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Chapter 1: Surprises...suck...sometimes.

Hi! I guess we should start with an introduction, always seems better if you tell people who you are before you start talking to them, anyway my name is Logan Christian Crews, and I am 16 years old, and a sophomore in high school. I go to St. Joseph's Academy, it's an all male Catholic school...yay...I'm 5'8” with shortish brown hair, and green eyes. I'm on the swim team, and the soccer team, forward woop woop!! I guess people would call be hott, but I'm really not all that conceited...I mean a little but who isn't?! I have to work out because of sports and I think I have a nice body because of it...hell I worked hard enough. So enough with the introduction and more with how it began!


“God this sucks! Why was our break cut short again?” I asked annoyed and very groggy.

“All because of you Loge. Shoulda studied more for your mid-terms.” Spencer started laughing and I just glared at him.

“I did not fail my exams. And how would you know? We haven't even got our scores back yet. I bet I got all A's!”

“Mhmmm. Nerd.”

“Shut up!” I shouted in mock anger. Spencer is really stuck up, but he's a really good friend once you get to know him, well if he lets you get to know him. He's really attractive too, but I don't really find him hot cause he's been like my brother since day care.

We started walking to our lockers and more people started walking towards us. “Hey guys! What's up? What'd you do during your winter break?” Taylor asked excitedly. He's really hyper. Someone say Ritalin?

“Eh. Nothin' much. Me and Spence went to the my parent's lodge and went snowboarding.” I said unenthused.

“You meant I went snowboarding. YOU just fell on your face the whole time.” Spencer started laughing again.

“Jeez. So I suck at snowboarding. We live in FLORIDA. Surfing is so much easier! What did you guys do?” I immediately regretted this decision of asking Taylor what he did over the break. This kid does not realize it's 6 in the morning. He went over this long list of what he did, wanted to do, and somehow ended up with him talking about the time we got drunk and we convinced him to eat a sock. Weird I know...but really 16-year olds with alcohol...good times. I zoned out for awhile ignoring the rambling kid, when I jumped because of the unexpected warning bell.

“Oh crap. Here starts the fun! Off to Sister Alexandra's psychology class.” I said really unenthusiastically.

Time to tone out a certain nun. Blah, blah, blah REM sleep, dreams are good, circadian rhythm. I hate learning. Blah, blah, blah. PROJECT?! Due next week? What the eff? Partners...please don't let it be some fat kid. “Spencer Black and Taylor McKinney, Timothy Houston and Gregory Richardson(blah blah...who's MY partner...) Logan Crews and Cody Smoak.” Sister Alexandra continued on her very long list. I looked over and saw him.

Cody Smoak. Yep. Smoakin' hot (and no I'm not stupid, I know it's actually spelled smokin' but it's a play on words)! I wonder what he thinks of me. He's walking towards me. I guess Sista Girl finished her narrative...

“Hi. You're Logan, right? Name's Cody.”

“Yeah that's right. And I know who you are.”

“Okay. So she said we had to do our project on something that involved things that happen at night, and we are studying sleep. So want to do like sleep deprivation or something?” He continued on and suddenly stopped and I guess that meant I should say something. I think he was waiting for my agreement...”

“Umm. Sure?” I wasn't really paying attention, and had no idea what I agreed too. I was actually sexually molesting him with my eyes. He had the cutest face, the best eyes, and the most kissable lips ever! I wanted him...badly. He's a movie star, he's played many roles mainly most of them are masturbation fantasies. He's a very flexible actor ya know?

“Okay, so tonight then?” He asked. He looked hopeful, but its just

“Huh, what?”

“You weren't listening to me, were you? What were you thinking about?”

“Oh me? Nothing. Just tired.” Okay. So what I'm a liar. Sue me. Would you rather me tell him that I want to rip the clothes off his body and have him take me right here in the classroom?! “Now what were you saying?”

“I asked if you wanted to spend the night...so we can work on the project.” The bell rang. Wow class was fast..then again talking to a hot kid that's always fun.

“Ummmm. Yeah sure. Call me today and give me directions, I got to ask my parents.” I started to walk off.

“Loge. I need your number.” Awww...He called me my nickname. I started to blush.”

“Ohhh...Right.” I gave him my number and then walked to Algebra 2. Yay...

A COUPLE HOURS LATER(Algebra 2, Spanish 2 are now done with)

“Ughh....This day is never going to end!” I sighed.

Zak looks at me, “I know how ya feel man! Let's get to P.E. before the coach kills us!”

“Yeah I guess. One step closer to lunch.”

“That's a way to look at it!”

“Yep. I'm SO hungry!”


We started walking off towards the gym and made it to the locker room by the time that the bell rang. I looked over to my left and saw Cody walking into the locker room. I was kinda startled. He wasn't in gym this period. Crap...dressing is going to be awkward.

“Dude! What are you doing in here?” I asked trying to stall the boner now forming in my pants...Come on go down!

“Schedule says gym. So I came to gym.”

“Nice smart ass. I meant why?”

“I had a semester class and it ended. Why you giving me the third degree?”

“Just curious is all. Didn't mean to be mean. Sorry.”

“It's no problem man.” Cody smiled. I hated him right now. My boner just went away and after that smile it came racing back...

“So where's your locker?”

“Right above yours actually.” He got up on the bench and reached for his lock. His ass was right in my face. I was drooling. “So what are you doing for lunch? I'm thinking Wendy's wanna join?”

I got out of my daze, and looked at him, his words just registering, “Oh yeah, sure as long as you don't mind giving me a ride. I stuck with the bus for a week...parents got me at a party and took my keys.”

“Awww. Man that blows! And nah I don't mind. Kay well let's get changed!” He started taking off his shirt. He grabbed the bottom and pulled it over his abs. Woah...abs. Niceeee...Fuck. It's back again. The shirt got stuck over his head, and I started laughing. He looked like he was struggling and then he fell on me. The shirt came off and landed on my face. HE CAN FEEL MY DICK. AND IT'S HARD!!! Wait...What's poking me? OMG. HE'S HARD TOO! He can't be, can he?

He hurriedly got up and his normally laid back demeanor is now completely messed up and he's freaking out. It's kind of funny to watch. “Oh fuck. I'm so sorry. Please don't tell anyone. It's just hormones, I swear!”

“Mhmm. Sure it is.” I laughed. He looked like he was going to start running soon, when I added, “I bet mine is too.”

He just stared at me. “You're...”

I decided to mess with him a little bit. “...a teenager too? Yeah boners suck.”

He looked a little sad, “No I meant, you're just like me?”

“Yep more hormonal than most of the other boys.”

“THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!” He screamed at me. I walked up next to him.

I whispered to him, “I know what you meant.” Then I close the little space between us with my lips. I pulled back and he looked completely shocked. I started walking to the gym, laughing. “See you when you're done changing.” Woah. Where did that confidence come from....I still have a boner. I hope he doesn't get mad at me for what I did. Lunch will be fun...oooouuuu and he asked me to spend the night...Wow. Maybe this wasn't such a sucky day as I thought it was going to be.

Okay. So that's chapter one. What's going to happen next. You decide. Critique my story. I want you to be as harsh, but remember I DO have feelings, and tell me if it was any good! Kay well next installation should be up in a couple days or sooner! Email me at jackdoesntknowme@rocketmail.com