Like Kings

By Blue C.

Disclaimer: Don't be stupid. This story depicts homosexual males kissing, dancing, having sex, and other activities that they find enjoyable. If that is not your thing, then really, why are you here?

Copyright 2003-5 by the author. This story is not to be posted anywhere without the author's permission.

Part 4-"Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day?"

"Jessie! Wait Up!"

Jessica Summers, a.k.a. Jessie, considered by many to be the most popular girl in the freshman class, turned towards the voice calling after her and grinned wide. Her smile was devastating as usual, a potent weapon used to melt males in small puddles of longing. Her strawberry blonde hair drifted in front of her jewel-like green eyes as she spun; both were as devastating to bystanders as her smile. She used these, and other parts of her arsenal, with a flair and style wrought from fourteen years of practice. Jessie had always been aware of her beauty, and saw no reason to not take every advantage it gave her against everyone else. Not that she was conceited, only driven, and her looks were the easiest way to get through people who insisted in making obstacles of themselves.

It wasn't her only, or even her favorite way to get through people. If they pressed, well, three older brothers had made sure that no one would ever accuse Jessie of fighting like a girl. Or at least, not twice.

"Thanks for waiting" said a slightly breathless Drew, while smiling at the freshman.

"No problem" said Jessie, "Don't I always?"

"Every morning" said Drew as they started walking into school together.

"Speaking of mornings, Sexy, how's your been?" asked Jessie.

"Just fine Gorgeous." answered Drew. He added with a grin, "A little better now that I'm with you."

"Why Drew, I'm, I'm touched." said Jessie with exaggerated expressions, not reading too much into that statement. Drew was the first male outside her own family that was immune to her looks and charm, so of course he'd become her best friend. She was smart enough to realize what that meant about him, but she had no problem with that. It just gave her someone else to bitch about guys with. "Same to you," she said sincerely.

"Though my morning hasn't been nearly as exciting as my weekend was." said Drew in the tone used by someone who wanted questions asked.

"Oh god. You and Braden didn't have sex in public again, did you?" Jessie got a severe expression, then admonished, "One of these days, you're going to get caught." After she said that, she looked around them to make sure no one heard her. Typically, Drew didn't seem to notice or care a great deal.

"Well" said Drew testily, "If your brother wasn't so freaking paranoid, we'd be able to have sex in our own homes like normal people."

"You know damn well Braden has reasons for being paranoid." Jessie's voice was almost a growl, and Drew backed off.

"Anyways," said Drew after a moment. "The public performance on Friday got interrupted. Thankfully, my mom took off to Stockton all day Saturday, so we were able to make up for it."

"Interrupted?" said Jessie, half way between worried and amused. "By who?"

"Jake." said Drew. Jessie howled with laughter.

"Little innocent Jake walked in on you two?" said Jessie. "Oh that HAD to be thrilling." 'Especially if what you said about the tournament was true.' Jessie kept that thought to herself.

"He didn't quite walk in on us. Damn near though." Drew shook his head. "You know, I really wish we could just come out, and be a normal couple. Well, almost normal anyways."

"I can't help you there Drew. Talk to Braden."

"Talk to me about what?" said Braden behind them.

Both Jessie and Drew jumped as Braden grinned in triumph. Sneaking up on them was one of Braden's favorite hobbies. "What do we have to do, put a bell on you!" said an exasperated Drew.

Jessie was much calmer in her response. "Well speak of the Devil." she said, gesturing at Braden.

Braden ignored his boyfriend's comment and looked at his sister with mock hurt. "I am not the Devil. Am I the devil Drew?" he asked.

Jessie answered. "You're a football jock. That's close enough for me."

Braden motioned towards his leg. "As long as I'm on the injured list, I'm not much of anything."

"Besides, Jessie" said Drew, who had wound up next to Braden without Jessie noticing. "You don't have too many stones to throw in the Jock department. Or was it someone else who was arm wrestling champion over the entire eighth grade at your school last year?" Jessie stuck her tongue out at Drew in reply. Drew returned it.

"Now, now you two." said Braden. "Let's try to find an adult way to express our feelings."

"Yes daddy." replied Drew in a little kid voice. Jessie looked at the boys in disgust.

"I understand that role playing during sex can add some spice to it, but really, you shouldn`t expose the rest of us to it. Some things should really stay private between couples." Jessie managed to not laugh as Drew and Braden gaped at her, and she made a mad dash to the classrooms before they recovered.

Drew followed a moment later, yelling threats and curses as they raced. Braden laughed, then followed the duo much more sedately.

Sierra Nevada High School, home of the Sierra Sabertooths, was an oddly designed school. Instead of organizing the classrooms into a few large buildings, every single classroom was its own stand-alone modular building, spread in a random pattern over the sixteen acre campus. When the school was first built in the early 90's, this was supposed to be a temporary measure, a way to house the students until funds for more permanent and traditional buildings could be found. But the money never came, and so the only "permanent" building to be found on the campus was the gym and theatre complex. On a larger school, such a design would have been impractical, but at Sierra, with a student population of just under 1600, it was merely annoying. Long walks between classes was a fact of life, and at least the courtyards, wooded walkways and well-tended gardens between the classrooms made the walks pleasant.

And as any couple quickly learned, Sierra's design allowed for as much privacy as anyone could want. All you had to do was find a quiet bench or table, and you could enjoy a few minutes talking without eavesdroppers, a precious thing for many teenagers. The more daring could pass the time in other activities, but Jake and Denis were not among the daring. They were barely among the talking. Jake would have preferred to spend his morning still in bed, or maybe hanging out with Drew and Jessie, but Denise insisted that they eat breakfast together every morning they could. Since it was just about the only time they spent alone together, Jake caved in rather than argue. It had been one of the toughest calls he'd had to make, but Denise hadn't given him a reason to regret his choice. So far.

Actually, there was little eating involved during these mornings. Neither were exactly breakfast people, so they mostly sat and people watched, while Denise made a running commentary on the latest gossip about the people they saw. A lot of what she had to tell was entertaining, but there was an undertone Jake didn't like to hear in his girlfriend's voice, an unspoken admission of how much better she considered herself compared to other people.

Denise was interrupted mid-monologue by Drew's shouts. Both Denise and Jake watched Drew chase Jessie between the classrooms and out of sight. Jake grinned at the sight, but Denise wasn't nearly so pleased. "What freaks." she said, her voice dripping with disgust.

"Hey" said Jake, "Those are my friends you are talking about. They're your friends too, come to think of it."

"I am not friends with people who act like juveniles." she said, still disgusted.

"What's wrong with how they are acting?" asked Jake, starting to get angry. He considered Drew to be his best friend, and he'd known Jessie since kindergarten. No one got away with insulting them in his presence. "They're just having fun." he said.

By all rights, the look Denise shot Jake should have reduced him into smoldering little bits of flesh. And her voice was even more scathing. "If I ever catch you having fun like that, I'll dump you so fast your head will spin."

"That'll be a loss." mumbled Jake sarcastically. Denise looked like he'd slapped her.

"What the hell did you just say to me?" she asked, her voice almost a shout.

"You heard me." said Jake, a little quavery. He mentally kicked himself for talking without thinking, but it was too late to back down. He waited her reaction, and prepared for the worst.

What Denise's reaction would have been, Jake didn't find out, since at that moment, Cory walked up.

"Hey guys." the senior said, waving a little. He sat directly between Jake and Denise, asking as he did "I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Denise was incapable of response, and Jake just shook his head. Not that Cory noticed, or cared, either way.

"Good, good. Listen, have either of you seen my girlfriend? I can't find her." he seemed a little mystified by that, as if he expected her to be awaiting his arrival. Despite themselves, Jake and Denise shared a telepathic couple moment, as they realized that was exactly what Cory would expect of his girlfriend. Denise almost giggled.

"Uh, who is your girlfriend?" asked Jake, "this week." dying in his throat. He also refrained from saying "It's so hard to keep track", but Denise's expression said that she heard both comments anyways. Thankfully, they sailed right over the soccer captain's head.

"Jessica Summers" said Cory, as if they should have already known. At that name, Denise returned to glaring, and Jake pointed in the direction they had run off in.

"Thanks dude." said Cory to Jake as he got up, "See ya at practice.

"Hey Cory!" said Denise after he had turned away. Cory turned back, and looked at Denise. "If Jessie is your girlfriend, why does she hang out with Drew so much?" She shrugged. "It looked like they were attached at the hip this morning."

"Really?" said Cory absently. "I guess she just has weird taste in friends. She'll get over it."

"But aren't you worried that Drew might try to snipe her away from you or something?" asked Denise. "I mean if I were in your shoes, he's not exactly the person I'd trust MY girlfriend with." She looked thoughtful and innocent, but Jake saw what she was after. 'You stupid bitch. You're trying to take Drew's best friend away from him!' he thought.

But whatever Denise's intent was, all she managed was Cory's laughter. It took several seconds before he could speak again. Both Jake and Denise looked at the senior like he was nuts. "I'm sorry, but the thought of Drew going after.." he trailed off, then spoke with a little more control. "Denise, Drew wouldn't try to steal my girlfriend away from me any more than you would. Trust me on that." And with the "I know more than you do" expression on his face that Denise found most irritating, Cory once again started after Jessie.

To say Denise was confused by Cory's reaction was an understatement, but she had a nasty suspicion about what he meant. But before she had time to consider it fully, Jake stood up as well.

"It's time for class," he said, his voice devoid of expression. "I'll talk to you at lunch." He waved over his shoulder, then he too was gone. Denise noticed that it was the first time he had left for class without kissing her goodbye. She tried not to think about what that meant as she left for class herself.