The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.

I was itching to get Ciaran into bed that first day the Irish lads arrived, but dad had other ideas. Mum had been remarking that the front of the house was looking a bit shabby, as some of our old shrubs were either dead or dying; so he went down to the garden centre and bought a whole load of plants that needed to be put in straightaway. I swear to you that my cock was hard the entire time we were out there planting, and in flimsy shorts with no underwear, it was pretty obvious to everybody. Ciaran actually contrived to be on the ground looking up the leg of my shorts on a couple of occasions, and Leo and Kai teased me terribly, but were careful not to let my dad in on it. I don’t think he would have disapproved, but hey, who wants their dad to catch them out?

All through dinner that night my erection continued, and I’d had it for so long that it was beginning to get painful, and the fact that Ciaran was sitting next to me and would occasionally drop his hand under the table and give me a tweak didn’t help matters; in fact I almost shot my load when Amanda put the home-made apple pie on the table, and not because I like apples!!

Once dinner was over and done with, dad looked around at us and said with a melodramatic wink, “Well boys, I imagine that as you’ve all been so busy today, you’ll be looking to have an early night.”

Good idea, dad.” I said as the other boys made noises of agreement.

Just remember not to make too much noise, boys. Otherwise your mother and I may have to join in, and believe me, she can be VERY noisy under certain circumstances.”

Yeuk, dad, that is so gross.” I said, but gave him a hug, being careful not to press my hard-on against him.

When we finally got upstairs I was desperate for relief and dragged my clothes off in ten seconds flat. I pulled Ciaran to me and felt his cock through his shorts, hardening against mine. “Phew.” He said, his nose twitching. “Shower first, man.”

Oh, shit. I just can’t wait.” I said.

No need to.” Ciaran said, “Surely the shower’s big enough for two, and I’d really love to make sure you’re squeaky clean with my own fair hands.”

I swallowed hard with anticipation and pulled Ciaran into the bathroom before Kai and Leo got the same idea.

I ran the shower and adjusted it to the right temperature, and then I pulled Ciaran under the warm water with me. I grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into Ciaran’s hair while he grabbed the soap and began to lather it up into a wash cloth prior to soaping up my chest with it. As he rubbed the cloth over my nipples I had to clench my buttocks and internal muscles to stop myself from shooting my load without my cock being touched. I think I even prayed that I could hold on a little longer. “P … p … please don’t t … touch my c … c … cock, Ciaran.” I managed to stammer, knowing full well that if he did, I’d lose control completely.

When I managed to start breathing again, I finished rubbing the shampoo into Ciaran’s hair and pushed his head back under the shower head. Then I took the cloth, which was still soapy, and began to work on Ciaran’s chest. “How come you’re not as worked up as I am?” I asked.

Well, ummm. Don’t get annoyed with me, but, well, Kai was desperate and we just sort of, well …”

Aaaaah, I get the picture.” I said. “But why should I be mad at you if you and Kai help one another out on the odd occasion?”

Ummmm … well … the odd three occasions …. All last night, actually.”

The look on Ciaran’s face was so utterly apologetic that I just had to laugh at him.

You don’t mind?” He asked.

Ciaran,” I began, resuming washing his chest, “You don’t imagine that Leo and I have been totally celibate, do you?”

What? You and he …?” I nodded.

Show me a gay teenage boy that can say ‘no’ when his hormones are raging and there’s another hot guy within touching distance.” I said.

Ciaran breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought you might want to finish with me if you found out that I was still having fun with Kai.”

But that’s just it, Ciaran. You were just having fun, the same as I’ve just been having fun with Leo, so let’s not think about it any more.” As I finished speaking I lowered the cloth to Ciaran’s cock and, from his sharp intake of breath, I suspected that he might be closer to orgasm than he’d thought.

We both forgot about washing one another and I sank to my knees and took in the sight of Ciaran’s rock hard member before I leaned forwards and kissed the tip of it; and then I pulled him away from the shower head so that the water wasn’t running off the end as I slipped my mouth over his exposed glans. Ciaran was already beginning to moan and a few seconds later he shot the first of his load into the back of my throat and I quickly pulled back so that I could taste and savour the rest of it. I struggled to my feet and shared his offering with him in a long, deep kiss before Ciaran knelt to return the favour. “This will take seconds rather than minutes.” I warned him; and sure enough, as soon as I felt his warm, wet mouth on my glans, I could feel my juices begin to rise; and less than half a minute later I experienced my long-awaited orgasm, and what an orgasm it was. I stayed on my feet for as long as possible, but I was soon on my knees with Ciaran, once again sharing boy seed with him, this time mine.

We quickly finished washing one another and when we turned off the shower we could hear Kai and Leo making love in the next room. They obviously couldn’t wait to shower first. We stood in the doorway and watched them for a minute or two, but decided that there wasn’t a lot that we could learn from them, so we adjourned to our own room and climbed naked into bed. Ciaran snuggled up against me with his head on my shoulder and his hand on my cock, just as my hand was on his, and thus we fell asleep. I woke a couple of hours later and, like the previous night, I was dying to pee. I could see that the bathroom light was on through the partly opened door, and I could hear the sound of someone peeing. I cleared my throat as I opened the door wider and Kai turned his head to me and smiled. “Wanna share?” He asked. I joined him at the lavatory bowl and began to pee. “You were watching us earlier.” He said softly. “Does it bother you that Leo and I were ...” He began as he moved to wash his hands.

Of course not.” I said. “He’s your lover now. He and I just …”

Help each other out, just like Ciaran and me.” Kai replied, again with a smile. There was no doubt about it, Kai Ryan was a strikingly handsome boy, and if his brother grew to look more like him in a couple of year’s time, I would have no objections whatsoever. “G’night Will.” Kai said and kissed me gently on the cheek, and patted me playfully on the butt as he returned to Leo’s waiting arms.

Goodnight Kai.” I said as I turned off the light. I stood in the doorway to my room as I had the previous night, but this time I was, of course, looking at Ciaran. Again the moon was spotlighting his naked body and I think I could just detect the merest hint of a suggestion of the smallest amount of excess fat around his stomach area. What my mother would refer to as ‘puppy fat’. I knew that he would grow out of it very soon, but even if he didn’t I wouldn’t complain. It added to the boyish look that I loved so much. My cock was hardening as I continued to look at him, and after just a few seconds he began to stir. All of a sudden his eyes opened and looked straight at me. “I realised that you weren’t in bed with me.” He said.

I just went for a pee, and then as I came back I couldn’t help but stand and look at you. You looked so sweet lying there.” I said.

Sweet!! You think I look sweet!?!”

I nodded. “And cute.”

Ciaran launched himself from the bed. “Sweet and cute??” He said as he gripped my wrists and tried to wrestle me to the floor.

Sssshhhhh.” I said. “You don’t want my dad to carry out his threat, do you?” Ciaran immediately saw the funny side of this, and started to laugh, triggering the need to pee, so he made a bee line for the bathroom while I got comfortable in bed to wait for him. When he came back into the bedroom he came and stood by the bed and I could see that he had something on his mind. “What’s up mate?” I asked him.

Do you remember when you let me make love to you; I mean all the way?”

How could I possibly forget?” I asked. “Do you want to do it again?” I asked, my hopes rising.

Ummmm … well, yes. But not right now. I’ve been wanting to know what it feels like to be … well, fucked; so I asked Kai if he’d get me ready for you.”

Ciaran, there was no need for that.” I said. “I don’t want to rush you, and you’re younger than me, and a bit smaller; I think I’d hurt you if we did that. It would be a pretty tight fit.”

But that’s my whole point.” Ciaran said, sitting on the bed. “When I first asked Kai to help me he thought you were pressuring me into doing it, and he was going to come and punch your lights out, but when I said that you’d let me fuck you and it was me that wanted to have you inside me, he agreed to help me out. I don’t mean that he went all the way with me; I don’t think he’d want to do that, although he’s let me fuck him, but he’s been stretching my butt ready for you. I can’t tell you how erotic that was because of my injury. I’d heard before that some women can have multiple orgasms, but I never realised that it could happen to guys, but it certainly happened to me.”

And when do you think you’ll be ready for me?” I asked, my cock screaming for attention now.

Ciaran was silent for a few moments before he took a deep breath. “How about now?” He asked.

I grinned at him. “Only if you’re really, really sure.” I said, seeing that he looked really nervous.

I want to, and yet I don’t want to.” He said. “I’m desperate to feel you inside me, but at the same time … well, I’m not exactly frightened, but I’m very … I don’t know what the word is.”

Ciaran, it’s a HUGE step.” I told him, “and it’s not peculiar to you. In fact, it’s not peculiar to gay boys. Most girls, well decent girls anyway, are reluctant to lose their virginity, and like you, they want to go all the way, but there can only be one first time, and it’s important that it’s the right time and with the right person.”

Oh, I think I know it’s with the right person, and I know I’m ready for it, at least I am physically; I’m just not sure that I can get my head round it.”

Is it the pain you’re worried about?” I asked.

Yea, that’s a big part of it, but … well; I’m not sure how to put this. I keep thinking of an old song on one of my dad’s records called, ’will you still love me tomorrow?’ I know it’s stupid, because you’ve let me do it to you, and I love you all the more, but I’m just worried that …”

You’re worried that I’ll think you’re a slut?” I asked, only just managing to stop myself from laughing.”


Come here.” I said. Ciaran snuggled up next to me. “Ciaran, I don’t care if I never fuck you. I’ll still feel the same about you, but if you do let me go all the way with you, whenever that might be, it wouldn’t make me love you any less.”

OK Will, and thanks.” Ciaran said. “Can I sleep on it?”

Of course.” I said as I moved my hands to his crotch. “Want me to do something about that stiffness?”

Hmmm, please.” Ciaran said.

Well, can I kiss you first please?” I asked.

Yes please.” Ciaran said, leaning in to me.

No, not like that.” I said. “Just lie on your back and let me take over.”

Ciaran shuffled on to his back and made himself comfortable while I got out of bed and went to stand by his feet, which would be the starting place for what I had in mind. Once Ciaran was perfectly comfortable, I took his feet in my hands and began my kissing with his toes. Because Ciaran went barefoot whenever he could, his feet never smelled bad, and it was a pleasure for me to give him attention in this way. Once I’d finished with his feet, I worked my way up his legs slowly, switching my kisses from one leg to the other. I gave his inner thighs special attention and several times I had to discourage him from taking himself in hand, and once or twice, he practically begged me to finish him off, but I was determined that he would last a little longer. Even when I left his thighs and bypassed his crotch, he was making little screeching noises as I paid attention to his belly button, which I both kissed and licked liberally, then moved up to his nipples. Of course, my body was right on top of him by now and my own cock was as hard as his, and we were both leaking like taps. Once I started properly on his nipples, I knew that if anybody in the house was awake, they would know exactly what was going on here in my bedroom, a fact which was confirmed when I looked towards the connecting bathroom and saw Leo standing in the doorway, cock in hand, winking at me. I took first one nipple gently between my teeth, and then as I took the other, Ciaran gave a cry and I felt his boy juice squirting up between us. I had given him the relief that I’d promised, but I was in no mind to stop yet.

While Ciaran rested after his orgasm, I went over to the bathroom to get a towel and realised that Kai had been looking over Leo’s shoulder. “That was really hot, man.” He said.

Oh, I haven’t finished with him yet.” I said as I grabbed a towel.

Oh, my word.” Leo said, which was about as close to an expletive as Leo ever got.

When I got back to Ciaran I leaned down and kissed him on the lips, and he was smiling while we kissed so our teeth clashed together, which made us both laugh. “Thanks Will.” Ciaran said.

I haven’t finished with you yet.” I said as I cleaned up his stomach, then I laid the towel down on the bed and gently rolled him over on to it, face down. Taking my place once again at his feet, I resumed my kissing extravaganza with the soles of his feet, working my way up the back of his legs. The backs of Ciaran’s knees seemed to be very sensitive, so I took some time over them, then moved on upwards. I knew that where I was going next was particularly sensitive, and I knew that Ciaran would be hot with anticipation. I began kissing the lovely pert cheeks of his butt, and when I looked over at the other lads, Kai was on his knees with Leo’s cock in his mouth, and his hand working its magic on his own cock, and judging by Leo’s moans, which I was all too familiar with, he wasn’t far off filling Kai’s mouth. I slowly worked my way in to the crack of Ciaran’s delightful butt, and it was like unleashing a playful tiger. He certainly growled like a tiger as he thrashed around on the bed, making it more and more difficult for me to accomplish my task, but after a minute or so he seemed to calm down sufficiently for me to bring him to his second orgasm of our nocturnal adventure, and just as Ciaran reached his orgasm, so Kai shot his load.

I was determined to finish the mission that I had set for myself, so I moved on upwards from Ciaran’s butt, away up to the his shoulder blades and the back of his neck, and then even into his hair, so I could now say that I had kissed every inch of his young body. As I completed my task I realised that Kai and Leo had swapped places and Leo was now making his own animal-like noises; not quite as tigeresque as Ciaran, but I wondered if this phenomenon ran in the family. I climbed into bed with Ciaran, and after Leo had shot his load, Ciaran called to him and Leo to join us for the rest of the night, and that is how we found ourselves the next morning; all snuggled together and the proverbial tangle of arms and legs. I was to find over the next couple of weeks that this would be repeated on several occasions, but more about that later.

We managed to disentangle from one another and after affectionate greetings and gropings all round Leo and Kai opted for the first shower while Ciaran and I spent a little more time being affectionate, and he thanked me for what I had done the previous night. I assured him that the pleasure was all mine and that I looked forward to repeating it often.

Breakfast was an ad-hoc affair. Mum and Amanda were already in the surgery and dad had gone over to the mainland to get some materials he would need for decorating his and mum’s bedroom. While we were eating I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and started drafting a newspaper advertisement. After some thought and agonizing, I called for order and said, “How’s this: ‘Greenavon Island Gay Teens Club is looking for members for its inaugural meeting. If you are gay or bi please call 07857 622456 for details of our first meeting.’”

It’s short and to the point.” Kai said. “But what are you going to do if you start getting offensive phone calls?”

Not really a problem.” I said. “It’s a pre-pay phone so there’s no address or keeper registered, and if anybody kicks off I’ll just press the button and cut them off. They’ll soon get fed up.”

I looked up the number of the local newspaper which, although it was the Greenavon Island Chronicle, the publishers were on the mainland. I got through to the ‘small ads’ department, but the guy I spoke to was a little apprehensive about taking an advertisement for a gay club, and the price that he quoted me was exorbitant. As I was going to ‘persuade’ my dad to pay for it, I was rather anxious, but then the guy I was speaking to had second thoughts and said that in view of the contentious subject of the ad, I would have to speak to the editor. Much to my surprise and delight, the editor accepted the ad without question and waived all charges. He also said that we could advertise for three months free of charge. Furthermore he said that he wouldn’t put the telephone number in the ad, but would use one of the newspaper’s telephone numbers and screen all the replies for me, and only pass on my telephone number to people who he considered were only interested for the right reason. When I asked him why he was doing this, he told me that he was very moved by a story that another of his newspapers had covered, where a young gay guy committed suicide after being thrown out by his parents and had had no one else to turn to. He told me that he would give his backing to any group that supported young vulnerable people, whether gay or straight.

When I got back to the others and told them what the newspaper editor had said, they were amazed, and thought that it was very kind of him to screen any homophobes that might try to call me.

Why don’t we all go down to the place I have in mind for the first meeting?” I suggested.

Where’s that?” The others chorused.

Remember the beach we went to when you arrived on the island, Leo?” I asked.

Good idea.” Leo replied.

Won’t the beach be a bit public? Especially if some of the guys get a bit over-friendly.”

Not the beach we’re talking about.” Leo said. If you didn’t know it was there you’d never find it.”

Well, what are we waiting for?” Ciaran asked. Fortunately mum came in from the surgery at that point, so I asked her if I could use the Range Rover, but she told me that dad had taken it over to the mainland. “He said if you needed to use a car you could borrow his.”

I was silent for a moment, but the sly little smile on mum’s face was not lost on me. “You are joking.” I said. “Surely you don’t mean he’d let me drive his precious Jaguar.”

The keys are in the basket by the front door.” Mum said. “And please, please, please be careful. You know it’s the firm’s car, and he would have a lot of explaining to do if it got damaged.”

OK, I get the message.” I said, grabbing the keys and running out to the car before anyone changed their minds.

Bloody hell!” Ciaran said when he saw the car. “Are you sure about this Will? It’s one thing to drive around in a clapped out old Range Rover, but a shiny black Jag; that’s a completely different matter.

That Range Rover is NOT clapped out.” I said defensively. “And I’ll have you know I’m a damned good driver.”

I pressed the button to unlock the doors and Ciaran was in the front passenger seat like a shot. He opened the window, then shouted, “Come on bro. You heard Doctor Martin. She told Will he could use it.” Kai shrugged his shoulders and got into the back of the car along with Leo.

Wow; leather upholstery, and its automatic transmission. Did I hear it was the firm’s car? I thought your dad worked for the government.” Ciaran said.

He does.” I said.

With a car like this he’s not a humble civil servant, that’s for sure.” Kai said.

He is a civil servant.” I said. “But he’s not allowed to talk about what he does exactly. I just know that he travels all over the world.”

Are you telling us that he’s a spy?” Kai asked.

I’m not telling you anything. In fact, I can’t tell you anything because I really don’t know anything.” I said, starting the engine.

The car sprang into life and I revved the engine gently before it settled back into a gentle purr. “Maybe it should be called a pussy-cat, not a Jaguar.” Kai said, making us all laugh. I was used to driving an automatic because mum’s Citroen had automatic transmission, but this Jaguar swept smoothly away in almost total silence and without a hint of ‘pull’.

Our journey to the beach was almost silent, with only the occasional observation about either the car or the route we were taking. When we arrived, the tide was in and waves were crashing on to the sand, but there was still plenty of beach left exposed. Ciaran, barefoot as usual, went straight down and paddled in the water while the rest of us just stood and stared out to sea. “I never knew this place existed.” Kai said. “It’s so secluded.”

Yea, we’re right at one corner of the island and it’s just a little bay on its own. Nobody comes here. Even if they know about it, they tend to go elsewhere because there are no facilities here. No café, no toilets, no amusements that you usually find at the seaside.” I explained.

Hey!” called Ciaran. “Why don’t you come in and paddle?” We all turned towards him and a smile suddenly appeared on all three of our faces. “What are you lot grinning at?” He asked, as a larger than average wave slowly crept up behind him, enveloping his legs, including his shorts, then up to and over his waist. “Bollocks! He shouted. “You bastards. Why didn’t you tell me?” He came up on to the beach, tugging on his soaking wet shorts.

Ummmm. I think you’d better get those off, Ciaran.” I said.

Oh yes, and give everyone an eyeful.” He said.

Ciaran; there are only the three of us here and we’re all very familiar with what you’ve got.” Kai said.

Yea, you’ve got a point.” He said, pushing his shorts down and stepping out of them. He picked them up and wrung as much water out of them as he could before putting them on a rock to dry.

I was smiling, looking at Ciaran with his soft cock, nestling with his balls. “What are you smiling at now?” He asked.

You just look so cute.” I said.

WHAT IS IT WITH YOU?” He shouted


Yes you are Ciaran.” Leo said. “Almost as cute as your brother.”

Hey, what is this?” Kai said. “Tease the Irish day?”

Only cute Irish boys.” I said, running so that Ciaran would chase me.

Of course, I let him catch me after a little while and he punished me with a kiss, a kiss that lingered until his brother whispered in his ear, “Hey, bro; you really do have a cute butt. Did you realise that you swish it when you run?”

I DO NOT swish my butt.” Ciaran insisted.

Hey, don’t tease my boyfriend.” I said, standing behind him and putting my hands round him to rest on his stomach. “Even is he does swish his cute little butt.” As I said the last sentence I let my hands drop to his cock and played with him gently.

Bastard.” He said with a giggle and, yes, a swish of his butt against my ever-hardening cock.

As I looked over his shoulder out to sea I could see Jake’s little boat chugging across from the mainland as it did every day with the island’s newspaper and supplies for the general store. I wondered whether my advertisement would be in today’s issue, but as I only phoned it in this morning, I had little hope that it would be.

Why don’t we go skinny dipping?” Leo asked. “Remember Will, we did it last time.”

Yea, sure, if you want to.” I said.

Leo wasted no time in stripping off, and then he ran down to the sea and threw himself into the waves. Kai was quick to follow suit, and I marvelled once again how alike he and Ciaran were. “Do you want to go in?” Ciaran whispered in my ear.

No, not today.” I said, “But don’t let me stop you.”

No, I’ll stay here with you.” He said. “Do you think we can find something to do to pass the time?”

Oh, I guess I could think of something.” I said, tweaking his cock.

Ciaran turned around to face me and unsnapped the waistband of my shorts, and they fell to the ground. He then dropped to his knees and with one hand he juggled my balls while he began stroking my cock with the other. As I was already half hard it wasn’t long before he opened his mouth and I felt the warmth of his mouth and the dampness of his saliva on me as he slipped the fingers of one hand into the crack of my butt, still juggling my balls with the other. My knees were already feeling weak and I wondered whether I could stay on my feet for the rest of the blowjob

I caught a glimpse of Leo and Kai playing in the waves, and there certainly seemed to be a lot of bodily contact going on there. My knees actually gave way when Ciaran slipped a finger into my butt, and as my knees hit the ground Ciaran lay down and swivelled around, and within seconds he had me in his mouth again, bringing me to orgasm in no time as I fought for breath. When I had recovered sufficiently, I began paying attention to Ciaran’s little hardness problem. I say little, but for a kid two years younger than me, he was nicely endowed, certainly more than enough to keep me happy. As I sucked gently on his cock I slipped my right hand around to his butt and as I ran it down his crack, his hips bucked wildly. “Sorry.” I said, letting his cock go for a moment.

Don’t be.” He replied. “It’s just so sensitive around there, but in a good way.” I resumed sucking on him and, as he had done to me, I slipped a finger inside him. It went in easily and I silently thanked Kai for loosening him up. A few seconds later I found his prostate and he bucked again and again. He was screeching pretty loudly by this time, but I knew there would be nobody around to hear us, so I continued happily until I was rewarded with a mouthful of his sweet boy juice. We lay and kissed for a while until we heard the others’ voices as they approached. They were laughing and shouting and it was clear that they’d been having a high old time in the water that was continuing on the beach. As they rushed past us, they kicked up sand, which ended up all over us, so we leapt to our feet and chased after them. The four of us played ‘grab-ass’ for a while until we were all completely exhausted; then we went and washed the sand off in the sea and sat chatting on the rocks until we dried off. As we sat I heard my mobile phone ring and saw a strange number on the display. Could the ad possibly have already appeared in the newspaper, and could this be the first potential recruit to the gay club?

Hello?” I said, answering the phone. There was a brief silence at the other end and then I heard someone take a deep breath.

H..Hello … um … is that Will?”

Yes, speaking.” I said as I wandered away from the others for a little privacy.

“”Ummm. My name’s ummm Charlie. I .. ummm is that the gay club?” I could tell that the kid at the other end was very nervous.

Hey, Charlie, look … this is the first time I’ve done this too, so I’m probably just as nervous as you are; maybe more. Just tell me about yourself.” I said, realising that I really hadn’t thought this through at all.

Yea, OK, my name’s Charlie and …” His voice tailed off.

Your name’s Charlie and you’re probably about to make one of the biggest statements of your life.” I said. “Let me help you out here. My name’s Will, and I’m gay. I’m gay Charlie, and I’m proud of who I am.”

I heard another deep breath at the other end of the phone, and then a very tentative voice said, “Ummm I’m gay too.”

That’s great Charlie.” I said. “Tell me a little more about yourself.”

His voice was still wavering a little as he said, “Well, there’s not much to tell really. I’m sixteen years old and I live with my mum and dad at the manor house. Mum’s a cook to Lord Whitton, and my dad works for the newspaper. That’s how I found out about your club. My dad’s a typesetter and he was putting together tomorrow’s advertisements when he saw your advert; so he phoned and told me about it.”

Obviously your dad knows that you’re gay then.” I said.

Oh yes. My brother caught me looking at gay porn on the Internet last year, and he outed me. The bastard never liked me and the feeling was mutual back then, but since this all came to a head we’ve got on a lot better. Dad doesn’t pretend to understand me being gay, but mum seems to have accepted it OK.”

Sounds like everything’s OK at home then.” I said. “Any boyfriends on the horizon?”

No, and that’s the main problem.” Charlie said. “Living at The Manor I don’t get much chance to mix with other kids, let alone gay ones, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone at school.”

OK, so do you actually live in the Manor House?” I asked.

No, we live in a cottage in the grounds. It’s a fantastic place to live, but not exactly the best place for an active social life.”

No, I can imagine it could be difficult.” I said. “Tell me, are you at home today Charlie?” I asked.

Yea, home and bored to tears.” Charlie said.

How would it be if we came and picked you up and introduced ourselves?” I asked.

We; who’s we?” Charlie asked.

Well, there are just four of us so far. As well as me, there’s Leo, Kai and Ciaran. We’re all gay, and we’re two couples, but we’re hoping to get a few more kids involved, and if you want to join us, you can be the first.” I said.

There were a few moments silence before Charlie asked, “Would that be Kai and Ciaran Ryan?”

Yea.” I replied. “Do you know them from school?”

I do, yes; but they’re so … “

So what?” I asked.

Well, so normal.” He replied. “Not gay at all.”

Well Charlie, are you normal?” I asked him,

Charlie thought for a moment before he said, “Oh, I get you now.”

We’re all normal Charlie.” I assured him. “We just happen to be gay. So, are we going to come and pick you up?”

OK, but I’ll meet you by the gatehouse, then you won’t have to come into the Manor grounds. His Lordship’s away at the moment, but his son’s here and he’s a real pain in the arse. He thinks he owns the place. Still, I suppose he will one day.”

OK Charlie, how about we meet you at the gatehouse in half an hour?”

OK.” Charlie said. “See you then.”

I went back to the others and told them what the conversation had been about, and they were all quite excited that we were about to meet our first potential member, apart from ourselves, of the Greenavon Island Gay Association (GIGA).

Things were looking up!!

To be continued.

My thanks once again to R for editing and to M for putting up with me. If you would like to contact me you can do so at