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Life's Journey

Chapter 3

The Accident, Or was it?

"OH SHIT!" Was all I could say.

Everyone around us started talking, I could hear the words.

"Faggots, queers, Oh gross."

I started shaking. I grabbed Sean's hand and drug him away from all of the hatred that I could not only hear, but also feel around us. Sean was in a daze; he was scared, he was angry. We ran down the street as fast as we could. I was all but dragging Sean. He kept stumbling, almost falling down. We ran and ran, trying to escape the turmoil that we had caused. All I could think of was that we were dead. They were going to catch us and kill us both. I sense that something terrible was going to happen. I knew it. What exactly it was, I didn't know, but it scared me. Really scared me.

I couldn't think of anything else to do except get home. Mom would help us. She said if we needed her help she would be there for us. We were just reaching the edge of town when I heard the sound of a vehicle coming up behind us fast.

I woke up about three days later. The first thought in my mind was Sean. Oh my god, "SEAAANNNN! SEAN! WHERE IS SEAN!" I yelled.

I tried to get out of the bed but I couldn't move. I looked down and both of my legs were in casts. My right arm was also plastered in a cast. I wasn't able to move. I had to find Sean. I had to know how he was. So I reached up with my left hand and pushed the call button and at the same time started yelling and cursing.


Three nurses and two orderlies came running through the door.

"David, calm down. What can I do for you?" Said a very calm male voice.

"I WANT TO SEE SEAN NOW!" I said loudly and very firmly.

"David, I am sorry but..."


"David, let me finish. Ok?" said the calming voice once again. "Sean is in having a CAT scan done right now. His bed is right next to yours. You will know it as soon as he returns."

I calmed down and for the first time looked at the source of that calming voice.

There stood the second most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. Yes, second, Sean was number one. He was tall, thin, not skinny but thin, blond hair and the most dizzying blue eyes I had ever seen. High cheekbones, dark skin, I had never seen anyone as dark as he was with blond hair and blue eyes. It was striking. The contrast was overwhelming. I think my jaw hit my chest because he smiled at me and patted my hand. "He's ok everyone. I'll stay with him until Sean gets back." He told the others. They started moving off.

"David, can you tell me what happened?" He asked.

"I don't really remember."

"Just tell me what you do remember, maybe it will come back to you." "Well, some guy was picking on Sean and he went off on the guy. I had to drag Sean off of the guy or I think he would have killed him. I was trying to calm him down when he said that just because we were...umm...we were...anyway, I decided that the best thing for us to do was get the hell out of there. I started running toward home. Sean was completely out of it; I was dragging him behind me, running as fast as I could. We had just reached the edge of town when I heard a car coming up fast behind us. That's all I can remember." I finally wound down a little.

"That's great David. You did fine. I know that the sheriff is going to want a statement from you. Just tell him the same things you told me. But, I would leave out the part that you couldn't talk about. Ok?" He asked.

"Why should I leave it out? Damn it, everyone probably knows now anyway. Sean and I are lovers. We are queer, we are fags." I said very calmly.

I thought that he would pull away from me but he just sat there holding my hand. Looking at me with a smile on that striking face of his. I could see in his eyes the compassion that he felt. For some reason I knew in my heart that I had nothing to fear from this man.

"David, don't ever call yourselves names like that again. You are two people that are in love. You can't put any label on that except love. Do you understand me David?"

"Well, that is how I feel, but it isn't how everyone else feels. Well almost everyone else." I smiled at him.

Shit, I didn't even know his name. He didn't have a name tag on.

"Can I ask what your name is. I don't want to call you, Hey Mister." I asked.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Patrick Midlow. Just call me Pat, ok?" "Sure Pat. And thanks."

"Not a problem kid. I'll be back to check on you, I think I see Sean on his way back."

With that he stood up and looked toward the door.

Here came Sean, wheeling himself along, an orderly trying to keep up with him.

"DAVID! Oh god David, you're awake, you had me scared bud."

He rolled up next to my bed and took my hand in his. I could see happiness and love in his eyes.

"God, Sean, I am so happy to see you. I was so worried when I woke up and your weren't here. I think I made a spectacle out of myself."

"He didn't make a spectacle out of himself, he just had half of the hospital running in here trying to figure out who was being tortured." Joked Pat.

I heard the overhead speakers paging "Dr. Midlow, Dr. Midlow, to the nurses station please." "Excuse me guys." He said.

I watched him walk away. "Damn!" I thought to myself, "he's a doctor too."

"What did you say David?" Asked Sean.

I guess I didn't say it to myself.

"I didn't know he was a doctor." "Oh yeah! He's great isn't he?"

"Yes he is and good looking too."

I looked at Sean as I said it. Watching his eyes for any concern that I might have caused. All I saw was happiness and love. I shivered from the intensity of the love I could see in his eyes. I am so much in love with him that all my mind, my heart could think about was him. His eyes, his mouth, his ears, his chin, his lips...oh yes his lips, well, everything about him. "David, I love you."

"Sean, I love you so much it hurts." I replied.

"Naaaa, you are only hurting because you are all busted up." He giggled.

"David, if it weren't for you I would not be here right now."

"W-what do you mean, Sean?"

"Don't you remember?"


"When that truck came at us, you shoved me out of the way, then...then...." He started breaking up, tears streaming down his face.

"Sean, what's wrong?" I asked.

He was sobbing, holding on to my hand so hard it hurt, well it hurt a little but I would never tell him that. I so much wanted to take him in my arms. I just wanted to hold him. I wanted to take his sorrow away. "Please Sean, tell me what is wrong."

He calmed down a little. "David, when you pushed me off of the road, the truck hit you. I was sure you were dead. I panicked." "Sean, I don't remember any of it. The last thing I remember is we were running and I heard a noise."

"You know David, you almost died."

His face had a very weird expression on it. It was a cross of fear and something else, I could tell that he was really hurting. "Sean, don't worry, I am doing fine. I am here. I am here for you. Now the only problem is how can I show you how much I love you with all these damn casts."

He looked at me, slowly a grin appeared on his face and then I saw lust in his eyes.

"I think we can figure out a way for you to do that."

"Oh you devil you." I laughed.

Sean stood up as best as he could with the cast on his leg and kissed me. Right there in the hospital. Now that I think about it, after all that has happened, whom the hell were we hiding from anyway? Shit, everyone at school already knows. That meant that everyone in this small town either knows or will soon enough. What the hell, go for it. So I reached behind Sean's head and pulled him to me. There we were in a deep passionate kiss, oblivious to the rest of the world.

"Ah hmm." I heard someone clear his throat. Sean slowly broke our kiss and looked up.

"Oh! Hi Pat." He said.

"Well, it looks like love abounds in this room." Pat said. We both blushed.

"David, I need to run some more tests on you. If everything looks good, you will be able to go home tomorrow. We will need to start right away so I can have the results by this afternoon." "Sure Dr. Midlow." I replied.

"David, call me Pat. Ok?"

"Ah, sure Pat, and thanks."

Well, they ran the tests. Did they ever run "some" tests. Shit, I was prodded, poked, tickled, hit with a hammer (really only tapped!) and drained of two gallons of blood that afternoon. They also did a CAT scan and took some x-rays of my legs and arm.

The next morning, Dr. Midlow...I mean Pat, pronounced me "fit to escape the house of torture." He is funny. My folks picked me up at around ten that morning. Sean had been released too and his folks were there to take him home. He told them that he was going with me. His father said that he was coming home. He told his father that he was going with me.

"Listen to me son. You are coming home with your mother and I."

Being the minister, he couldn't very well get angry with him but I could see it in his eyes. This man was ready to kill.

"Dad, listen to me. David saved my life, he needs me now. I have to go with him." "Sean." I interrupted. He looked at me.

"Sean, I'll be ok. Heck (I didn't swear in front of the minister) there isn't much you can do anyway being in that wheel chair. I am sure that your father will bring you over later to see me."

Sean looked at me. I could see the stubbornness in his eyes. "Sean, I will be fine. Besides my folks need some time with me and truthfully, I need some with them. Come over later, ok? Please." I worked up the saddest, most pleading look I could muster. He slowly grinned and nodded his head.

"Ok David, if that is what you need."

"It is, Sean." I replied.

With the help of nurses and orderlies they got me into the car. It wasn't easy at all. It hurt like hell. Of course I was screaming at them to take it easy. The ride home was uneventful. I was asking my folks how they were going to get me upstairs to my bedroom. "David. We moved all of your stuff down to our room. You will be staying in there until you can get up the stairs by yourself." My Father stated.

"Oh, that's great, thank you so much."

I was serious; I really did appreciate what they had done.

They managed to drag my sorry ass into the house, down the hall and into the bedroom. Of course I was screaming all the way. That's it. I'm never moving again. I passed out once, scared the shit out of my mother. The pain was just too much for me. You would think that being all plastered up and almost immobile, that it wouldn't hurt. Think again. Finally they got me into bed. Shit, I had to pee.


She came into the room. "Yes dear?"

"I umm, I have to go to the bathroom." I said a little embarrassed. "Number one or number two?"

Shyly "Number one." "Here, try using this." As she handed me a plastic bottle.

It was a good thing that I wasn't wearing much because I would never have gotten my pants undone. Whew! That was a relief. Do you ever have to go so bad that you start seeing...ok, I won't go there? Now that the urgent pressure was off, I fell asleep. I was really tired.

To be continued......

Copyright S. John Holder 2000

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