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Loner: Run

"So what happened to that guy who was here the other day?" Salene asked Hunter. She poked him in the arm. "Are you listening to me?"

Hunter smiled -- something Salene noticed he'd been doing more often. He poked her back in the arm and answered jokingly, "No."

Salene leaned on her hands and scooted closer to the table, "Don't be a shit, Hunter. I know you don't like questions. That doesn't mean I should be purposely ignored. Now really, what hap--"

"He kissed me," Hunter whispered, looking down at his plate of food. At that moment a ball landed in his plate tossing salad and dressing onto Hunter's shirt. A little boy, one of Nokomis's cousins, ran up to the table, picked up the ball and rolled it on the grass, cleaning it off. He looked up at a glowering Hunter and fearfully whispered, "I'm sorry." Hunter just grunted in response. The little boy continued to stand there until Hunter shot him a look. With that he ran away.

Salene passed Hunter some napkins and started to clean the table while Hunter cleaned himself off. "So...," she began, "he kissed you..."

Hunter sighed, "He used me just like G--like he did."

"How?" Salene asked, confused and continued, "Gary was an evil fucktard who felt that he was entitled to everything. He thought that anyone but himself was shit. He used you. Your friend didn't strike me as someone like Gary." Hunter shrugged in response while Salene mumbled, "Plus, he was ten times hotter."

A blush rose up over Hunter's face. He nodded in agreement. Nokomis suddenly plopped down on the bench and swung her legs under the picnic table. She moved over pushing Hunter further down the bench. She leaned a head on his should, an action she wouldn't have done two weeks ago. "So, you two enjoying yourselves?" she asked Salene and Hunter.

"Of course," Salene answered flicking her now blue hair over her shoulder. She smiled to herself asking Nokomis who the guy was playing football with some of Nokomis's younger cousins.

"That's Brian, another cousin of mine. He goes by Ahmik though," Nokomis supplied and then added before Salene could ask the question, "Yes, he's your age." Salene smiled making to get up from the table. "I think I'm going to join the football game--" She stopped talking seeing Jas come into the backyard followed by another his exact double both of whom came tentatively over to the table. Nokomis followed Salene's eyes and smiled upon seeing Jas and Dal. They smiled back, Dal offering a little much in his smile.

Jas pulled his twin back away from the table, seeing that Hunter, as usual, sat with his head down slightly. He hadn't noticed Jas or Dal's entrance. "Could you join the footy over there?" Jas asked Dal.

"Cos of that Hunter guy eh," Dal surmised and then set his sights on Nokomis, "Sure. Maybe I'll get Nokomis alone." He threw a lascivious glare towards her.

"Don't be so transparent. I just wanna--"

"Talk to Hunter alone," Dal finished, raising a brow. "So what did you do that whenever he looks at you, it looks like he wants to waste you?"

"I . . . it's . . . uh. . . ."

"Complicated," Dal finished. "Well go make up," he advised. His voice took on a lecherous tone, "I'll talk Nokomis into--"

Jas hit his twin lightly in the stomach, "She's my friend. Be respectful."

"Okay," Dal gave in and headed over to Nokomis.

Jas watched the two of them talk for a moment, and then they and Salene joined some kids in the football game. He turned his attention back to Hunter and tentatively made his way over to the table. He purposely sat opposite Hunter and softly greeted him, "Hey."

Hunter was thrown out of his thoughts and looked up, seeing Jas. "Who said you could be here?" Hunter asked immediately.

"Nokomis invited me and Dal," he answered softly.

"Don't mean you have to sit here," Hunter snapped and started to stand up.

Jas caught his arm and pulled, making Hunter look at him. "I never tried to use you."

Hunter shrugged, "So you're saying you didn't try your best to get to kiss me."

"No, but--"

"Well then, it looks like there's nothing more for us to say, so let go of my arm," Hunter growled.

Jas sighed and gazed at Hunter incredulously, "Where is all this anger coming from? I meet you. We seem to get along. You invite me to your house--"

"I think you invited yourself," Hunter interrupted.

"Well, I asked and you agreed Hunter," Jas countered, still holding Hunters arm, "So what if I only asked cos I took a shine to you. You agreed, and it was you who kissed me, Hunter. I just wanted to be . . . y'know . . . close. . ."

Hunter stared at Jas in what was mostly disbelief, though he knew Jas was right. He tried his best to respond but couldn't think of anything. He noticed that now both he and Jas were almost standing at the table and that most of the guests attention had turned to them. He ripped his arm from Jas's grip and did the first action to come to mind. He ran.

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