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In high school, I was the quiet type. The watcher, not really a do-er. Watch I did. Every single Monday and Wednesday in that hardly inhabited row of lockers in full sight of the showers.

"Hardly inhabited" because there was only Bryan and I using these lockers at this hour. Otherwise this was a very popular row for reasons left unsaid.

Bryan was a five foot seven inch dream. He had blonde hair, I never thought his eye color was important, since they were so dark and deep I could not really tell anyway. He was built as if he was born that way. Not too muscular to gross people out, and not too thin to seem to shatter to pieces at the slightest touch.

Bryan had a British accent, he was an import, thank God! His voice would entrance all the girls, and a few guys, as he spoke of being soccer captain for every middle school and high school team he was on. Proof was in his taught thighs that seemed to say, "Look at me or die!" and nobody died.

Most importantly, he was my Badminton partner, and more later. But he was the only one who changed with me and accepted my crush-filled glances at his beautiful body.

We were the best in the class and soon had to be given different partners. But still, we went to every open gym we could together. Our practicing had a flirting-like quality that seemed to grow with every open gym, and especially after the first one!

Oh that first open gym! We never beat each other. No matter how hard we'd try, we'd have to either forfeit or just quit. The crowd of people in the field house, playing basketball, tennis, and those just hanging out, soon gathered around us. The attendant soon was drawn to our aggressive display of playing, while we were not actually able to claim victory over the other.

Soon the attendant told everyone to head the way home or to the locker rooms, but Bryan and I just played on. The banks of lights in the immense field house soon began to switch off as he asked us if we wanted to play in the dark. If only he knew our nearly telepathic and agreed upon response that we WOULD like to play in the dark! But we had a different game in mind...

The locker room was deserted by the time we had the net in storage. The humid air heightened our lust for each other and I felt Bryan stay behind to produce the clicking noise of the dead bolt locking the door. A wicked but uncertain smile arose on my demeanor as I turned to our row of lockers.

As usual, but unusually alone, we slowly took off our clothes, not looking each other in the eyes, but AT each other. I took off my shirt, he followed, then he took off his Umbros, I took off mine. White cotton briefs, shoes and socks remained. We removed our shoes in unison, and sat on the bench next to each other.

"What do we do now?" he asked with his accent that melted me to the floor. Plundering a sudden idea, he sprang up and left for the door. Which nearly concerned me until I soon delighted to hear clicks and to see three out of five lights above each row turn out. No more words were spoken.

Taking his time to come back, he found me with a leg on each side of the bench, facing him. He sat behind me and got very close, I could feel the heat of his chest getting strong on my back. His arms slipped around my body and his hands began roaming my chest as my body quivered under his gentle touch.

Noticing stronger heat on the back of my neck, I soon felt his smooth full lips kiss me right between my shoulder blades, then move up to just under my ears. His tongue began darting in and out between his lips. The nasty little thing soon was making spine tingling little trails on both sides of my neck, as his hands roamed and he got closer behind me.

Inching closer, I soon felt a hardness which was sheathed under his cotton briefs, against the lowest part of my back. I was in this state myself, and would have wanted him in front of me. Something had to be done to alleviate the predicament I felt I was in, I wanted to do more! I turned on the bench to face him.

We embraced and our sweating chests closed in and pressed against each other as our heated breathing increased. Before we knew it we were thrown into an empowering and greed filled kiss. At each others mouths, sucking on tongues, pulling on lips, having fun as we seemed to agree to have a war with our tongues. More, wanting more, soon the kiss broke.

Into those deepest of eyes I stared, knowing we'd come to a new an exciting step. We kissed and tongue battled some more, and I lifted my leg to join the other, and I peeled off my sweaty briefs. He did the same.

My glare at his smooth, velvety member soon told both of us we needed to do something about our situations. Mirroring each other's moves, we sat across the bench from each other on the cold tile floor. We had not yet touched each other in the worst way, and both woke up a while later to see each other's limp cock, dripping.

"We should clean up." he suggested with a nasty grin. Both of us were of knowledge we could be there all night. The janitors only go through this place Friday nights. Kings we were in a land of sweaty shirts, shorts, jockstraps, shoes and socks, all locked up.

Accepting his invitation I licked some of the white juice off my fingers. Moving toward him on all fours on the cold tiles, my eyes told him I was unsure, his bottomless eyes met mine and told me he was also, but to "go on, this is gonna be great!"

Our chests and hands and privates were spotted with that tasty liquid. I decided to remove every drop from is body using my mouth alone. Taking his hands in mine, I slowly inserted his fingers into my mouth, and slowly rotated my tongue around each to remove all of the sweet white come.

Some was on his left forearm and bicep, my mouth kissed its way to each pool and up to his shoulder. A magnetism drew our mouths together. No more fun tongue wars, this was serious. We teased each other continuously, kissing deeply and exploring each other's mouth gently, until I broke to explore his chin. Soon I was down his right arm, tasting is smooth skin all the way down to his hand. I sucked his fingers clean, this time taking two in my mouth at a time.

Taking his fingers from my mouth, I went immediately to his chest. A sigh of shock escaped him. I took my time exploring his pecs, then bit and hardened each nipple to his increasing sighs. Trailing down his abs down to his sides, I ran my tongue in circles in between my lips further down. The closer I got to the part of his legs, the more he lost control of himself. He slid onto his side and lay on his back, his graceful penis pointing straight up to his navel. Not able to resist, I nearly jumped down to him, continuing my hardly hesitant exploration to his appendage.

Facing a point where I could skip it or take it, I took it. My hand gripped it hard. Bryan writhed involuntarily off the floor. Before it would go, I had to check it out. My mouth has never been so close to even MY cock, so I looked carefully as I held it. The smoothness of it. Every curve around the head made me want to take it in my mouth. Wrapping my tongue around it acme to my thoughts. Flicking my tongue around the edge of the top of the head and under it came to mind also.

So, I did it. Loved every second of it. Making him buck his tight ass in the air and shove his cock deeper into my throat was so exciting to me, I nearly came myself. Moans not only came from his throat, they emanated from every pore of his body. Soon his whole body began to quiver and shake, as if he was chilled, but I knew better.

(as I watched him before when we jacked off in front of each other, he shook violently when his load was finally shooting onto his chest and the lockers behind him.)

Learning as I went along, I soon puckered my mouth so my teeth wouldn't embellish his cock with un-needed flaws. It was nearly instinctive, like I knew to do this. My tongue wrapped around his dick as I pushed my head up and down on it.

Soon the taste of his pre-come, sweet and enticing, began to dreamily appear from the tip of his cock in my mouth. He was beginning to thrust himself up and down into my mouth in concert with my head, and it suddenly all stopped.

Bryan began an earthquake within himself. A split second later I felt the bottom of his cock bulging with come a split second before each spurt forced its way into my mouth, around his cock and down my throat.

The last drop was the worst because it was the last. His come tasted so sweet, better than mine and I got all of his. I squeezed his cock tightly and pulled from the bottom up in order to get the last drop, got it, and was then disappointed there wasn't more.

We lay there with my head on his stomach facing his slowly normalizing cock, under the hot showers, I was in his arms

I was tired, but Bryan wanted me to stay awake. His plans for me, I had only dreamed of ever happening to me. Bryan sat up and I rolled over onto my back so my head was now in his lap. Looking down at me longingly, he gently sat me up in front of him my legs splayed out in front of me.

Each second after I got up, we were stuck in a kiss. He seemed hungry for my mouth and ravenously tongued around for any more of his semen lingering in it. Licking my lips for me, sucking on them, finding drops of his come on my face which he held in his hands.

Bryan pulled away and held my shoulders. Looking down at my cock, he said, "I'm gonna have to do something about THAT young man!" A wicked grin escaped him. The British accent drove through me like a Mack truck, making me totally awake and more horny than ever.

Ignorant of the rest of my body after that, he immediately went down on me. a vacuum soon brought about all the sensations to me which I had given him. Leaning back on my hands into the spray, I threw my head back with a moan. Slowly I lifted it back up to watch his almost experienced actions on my fully hardened cock.

Bryan's hair was soaked in the shower, no longer totally blonde, it whipped around to and fro as he turned his mouth this way and that on my dick. His beautiful lips enclosed my cock magnificently, it made me wonder what could be better. As if answering, he took me from his mouth and took it in his hand and went down on only the head this time.

I resisted from throwing my head helplessly back with each new act, to watch the lovely guy flick his tongue about the head of my penis. Watch him carefully lick pre come from the tip. Watch him swallow me whole again and bring his head up and down on it as he held it at the base.

Momentarily I left these observations to take in the sensations his actions caused. I was enveloped by the physical reality of the moment, and soon found myself lifting my ass up and down (as he did) with his maneuverings.

Tension had built up from the last minute or two, and I found myself unable to keep thrusting. I exploded into Bryan's mouth. My come dripped from his lips and he licked up each drop as soon as it fell. That beautiful face of his kept moving around as he cleaned me up...

I have much more to write about Bryan and I.

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