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Life's Journey

Chapter 9

Uncle Sam

Sean and I were so excited about the changes that were occurring in our lives that we pretty much shut out everyone else on the plane. We sat there looking each other in the eyes and talking about what we were going to do when we got to our new home. I guess we were both a little scared too, after all Sam was a complete stranger although I felt like I had known him all of my life.

After an hour or so into the flight, I heard someone say "Faggots" coming from behind me. I jumped up and looked back to see who had said it and there was this guy sitting there, his face all red.

I walked back to him and quietly said, "Look here you ignoramus, we are just two people in love. You don't have any right to judge us at all. The two of us have almost been killed on more than one occasion because of it, so don't think for one minute that I am afraid of people like you."

The guy's jaw dropped to his lap and he just stared at me.

"Didn't think a fag would stand up to you did you? Well, you had better consider that the next time you say something out loud because it might be some huge guy that isn't as nice as I am."

I walked back to my seat. Sean looked at me with a very strange expression on his face.

"What did you say to that guy? He looks like someone just told him his mother died."

"Not too much, I just told him that he was lucky that I was a little guy and not some big burly biker dude that could beat the shit out of him. I think he got the message."

The rest of the flight went without another mishap. As we were making final approach into San Francisco International Airport, I could see the bay and the bridges. It all looked so magical. My stomach was doing flip-flops with excitement. This is it, this is our new home. Sean was staring out of the window, drinking in everything that he could see.

"I saw it, I saw the Golden Gate Bridge." He said with excitement.

The plane came in for a smooth landing and we were soon walking up the ramp to the waiting area. As we left the plane someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked around and it was the guy I had berated earlier.

"I-I just wanted to apologize. I was wrong to say what I did." He said, his face red with embarrassment.

"That's ok sir. Just remember that all of us are human beings and just because we happen to be a little different, it doesn't mean that we are bad people. Thank you for apologizing." I said.

He nodded his head and we walked out into the waiting area.

I was looking all around for my uncle when Sean pointed to a guy that was waving at us.

"There he is. David, he looks just like an older version of you." Sean laughed.

I looked at the man and Sean was right. He had the same build that I had and his hair and eyes were the same color. We even had the same nose. People are probably going to think he is my father. Well, I guess that won't be too bad will it? Sean and I rushed over to Sam and he gathered us both in his arms.

"David, Sean. I am so happy to see the two of you. Let me look at my nephew." He stood back a little and eyed me from head to toe. "Yep, going to be a very fine looking man when you get older." He said.

"That's because the two of you look identical almost." Joked Sean.

"There is some family resemblance I guess." He looked over at Sean. "And you young man are one very, very attractive young man. What us San Francisco gay boys call hot property." With that he hugged us both in turn. "Ok, lets go collect our luggage and get the two of you settled into your new home."

We finally collected our luggage and Sam led us to his car.

"Wow, you drive a Mercedes?" I said.

"Yeah, that is one of our modes of transportation." Sam replied.

"What do you mean one?" Sean asked.

"You'll see when we get home."

We got everything loaded up and headed out of the airport. We turned north on Highway 101 and headed into the city. I didn't realize that the airport was not actually in San Francisco itself. As we drove the traffic became heavier and heavier, soon we were barely moving.

"Is it like this all of the time?" I asked.

"Well, most of the time, but you two have arrived at the beginning of the commute. It gets a little better in the middle of the day and late at night." Replied Sam.

We drove around some hills and past Candlestick Park, then I could see the city. It was breathtaking. Built on hills, the city flowed from horizon to horizon. We worked our way down onto Market Street and started climbing the windy southwestern end of the street. Sam told us that we were headed to Twin Peaks. We turned off of Market and climbed a really steep hill. The damn stop sign was right on the steepest part of the hill and I thought we were going to roll back down it. Sam slowly crept out and turned right and wound down a few blocks to the north. He pulled into the driveway of a giant house, I mean this thing was huge.

"Here we are guys, let's get your luggage and I'll show you your new home." He proudly announced.

As we were getting our luggage out of the car two guys came out of the house.

"Hey Sam, we'll give you guys a hand." Said one of them.

He looked to be about Sam's age, tall, thin, brown hair and brown eyes. The other guy was a little shorter, maybe about 5' 8" and built. This guy had muscles that wouldn't stop. He smiled at Sean and I and grabbed two of our suitcases. We were left there empty handed.

"Come on guys, I'll make introductions after we get inside." Sam said.

The front door opened into a large foyer, we followed Sam and the other two guys down a hall and up a set of stairs, down another hall past several doors. They opened the last door on the right and as Sean and I stepped into this huge bedroom both of us gasped.

"Sam? Is this really our room? It is huge." Sean said.

"Only the best for family." He replied.

"Hey Sean, look at this view." I said as I looked out of the sliding glass door which opened up onto a balcony.

"Wow!" Was all Sean could say as he looked down at the great city of San Francisco.

We had a huge bedroom, with a big screen TV, stereo, king size bed and the bathroom was huge too. The tub was big enough for two and the separate shower was like a walk in closet. Two vanity sinks and mirrors and two toilets, well one was definitely a toilet but the other one was weird looking.

"Sam, what the hell is this thing?" I asked.

Sam and the other two guys started cracking up. "David, that is a bidet."

"A bidot? What is that?"

"No David and Bidet. That is for washing yourself after you use the toilet."

"Oh, gross!" Sean and I said at the same time. That really cracked up the guys. They were rolling on the floor.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry but you do have to realize that we are two country hicks. There are a lot of things that we don't know a damn thing about. A little patience ok?" Sean said.

"It's ok guys, we know that but the two of you are like little kids. This is going to be so much fun having you here." Sam said. "Ok, now that we have embarrassed the two of you, I guess I should introduce you to my two lovers." Looking at the tall one. "This is Daniel, he and I have been together for 18 years now." Then he looked over at the shorter guy. "This is Carlos, Daniel and I met him 9 years ago and over a period of about two years, all three of us fell in love with each other. I know this may seem a little strange to you guys but we didn't plan on it happening this way. I think after living together for more than 7 years, we have proved that a threesome can work. Right guys?"

"You bet Sam." Said Daniel.

Carlos just nodded his head and smiled.

"Ok, we are going to get out of here and let the two of you get settled in. Dinner will be ready in about two hours, so shower, take a nap or what ever else you can think of and I will let you know about 15 minutes before its ready."

With that Sam, Daniel and Carlos left the room. Sam looked back as he locked and closed the door.

Sean and I just stood there looking at each other, huge smiles on our faces.

"God Sean, this is like heaven. Sam, Daniel and Carlos, this house, this beautiful city and the most important thing is that we are together. Sean, I love you so much that I can't find the words to tell you." I said as my eyes blurred with tears.

Sean walked to me looking me directly in the eyes, I could see his love for me in them, those beautiful green eyes of his. He reached for me and pulled me to him. We embraced, wrapping our arms around each other. Sean gently kissed me, a tender loving kiss. He pulled back and looked at me again, smiling. I pulled his head to mine and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. This time Sean returned the kiss with more passion.

We undressed and tried out our new shower. Sean and I had showered together before but it was usually very cramped. This huge shower let us play little games while we were in there. No, you don't get the details. Just use your imagination for a change. After a very exciting shower, we were both exhausted so we laid down on the king sized bed and fell asleep. You know, I don't really think I like this huge bed. There is just too much room to move around. You aren't forced to cuddle with your lover. But no one had to force us to cuddle. The next thing I remember was Sam knocking on the door and telling us that dinner was almost ready.

"Fifteen minutes guys. So do what you have to do and get your butts down to the dining room."

Sean and I groggily got up and dressed. We descended the stairs and immediately got lost. Finally I heard voices and decided that we must be getting close. We walked toward the sounds we heard and entered a large dining room with a huge table in the center. The damn thing looked like it could seat 20 people. China hutches all around the walls and a large chandelier hanging over the table. Sam, Daniel and Carlos were seated waiting for us.

"Sit down boys, the meal should be arriving shortly." Daniel said.

Just as we were sitting down a really cute young man entered with a tray. He looked like he was about our age, he was blond and had a swimmers build. When he saw Sean and I he beamed. His smile was intoxicating. I think I blushed when he served me. I know that Sean did. Sean and I kept watching him as he served our dinner.

"Well guys, did you get a little rest?" Asked Sam.

"Ah, yes we did, thanks." I replied suddenly yanked back to others in the room.

"Great. Then you have some energy to do a little sight seeing this evening."

"Oh yes! That would be great. Can we go to the Castro?" I asked.

"Sure, we can stop by there."

After dinner we all got ready to go. We drove down the hill and turned on Market Street. Just a few blocks down, we turned on to another street. Sam slowed down and I started noticing hundreds of guys all around us. I saw men holding hands with other men. Men standing and talking. Men kissing. Yes, kissing right out in the open where everyone could see them.

"Wow, this is great." I said.

"Sure is, do you think we can walk around like that?" Sean asked.

"Sure, it won't be a problem at all. Let me find a place to park." Answered Sam.

Sam finally found a place to park and I jumped out of the car and anxiously waited for Sean to get out. As soon as he was next to me I grabbed him and gave him the most passionate kiss I could, right there on the sidewalk, right in front of the world. Shit oh damn this is great. I can let the world know that Sean is mine and not have to worry about what others think. Sean smiled at me as I broke our kiss. He hugged me, grabbed my hand and we started following Sam.

"Ah, David?"


"Are you trying to catch bugs?" Sean asked.

"What do you mean? Catch bugs?"

"Well, your walking with your mouth wide open." Sean said as he started laughing.

"Stuff it." I joked back.

Yes, I had been walking with my mouth wide open. I was awestruck. Everything was so different here. There are so many "family" members here. People just like us, other men who love men. I felt like I was finally at home. This is where I belong.

"David, I haven't seen you smile like that in months. I really like your smile, it is so sexy." Sean said as he jabbed me in the ribs.

"Hey guys, lets go get some coffee, there is a great place just up the street. We can sit outside on the sidewalk and enjoy the scenery." Said Daniel.

"That sounds great." Sean and I said at the same time.

We had started doing that a lot lately. I guess we were becoming more alike, or at least thinking alike, the longer we were together. The coffee shop was really busy. I saw guys together, girls together and also guy, girl couples. It was amazing. Everyone living together and enjoying life. We got our coffee and secured a table outside. It was a very pleasant evening. The fog was starting to roll in over Twin Peaks. I thought of a great cloud of cotton slowly engulfing the city. Like a security blanket, protecting its occupants against the impending darkness of night. It made me feel secure and cozy.

We did have some great scenery to watch. Although most of the men that we saw were older than Sean and I, some of them were really good looking. I think gay men take better care of themselves as a whole. They keep trim and in shape, dress stylish and have an air of superiority about them. I can tell you that being able to finally live as who you really are, after surviving a life of turmoil and pain can make you feel a little superior. I am feeling a bit that way now myself.

As we sat there watching, several guys would stop and talk to Sam, Daniel and Carlos. Sam introduced us to all of them, telling them a little about what had happened to us back home. They were all very supportive and some of them said that they knew of other young men that they would introduce us to. I think more than one of them was flirting with me, no! I am sure they were flirting with me. What do I have to do? Put a sign on my forehead telling them that I am already taken. Jeez! Here I am, sitting with my lover, we are holding hands, kissing from time to time and they can't tell? So when we were finally alone I asked Sam about it.

"Well David. Some people have never had what the two of you have. They have gone through life without finding their true love. They bounce from one partner to the next. Most of the relationships not lasting more than a few months. Hell! In the gay community, a couple that has been together for 5 years is uncommon. There are a few of us that have been lucky enough to have found our true loves."

"I-I didn't know about that Sam. So we are special then?" I asked.

"Well, yes I think we are special. There are a lot of guys out there that aren't looking for what we have. All they want is sex. Some of us want security and familiarity. We need that bond with someone."

"There isn't anything wrong with sex! Nothing at all." I rebuked.

"That is true but would you want to have sex with every guy that comes along?"

"No, just with Sean."

"That answers that then."

"Yes, I guess I can see what you are saying. I love Sean. I have from the first day I saw him and we make love to each other, we don't have sex." I summarized.

"Exactly." Sam finished.

I could understand what Sam was saying. I love Sean, everything about him. We were best friends before we became intimate. We knew everything about each other and we were in love. What else could happen but that we show how much we love each another? That is just the natural progression of a relationship. Yes! I said natural, and if you don't think so, why are you still reading this story?

We left the coffee shop and walked around for a while. There were several bars along the street, of course we couldn't go in but I could hear talking and laughing. Guys were going in and out of the doors. There were also a lot of small shops along the street. We did go into a few of those. Everything in there was gay. Post cards, jewelry, clothing, toys and books. You name it, it was there and it was gay. This was just like walking into another world, a gay world. Once again, I felt as if I was at home. I felt safe here, like I was part of a very large family, most of whom I didn't even know their names. I walked along smiling at everyone and saying hi to them. Most would return the greeting. Smiles on everyone's face, all of them being just who they were. No hiding here, no pretending that you were someone who you weren't. Damn this was the greatest.

We walked around for a couple of hours, just browsing the stores and the people on the streets. Suddenly I was very tired. I looked over to Sean and I could tell he was tired also.

"Sam, I think we need to go home. We are exhausted."

"Sure David, I was wondering how long the two of you would last." He replied.

We drove back home and as soon as Sean and I laid our heads on the pillows, we were out.

I woke to someone touching me, his hands rubbing me all over. I was lying on the bed, naked. There was a beautiful blond boy sitting next to me, he looked familiar. Damn, now I know who he is, this is the boy that served us dinner last night. He was the one that I couldn't keep my eyes off of.

"Sean, when did he come into our room?" I asked. Waiting for an answer that never came.

"Sean are you asleep?"

I looked over where Sean should be lying and he wasn't there. I was alone with this beautiful boy and I was naked. The boy reached over and gently kissed me as his hands traveled lower on my body.

"Ohhh god that feels good. Mmmmm!" I groaned.

"Ohhh, yes, you are so cute. Mmmmm" I groaned again.

To be continued......

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