Like Kings

By Blue C.

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid. This story depicts homosexual males kissing, dancing, having sex, and other activities that they find enjoyable. If that is not your thing, then really, why are you here?

Copyright 2003-5 by the author. This story is not to be posted anywhere without the author's permission.

Authors note: This is the first of three short stories before the sequal to "Like Kings," currently entitled "Fucked Up Love Song" gets posted. This one takes place directly after chapter 9. The other two take place between the two stories. I hope y'all enjoy this. -Blue

Like Kings: Sweet November.

It was late that cool November evening when Cory walked into his room, slid off his backpack and threw himself onto his bed. He rolled onto his back and began rubbing his eyes to relieve his tension. Jake had not shown up that afternoon. It wasn't a total surprise, but still disappointing. `I guess he's more loyal to Drew than I thought.' It was frustrating, in many ways. He'd been looking forward to Jake, the lips made for laughing closing around his cock, the sound of Jake's moans as Cory entered him, the feel of that tight freshman ass clenching tighter, as Cory moved his organ inside him. The blonde senior kept his eyes closed, concentrating on the image, and let his hand move across his body, brushing a nipple and his stomach as it settled onto the tenting bulge of his shorts. He made an "mmm," sound as he pushed it, feeling it lengthen underneath the cloth.
"Damn man," said a voice, pretty loud and too close to be anywhere but inside the room. Cory shot upright, and his consternation grew as he realized that it was Drew, sitting on top of a small table as if it were a stool. "I know you get urges around me, but I wasn't really expecting a demonstration this quickly." Drew was wearing that "I know you want me" grin that Cory had always found exasperating and more than a little distracting, even after they'd become enemies.
"What the fucking hell are you doing in here?" Cory yelled, standing up. Drew's eyes widened at the sheer size of the deflating shape that became obvious. Cory noticed where he was staring, and immediately sat back down on the bed, and covered himself with a comforter. "How did you even get in here?" he demanded to know.
`Was he that big when we were sixteen? ' Drew wondered, and then mentally shook himself. `Keep your head in the game.' "Your mom let me in actually. She said it was good to see me again after all this time, and that of course it was fine for me to wait in your room," he said, mimicking the cadences of Cory's mom, "though she didn't know when you'd be back from whatever you're off doing."
Cory didn't believe it at first, but then remembered just how much his mother had always liked Drew; he realized it was probably true. Her approval had been cool when Cory liked the brat as well, but it got awkward, then downright painful when she kept asking why Drew wasn't coming over anymore. He couldn't really say, "Well mom, he finally got what he wanted out of me, and moved on," so he avoided the issue. She never really gave up though, seething dislike towards his new friends and hinting it was past time to make up with his first Sierra County friend. Letting Drew in and trapping him in Cory's room was exactly in line with that behavior.
"You still didn't answer my first question," Cory said calmer now that he knew his mother had betrayed him. If things went to hell, he knew whom to blame. "What are you doing here?"
"That's a very good question Cory," Drew admitted, "one that I've been pondering myself since I got in here." He closed the door that Cory had left open, so that they could speak without fear of being overheard. "So let me answer by saying what I could be doing instead. I could be fucking my new freshman boyfriend until he couldn`t walk. I could be hanging out with Jessie and Braden. I could even be out with other friends, maybe from our soccer team, maybe from class. I could be doing any of that, if you hadn't been systematically fucking with my life ever since I let you blow me." Cory start to stand up again, but Drew waved him back. "Since you've managed to drive away all my close friends and convince our entire town I'm a sex fiend, instead of doing that fun stuff, I'm here, wondering what it's going to take to get you to move on."
Cory had the decency to look ashamed. "I didn't mean for all that to happen."
"Well it did. My mother buys me condoms every time she leaves town, so she can rest easy knowing I'm `safe.'" He made the rabbit ears around the word safe, which Cory found kind of amusing. He laughed, and Drew glared at him.
"What did you expect to happen?" Cory asked, and Drew was a bit confused. That was supposed to be his line. "You broke my heart, hurt things in me I didn't even know I had."
"I know that you loved me Cory," Drew said, looking down. "But I never loved you. I loved that you loved me, but that's not the same thing. I cared about you, but that last night, I saw you curled around me like I was a life preserver off the Titanic, and I just couldn't deal with it." His eyes rose to face Cory's. "Trust me, if I'd let that continue, you would have only gotten hurt more." Drew walked over to sit next to Cory on the bed. "It hurt me too, to do that, but I wasn't ready to come out then, and I definitely wasn't ready to deal with your love." He reached a hand up to Cory's face, and this time, unlike at the party, Cory leaned into it, letting himself draw every spare sensation from the touch. "As you said earlier, I didn't mean for all that to happen. I'm not good at dealing with people, and I might have been a little harsher than I'd meant to be."
"A little?" Cory said with a laugh. It was hard to be mad at Drew, especially now that he was so close, Cory could smell the odor of sweat and vanilla shampoo rising out his hair. Timidly, he reached out for Drew as well. He was rewarded with a light, bittersweet smile.
"I'm never going to fall in love with you Cory." They were close enough to whisper now, close enough that if Cory looked into Drew's blue-grey eyes, he could see how tired they were, and the tears that were just beginning to form.
"I don`t care," Cory said, fighting the urge to cry himself.
"I'll care for you, look after you, appreciate you, but never love you."
"Will you make love to me?" Cory said, pulling the (slightly) smaller boy closer to him.
"Then that'll have to be enough." They kissed. Cory let himself be pushed backwards onto the bed.
It was better than he'd dreamed about. Drew's body was lithe, graceful. Cory was hard and defined; Drew realized Cory could crush him, and Drew wouldn't even be able to struggle. Unlike their first time, Drew went down first, showing Cory the tricks one could do with a long, well practiced tongue and a deep jaw. Cory covered his face with a pillow, screaming into it even before he climaxed. His body rocked with towards the end, starting to buck as Drew worked. Drew had to bite down, letting those perfect white scrape along the scrotum to settle him. The plan backfired; Cory let out one last scream, and gripped the pillow so hard it nearly tore in half as his penis shot into Drew's mouth. He swallowed, with barely a gag.
Then Cory was spread legged on his bed, facing up as Drew slowly lubed Cory with expert gentleness, warming it in his hand before applying. Cory had to keep from quivering as Drew's fingers pushed, widening the hole, preparing Cory. Once it was ready. Drew's long but thin penis entered easily, and Cory didn't even have to wait before Drew could move. In fact, he probably wouldn't have been able to wait that long even if he needed it. They made love face to face, kissing butterfly kisses anywhere they could reach, hands on each other as the black-haired boy pistoned slowly, drawing himself out nearly to the tip before pushing back. Cory's back was curved so that their eyes were lined up even at the bottom of Drew's movement. He pressed his mouth into Drew's hair, murmuring, "I love you," over and over when he wasn't simply too overcome to do anything but moan. Drew made little noise, but his breaths were heavy and frantic, and his hands gripped onto Cory, his nails running down Cory at some points. He tried as much as possible to press his chest into Cory's, so that the sex was not limited to one spot, but instead their whole bodies became one mass pushing and pressing together. When Drew finally reached orgasm, after thirty minutes of gasping and moving, he bit down on the other boy's collar bone to keep from crying aloud.
Afterwards, Drew laid out on top of Cory, tracing the lines of his muscles. "You're beautiful, you know that?" he asked.
"I could say the same about you."
"Well then you should," Drew said, looking up to Cory with a grin. Cory ruffled his hair, which was nearly as long as Cory's had been in the old days, when Drew could reduce his to a puddle of need simply by stroking one lock of his hair and calling him, "my puppy dog." Drew stopped tracing and stretched out on top of his lover. Cory took the opportunity to hug him close once more.
"I love you," Cory said, barely louder than a breath. He knew he shouldn't have said it, but it was the truth. Despite the pain and torment, he still loved Drew.
Drew looked up, suddenly saddened and uncomfortable. He leaned down and kissed Cory on the lips. "I better go." He stood up and slid out of the blankets and off the bed. Naked, he bent down to pick his underwear off the floor where Cory had discarded them. Cory tackled him to the floor just as his fingers graced the hem.
"No," Cory said stealing another kiss.
Drew fought him back momentarily. "What do you mean `no'?"
"You're staying here," -kiss-, "with me," -kiss-, "I'm not letting you go this time."
"You know I don't love you."
"Then just let me love you." Cory's eyes, a particularly sincere shade of brown, pleaded with Drew to accept. His fingers sought the Drew`s hands, cautiously curled around them. "Let me love you Drew. I've never wanted anything else. What are you afraid of?"
With his eyes, Drew pointed at the long expanse of Cory's musculature. "You can destroy me." Then he looked into the other boy's eyes and said "You can keep me from escaping this place." Cory shook his head, and Drew sighed. "Okay. I'll be your lover on one condition: that when the time comes, you will let me go. I can't stay here, not forever, not even for you."
"I promise." Cory smiled, not as eloquently as Drew was capable of, but it still spoke volumes of how content he was. "But until then, you're mine, my captive king."
Drew laughed. "You're still fond of speaking in chess metaphors?" Cory smiled, and then pressed that smile to Drew's. They began their gentle touching dance again, right there on the floor.
Outside the room, Cory's mother walked away without making a sound. She'd been a little concerned about what her actions would cause, and the thump Cory had made when he tackled Drew had brought her running. Luckily, she stopped at the door before barging in, and listened to a version of what she'd been hoping for years would happen. She was barely able to control her elation as she went to the far end of the house and began dialing the number for the Valentino residence. Drew's mom answered on the second ring.
"Melissa, it's Sheryl. You owe me ten dollars."