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As I was writing a certain part of this chapter, I recalled other stories I have read on Nifty and their disclaimers about safe sex. Please remember that this story is set in 1984. It was before I had ever heard of HIV let alone lost a number of very good friends to it. All of the sexual things done in this story are not considered safe now, even for virgins, as my characters are/were. Oops, now I've spilled the beans. ;)

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Chapter 2

by wetstuff

We lay there for a long time in each others arms. We each could feel our hearts thudding and hear each other's breath slowly returning to normal. It was rather hot in this secluded piece of heaven we had crept into. I thought it could be a result of our love and passion for each other yet there was something else... I was the first to notice the sound of the waves in the cove seemed to be increasing in volume and there was a lot of vehicle noise in the background.

Dickie looked into my face with a frown and quickly sat up, releasing me in the process. He stared outside at the waves of the cove and then turned to me in alarm and said, "Eddy, we have to go, like right now. Something is happening and I don't think its a good idea for us to stay here any longer." He scrambled out, scanning the entire cove and all the way out to sea, and then said, "Come on... please!"

"Wha..." I said as he pulled me out, grabbed the towel up in a hand, and hauled me up to my feet. The sunlight was very bright and I had to shade my eyes as I looked around.

"Follow me, carefully, and watch the rocks. I don't want you to slip or anything. We have to go now," he said breathlessly. He took my left hand into his right hand and started to pull me along the rocks and beach. I was a little concerned what people might think if they saw two guys holding hands but judging from the looks people had on their faces as they stared out at the sea, I doubt they even noticed us.

We had almost made it to the parking lot where the car was, when an ear-shattering horn started to wail loudly, kind of like an air-raid siren. At least, I thought, it was just one horn but then more alarms started to go off, all around the cove. All of the red lights on top of the parking light poles started to quickly flash. I was about to disable my car alarm when it went off, I guess from all the people bumping into it as they ran past, heading east.

I still had not seen whatever it was that Dickie had seen but I did know that he knew a whole lot more than I did about the behavior of the ocean, especially around here. [I had no clue until I took an oceanography class in college the next year.] I turned off the car alarm and we opened our respective doors and got in. I looked west and couldn't see anything at all. I started the engine and looked around, realizing there was no one, I mean no one, around. Even the annoying sea gulls had disappeared. Oh shit, I thought...

"Where do you want me to go," I asked Dickie as I got out on the main road and drove up the hill. It was weird to see all of the traffic lights flashing green for those heading up the hill and police officers directing all traffic east.

Dickie looked at me and slowly asked, "Doesn't your grandparents have a home overlooking the I-5 and highway 52 interchange?"

I looked at Dickie and nodded. "Is that where you want me to go?" I calmly asked.

"Yes... I think we have about 5 minutes before anything happens, at least that is what the lights on the parking poles indicated," he said. The traffic was heavy as I went north on I-5 and took the highway 52 exit. I looked at the time on the dashboard and was thinking we aren't going to make it in five minutes.

I took the very next exit and wow, the signal from hell was actually green. Oh, there are more police officers down there directing traffic north or south. I put on my right hand turn signal and an officer pointed me south and up another hill. When we got to the top of this hill, even more police officers were there, turning cars away from going down the hill we just came up. This was all very strange, I'd never seen anything like it. We were waved through the intersection and I continued on down the street to the next signal, where I turned left.

In another few minutes, we had arrived at my grandparent's home. Dickie gave me a smile and said. "See, we got out of La Jolla just in time. Umm, will your grandparent's mind me being here? I forgot to ask," he said shyly.

"Lets go in and see what they say, plus I need to call my parents and maybe you should call your mom," I said quickly. I knew what my grandparents were going to say and I couldn't wait to see Dickie's face when he found out.

We went up to the door and I rang the doorbell. My grandpa answered the door and looked at me in surprise, "Eddy, what are you doing here? Who is this handsome young man?" He held the screen door open and ushered us inside, firmly closing the door behind us. Dickie's face, by the way, was turning various colors of red because he heard the 'handsome' word. Grandpa motioned for us to follow him.

"Grandpa, this is my friend Richard. He lives in Pacific Beach and we were in La Jolla when the siren went off. He told me to go to higher ground so I figured we should come here," I said. "I need to call mom and he needs to call his mom, is that okay?" We had been walking through the large living room while I explained our sudden appearence. Now we were standing in the kitchen, where my grandmother had also just walked into. The surprise was also evident on her face as she saw us.

"Who are you?" my grandma asked Dickie as she smiled a hello at me.

"I'm Di.. Richard, m'am, Eddy's friend from PB," Dickie said as held out his hand towards my grandpa. My grandpa looked at the outstretched hand somewhat suspiciously and looked up at me. I could see the twinkle in both of my grandparent's eyes. This was gonna be good!

"So YOU are Dickie, huh?" my grandma said. "No wonder Eddy talks about you all the time. You certainly are very handsome, though that shade of red doesn't do your hair or tan justice," she continued. I thought Dickie was gonna faint as he looked first at me and then at my grandma. Of course, I was trying very hard to not laugh and to keep a neutral face.

"YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?" Dickie asked, rather loudly.

"Of course dear, Eddy told us months ago all about his best friend. We told him to bring you by anytime. You are more than welcome here," she said in a calm voice as she took one of Dickie's hands into hers and squeezed it. Grandpa stepped forward at that time and put an arm around Dickie's shoulders and gave him a mini hug while smiling at his wife.

Once grandpa let go of Dickie, he spun around and watched as I could no longer contain myself anymore. I physically dropped to one knee and burst out laughing. I tried to explain in between laughs, "Should have... seen your... face... twenty... shades of red... ...." I just couldn't continue, it was too damn funny. Plus my grandparents had also started to laugh and after a short while, Dickie joined in too. Soon, the laughter stopped, though there was still some giggles from all of us as we recalled Dickie's various reactions.

I slowly stood back up and walked over to where Dickie was leaning against a wall. "You aren't mad at me, are you?" I had to ask. Dickie had tears running down his face and kept giggling. I was hoping he laughed so hard he started to cry. Which, as anyone knows, is a lot better than laughing so hard you pee yourself! I heard my grandpa talking on the phone, in between laughs, with my mom, telling her what had just happened and that we would be staying with them for dinner. Grandma was looking at Dickie and I with a slight smile on her lips.

Dickie looked at me while shaking his head, "You, are, unbelievable! When, exactly, were you going to tell me you told your grandparent's all about me? Who else knows?" he asked me in a whisper.

I looked at him slowly, then answered, also in a whisper, "I'll tell you later. Why don't you call you mom and let her know you are okay." My grandpa had hung up the phone and wandered out into the family room and turned on the television. When the picture came on, I could see that the news crews were showing live shots of the various beaches in the county. There was something very strange about the water, or, in this case, the lack of water. Something was pulling all of the water off the beaches..

I turned back to Dickie and realized he had been staring at me the whole time. He smiled then turned towards my grandma and asked her, "May I use the phone, to call my mom?"

"Of course, dear," she said as she motioned for him to come sit down at the table. He smiled again into my eyes and went where she told him.

Dickie dialed his mom's work number and waited for someone to answer. "Mom, hi, I'm at Eddy's grandparent's home, up in north Clairemont. Yes, it is high above I-5 and 52. Right, over looking it. Yes. On tv, right now? Are you sure? What about John? Oh! What? No, I don't know, let me ask." Dickie looked at my grandma with a worried expression on his face, "Umm, may Eddy and I stay here tonight? I know its a big favor to ask since you just met me and all, but my mom said I need to stay with Eddy because of what is happening down at the beaches."

My grandma looked at the tv, gasped, looked back at Dickie and just nodded. She was very white, holding tightly to the back of the chair, and looking again at the tv. She gasped again and said in a very low voice, "Yes, you can both stay here as long as you want. I'll have to talk with Eddy's mom again to get some of his clothes over here. Can you wear his clothes? Tell your mom the number here and to call anytime if she needs anything."

Dickie told his mom what he had just heard and said "I love you mom" a few times and then hung up. He glanced up at me with a slight tear in the corner of his eyes and locked his gaze with me. I had been watching him the entire time he had been on the phone. My grandma saw the exchange Dickie and I had just had and smiled to herself again.

I looked at my grandma and calmly said, "yes, he can wear my clothes, I am not that much taller than him and mom can bring my shorts and other clothes over. No reason to wear long pants in the summer and you know I have plenty of clothes."

Grandma looked at each of us and then said, "Eddy, why don't you both go to the guest room and get it ready to stay in. You know where the clean sheets and towels are. Also, why don't you two stay in there and talk - I'll call you when dinner is ready. It will be awhile."

Dickie and I stood up. I walked over and hugged grandma and then Dickie hugged her too. We left the room and I showed Dickie which way to go in the hallway. I kind of overheard my grandma on the phone as she spoke to my mom. "Yes, they do make a cute couple.. I sent them off to talk. No, just drop off his clothes and let them be. I saw the love in their eyes..." I smiled to myself as I walked out of hearing and took Dickie's hand into mine. He did not act surprised that I was holding his hand and finally I stopped in front of a door. I opened it and he gasped.

The room had one large bed! He looked at me while I pulled him into the room and closed the door. I also locked the door while I was there. I showed him what was behind the other two doors in the room, one led to a bathroom with a whirlpool bathtub and the other was to a large walk-in closet. The entire time I spent showing him the various things, we held hands and were silent. We didn't talk at all. even when I let go of his hand to make the bed up. He helped me and we smiled alot at each other but not a word was said. Not that I minded, you see, I was thinking to myself 'we are sleeping together! tonite! same bed!'

When everything was done, I sat down on the bed, motioned for him to come over and sit next to me. He came over but didn't sit down, instead he stood in front of me and leaned over me and removed my shirt. He tossed it over his shoulder and knelt down and let me take off his shirt, which I also tossed in the general direction of mine.

He leaned forward and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. I brought my hands up his chest and tweaked his nipples while my tongue pushed against his closed mouth. He opened his mouth and placed his hands on my waist. Still kissing, he pushed me back on the bed and used his hands to open my shorts, pulling them open and down my legs. I used my feet to remove my shoes and heard them thud on the floor. I felt him remove his shoes as I sat up, pushing him back. My hands moved to his shorts, opening them, and pushing them down enough so that they fell to the floor by themselves. We both shook our legs and feet to get rid of our shorts.

I put my arms around him and pulled him down on top of me, feeling his warm chest against mine. I could feel his hardon on top of mine and his tongue in my mouth was starting to move a lot faster. [I wondered, at the time, if it was possible to get a tongue tied up with another tongue.. hope not.. would hate to explain that in an emergency room!]

He slowly started to lift his body off of me and I moved my hands down to his waist to help hold him up. I had no idea what he was going to do, so it was a bit of a surprise when he moved a hand down to my crotch and pulled my hardon through the opening of my boxers. He then fumbled around in his own boxers and then lowered himself back down, making sure my hardon went into his boxers and his went into mine. I tightly wrapped my arms around his back again. His body felt incredible on top of me!

'Woah! This feels wonderful!' I thought to myself as I felt our hardons slide in next to each other. I had a funny feeling that it was about to get rather wet in our boxers but instead he pushed hard into me a few times and broke our kiss off suddenly. I let go of him as he raised himself up again, smiled at me, and rolled over on to his back. He raised his butt off the bed, stripped off his boxers, and tossed them at the floor. He looked over at me, smiling, while I was looking at him with wide eyes. Up till this point in time, I had never seen him nude.

He rolled on to his right side so that I could look at his entire front and wow, the sight left me breathless. He gestered with a hand at my boxers, which I promptly removed, but I never stopped looking at him. His eyes opened as wide as mine had been. He licked his lips with his tongue and moved towards me. His hand softly touched my thigh and moved up to my hardon and gently grasped it. His mouth fell open as he felt my hardness and the throb of my heart. I had to touch him too and took him into my hand. He was as hard as a piece of steel yet was hot and rubbery too.

I remembered something I had read a long time ago and thought, 'why not?!' I moved my body farther up and on to the bed. Dickie looked at me strangely as I pulled on his hardon but moved his body in the direction I was pulling. Soon, I was looking directly at the very wet tip of his penis hovering in the air about an inch from my face. He had a big smile on his face as he realized what we were about to do and had already moved his face close to my hardon. I felt his tongue lick my tip and felt an electrical shock run up my spine as a moan escaped my lips.

I opened my mouth and slowly closed it over the head of his hardon. I heard very deep moans from Dickie as my tongue licked around his head and I gently sucked on his head. I tasted something sweet in my mouth but before I could get any more, I felt him take me into his mouth. I saw fireworks and couldn't stop from moaning.

The combination of each others moans made it hard to concentrate on the feelings and even what was happening in our mouths. All I remember, was that my tongue had found the underside of his hardon and was licking it fast. I have no idea even how long we sucked on each other before I felt the familiar pressure of an immediate release, Dickie's hardon became even larger and started to really throb in my mouth. I felt my cum boiling up and rushing out as his hardon exploded into my mouth at the same time! We both swallowed over and over again until the fountain slowed down to a slow trickle and that is when I really tasted him for the first time. His cum tasted just like a sweet-tart, very yummy! [not at all like asparaguss - you should be in Nifty's chat room, you miss all kinds of things!] Dickie turned around and crawled up to ehere I was on the bed. He sort of laid down half on and off me. He kissed me, tasting himself while I tasted myself in his mouth. We wrapped our arms around each other and drifted off to sleep.

End of Chapter 2
[more to come, shortly]

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