Like Kings

By Blue C.

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid. This story depicts homosexual males kissing, dancing, having sex, and other activities that they find enjoyable. If that is not your thing, then really, why are you here?
Copyright 2003-5 by the author. This story is not to be posted anywhere without the author's permission.

So, we've come to the last chapter of Like Kings. There are two appendices that will posted next week and the week after, but this is the actual ending. I hope you enjoyed this, my first (and still longest) story. Actually, it's like my third, but it's still the longest. Anyways, please write your comments. I've gotten a lot better a writing in the last year (I finished this story last august), so my next offerings should show considerable improvement, if that make any of you feel better.
Finally, thanks to all those that have written to say they enjoyed Like Kings.
Pedro "Blue" Cruz

Part 10-Epilogue and "What Happens Next"

Sierra High School Commencement, 2003.

"And now, we will here a few words from this years valedictorian, Andrew Valentino." Polite applause greeted this sentence as Drew stood up and made his way to the podium. The principle, a greasy, showy man named Mr. Jansen and Drew had never gotten along during Drew's four years at Sierra, but he handed off the microphone to Drew with a big grin and elaborate gestures. Drew threw him a look that gave the principle an exact account of how much he detested the man, but it bounced harmlessly off Jansen's armor of idiocy. `I'm so glad it`s over.' thought Drew.

"Since the temperature is in the triple digits this afternoon, I promise to be brief." He cleared his throat dramatically, and said "Valedictorian. That's almost like King of the class, isn't it?" A few of those assembled on the soccer field chuckled at this pathetic attempt at humor; most looked bored already. Drew smiled.

"I would like to say that my years at Sierra were some of the best ones of my life, and that I truly feel that the education I received here will serve me well in the coming years." Drew said, starting off in typical droning fashion. "I would like to say that, but that would be a lie." The principle got points in Drew's book for looking the most stunned, but he didn't move to stop him. The crowd snapped out of their passivity. Drew had their attention now. "And you know what? I am sick of lying. These last four years were full of lying, and those lies caused me and the ones I most cared about a lot of pain. So the lies- stop- here."

Drew paused dramatically, wallowing in his element. He'd never actually expected to get this far, but still no one moved to silence him. Instead, every single person at the graduation was riveted, watching Drew with the fascination one watches a car wreck, waiting to see what happened next. They were too caught up in his charisma to breathe. "For the two of you that don't already know, I'm gay." Gasps shot throughout the crowd. Most did already know (Drew was many things, but discrete was not among them), but no one dreamed Drew would admit it, not HERE. "I'm telling you now because it doesn't matter any more. Honestly, none of you matter anymore. In two weeks, I'm putting as many miles between me and this town as possible. Don't get me wrong; the area up here is gorgeous and as close to paradise as I'll ever get. But the people who live here are just fucking NUTS!"

That one curse word finally penetrated the principle's revelry. He stood up and took one step towards Drew to retake the situation, saying loudly as he did so "That's about enough young man." Drew held up a hand, and to the amazement of all Mr. Jansen was halted.

"You're right Mr. Jansen, that is enough. I've had enough, and I'm not going to take anymore. So you know what? Mom, I'm afraid you are going to have to pick up my diploma later because I," he brushed the tassel of his cap from one side to the other, mocking the traditional end to graduation. "am" He grabbed the cap "out of here" and flicked it into the air, letting it fall. Drew then stepped off stage, unzipping then shedding his robe as he walked. It fell to the grass beneath him, and he made no move to pick it up as he power walked off the field. The crowd turned to watch him leave, and heard him peel out as his Focus left the parking lot.

No one was quite sure what to do for almost a minute. Then, Cory too stood, saying "Bastard has a point." He repeated Drew's actions, and also made his way to the parking lot. By the time he'd stepped off the stage, Braden had also stood.

"Never thought I'd ever agree with Cory about anything." He stopped on the way to the lot in front of Jessie. "Coming?" he asked. She did.

Out of the 250 seniors, 26 stood one by one and left in Drew's wake. A few were members of the soccer team. No one ever figured out who started cheering the deserters on, but better than half the crowd cried out enthusiastic support for what would be called in the papers "Drew's rebellion." Melissa Valentino was particularly loud with her "That's my boy!" cries. When she was finally to exhausted to yell, she thought to herself, "Well, my son certainly does know how to say fuck off with STYLE!'

What Happened Next...
(I always love these bits, where the author says what became of the major characters.)

Drew: Moved as far and as fast away from home as possible, and now goes to the University of California, Trueno (yes, I made the school up. Sue me). He studies economics, and spends all weekend in a drunken haze. His bed post is not so much notched now as whittled. He is roommates with three guys, one of whom is gay also, but immune to Drew's charm. Drew finds this annoying.

Braden: Vanished into the military.

Jessie: After Drew left, she became the terror of Sierra High, and the girl mothers warned their sons about and fathers dream about on winter nights. Surprisingly, she's still a virgin.

Cory: I think he went to college in Canada. I'm not really sure, Karla (author of Carrots and Celery) stole him and won't tell me what she did with him.

Denise: Dropped out of cheerleading. Joined the basketball team with Jessie. She's friends with Jake again, but like Jessie thinks he's full of shit when he claims he doesn't like guys.

Finally, everyone's favorite character, Jake: Everyone not involved at the end decided that Drew tried to have sex with Jake, and that the freshman turned him down. Thus, most think that Jake is not only straight, but inhumanly self-controlled. Jake is still in the closet, and quite bitter about it.