Like Kings-Appendix 2: "The Last Hours of Sunlight"

By Blue C.

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid. This story depicts homosexual males kissing, dancing, having sex, and other activities that they find enjoyable. If that is not your thing, then really, why are you here?

Copyright 2003-5 by the author. This story is not to be posted anywhere without the author's permission.

"You have to go see him."

"No Jess, actually I don't." Jake replied. Jessie ran fingers through her strawberry-blonde hair, frustrated at her friend.

"Damn it Jake, Drew is only going to be up for a couple days. You two haven't said three words to each other since last Halloween, and if you don't do something NOW, those will be the last words you ever speak to him!"

Jake skipped another rock across the lake in front of him. The two were standing on a dock, enjoying the last days of their freedom before winter nights dreary set in, and all they had to pass the time was work and more work. Their sophomore year officially began a couple weeks ago, and Jake surprised a lot of people (but didn't shock some at all) whenhe didn't go out for the Soccer team. His heart wasn't in it anymore. Or is school in general.  So he used every second he could wrestle from both to spend time enjying the scenery. The tourists had finally abandoned Stent's Cut-Off, their Sierra foothill community, so Jake and Jessie had the lake to themselves. The sun was lazily settling down below the horizon; the trees were already filled with thick shadows, but the blue sky was just starting to darken. `With someone else, it would be perfect,' Jake thought, knowing Jessie, a.k.a. Ms. Bitch, had only dragged him along with her to harass him. "It doesn't matter anymore," he finally answered.

Jessie growled in frustration (there was more than one reason her nickname was Ms. Bitch), and ran her fingers through her hair again. Jake was probably the second or third best looking guy she had ever met, with brown hair that the sun had bleached in copper streaks, perfect beige-colored skin, and musculature that had come from playing sports, not lifting weights. And yet this incredible boy had spent all of the previous year worked up over a guy HE had turned down. It was enough to drive a girl crazy.

"Kid, look at yourself. Don't tell me he doesn't matter to you anymore."

"Why are you pushing this Jessie? I told you all then, I'm not gay."

Jessie put her hand to her face wiht an audible smack. "That's a lod of bullshit, and you know it," she said, shaking her head. Jake never had quite the touch for glares that other people did, but with practice he was improving, and now he no longer looked merely constipated instead of angry.  Finally, defeated, plopped down next to him on the dock. "Alright, whatever, I'll lay off. So, how bout them Giants?"

Jake didn't answer, choosing to appreciate the last hours of sunlight.

Against his better judgment, the next day found Jake standing in front of Drew's house, ringing the door bell for the first time in almost a year. Jake fervently hoped that he was not home, but unfortunately the door was answered within seconds.

Drew was smiling, clearly excited by the prospect of leaving his hometown far behind him. Jake knew that Drew's goal in life was never to lay eyes on the Sierra Nevadas ever again. But that excitement drained instantly when he saw who was darkening his doorstep. "What?" he asked, voice flat.

"Is that anyway to greet a friend?" Jake asked. Jessie's sarcasm had rubbed off on him.

"Of course not. But seeing as I'm talking to you..." Drew shrugged. Jake was happy to realize that Drew did not look particularly angry, just annoyed at Jake's presumption.

"Come on Drew. Let me in. I just want to talk."

Drew's expression did not change, but he did step aside, allowing Jake to enter.

Drew led him out to the back porch. Jake wondered if Drew just didn't want him inside the house any more than necessary, or if he was rubbing Jake's face into what he could have had. Their first and only kiss had taken place on the not twelve feet from the canvas folding chair Drew sat down in. He did not offer Jake a chair.

"You wanted to talk. Talk." Drew's tone was still flat, but a little anger began leaking through. He brushed back his light brown hair off his face, which Jake knew was a sign that he was stressed or impatient.

For months, Jake had fantasized about this conversation, about finally getting a chance to explain to Drew what was going on when he turned him down, and confess that he really did have feelings for him. But it was too late, and Drew did not act like someone who had been waiting to hear confessions of love. It didn't matter that Jake was ready to ask for another chance; Drew was not interested. So Jake said the only thing he owed Drew. "I'm sorry Drew. I didn't mean to let you down, but I did."

"It's a little late for that Jake." Drew wasn't even bothering to hide his contempt. He emphasized it, making Jake feel like he was two inches tall. Drew was known to have that effect on people when he got pissed.

"I know that it's too late, and I know you don't care anymore, but I need to tell you, you were right. I am gay." This was the first time Jake had ever uttered those words aloud to another person. He instinctively flinched hearing his own voice say that, but Drew did not even bat an eyelid. It was no surprise to him. "And I did want you, probably more than you even wanted me. Hell, I still care about you, but you scare the living shit out of me, and I could not be your plaything. Not even if you loved me."

Drew did not say anything for almost a full minute. Instead, he stared at Jake, as if waiting for him to say something else. As the seconds passed, his stare grew increasingly angry. Finally he asked "Why?"

"Why wha-"

"Why the FUCK are you telling me this now?" Drew shouted, jumping to his feet as the last of his self-control deserted him. He stood right up inches from the Jake's face. Thanks to Jake's last growth spurt, Drew no longer dwarfed him, but he still felt insignificant next to the older boy. "You care for me? Well I fucking HATE you, you stupid little narcissistic bastard. I HATE YOU!" he screamed.

Suddenly Drew grabbed both sides of Jake's face and roughly mashed their lips together, having the same effect on Jake as if he had sucker punched the boy. It actually hurt Jake; he knew without seeing that his lips would be bruised for days. Drew shoved his tongue into Jake's mouth so hard it was cut against his teeth. But Jake didn't even consider moving away. He kissed Drew back eagerly; surprised at how much he wanted anything Drew would give him. But just as suddenly, Drew pushed him away as hard as his adrenalin soaked muscles would let him. Jake fell backwards, literally reeling from Drew's insane actions.

Jake's eyes were wide with shock and fear. Drew looked, if that was possible, even more disgusted than he had before. He threw open the back door and pointed into the house. "Leave. Now." he ordered. Jake had no choice but to comply.

Jake was grateful that he made it all the way back to his own house before he started to cry.