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Loner: San Francisco Continued

"Hunter!" Lalo cried out as Hunter sucked him in deeper. "¡Ay Dios mío!" he almost yelled. "Hunter! I'm driving! On the highway!"

Hunter came up with a pop and slowly jacked Lalo off. "I know. Keep your eyes on the road." He smiled lasciviously and went down on Lalo again, this time sucking harder. Lalo's hands gripped his steering wheel tighter. He fought not to look down at Hunter for every time he glanced down that sent another jolt to his dick. Hunter felt Lalo harden more and hummed as he suck more feverishly. After coming up shortly for air, he began flicking his tongue around the underside of the head.

Lalo cried out an unintelligible sound at that. The car lurched forward suddenly as his toes curled and his foot extended. He quickly slowed down, though. Hunter, realizing what he caused Lalo to do, smiled to himself and sucked forcefully on Lalo's head using his left had to jack the rest of him. He could tell Lalo was close. He went down deeper on Lalo, feeling Lalo grow in his mouth.

Lalo was close. Hunter hummed again, causing Lalo to literally blank out for a moment.

"Hunter, I'm cumming!" Lalo eked out, leaning his head back as Hunter continued. Breathing deeply he opened his eyes, saw the red light and slammed on the breaks. His car bolted to a stop. Hunter's side hit the radio console, but otherwise he was okay. He smiled devilishly at Lalo and wiped what Lalo only imaged was spittle and cum from the corners of his mouth. He quickly licked his fingers clean.

"I told you you'd enjoy that," Hunter smiled, lasciviously, leaning his seat back and buckling up.

Lalo just stared at Hunter, still breathing deeply. We almost got into an accident! We almost ran a light at a six-lane road!, he shouted to himself. He looked back at the traffic light, glad that this red was a long one. "HUNTER! We could've gotten ourselves killed!!!"

Hunter's eyes grew wide, not expecting such a response. What he just did was reckless and dangerous and one of the best times he'd ever had sexually with Lalo. "You--" he began but Lalo interrupted him.

"That was hot!," Lalo declared, leaned over and kissed Hunter hard. Hunter wasn't prepared for the kiss or Lalo's invasive tongue, but when Lalo's hand began massaging him behind the ear, he was putty. And of course just as he began to relish in the moment the blaring horn of the car behind them shook the two from their moment.

"Fuck them," Lalo smiled and began kissing Hunter for a moment again. He turned back towards the road and finally began driving, while the man in the car behind him merged next to them and yelled a barraged of curses at them before driving off. Hunter and Lalo glanced at each other and broke into deep laughter.


Nokomis cursed Hunter again. "Dammit! Answer the phone! Shit!"

"Nokomis! What's wrong?" Dal asked, coming back with two Cokes in his hand. She scooted forward away from the couch, and he sat behind her. She leaned back onto his torso, resting her head on his shoulder almost next to his.

"Hunter's not answering his phone," she sighed, "And I need to warn him and Lalo about Helena."

"Warn him?" Dal asked taking a sip of Coke. "I know Helena's bad, yeah, but warn him?"

"Yes!" she sighed again, "Warn him. He doesn't want to be found, Dal. He ran away. If Helena tells Lalo's mom that Hunter and he are going to San Francisco, then the two of them are gonna go to Lalo's school and find them. And knowing Helena -- she'd do something extreme like have Lalo charged with kidnapping or something."

Dal chuckled, "Now even Helen would do--" He didn't complete the statement because of the incredulous gaze Nokomis threw at him. He laughed again, "So maybe you're right."

"I know I'm right," Nokomis frowned. She looked at her phone again and dialed Hunter's number. She put the phone up to her ear and sat there looking considerable more annoyed that it wasn't answered. Just as the phone's automatic voicemail message began.

"You have just reached the Sprint voicemail box of--"

Nokomis slammed her phone closed and dropped unceremoniously on the floor. "Dammit!!!"

"Nokomis," Dal purred, "Calm down eh." He kissed her neck softly.

"I am not in the mood, Dal," she snapped.

Dal laughed again, wrapping his arms around her waist tighter. "I know that. I just want you to be calm and patient. He'll answer his phone, and he and Lalo should get there before their mothers, yeah? So don't worry."

"I'm not worrying. I'm just trying to--"

"Just stop your whingin' and watch some mindless TV with me, ok?" Dal asked.

"Sure," Nokomis sighed and settle back against her boyfriend more comfortably.


"We just need to make sure we get there before they do, Laura," Helen urged her friend.

Laura Callas-Miller nervously shook her head. "But what if they've already gotten there and have gone somewhere else, Helena? What do we do then? I really shouldn't even be involved in this. It's gotten this far. . ." She hesitated a moment, leaned forward and wrapped Helena's hand in hers. Looking Helena in the eye, she suggested, "Why don't we just let whatever happens happen?"

"Because your son ran off with my son. Because Lalo decided he wanted to shake things up again! Hunter was getting better! Slowly but surely he was getting better, and Lalo ruined any and all progress Hunter was making!" Helena exploded.

Laura took her hands away from Helena, "Hunter is schizophrenic, Helena! And he always will be. He had problems before Lalo, and he'll have them after. I don't know why no one ever said that to you, but it's the truth Helena!"

Helena's voice froze in her throat. She stared at her friend with wide eyes, speechless. Before she respond,

Laura continued, "I care deeply about you Helena. And Hunter, Sal, and Salene. You all are like family to me, but we both know that Hunter has problems, and yes they did . . . manifest themselves more around the same time that Lalo broke up with him, but that's not Lalo's fault. It's no one's fault.

"I think Hunter will get better again, being with Lalo again. I mean if he trusts my son more than he--" she stopped herself from continuing.

"What were you going to say, Laura?" Helena asked, anger written across her face.

"N-nothing. . . . I--"

"Finish what you were going to say," Helena commanded, her voice quivering, "Because I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you say that Hunter trusts Lalo more than he trusts his own family. That we've all failed when it comes to Hunter, and that anything we try to do will only make him worse!

"That's what you wanted to say, isn't it, Laura? Well?! Is it?!"

"Well that's not exactly--"

"But it's damn close!"

"HELENA! You aren't helping anything here! Hunter and Lalo ran away. I want to know where my son is, too. Let's alert the San Francisco police. Let's alert the Phoenix police, that we now know where Hunter and Lalo are headed. And maybe they'll be able to track them down or happen upon them. That's what we should do. We should get their help. They're trained to do this. And I don't think our sons are in any huge amount of danger. Do you? I mean really, Helena. Do you?" Laura looked at her friend questioningly. She swept her dark hair behind her ears.

Helena didn't respond to Laura's question. She just stared straight ahead for a moment, and when her tears began to fall, she immediately leaned over, resting her head on her friend's shoulder. Laura wrapped her arm around Helena and sat in silence with her.


"We're here!" Lalo smiled. He looked over to Hunter who was just nodding off to sleep. Shaking him, Lalo told him to wake up.

Hunter roused himself for a moment and got his bearings. He was expecting to see some large building, something that resembled a college, but what he saw was a house at the top of a hill that he thought too steep for anyone to consider living on. There was a harsh tap at his window, and he jumped in response.

Lalo laughed at him, "Finally awake huh?"

Hunter nodded and did a double take when he saw his mother staring into the passenger side window with a slightly worried yet happy face. He turned to Lalo, seething. "You lied to me! Again you lied to me!"

Lalo's eyes grew large for a moment, "What are you talking about?"

"Well are you gonna open the door and say `hi', Hunter?" he heard his mother ask.

"You led me straight back to her! Is that who you've been mysteriously talking to? My mother?" he asked Lalo, his hands balled up in tight, tight fists.

Lalo unlocked the car doors. Hunter heard his door open. "I can't believe you lied to me again, Lalo! Again!"

"Don't you think you're being just a tad harsh?" he heard his mother ask.

"I don't even want to speak to you. I never thought that you'd gotten to him, and that yet again he'd listen," Hunter answered, purposely not looking at her.

"Hunter?" she asked holding herself from the deep laughter that was trying to spill out of her mouth. "Are you that angry with your mother and father and Salene that you don't even recognize me?"

Hunter stopped stewing for a moment and turned to face her. "Aunt Harmony?!"

"Yes!" Helena's twin exclaimed and threw her arms awkwardly around her nephew's shoulder. Hunter hugged her tightly, not letting her go for a few moments. "It's good to see you, too," she whispered, squeezing tighter.


Hunter jumped, his phone vibrating in his pocket. He let Harmony go and answered it. "Nokomis?" he asked.

"Hunter! Good. I finally got you. You need to answer your phone! Anyway, I know you may not be happy that I did this -- and I'm sorry, it's just that I was talking to my parents about it and they thought it'd be a good idea, so I did it and--"

"Nokomis, wait!" Hunter interrupted her spiel. "Slow down. Just get it out."

"Sorry. It's just that. I. I," she paused for a moment. Hunter heard someone whisper to her in the background, "Tell him."

"Ok, I will!" she whispered back. "Hunter? You still there?"

"Yeah, what do you have to tell me?" he asked, bewildered.

Nokomis took a deep breath. Her answer came out in a flurry of words.

"ItoldyourparentsthatyouandLalo...GarywhateverweregoingtoSanFranciscocostheyweresoworriedaboutyouandIknowyoumaynothavelikedthatbutthisistowarnyousothatudon'thavetoconfrontthem! Okay?"

It took a moment for Hunter to gather all that, and for a second he was royally pissed, until he looked up and saw Harmony and Lalo taking his and Hunter's duffle bags up the steps of the house.

"You know what, Nokomis? It's okay."

"It's okay?! You don't hate me? I'm sorry. I-I thought it was the right thing to do until your mother flew at the phone to call Lalo's mother." Nokomis sighed in relief.

"Um. . . I'm gonna call you later, okay?" Hunter told her.

Nokomis nodded as if Hunter could see her, "Okay."

Hunter hung up his phone, got out the car. He followed Lalo and Harmony in the house ever-so-slightly smiling.