Like Kings

By Blue C.

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid. This story depicts homosexual males kissing, dancing, having sex, and other activities that they find enjoyable. If that is not your thing, then really, why are you here?

Copyright 2003-5 by the author. This story is not to be posted anywhere without the author's permission.

Part 2-Pillow Talk

The other boys, Cory and Aaron, were fine with the bed arrangements. Cory, the senior and team captain, felt duty bound to insist everyone be in bed by ten, so that they would be well rested for their morning game. But hours later, they were still awake, trading stories and laughs in the tradition of males everywhere. Cory talked more than anyone in fact, dwelling on his favorite topic, sex. Cory seemed to have an endless supply of fantasy inducing stories, or so thought a very impressed Jake. Drew, who had heard all these stories not long after the events themselves had taken place, was less impressed, since he knew just how much fantasy was packed in for the freshman's benefit. Drew didn't call Cory on his lies though. They were good stories, even if they were 90% wishful thinking. And good stories deserved to just be told.

Aaron, the junior, apparently agreed with Drew on that point, since he took any chance he got to tell his own stories of his old town. These too were the stuff of dreams, and Jake was once again impressed to no small degree. Drew surmised to himself that if even half of what Aaron said was true, the boy would have died of sheer exhaustion before he hit high school. At one point, Cory and Aaron told one story together, telling of Cory's very recent ex, and how she got that way (cheating with Aaron, and every other guy on the planet). Even Jake got into the act, but his pathetic attempt about the one blow job he got from Denise showed he hadn't yet mastered the art of bullshit.

A fun time was being had by all, but it wasn't long before they picked up on Drew's total silence on the matter of sex. Jake was the first to notice; usually getting Drew to shut up was the problem, not speaking up. "What's the matter Drew? Don't you want to tell us a story too?"

"Oh no." said Drew. "Listening to you guys make stuff up is much more entertaining."

Jake wasn't satisfied with this answer. "Come on. Tell us. I mean, you've done stuff with a girl, right?" Cory cracked up, and Drew threw a pillow at him.

"Jake, Drew's never even been on a DATE with a girl, much less done stuff with one," said Cory.

Jake looked incredulous. "Never been on a DATE?"

"Not since I got here as a freshman," said Cory, batting away another pillow from Drew, "and not before then either, I don't think."

"Why not?" asked Jake, of Drew.

Cory regained his composure long enough to say, deadpan as hell, "The world, may never know." He then started laughing again, and Jake shouted "Let go Drew! That's my pillow!"

Disarmed, Drew slumped down and glared at Cory. 'You know damn well,' he thought at Cory, 'why I don't date girls. Or did you forget about that afternoon we spent rolling around in your bedroom sophomore year?'

Perhaps Cory did remember, since he stopped laughing under the weight of Drew's glare, and looked a little guilty. Aaron spoke up in the silence. "Hey guys, it's 2AM, and we need to get some sleep. Or else we are all going to play like shit tomorrow." When no one responded, he reached over Cory and hit the light.

Jake brooded in the darkness. How was it possible that Drew, his idol, had never even dated a girl? It made no sense to the freshman, and he passed the question back and forth in his mind until sleep over took him.

As promised, they all played like shit the next morning. Cory let four goals get past him, a new high for the goalie. Aaron, a forward, didn't manage to bring off a single play. Worst of all, Drew couldn't keep focused for anything, and played for all of ten minutes before Jake subbed him out. Jake was a little distracted himself, and just couldn't give a good performance out there. Luckily for them, the rest of the team did exceptionally, bringing off a 6-4 win. They played again that night, but they lost that game narrowly 2-3, knocking them out of the running for first. Needless to say, the team was not thrilled with that, or the occupants of Jake's motel room.

Back in the room, the silence was deafening. None of the upperclassmen were speaking to Jake or each other, as if each was a heartbeat away from tearing the other's throats out. Jake didn't even try to break the tension, he knew better. He did not need the ego-injured prima donna's taking out their frustrations on him. Maybe Jake was paying more attention to staying out of their way than was necessary, especially since he managed to trip over his own cleats. To his surprise, Drew reached out and caught him around the waist just in time.

"Hey, you okay?" asked Drew.

"Yeah." said Jake. He let Drew pull him to his feet, but didn't let go right away.

"How cute Drew." said Cory. "Is that your new boyfriend?"

"Piss off." said Drew, dropping his arm from Jake. Jake sort of missed it.

"What's the matter Drew? Can't take a little teasing?" asked Cory.

"What's the matter Cory?" asked Drew, mimicking Cory. "Can't stop a goal?"

"Hey! I made six saves today!"

"And let seven go right by you." said Drew.

"Oh, and what did you do on the field today Drew? Oh wait, you only got what, fifteen minutes on the field total?" Cory laughed. "Did you like warming the bench while your plaything got the glory today?"

"About as much as you're going to like it when a sophomore becomes starting goalie next game," said Drew. "Looks like someone's going to be back to water boy by the end of next week."

Cory's face twisted in fury. "Fuck you Drew! And fuck him too." he said, gesturing towards Jake. "No doubt you'll be getting to that eventually anyways, Faggot."

"That's enough Cory!" said Aaron. "Both of you just need to shut the hell up and go to bed!"

"Who the hell are you to talk to me like that?" asked Cory.

"Someone needs to act our age. If you don't want to be yelled at, then just grow up and quit picking fights with Drew, Captain." said Aaron with a sneer.

"Yeah guys," said Jake. Everyone swiveled to him, in shock that the freshman dared to speak. "Aaron's right. We lost today, and like it or not, it was our fault. So let's just make sure we don't screw up tomorrow's game."

No one spoke. As the silence extended, Jake's unease grew. He was not very outspoken, but he didn't like to hear his friends fighting over something they couldn't change. One by one, his seniors nodded to Jake, conceding the point. To his relief, they once again started preparing for bed in silence.

It was a different kind of silence this time, one that didn't have that metallic edge of rage and frustration. This silence was tired, worn out, that wanted to do little else besides lay down and dream the day into memory. When Cory hit the light, Jake laid down next to Drew, who scooted in to "whisper range".

"Are you going to be ready for them tomorrow?" asked Drew.

"I guess so," whispered Jake.

"You will be," said Drew with emphasis. "And I'm going to be cheering you on from the sidelines."

"Likewise." said Jake. Drew grinned in response, and ruffled the freshman's hair. Jake batted his hand away, and Drew let his hand rest on top of Jake's chest. Jake didn't attempt to move it, and within moments, his eyes glazed over in sleep, a small smile on his lips.

Drew studied Jake's face in the darkness, trying to memorize every detail, from his bleached bangs to his succulent, inviting, ever smiling lips. On impulse, Drew leaned in and kissed Jake lightly on those lips, then fell back almost immediately, taking away his hand in the process. Jake was disturbed by the movement, and reached out in his sleep for Drew's hand. When he found it, he stopped moving, and settled back into full sleep.

A very confused Drew went to sleep not too long after that, wondering just how asleep his young friend had really been.