Mostly an explanation.

I apologize in advance for my verbosity. Those of you who have written me and recieved replies know what to expect.

A couple readers have requested that I clarify my numbering system for the chapters.
"Like Kings 1-10" form the actual novella Like Kings. What are numbered as Like Kings 11, 12, and 13 are short stories that take place in the same setting, involve more or less the same characters, and expand on the story set up in Like Kings. I numbered them this way so that they would not be lost in the general mix of Nifty's archive system. I now realize that was a baseless worry, and may correct this error in the near future.

The chapters  that have the heading "Cruel Summer" are in fact a whole new story. In fact, I'd almost encourage not reading Like Kings, since Cruel Summer doesn't have nearly the same level of irritating typos and simply reads a lot better. You may thank the teachers who have pounding grammer into me over the last year for that.

Anyways, after this weeks update, I'm taking a break from writing, to concentrate on my summer job and not failing my last three classes. It happened to a friend of mine, and that is making me more paranoid than I probably need to be. I'll see y'all in August, hopefully with the rest of Cruel Summer written and edited for all of your reading pleasure.

PS: The requested timeline of for these stories.
The events of Like Kings 1-9:Late September of 2002 through October 30, 2002.
"Sweet November":Afternoon of October 30, 2002.
Like Kings 10, Epilogue:June 6, 2003
"Last Hours of Sunlight":July 30, 2003
"Just Another Day in Paradise":June 22, 2005.
Cruel Summer Prologue and "Homewrecker":June 23, 2005.