..." I said and sighed.
We didn't say anything. We just stared into the woods. I was becoming quite..emotional. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like the I am deprived of the entire English language to describe this feeling.
We were only a couple inches away from each other. Ross was just staring at the woods, sitting with his knees tucked between his chest and his hands. I was staring at Ross, my legs laying on the grass. More specifially, it was his eyes that drew me in.
It was a while before I caught myself staring at them. Ross had probably noticed this. He had to. It was as if he was planning this...
" Kiss me," he said.
" What?" I said, as if he had said the world had stopped moving.
" You want to kiss me, don't you?" he said, now grinning, like he took satisfaction in my wanting him.
" I....I..." was all that I could say. I was in total disbelief. Even though all of this was very suspicious, I still thought that he was still straight.
That though was erased once he kissed me.
In the middle of my stammering, he leaned over and kissed me, pressing his lips up against mine. I haven't been kissed much, but I knew that this was something special.
A new emotion had come over me. I'm not sure what it was. I think it's called `lust." Yes, I'm being sarcastic. In any case, I didn't break the kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, even as he gently lowered me to the ground, still kissing me.
I felt this emotion take over. Logic didn't apply anymore...
I could hear him unsnap his pants. I followed, taking mine off and putting them over to the side. I felt his cock (look, might as well be honest -- penis doesn't do it justice.) on top of mine. I felt him jerking off slightly, and then his arms going onto my back...
We never broke the kiss. It was as if the world would cease to move if it wasn't for us.
I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck. It was more of an incentive to keep going.
My hormones had gained control. All that mattered was the climax. That feeling of the highest pleasure.
I could hear him moaning. I could hear myself moaning. I could feel that surge go through my body. I could feel him climax onto me. I could feel his body rest onto mine afterwards.

Now all I needed was the reason for all of that to happen.

Well, well, well.... Look what someone's gotten themselves into! I must warn everyone, like I probably said, this story is going to go into different territory than TNY did. It's not going to be all wine and roses. Well...only if used as an aphrodisiac. ^_^. Anyway, e-mail me at I gotta go everyone! Hope you enjoyed the story!

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