Like Kings

By Blue C.

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid. This story depicts homosexual males kissing, dancing, having sex, and other activities that they find enjoyable. If that is not your thing, then really, why are you here?

Copyright 2003-5 by the author. This story is not to be posted anywhere without the author's permission.

Part 3-After the Dance

The Friday night after the tournament was the night of the Sadie Hawkins's Dance. Walking into the innocent looking hall was walking into a full sensory assault. Vibrant, brightly colored streamers and balloons, mostly leftovers and castoffs from proms and formals past, filled the large open space provided by the high ceiling, changing the flat, uninteresting decor into a vast, multifaceted field of rainbows. Somber, elegant colors, such as silver and burgundy, hung in small pockets here and there, but they were completely outclassed by the more prevalent neon orange and hot pink. The music, supplied by an alumni DJ who was "doing his old high school a favor" (he needed the cash) was nearly all fast, techno mixes of popular songs, with just enough slow songs to pacify the couples. After all, it was a couple's dance. But the slow songs came few and far between; for the most part the dance was an explosive mix of energy that you just HAD to dance to, a siren's call that was impossible to ignore.

Jake stood in the doorway for a moment, taken aback by sensory assault. Denise appeared at his side while he hesitated, took his muscular arm in hand, and led him into the dance. Nearly immediately, soccer players and fans came up to him, having spotted their new idol of the week.

"Nice game Jake."

"Good job, Jake."

"Hi Jake. Want to Dance?"

Denise, still clutching her boyfriends arm, basked in all the attention Jake was receiving, fencing off the flirty girls like an expert duelist. She would have the first dance with Jake, no one else. Not that she was in a hurry to do so, since spending a few minutes as the most popular freshmen would be worth losing a dance or three. Jake was a little tired of all the fuss, but even he lit up when Drew made his way over.

"Hey Peroxide!" he said, smiling wide, "How`s it feel to be king of the world?"

"It'll take some getting used to," said Jake, with a shy smile.

"Hey." said some random. "What happened exactly, I missed the game."

Denise, ever the center of attention, immediately launched into the events of the previous Sunday. Drew and Jake stood side by side behind her, recalling the events as she told them.

Determined to make up for the humiliating showing the day before, the denizens of Jake's motel room gave their all. And it showed. The three starters ran harder and kicked farther then they had all season. Drew played especially well, dooming Jake to the sidelines. But about midway through the second half, a player on the other team took a swing at Drew.

The guy's punch missed, but Drew's didn't, knocking the guy to his knees. Drew tried to kick him in the mouth, but he spun away, and tried to kick Drew in the side of his knee. Drew twisted barely in time to keep away serious injury, but he also fell to the ground. Before either could get up again, players on both teams pulled them apart. They fought towards each other, the other guy screaming "Faggot" while Drew yelled enough obscenities to make a drill sergeant snap to attention. They were dragged off the field, still kicking and screaming, and with red cards. They didn't quiet down until the ref threatened to call the police, and even then, they glowered at each other from across the field.

"So like, they were in a fix, cuz they had to play with one less player, and cuz Drew's like the fastest player on the team. So Jake gets subbed in for one of the other midfielders, and then..."

"And then," Drew said, speaking up from behind Denise. All eyes wheeled to him, and Denise looked slightly miffed. "This little guy played his heart out." Jake looked embarrassed as Drew and Denise fought for control of the conversation, topping each other in listing out Jake's accomplishments. Jake really did play his heart out that game running himself ragged, playing the entire field, and stopping the other team if they so much as looked at their goal. He even scored three times, snaring the only hat trick of the tournament. Drew spent the game running up and down the sideline, cheering and yelling out encouragements, and was the first to congratulate Jake when he was announced as the Tournament MVP.

Ashley, Drew's date, fought her way through Jake's crowd of admirers. "All right Drew," she said, "That's enough playing with Jake. Its my turn now." A slight seductive smile on her lips, she grasped Drew and started leading him to the dance floor. Drew flashed a helpless look towards Jake, who returned it with a thumbs up. Ashley, the beautiful captain of the girl's softball team, was a semi-jock like Drew. When she wanted something, she went for it, and nothing stood in her way. Tonight, her eyes were all for the pretty enigma that was Drew. 'Poor kid,' thought Jake, watching the couple. 'He doesn't have a prayer.'

Denise also watched the couple, but no pity flashed in her eyes. She stared for a moment before Jake noticed, but when he did, he asked what she was thinking. Instead of answering, she just shook her head, as if clearing her mind. "Nothing Jake. Isn't it time for us to dance as well?" He agreed, and the crowd melted away to let the couple pass.

The fast, intense beat of Ian Van Dahl's "Satisfy Me" was playing as they stepped onto the floor. Jake liked the song, mostly because it had been playing in Drew's car the last time he had given Jake a ride home after practice. Drew seemed to like the song too, if his dancing was any indication. His style of dancing was, like many things involving Drew, unique to him alone. It was part Raver, but mostly just flowing with whatever the music had to offer. And as Jake watched, the rainbow strobe light pierced the cheap fog and shined off Drew's sleek, black shirt. His eyes were half closed, as if he wasn't completely awake, or just too into the music to care about the world around him. Ashley's athletically toned body matched his rhythms well, but next to Drew, she was barely there. Jake watched for a moment longer, then turned to Denise, and thought about his own dancing. He'd been practicing, but he knew nothing he did would be half as beautiful and hypnotic as Drew.

Denise was also practicing a skill gleaned from Drew. He told her once that his favorite activity was to watch people's eyes, try to see what they see, and find out what got their attention. He said that if you got good enough at it, you could almost tell what they were thinking, just by what their eyes were doing. So she watched, as Jake's eyes were drawn again and again to the dancing senior, and she found that she wasn't even surprised anymore. It was happening more often, she noticed, that whenever Drew came near, Jake's eyes latched onto him, and didn't let go. At first she wasn't concerned. After all, who doesn't get a touch of hero worship at some point in their lives? Even she found herself imitating her fellow cheer squad members, for no other reason than they were older and "cooler" than she was. But with Jake and Drew, she sensed a line was being crossed, and she had no idea what to do about it.

Suddenly, she noticed that Drew was staring directly at her, his head slightly cocked, as if wondering what she was watching. Startled, she quickly dropped her gaze, and stopped dancing for a moment. "What's wrong?" asked Jake, noticing.

"Nothing." she said, smiling easily. "Just a little tired."

"Do you want us to sit down?"

"Why not?" she asked. "Can you get me some punch while I find a spot."

"Sure" he said, moving towards the punch. Denise looked up again at Drew when Jake left, to find him staring at her again. This time, she held his gaze, with something close to a challenging expression on her face. They stayed like that for a few seconds, and then Drew went back to his dancing. Denise hesitated, and then went off to find that spot she promised Jake.

The dance parking lot was behind the dance itself, and almost devoid of light. A small section, filled with laughing couples seeking the chill night air, was lit courtesy of a window into the dance, but the rest was dark as death itself. Which was how Drew preferred it in this case, walking quickly between the rows of cars, stepping carefully so as to not make a sound. He didn't need anyone following him now, after all the trouble he went through shaking off the initial pursuit. Ashley had been easy; a simple lie, saying he had to run to his car for a moment, was all she needed to hear. She did not seem nearly so enchanted in him as she had in the early part of the dance, to Drew's satisfaction. Denise had been harder to get past; she had been watching him like an owl about to strike through the whole dance, barely letting him out of her sight. It was only when her cheerleading captain went over to talk to her that she had been distracted, and Drew was able to make his escape. He kept to the shadows, so that no one would notice where he was going, and especially so no one would find out who was waiting for him. It was hard enough to nail the boy down for a tryst, getting him spooked at the last second would irritate Drew to no end.

Drew arrived at his car, and found him waiting as promised. They held eye contact for a moment, but were soon caught up in kissing and each other's clothing. They were operating under a time constraint, after all. Drew didn't even bother to go inside his car, it wasn't important, and the light would give them away anyways. Besides, his fingers were too impatient, clawing at buttons and whipping down the boy's zipper before he could even think about it. Drew went to his knees, his mouth going down on the prize while his fingers went up, tracing out the taught stomach muscles that they both loved so much. Drew felt fingers being run tenderly through his hair, and let out an almost silent moan to show his approval. He looked up, and saw the tender movements mirrored in the eyes of his date. The fingers in his hair went lower, slowly massaging the muscles in Drew's neck. Drew responding by pumping his mouth even faster. To Drew, the touches, the tenderness, was more important than any amount of sex, even if the only way he knew to reward such touches was sex. The fact that with this boy, the touches were backed by actual feelings was just gravy for both, making it all the sweeter a deal.

Drew knew the boy was getting close, since now the boy couldn't keep silent anymore. His low, sexy voice breathed out quiet moans, punctuated by "Yes", "Oh God", and "I love you Drew." His hips were moving slowly, in tune with Drew's movements. Both pairs of hands were starting go wild, crazily moving around their bodies as if exploring a new world. Just when Drew was about to move in for the kill, he heard a voice calling out his name.

"Shit", he swore, spitting out the boy's still hard member. The voice said his name again, this time closer. There wasn't anytime to run away, and both of them looked at each other for an idea. "Quick," whispered Drew, "get under the car an hide. I'll get them to go away." The kid looked ready to argue, but noticing that Drew still had on all his clothes, while he didn't, the boy dashed under the car, and tried to fix himself without making noise.

Drew straightened out his own clothes, then called out, "What?"

Jake walked around the nearest car. "What are you doing out here? I was looking all over for you."

Drew mentally swore at the ill-timed freshman. "I wasn't doing anything. What do you need?"

Jake didn't look convinced, but Drew's tone said that he wouldn't be getting any more information. He looked Drew in the eye, hoping he'd change his mind, but Drew just stared back, refusing the challenge. Jake shook the thought away. "I was hoping you could give Denise and I a ride home tonight?"

Drew's expression darkened briefly, but all he said was "Sure. Meet up here when the dance is over. I'm already giving Ashley a ride, so why not make it a full car load?"

"Thanks." said Jake. He went back without further words; retreating under the glare the senior had given him.

When he had vanished, Drew fished the boy out from underneath his car. "Kids these days," he said. "Sorry about that Braden. You okay?" Braden crawled out and stood, smoothing down his outfit. To Drew's disappointment, he had zipped himself back up.

"Yeah Drew, I'm fine now. Who was that?" He asked, almost suspiciously.

"Jake Dire, from my soccer team. I've told you about him."

"Are you his chauffeur or something?"

"No Braden. He just can't drive himself yet, being a freshman, and he probably doesn't want to wake up his mom or track down his brother." Drew said all this as patiently as he could, so as to not make Braden upset. Braden didn't look like he was going to accept Drew's explanation, so Drew tried another tactic. "We should probably get back, before someone else finds us."

"Yeah, you're right Drew," said Braden. "I'll go back first, and you follow in a couple of minutes."

"I know the drill Braden."

"I know you know Drew, but still." Braden started to get frustrated, so Drew kissed him.

"I know Braden, you just like to make sure." Braden melted, and Drew let out a small sigh of relief.

"I love you Drew." He said with a small smile. "Call me tomorrow?"

"Sure thing Braden. See ya."

"Bye." said Braden, as he turned towards the dance. Drew relaxed against his car, letting go of the stress that Jake had brought with him. It wouldn't be so bad, thought Drew, if Braden wasn't so paranoid about everything. A lot of the time, having a boyfriend like that was more trouble than it was worth. Sometimes, Drew thought about dumping Braden, but those times never lasted. It wasn't like either boy had a lot of options in boyfriends, and besides, Braden could break Drew in half without trying. Until Braden was finished with him, Drew was stuck with the boy, whether he liked it or not.

Drew shook such dark thoughts away, and started walking back towards the dance.