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Author's Note:
I'm sorry these chapters are taking so long to write.. I wasn't sure where I was going with them.. Now, I do. ;)

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Story Note:
This chrous, of a song by the Backstreet Boys, is the basis for this story about a young man who wanders through life happily alone and then something happens:

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There is something missing in my heart

["Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" - track 3 on "millennium" by the backstreet boys]

Chapter 3

by wetstuff

I slowly woke up and realized my arms were cramped from holding Dickie for a long time. I could feel and smell his sweet breath on my check, so I slowly turned my lips to meet his. Our lips met and pressed up against each other tightly but ever so briefly. A groan escaped from his lips as his eyelashes fluttered and he slowly focused his eyes on me.

"Why did you stop?" he whispered.

"Why do we keep falling asleep after we, uh, you know?" I whispered back. I slowly withdrew my arms from around him, sat up and looked around. Our clothes were all over the floor, flung away in a moment of passion. I continued to look at the mess and whispered, "We need to get up and dressed. I'm sure my mom has already come and dropped off clothes for us to wear the next couple of days. We really need to find out what has happened."

"Okay, okay. Hand me my clothes." he whispered back as he also sat up. I handed him his shirt, which he put on. Then I handed him my underwear, which got me an odd look.

"I smell and taste like you, so you might as well wear my underwear, because I am gonna wear yours" I giggled outloud, trying very hard to whisper. He smiled, stood up, slipped on my underwear, turning around to show me that it fit so nice and tight in all the right places.

He leaned over, picked up his boxers, and motioned me to put each foot in and ever so slowly pulled them up my body. My cock flopped out the fly opening and he leaned down to kiss it and push it back inside. He stood up and pulled me tightly to him in a hug. "I love you Eddy."

"I love you too Dickie and thanks. you mean so very much to me." I whispered back and returned his hug with all the strength I had. We released and stepped back from each other. I continued to dress, stopping every so often to look at the most beautiful boy in the world.

Eventually, betwwen long stares at each other, we were dressed, hair combed, and with fresh breath. And they say LifeSaver candies are so passe. I glanced around the room once more, turned towards the door, felt a hand flutter into mine and grabbed it. Dickie opened the door, walked through pulling me and I closed it behind me. We walked down the hallway, hand in hand.

Just before we got to the kitchen, we let go of each other and walked in to find, no one. There was a duffle bag sitting in a chair that looked like mine, which I pointed out to Dickie.

He just nodded and said, "Lets go in the family room, I hear a tv going in there." We walked in and there was mom, grandma and grandpa, all staring intently at the tv. Mom saw us first and turned to look at us.

Tears were streaming down her face but her eyes lit up when she saw me smiling. She looked up at me then at Dickie and smiled. "Have a nice time?" Dickie immediately blushed a deep red and turned his head towards me.

"Yeah, thanks. Where can we sit to see whats going on?" I asked.

Mom said "Both of you just sit there on the floor in front of the coffeetable. We really should have gotten more seatable furniture in here but.."

I walked over and sat down where I was told to go. Dickie looked a little red still and then sat down where I patted, which was right in front of me. As he sat down I put my arms around him and pulled him up against my chest. He blush, while fading, flared back up. "Relax, its okay, everyone here loves you, not as much as I do, but still." I whispered in his right ear. I continued to rest my chin on his right shoulder as he relaxed into me and pulled my arms and hands around him.

We both stared at the tv, watching pictures that made no sense and hearing one calm but bordering on tears voice of a newscaster, "You are watching KGTV, channel 8. The images you are seeing are live from various beachfront locations around the county. The destruction is enormous. To recap, a tidal wave, some thirty-five feet tall, created by an offshore slide in the deep sea canyon off La Jolla, swept ashore a little over an hour ago, completely flooding La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Ocean Beach. A tidal surge raced up the San Diego River, flooding Mission Valley and Fashion Valley. Thousands of people are feared missing."

The pictures alone were enough to cause a great sense of sorrow. Everything that wasn't over thirty feet high was underwater and even now, as the water was slowing retreating, leaving not much standing and lots of debris.

I felt Dickie stiffen against me and raised his arm and pointed at one picture. "That, that, that was where we were earlier today," he tearfully whispered. "If we hadn't gotten out..."

I pulled him tight to me and said in his ear, "We got out, because of your quick thinking. You saved us. If you hadn't, we would both be singing with the angels and eternally loving each other right now."

"Either way, we are with each other, right?" he asked, a little bit louder. I just nodded and hugged him again. He put his arm back down on top of mine and hummed to himself.

We sat there, holding on to each other, for what seemed like hours, watching the dramas unfolding in the rescue operations. We were tuned in to each other, so much that we never actually heard any talk from behind us. Every so often, one or the other of us would stiffen up and the other would comfort the other.

There had never been an event in our short lives like what we were seeing. It was heartbreaking to see a landscape completely changed from what we were used to. Even Sea World had suffered considerable damage, though none of their animals had been injured and people had been evacuated.

Life would go on and people would rebuild... The surf would be back and we could once again skim the waves like a dolphin, but not today or tomorrow...

End of Chapter 3
[more to come, shortly]

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