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Life's Journey

Chapter 13

Sean was really pissed about the whole thing. I finally admitted to him that I was wrong in taking his plays to Bill. David asked me to leave the room for a few minutes. I could hear them arguing through the closed door. After several minutes, the door opened and Sean asked me to come back in.

"Sam, I am sorry that I got so upset. I wrote those plays when I was still hiding who I was. They bring back a lot of pain for me. But, David has talked some sense into me, as he usually does and I want you to go ahead and explain what you did with them."

He walked to me and gave me a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Sean, you were right. I should have talked to you before I gave them to Bill, but I was so excited with how wonderful they were that I just wasn't thinking. Bill would like to meet with you and talk about royalties as soon as possible."

"You mean he is that interested in them?" David asked.

"Oh yes, I thought he was going to have a coronary when he called back. He was really excited." I answered. "When would you like to meet him?"

"When ever he wants to meet. It isn't like I have any set schedule." Sean replied.

"Why don't we call him back now."

I went to the phone and called Bill. He wanted to see Sean right away.

"I'll be right over if that is ok with you Sam?" Bill told me over the phone.

"Sure Bill, now is fine. I'll watch for you."

I hung up the phone and looked at the boy's.

"Well David, I think our Sean is going to be a celebrity."

It didn't take Bill more than fifteen minutes to arrive. He ran to the front door, ringing the bell like a mad man.

"Ok Bill, give me a minute will you." I yelled as I made my way to the door.

I had barely opened the front door and Bill was on me like a wild cat.

"Where is he Sam! Where is this fabulous author?" He jabbered in his eloquent British accent.

"He will be down in an minute Bill. Come on in and sit. You need to settle down a little. I think you need a drink."

I got Bill his drink and settled him down a little when Sean and David walked into the room.

"Bill Rapton, I would like you to meet Sean Simon and his boyfriend David Spencer."

The three of them shook hands and Bill started in on Sean. "But, but you're just a kid."

Sean's face changed suddenly to one of anger. "Yes, I'm just a kid. So what? Does that change the fact that I wrote those plays that you are so excited about?"

Bill shook his head, looking chastised. "No it doesn't Mr. Simon, you just surprised me is all. You work shows such a high level of maturity."

Changing gears fast,"Mr. Simon, I love your work. There are three of your plays that I have to get the rights to. They are wonderful, I just have to produce them. How much do you want for the rights?"

"Bill, aren't you moving a little fast here?" I asked. "Why don't you draw up a contract and we will have Jimmy Peterson look them over."

"What? Jimmy Peterson? That screwed little pip squeak? Why did you ever hire him as your attorney?"

"Bill, I don't think you should talk about Jimmy that way. He is a very dear friend of mine. You are not getting off on the right side of me here." I admonished.

"Ok Sam, Ok. You are right. It seems like every deal that Jimmy is in on, I get the short end of the stick. He is one screwed attorney."

"That is why I hired him. Now look. I am Sean's guardian. I will make sure that everything works to his advantage, you already know how screwed I can be."

"Yes Sam, I know. Ok, I'll draw up the contract and get it to you tomorrow." Turning to Sean, Bill asked. "Sean, how much time will you have to do re-writes? There aren't a lot but some things will have to be changed to accommodate the theatre and depending on who the actors are and how they fit the story line."

"Why don't you give Sean a chance at one of the parts?" David asked.


"Actually Sean, that might be a very good idea. Have you ever acted before?" Bill asked.

"NO and I am not going to start now."

"Sean, you are a very good looking young man. Tall, well built. Your dark hair and brilliant green eyes, those chiseled features. You would be excellent if you can act at all. Give it some thought. Just think! The playwright acts in his first production. If the play turns out half as good as I think it will, you will be famous. Besides, you already know the script." Bill encouraged.

"Well, I don't know." Sean said.

David leaned over and put his arms around Sean's neck. "Baby, please? You would be fabulous. Do it for me."

Sean looked at David, his face melting when he looked into David's eyes.

"Ok, I give. I'll audition for one of the parts. But Bill will decide which part it will be."

"YAY! SEAN!" Yelled David.

Bill had a very large grin on his face.

"This is going to be the city's biggest hit this year. You just wait, it will run for weeks and weeks. I bet it will wind up on Broadway." Bill said excitedly.

"Ok, everything is settled for now. Just as soon as you get the contract to us, we will go over it with Jimmy." I said as Bill rose from his seat.

"Sure Sam. I'll have the contract here tomorrow by noon. I have to run now. Things to do, people to see, places to go. Bye guys." Bill said as he headed for the door.

I let Bill out the door and went back to talk to Sean.

"Well Sean, what do you think?" I asked.

"So much, so fast! I don't know what to think or how to act."

"Just be yourself and you will be fine. I know you have it in you." David said.

"Me too." I added.

We chatted for a little longer before everyone decided that they were exhausted from all of the excitement. We said our good nights and headed off to bed.

"Ok, it's my turn. Sean here. I am really confused. What is going on? I don't really want people to see what I wrote. It is way too personal. But both David and Sam were so excited about the whole thing. I just couldn't say no to them. Then that producer, he was almost bursting to get his hands on my plays."

David and I headed up to bed. I was exhausted from being angry at first and then frightened at the prospect of getting on a stage. I'm still frightened about that. Once inside our room David attacked me.

He jumped on me, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck. Kissing me from ear to ear.

"Sean, Sean, Sean. You are wonderful. I love you so much. I am so excited about the plays and YOU! An actor. I always knew you were destined for great things."

"David, I'm not an actor. At least not yet, I don't even know if I can act."

"You will be fantastic, I know it."

"Yeah right! Shut up and kiss me."

David did as I instructed. I moved us toward the bed and gently laid him down. Slowly I undressed my lover, one button at a time. Lingering at every exposed part of his body. Kissing and caressing the one I love. I knew every sensitive spot and I paid extra attention to them. By the time I exposed his manhood, he was throbbing with desire.

We woke up late the next morning. Sam had let us sleep in for a change. We had tutoring at 11 AM. It was already 10:45.

"Shit, were going to be late again." I said groggily as I started to climb out of bed.

I was half sitting up when I looked at David still sleeping soundly. I could stare at his angelic face for hours. I reached out with my hand to caress his cheek.

"I love you with all my being, with all my soul David. You are my life."

"I love you too Sean." David said opening his eyes, smiling at me.

"I thought you were still asleep."

"How could a person sleep with the sexiest man in the world stroking his cheek telling him that he was the love of his life?"

"Well, I probably could."

"And I am the princess of York too." David joked.

"You are my princess and my prince and my life David. God what would I do without you."

"I hope you never find out."

"I hope I don't either. It's time to get up. Our tutor will be here in 15 minutes. My love."

"Slave driver, why can't we take a day off?" David moaned.

"Because your uncle won't let us."

"All right, I'll get up."

I pulled the covers off of him. Looking at his nude body, with the normal morning stiffy. God how I loved every part of him. There wasn't an inch on his beautiful body that I didn't know intimently. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his penis. He groaned with pleasure.

"Ok you randy devil, out of bed with you before I drag you out with this tool of yours." I threatened.

"You wouldn't dare. You want to be cut off?"

"Ohh, is that a dare?" I said as I pulled harder.

"Noooooo, OUCH! You bitch you." David yelled as he laughed.

We finally got out of bed. But we were late, real late.

David and I walked into the study and Joan, our tutor was waiting for us.

"Where have you two been, you are an hour late." She reprimanded.

"Sorry Joan, we kinda got distracted." I said.

David blushed as he took his seat and we began the day's lessons.

A courier showed up at about 1 PM with the contract from Bill. Sam took it right over to Jimmy. At about 5 that afternoon Sam came back.

"Well boys, it looks like Bill took what I told him to heart. Sean, you are going to receive 25 percent of the profits from the first show and 15 percent on subsequent plays. He was very generous. He must be desperate to get his hands on your work."

"Is that a lot of money? I don't have a clue what one of the plays brings in." I asked.

"It can be a lot if the show runs any duration. But, if the show is a flop, you don't get a cent. So you will be taking a chance right along with Bill. I thought it was very fair." Sam answered.

We talked about it for a while longer. I wasn't really that enthused with the idea at all. I don't want to be famous. I just want to live a normal quiet life. But, since they are excited about the whole thing, I will do it for them. I just hope the plays don't do that well.

We had a little party that night, celebrating my upcoming celebrity. I had a little too much Champaign and barely made it back to our room.

"Sean, I think you are a little drunk." David stated.

"Uhhhh, yep, just a little. Hehehehe."

"Ohhh, that means I can take advantage of you."

"Honey buns, you can take advantage of me anytime you want."

David wrapped his arms around my waist. Looking deep into my eyes as he smiled. Of course I melted on the spot and started crying. I always get too emotional when I drink. But David could do that to me even if I wasn't drunk. I leaned down to him and kissed his with all the love I had in my body. We locked in that position for a very long time. Not needing to go any further. We are in love so deeply that our souls intertwined when we were this close.

I would make David proud of me in this new adventure. I would do my very best for him.

To be continued......

Copyright S. John Holder 2000

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