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Life's Journey

Chapter 12
Trouble in Paradise

What could be happening to us. Why were these new people coming onto our lives and messing everything up? First Marc,whywas I falling in love with him? I love Sean. This is so confusing to me, I just don't know what to do.

Ok, think this out. Do I love Sean? HELL YES, I love him more than anything else in the world. I would do anything for him, I have risked my life for him. Ok, that part is not in question. Does Sean love me? YES! I don't doubt that at all. He would risk his life for me. Ok, that answers that question. Now, the tough part. Do I love Marc? Hmmmm. Well, yes, I think I do. So, do I love Marc as much as I love Sean? NO! Ok, that was easy. Do I tell Marc this? Yes, I think I should.

I went upstairs to find Marc. I knocked at his bedroom door.

"Come in." Came the reply.

I opened the door and looked in.

"Marc, can I talk to you please."

"Sure David, what's up?"

"Marc, I really need to tell you something. I hope it doesn't upset you too much but I really need to get this out."

He looked at me with those eyes of his. They made me melt on the spot, almost to the point of chickening out.

"Marc, I know that I love you."

"Oh David, I love you too. You don't know how much." He got up and started for me. I motioned for him to stop.

"Marc, I do love you but I love Sean more. I would do anything for him. I don't want to hurt him, I won't hurt him. I guess what I am trying to say is that, even though I love you, I can't let that feeling get in the way of my love for Sean. I really think we need to stay away from each other. I don't know what I would do if I lost Sean. Him going out and meeting Nic has really started me to thinking. He could leave me and I couldn't deal with that."

Marc stood there, tears starting to form at the corners of his eyes. He looked devastated. Then he started turning red in the face. The look on his face changed to one of anger. He stared at me with so much anger that I thought he was going to attack me on the spot.

"Listen to me you selfish, cold, heartless asshole. You lead me on, tell me that you love me and then when things get a little stressful, you dump me like I was nothing. Let me tell you something you BASTARD !! I will kill both you and Sean."

The last few words he yelled as he stepped toward me raising his fist. He took another step closer and I quickly kicked him in the balls. "AHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIEEEEE," He cried as he crumpled to the floor. I looked down at him shaking my head.

"Marc, I still care for you, a lot. But if you ever threaten me or Sean again, you will wish you were never born." I said as I turned and left the room.

The nerve of him doing something like that. Who does he think he is? Attila the Hun? Calling me names, shit!

I stormed down the hall to our bedroom looking for Sean. As I opened the door, I saw him lying on the bed. Naked, with an erection. I slowly closed the door and as the latch clicked, Sean turned his head to me with a very sultry look in his eyes.

He wiggled his finger at me saying, "Come here baby, I have something for you."

Do you think I hesitated? Yeah right! I was on top of him so fast that lightening couldn't have struck me. I landed on top of him and looked deep into his eyes. Yes, it was still there. I could see that he loved me more than anything in this world. More than life itself. God, Please help me. I need this person in my life forever. Please help me keep him. I leaned down and pressed my lips to his. No passion, just total unbridled love. I was willing every ounce of love I have to him. Giving myself totally to him. Nothing like Marc would ever come between us again.

"David, I love you so much. Please forgive me."

"Sean, there isn't anything for me to forgive. I am the one that should be asking you to forgive me."

"You were always truthful with me David. I don't know of anyone that could fault you for that."

"Just in case you didn't feel it, something like this will never happen again. You are all I want, all I need from now until the end of time." I said as I locked my lips to his again.

"Hey everyone, you thought the chapter was over didn't you? Well, it isn't yet. I thought you might like another view of what David and Sean are going through. A more mature view. This is Sam. You should recognize my name by now, you remember? David's Uncle?"

"I just thought I would clear a few things up before we continue too much further in the story. First of all, I love David as much as I love my own Son. To be truthful, maybe even more. Marc and I have never been all that close. He is so much like his mother and his mother and I clashed. So, when I heard that Marc had threatened David, 'I heard it from Marc, not David' I came unglued. What happened was this........"

I heard moaning coming from Marc's bedroom as I walked down the hall. His door was open so I looked in and saw Marc on the floor, doubled up, holding his crotch. When he was finally able to talk to me, he told me what had happened. After I finally settled down enough to think, I told Marc that he was moving out. He had always been a real problem to control and I just couldn't take it anymore.

The next morning I made arrangements for him to move to a small town in the northern part of the state. An old friend of mine had a ranch up there and he would whip the boy into shape. I sound like a heterosexual father don't I? Well, he would be treated right. Doc and Helen are really good people and they have raised several young men already, several of them Gay. I thought it was best for the whole situation. He left the house quietly two days later. Do I sound like a heartless father? Maybe I am.

David and Sean had completely changed since Marc left the house. It has been almost six months now and the two of them are more in love than they were when they first arrived. I can tell, an observant parent can always tell when their children are in love. Just their actions around each other told the whole complete story. They couldn't keep their eyes or their hands off of each other. One of them was always talking about the other when they were apart. Which wasn't very often and when they were it wasn't for very long.

Now for the exciting part. Sean inherited a bunch of money. I mean a whole bunch. He had a Godfather that was killed about a month after he and David moved here. This Godfather didn't have any children of his own so he left his estate to Sean. Since Sean was still a minor and I was appointed as Sean's guardian. I had final control over what he did with the money. Half of the money, which amounted to several million dollars, was put into a trust until Sean was 25 years of age. The other half, again several million dollars was available for Sean to do with as he pleased, with my approval of course. I had him buy some stocks in a few new high tech companies that were just getting started in the Silicone Valley. Just a few thousand shares each. Nothing elaborate.

Of course he bought a car. A new stereo system and he insisted on paying for some of the household expenses. I refused at first but he was so relentless that I finally gave in. With my approval, he hired a tutor for him and David. They were both real smart kids and they didn't have a problem keeping up with the assignments they received. One day, David brought me a few plays that Sean had written. I was very surprised when I started reading the first on, he was really good. No! He was great. I knew that he could have these plays produced and I knew just the person to help him along. So, I secretly took the manuscripts to my good friend Bill Rapton. He was the director of the Ellington Theatre here in the city. About four days after I left the plays with Bill, he called me.

"Sam, we need to talk. I don't know where you got those pieces but they are wonderful. I want to produce three of them as soon as you can obtain the rights from the author."

"I don't think that will be too much of a problem Bill. The author is living with me."

"WHAT? Who is he? How long have you known him? Do you think he will be stubborn about the royalties? When can I meet him?"

"Bill, slow down. To answer your questions, His name is on the plays, I have known him for a few months and he won't be too stubborn about the royalties. I'll have to check on an appointment though."

"Sam, that is wonderful. You just let me know when he is available and I will clear my schedule for him. Thanks Sam, you have done me a favor."

"No Bill, you are doing me a favor. I'll explain more when we meet."

I knew it. I knew that they were good but wow! I have never seen Bill this excited about anything before. I have to tell Sean.

I ran up stairs, almost forgetting to knock on their bedroom door.


"It's me, can I come in?"

"Uhh, ohh, uhhh, yeah, just a minute." I heard David answer.

In a few minutes the door slowly opened with a sheepish looking David on the other side. He was only wearing his briefs.

"Ohh, sexy." I teased.

David turned about six different shades of red and motioned me into the room. Sean was sitting on the bed in his briefs too.

"ohh, that's cute too." I teased.

"Ok, whats up Sam?" Sean asked.

"Well, David brought your plays for me to read and..."

"He what?" Sean exploded. "David! Why did you do that? I told you that I didn't want anyone but you to read those."

"Sean, I'm sorry but they are so good. I had to share them with Sam, he is family and they are wonderful. You can't keep them from people. You have to share."

"I don't want to share them with just anyone David. I guess it is ok that you showed Sam, like you said, he is family. Just as long as you don't show anyone else." Sean demanded.

"Ahh, Sean, we may have a problem." I said.

Sean just looked at me.

"You see, after I read the first one, I was so impressed that I just knew that Bill Rapton would be interested in them, so I took them over to him and he is ecstatic. He wants to produce them at the Ellington."

"NO! No fucking way is anyone else going to read them. You call him back right now and tell him that you want them back. Then you get in your car and go get them." Sean yelled.

"Listen young man. Don't talk to me in that tone. You will show respect to me." I angrily replied.

"Respect? Respect he says. What kind of respect did you show me when you took MY plays and gave them to someone else?"

To be continued......

Copyright S. John Holder 2000

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