Lord of the Manor

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2008

Lord of the Manor, Part I

It was a bright sunny day as I headed out with my dog, Barkley to give him his morning exercise and to see what I might find in the way of game. We’d been walking for some time when I spotted a beautiful stag. His rack was at least 12 points. I put Barkley on command and he stayed quiet while I slowly and quietly began to stalk this creature.

I had my longbow in my right hand and began to inch my way ever so closer trying to get the best possible shot. The deer stopped then faced me, freezing me in my tracks. I crouched down holding my breath then he stopped about 10 meters from me. I slowly exhaled and tried to breathe as quietly as possible. He then turned to the right exposing his side to me. I stood drawing an arrow and prepared to take the shot. I placed the arrow on the string and drew back, taking careful aim. I was about to shoot when Barkley took off spooking the stag. The stag bolted and I lost my shot. “Blast you Barkley, I gave you a command.”

I watched as the deer ran out of sight then stormed after my dog out to the path. I looked and saw him down the trail sniffing the ground then he stopped. As I walked up behind him, I could see him sniffing at something. As I got closer it looked like a pile of tossed out rags until Barkley started pawing at a person. I ran up to him and pulled him off. “Sit damn you and do not move.”

I knelt down to see how badly this person was injured. He opened his eyes and saw me then his eyes caught sight of Barkley. “Oh please sir, do not let him eat me.”

I shook my head and tried to get a better look but his face, hair and clothes were covered in mud and muck. “Not to worry, he does not eat humans. Where are you hurt?”

I stood then offered him my hand so he could stand. When he stood he was as tall as I was. “I must look a fright sir, I was being chased by some riders and I fell into the muck. I went under holding my breath until they passed.”

What I just heard angered me. “How many riders were there?”

I saw him thinking, “3 sir.”

“Please stop with the sir, I am not a Knight. My name is Alex and I am the Lord of this property, Michaels’ Manor. What might your name be?”

He then bowed. “My name is Bradley, M’lord.”

I had to get him back to the house so he could get that muck of his body. “Stand up Bradley, you need not bow before me.”

We started to return to the manor when we heard riders. I put Bradley behind me as Barkley began growling at the intruders. The lead rider had a tunic of red over his chest but it was one I’d not recognized before. I put my bow over my arm then waited for them to stop. “What is your business on private land?”

The man went to reach for his sword but I had my hand on mine as well and he saw it. “We look for a trespasser who was reported to be on Royal Land.”

“So you commit a trespass yourself to find this person? Did you see the person on His Majesty’s land before riding off?

I saw the third rider unshoulder his bow. “This is not of your concern.”

I eased my sword out. “I am Lord Alex Michaels and you are on my property, Michaels Manor. Tell your bowman to stand down.”

He raised his hand then the rider lowered his bow. “Who is that behind you?”

I shook my head. “Like you said, it is not of your concern. He is on manor property. I ask you again, did you see this so called trespasser with your own eyes?”

No sooner had I shot my question when I saw the rider try to ease his bow up once again causing me to raise my sword until it was almost out of its scabbard. The lead rider weakly waves his hand but I keep my eyes on the rider. “I was informed of him. I did not actually see him myself.”

My eyes shifted to the lead rider. “Then why are you on MY land,” I shouted as the bowman fired. I removed my sword breaking the arrow then holding it on the lead rider. “Tell him to lower his bow for if he fires again, he’ll feel the sting of my sword.”

Barkley let out with a loud bark which caused me to momentarily look away. The bowman took this chance to try and reload another arrow and as he did, Bradley gasped. The bowman fired but my swing was late causing me to miss the arrow. I reached for my dagger then threw it at the bowman hitting him in the stomach. I felt something hit my leg, “M’lord.”

I looked down and saw Bradley lying on the ground. “Take your man and get off my land.”

I put my sword back into its scabbard then quickly looked at Bradley. The arrow had hit him in the shoulder penetrating the outer most edge. I then glared at the lead rider removing my bow and pulling an arrow. “You’ve not heard the end of this.” The lead rider shouted.

I watched as the two other riders helped their wounded friend then ride off my property. My attention went back to Bradley as I ripped the sleeve of his top. The head of the arrow was in the shoulder and I could see a bump in the skin at the back. I was reluctant to push it through because then there would be two wounds to care for. “Bradley, this is going to hurt. I am going to have to pull it out.”

I looked around and found a stick then handed it to him. He took it reluctantly. “Make it fast please.”

I ripped my shirt and made a compress then took another strip of material so I could tie it in place. He put the stick in between his teeth then I grabbed the arrow quickly pulling it out. He let out a loud muffled groan then passed out. I sat beside him making sure the compress and tie I put on had stopped the bleeding. I am not sure how long we were there but he finally came around. “How are you feeling?”

His eyes were slightly glazed but he did manage to speak. “My arm is sore but I think I am alright. Thank you M’lord.”

Using more of my shirt I fashioned a way to hold his arm against his body and keep it from moving. I gently helped him to his feet then we began the slow trek back to the house. After getting him home I got a stool so he could sit down. I could not bring him inside like he was because he was full of muck and now it was beginning to smell. As soon as I opened the door, my servant Charles was right there. “Good afternoon sir, how was hunting?”

“It depends on what you were hunting Charles. Please get some water heating so this boy can have a proper bath and bring me a sleeping gown.”

He bowed his head then left, “As you wish sir.”

“Bradley, I am going to have to get your gown off you. It smells and you also need to get that muck off of your body.”

He stood as I eased his arm out of the binding. I took his shoes off and was about to rip his gown off when he gasped, “M’lord, here, outside?”

Charles then opened the door and handed me a sleeping gown. “No one can see you Bradley then I will cover you with this gown. Once we are inside, my servant Charles will assist you with a bath.”

He closed his eyes then nodded his head. “Thank you M’lord but why are you doing this?”

I removed the binding from his injured arm then got another dagger the cut his filthy gown off his body and put the clean sleeping gown on him. “I do this because I do not like seeing anyone chased then shot.”

I got his stockings off then I noticed his under developed crotch. He saw me looking then blushed. “I am not all that old Alex.”

I pulled the gown down covering his nakedness. “How old are you?”

“I am but 15 M’lord,” He started as tears began to fall from his eyes. “As for what they were saying back there, it’s true. I was on Royal Land but I meant no harm and I touched nothing belonging to His Majesty. I see others on the path so I thought it was safe.”

I was about to speak when Charles came out. “The bath is ready sir.”

I stepped back so Bradley could enter. He reluctantly followed Charles to where he could bathe. I left him alone while I removed my sword then looked for some food for our guest. I spoke with our cook and she was cooking a roast of venison. “We have a guest so make sure there is plenty.”

I came back out then went down to my room. I poured some water into the basin so I could remove some of the muck I’d gotten on me. I removed my shoes, stockings and gown then heard a knock on the door. “Enter.”

I looked over my shoulder and Charles was standing there. “Master Bradley is asking for you sir. He needs some clothes.”

After I washed, I went and got him some of my clothes to bring to Bradley. I put on fresh clothes then walked down to his room. I knocked on the door but did not hear him answer. When I went in he was still in the water. I set the clothes on the bed then pulled up a stool and sat beside the bath. I looked at the bandage on his shoulder and I could see some blood showing. I left to find Charles and told him what I wanted then returned to Bradley. As soon as I sat down, his eyes opened. “Would it seem presumptuous if I were to ask you a question?”

I smiled at him shaking my head. “Ask what ever you want.”

He reached out with his left arm and tried to lift my gown. “Could you please take that off?”

I smiled nodding my head then stood lowering the top of my gown over my shoulders. “There you go Bradley. What else would you like to ask?”


He looked at my smooth chest and swallowed hard. “How old are you sir?”

I closed my eyes then took in a deep breath. “I am but 17.”

He gasped. “You are just 17 and you own this?”

I got up and picked up a cloth so Bradley could get out of the water. “Yes Bradley, this is all mine. Let me get dry and dressed then I’ll explain some things.”

I helped him stand then started to wipe the water off his body. I held his hand as he stepped out. I slowly wiped his lower body then led him over to the bed then there was a knock on the door. I walked over and Charles handed me some compresses for Bradley’s shoulder. I came over and removed the old dressing then looked at the wound. There was still some bleeding so I put a clean compress on it and retied it on. As I did, he winced but did not cry out. I helped him on with a clean gown, bound his arm back to his body then sat beside him as he rested his head on my shoulder. “Can you tell me now?”

I nodded my head. “This manor has been in my family for a long time. I was raised here as a little boy. My parents lived here along with my father’s parents. After my grandparents died, my father inherited it along with my grandfather’s money. I never learned how he became so wealthy but my father taught me how to live within my means. The place here is big and we have a few servants to help with it. We grow a lot of things in our own garden and the land as adequate game. Occasionally I will go into town and see what is in the market.”

Bradley was trying to digest what I was telling him. “What happened to your parents?”

I closed my eyes remembering back. “My father told me some years ago that my Mother died when I was born. He took it quite hard but thanks to my grandparents, they helped raise me. When I was still young, my father taught me how to hunt with a bow. When I was 13, I got my grandfather’s longbow. It took me a long time to build up my arms so I could shoot it but now I am quite good. A little over a year ago my father went off to war and was killed. I learned he left everything to me and I’ve been here with Charles ever since. Now, I have a question for you? Where is your family?”

He looked down. “I do not have any. I was staying with a friend and his Mother but it was hard on them.”

I cocked an eye, “Hard on them?”

Bradley nodded his head. “Zack’s Mother is not well. She is having a hard time breathing but I do not think there is much that can be done for her. Their place is damp and they barely have enough to eat.”

It was about mid-afternoon now. “How far do they live?”

He thought. “It is at least a 2 hour walk.”

I had plenty of provisions. “Do they have any food?”

Bradley nodded. “Yes they do. Zack killed a couple of wild hares and he managed to get some potatoes.”

I looked at him. “Bradley, was Zack with you on Royal Land?”

He looked down. “Yes M’lord, he was. When he killed those hares, he grabbed them and ran back to his place. I lost sight of him and all I could think of was getting out of there.”

I knew that all game on Royal Land was property of the King and if anyone got caught hunting or killing anything, it could cost you your life. “Did the riders see Zack?

He shook his head then tears started to fall. “I do not think so. I looked for several minutes to find which way he ran but I never could. I hope no one else did.”

“Alright Bradley, tomorrow we will go and find your friend and make sure he is safe. Do you think you will be up to riding on horseback?”

His eyes got big. “You have horses here?”

I smiled then stood up reaching my hand out. “Come on with me and take a walk.”

I led him out a side entry then we went around back to the stables. My father had raised several horses from colts and we had been lucky to have been able to breed them with a few friends. I opened the doors to the stable and Bradley gasped as he saw the horses. “My god they are beautiful.”

“Come on, they have been in here too long. They need to go out and graze.”

We went outside and opened the outer doors so they could get out to the pasture. After that we walked around the grounds and talked a little more until the sun started going down. “Look sir, someone is trying to take your horses.”

I put my arm around his shoulder. “No Bradley; that is the stable hand. He is bringing them back to the stable so he can brush them and get them some food.”

We had a nice dinner then we sat and talked a little more. His shoulder was bothering him so I gave him some mead my father had before he died. After 2 drinks, he was ready for bed. I helped him into his room and got his clothes off. I pulled the chamber pot from under the bed and explained what it was used for then he climbed into bed. “Good night sir and thank you.”

I smiled as he got comfortable. “Good night Bradley.”

I went down to my room and before I got there I saw Charles. “Did Master Bradley retire for the evening?”

I nodded my head. “Yes, his arm was really bothering him so I gave him some of father’s drink.”

Charles smiled. “He should sleep well then sir.”

I entered my room and got undressed. After I got into bed my mind went back to Bradley. Here was a young man I’d rescued after he was shot on my property. I then found out he is just about homeless because he is living with a friend whose family are getting by day to day. I then begin to think about his beauty. He stands as tall as me and after his bath; his blonde hair and blue eyes had me fighting to keep myself from just staring at him. As I dried his body, I wanted to caress his skin then take him into my arms and hold him.

The more I thought about him the more I was torturing myself until I sat up and took my sleeping gown off and began massaging my now hard tool. I closed my eyes and envisioned his beauty. I imagined myself holding him caressing his soft skin then kissing him ever so passionately. I began stroking faster and faster as I imagined my hand on his tool and his on mine. I felt my blood starting to boil as I brought myself closer and closer to ecstasy. I imagined my hand causing him to explode as my tool began to erupt. I let out a loud moan as my seed flew onto my chest and stomach. I slowly milked it until every drop was out then used my gown to clean my body. My breathing began to slow and I started to relax then I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was awakened by Charles as he opened the drapes. I squeezed my eyes tight as the morning sun came into my room. “Good morning sir.”

I pulled the covers over my head hoping he would close the drapes but he did not. “It is Charles and I am awake. Is our guest still sleeping?”

Charles reached under my bed taking the pot so he could empty it. “I looked in on him sir and he is sleeping quite soundly.”

I heard Charles leave then I dragged myself out of bed. I poured some water into the basin then washed my chest and stomach. I got some clothes on then made my way into the kitchen. Denise had just come in with a basket of eggs. “Good morning M’lord. Tea is ready over by the fire.”

Denise knew me well and that I was not very conscious when I first got up. I poured myself some tea then left to let her cook. I was thinking about Bradley when Charles came in and poured me some more tea. “Thank you Charles, I will wake our guest when I finish my tea. Please have some more ready when I get him.”

He smiled nodding his head. I went down to Bradley's room then knocked. I waited but did not hear anything. I thought he was still sleeping so I quietly opened the door. When I stepped in I saw him sitting on the pot. He looked up at me in his naked state and I turned a deep red. “Please excuse me Bradley, I knocked but did not get an answer.”

I turned to leave but Bradley called to me. “Please wait sir, I need some assistance. I can not clean myself because of my right arm.”

I moved over to him but the smell was over powering. I went to the window and pulled back the drapes then opened it so some fresh air could enter. I looked at Bradley and his eyes seemed to be begging me. I went over and helped him to stand. I assisted him in getting clean then got him dressed so we could eat our morning meal.

On our way to the dining area, there was a loud knock on the door. Charles was on his way but I was closer. I opened it and there was a man wearing clothes from the King’s guards. “What can I do for you?”


The man was straight forward. “I wish to speak with the Lord of the Manor.”

I nodded slightly. “I am he.”

He handed me a small pouch. “Does this belong to you?”

I opened it and removed the contents. I was surprised to find this returned. “This is my dagger.”

The guard handed me a folded piece of parchment. I looked at it and saw the Seal of His Royal Highness. “You are requested to appear before His Royal Majesty. There was another with you who was wounded. Do you know where he might be?”


“Why do you ask?”

The guard did not like my question. “He is to appear also.”

I nodded my head. “As soon as I’ve finished my meal, he and I will leave for the castle.”

I did not think he liked my answer as he turned and mounted his horse. “I shall inform His Royal Highness.”

I closed the door and Charles was standing a few feet away from me. “What was that about sir?”

I held the paper up so he could see the Royal Seal. “Bradley and I have been summoned to castle.”

“Whatever for sir?”

I shook my head. “I am not sure but it might have something to do with what happened yesterday. Has Denise started the morning meal?”

He nodded his head. “Yes and Bradley is waiting on you. Now come along before it gets cold.”

I joined Bradley in the dining hall where we had eggs, bacon, fish and fresh baked bread. After we ate, I led Bradley to my room. “We’ve been summoned before His Royal Majesty.”

Bradley’s face turned pale. “No please, I will be hanged.”

I waved my hand. “No you will not Bradley, you have done nothing wrong.”

Tears filled his eyes. “B…but I was on Royal Land.”

I smiled as I started removing my clothes. “Only you and I know that. The rider by his own admission never saw you.”

I reached out and unbound Bradley's arm then began carefully removing his gown. I looked at the compress and it had a little dried blood on it. I hurried down to his room and got several compresses Charles brought me earlier. Once back in my room, I removed the tie and compress. I saw no signs of festering which was good. There was some discoloration around the hole but that was all I could see. After we were finished at the castle, I would take him to see the local doctor.

I put a new compress on the wound then tied it in place then I went and got some of my finest attire. “Oh no sir, I can’t.”

I shook my head. “You can Bradley and you shall.”

“B…but sir.”

I put my finger on his lips. “I command it Bradley.”

He dropped his head. “Yes M’lord.”

I took him over to the bed and helped him put his stockings on. They came up just short of his knees then helped in on with his gown. He winced in pain a little as I put in on but I was as gentle as I could be. After I got his other arm in, I pulled it down over his chest then looked at him again. “My God Bradley you are a lovely sight to see now.”

I took a mirror and held it so he could see himself. I moved it up and down so he could totally see himself then he turned red. I had forgotten I was naked and I felt myself starting to get erect. I saw Bradley’s eyes drop then smile. “I see M’lord likes what he sees too?”

Now it was my turn to blush. “I can not lie Bradley you are a sight to behold. Those clothes accent your beauty but I do apologize for staring.”

I quickly got myself dressed and did my best to will my cock back to normal. I felt my face was red as I dropped my eyes to the floor. “Bradley, it is my turn to apologize. I should not have been staring at you.”

He stepped closer then I felt his finger lift my chin. “You do not have to apologize M’lord for I too have looked at your body. I know I should not have but I could not help it.”

What happened next I was not prepared for. I saw Bradley lean in then I felt his lips on mine. I gasped as his kiss was making me excited but I knew this was not the time so I eased back. I saw him start to frown so I smiled. “Bradley, I would love to continue this but we do have to see the king.”

He giggled. “I’d forgotten about that.”

We went outside and Charles was standing there with my father’s cape. “Here sir, wear this.”

I shook my head. “I shouldn’t Charles, father never formally passed his title to me before he died.”

“Very well sir, Andrew has the horses saddled and ready for you and Master Bradley.”

I went and put my sword on then put my quiver across my chest and grabbed my bow. “Come on Bradley, we can’t keep His Majesty waiting.”

Andrew was standing there with the horses as Charles opened the front door. I took the reigns to my mount then waited as Andrew and Charles helped Bradley get mounted. Once Bradley was mounted, Andrew gave me a leg up. “Be safe sir. We’ll see you when you return.”

Bradley and I rode off and headed for the castle. Bradley was managing well using one hand on the reigns. We held a steady pace and were even able to talk. I had a question I wanted to ask but I did not wish to embarrass Bradley. I was watching the trail as I thought. “Is there something on your mind M’lord?”

I was brought back to reality. “I am just thinking Bradley.”

“About what happened earlier in your room?”

I looked down then took in a deep breath. “That is one of them Bradley. It was unbecoming of me.”

“Nonsense Alex,” Bradley started as I looked at him when he called me by my name. “I liked it when you looked at me and I could tell you liked looking at me too.”

I could not deny it. “That’s true Bradley I did like it. You see I do not care for women, I never have. My father once tried to get me with one and even started to make the arrangements. I begged him not to then I finally had to admit it to him.”

“You are still living in the manor so he did not disown you.”

I shook my head. “No, that he did not. I later found out that was his way of getting me to tell him I was homosexual. Did your parents know about you before they died?”

Bradley shook his head. “No, I never told them or even let on. There is only one person who knows.”

I thought for a moment. “The friend you were staying with?”

Bradley smiled when I asked the question. “Yes, he knows. He is very special to me.”

I wanted to ask one more question before we came out onto Royal Land. “Do you love him Bradley?”

He smiled then looked down. “Yes I do but we ca not show it to each other because of his mother. Maybe after she passes but then I am so afraid Zack will be lost without her.”

We came out onto Royal Land and rode directly for the Castle. We could see the drawbridge then saw 2 riders come out towards us. We continued to ride towards each other then I looked at Bradley. “Stay relaxed and let me talk.”

When we met, I could tell both men were from the King’s guards. “Halt, state the nature of your business.”

I pulled the parchment out and handed it to him. “We’ve been summoned by His Royal Majesty. I am Alex Michaels.”

The rider looked closely and saw the seal. “Follow us and stay close.”

We followed them across the draw bridge then into the courtyard. Several men approached us then held our horses as we dismounted. We were led inside then down a hall that seemed to go on for an eternity. We stopped in front of a room where several guards were posted. Our guide showed them my letter then one of them went inside. He returned then held the door open. “His Majesty will see you now.”

We entered and walked solemnly towards the throne. As we came up to the steps we stopped and knelt. “Arise. I hope your journey was pleasant.”

We stood then watched as he stood and came forward. “It was a nice ride Your Majesty. How may we be of service?”

Before I knew it the King was standing in front of me. “You are Alex Michaels?”

I nodded, “I am Your Majesty.”

He smiled as if he had known me all my life. “I knew your father, Lord George Michaels. He was a fine man and an excellent soldier. I was deeply saddened when he was killed in battle.”

I felt my eyes water as he spoke of my father. I had to wipe them then swallow hard before I could speak. “That he was Your Majesty, I still miss him.”

He then put his hand on my shoulder. “Why do you not wear his cape as Lord?”

I had to look down. “He never formally passed the title to me.”

When I looked up he was still smiling. “That can be remedied. Please hand me your sword and kneel.”

I lifted my blade out of the scabbard then handed it to him. I then dropped onto my right knee as the King spoke. “I hereby dub thee Lord Alex Michaels, arise Lord Alex.”

I stood then he handed me my blade and I returned it to its scabbard. “Your Majesty, might I ask why I was summoned here?”

He turned then began heading towards another door. “Follow me please.”

He led us into a small room then sat down. He pointed to several chairs where we sat. I was getting worried and poor Bradley was getting pale. He mouthed to me, “why.”

I looked back then he spoke. “I was informed of the incident that happened yesterday.”

“Three riders wearing colors I did not recognize, but do now as guards from the castle, were well onto my property. They claimed to have gotten a report of a trespasser on your land but he admitted to me that they had not seen him.”

I could see the King thinking. “Who is this man?”

“His name is Bradley. He got lost and was well on my property. We were returning to my home when the riders came on us. While we were talking, his bowman tried to kill Bradley.”

The king stood and we quickly stood. He stepped out of the room then returned. “Please hold up a moment Alex.”

A short time later there was a knock on the door. When the person entered Bradley started shaking. The man looked at him with a scowl. “I see you brought him for justice.”

“SILENCE” the King shouted as the man quickly knelt. “You shall NOT speak to a Lord in that manner.”

The man stood. “Your Majesty, if I might be allowed to speak.”

The King looked at me then back to the man, “If you can keep your tongue in proper order.”

“Your Majesty, we had received word of a trespasser on your land.”

The King interrupted him. “I know all about that. Is it true you did not see the alleged trespasser?”

The man dropped his head. “Yes Your Majesty.”

“Is it not also true the bowman under your control tried to kill this person?”

The man was silent and I was getting angry. “Answer His Majesty NOW!”

He glared at me. “I did not believe what you had told me.”

The King raised his hand then backhanded him knocking him to the floor. “You did not believe what a Lord was telling you while you were on HIS property?”

The man slowly stood and wiped the blood off the side of his mouth. “I did not know who he was Your Majesty.”

I stood and faced him. “Did I not tell you who I was and that you were trespassing on Michaels’ Manor?”

Again he stood silent. “Answer him, I command you, for now your life depends on it.”

The man’s head snapped up but still stared at me. “Yes, you so informed me M’lord”

“Yet you still did not control your bowman. He shot an unarmed person on MY property and he paid the price. Why did you not command him to stand down?”

He stood silent for a moment. “I felt you were protecting him.”

“He was on Michaels’ Manor property. I had every right to protect him. By your own admission you had not seen any person on Royal Land. You were in command of your men and were negligent.”

The King raised his hand. “How do you answer to Lord Michaels charges?”

The man’s head snapped up, “H…how do I answer, Your Majesty?”

The King nodded. “Yes, how do you answer that you were negligent in your command?”

He looked down. “I was Your Majesty.”

“Lord Michaels, since this happened on your land, you pass judgment on him.”

I bowed my head, “But Your Majesty,” I started but he waved his hand making me think. “Very well, your actions have shown you are not fit to command. You shall be removed from your command and then receive 50 lashes. I will also tell you this, if you ever trespass on Michaels’ Manor again, I will see to it you are hanged.”

The King opened the door and motioned for someone. A moment later, two guards came in. “It has been the order of Lord Michaels’ this man be given 50 lashes. See to it the sentence is carried out.”

The lead guard bowed his head. “It shall be done Your Majesty.”

After they left I looked at Bradley. “Are you alright?”

He had a somewhat blank look on his face. “I…I guess so M’lord. Did you have to have him lashed?”

I took his hand and had him stand. “Yes Bradley, I did. That man should have ordered the bowman to put his bow away after I deflected his first arrow. He knew where it came from. Had the second arrow not hit you, he’d have felt the sting of my blade but you needed my help.”

I guess I held Bradley’s hand and looked into his eyes a little too long when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked and it was the King’s hand. Immediately I tried to drop to my knee but he held my arm firm. “Relax Lord Michaels. Do you have feelings for him?”

I looked into Bradley’s eyes then back at the King. “I…I…I am not sure. I do but he has another, I will not, I can not interfere there.”

The King then looked at Bradley. “What is your sir name Bradley?”

“Taylor, Your Majesty. My name is Bradley Taylor.”

The King motioned for us to sit. “Please relax now. Bradley, how old are you?”

He told the King what he had told me. “Your Majesty, Bradley and I need to see to his friend Zack and his mother. His mother is quite ill and I fear she may not live longer.”

Bradley then interrupted. “Your Majesty, they were caring for my younger brother too, his name is Tony.”

“Lord Michaels, can you care for these people at the manor?”

“I can Your Majesty,” I replied. “Bradley’s shoulder needs to be looked at. Might I ask a favor sire?”

The King smiled. “I shall have my personal physician look at him right away.”

The King left the room then I heard Bradley begin to cry. “W…why do you do this M’lord?”

I went over to him then wiped the tears from his eyes. “Bradley, you need a place to live as does your brother. Zack’s mother needs care and he can not provide it.”

“You are too good for me M’lord.”

I put my finger on his lips then I do not know what came over me but then I pressed my lips to his and started to kiss him. “Ah hem.”

I pulled back and saw the King standing there. “I see you do care for him.”

I turned as red as my father’s cape. “I am so sorry Your Majesty, I beg your forgiveness.”

He opened the door and there was another man. “Bradley, go with my physician, he shall tend to your shoulder.”

Bradley looked at me and I nodded so he relaxed and went to the King’s physician. I watched as the King closed the door. “I should not have done that sire.”

He smiled at me, “Why not, I can see you love him. He is a handsome young man.”

My head was spinning. “Your Majesty, are you saying you approve?”

“Sit down Alex,” he started. “Yes, personally I approve. Why do you think I am not married? When my parents died, I was left to raise my younger brother, Prince Allen. He has yet to see girls his age as attractive and I really do not think he will.”

“If I might be bold sire, how old is he?”

The King rang for a servant and had him bring us something to drink. “He is 16 almost 17. You are still 17, aren’t you?”

I nodded. “That is correct sire, why do you ask?”

“I want to see him happy but I also fear for him. I have heard things and when he goes out, my best guards are with him.”

I knew what he meant. “I take it he is rebelling against them, sire?”

He nodded. “More then you know but I have a new guard he seems to like. He is in his 20’s and is well trained.”

I listened intently. “How long has he been in your service sire?”

I saw the King thinking. “Just a short while but he came highly recommended.”

Just then the door opened and in came Bradley followed but the King’s physician. “I have cleaned the wound and put on a clean dressing. It has not festered and I if it is kept clean it should not. If you have any problems, I shall be glad to see him again.”

The King stood. “Lord Michaels can bring him to you, he has my permission.”

The physician nodded. “I will look forward to it M’lord. By your leave sire.”

The King nodded and the physician left. “Now that Bradley’s shoulder has been tended to, I would like to say something, but it has to stay here. I do not need to tell you why. I do not object to men loving men. Lord Alex, I have spoken to you but there is more. I have not married and it is not because I have not found a suitable woman but it is because they do not interest me.”


I thought for a moment. “Is there someone special sire?”

The King thought for a moment, “Not really but there are a few who will please me. I can not risk falling in love because of the stink it would cause so that’s just not possible.”

“I understand Your Majesty,” I replied then looked at Bradley. “Are you ready to get going, we need to see Zack and the others.”

“Oh yes M’lord,” Bradley exclaimed. “But how are we going to bring them all back to the manor?”

I smiled reassuring him. “I have a carriage that we can use.”

I turned then bowed to His Majesty. “Alex, feel free to come here anytime. If Zack’s mother is ill, I want to know and I will send my physician out.”

“You are much too generous sire,” I replied. “I have a physician I go to who I can send out.”

“Nonsense,” he replied. “I shall not take no for an answer.”

I smiled, “As you wish Your Majesty. Now sire, I must be going.

We were about to leave when there came a knock on the door. The King opened it and a young man handed him a parchment. The young man bowed after handing him the paper then left. The King looked at it then sat down and signed it. He then took a candle and dropped a small amount of wax on the parchment. He removed his ring and pressed it into the wax. After he removed his ring, there was his seal. “Alex, this is the Royal decree of my making you a Lord. If there is ever a question show them this.”

“Thank you sire for your gracious hospitality but we must be on our way.”

Bradley and I were escorted out where we were helped onto our horses then given a royal escort to Manor property. Once home, we ate our afternoon meal while Andrew hitched 2 horses to the carriage. After our meal we got under way with Andrew handling the team while Bradley and I rode inside. The trip took several hours with Bradley having to shift to sit by Andrew in order to show him where Zack’s home was. As we were pulling up, a young boy came out. “Bradley I was worried about you,” he said as Andrew and I helped Bradley down. “You have been hurt, what happened? Who are these people?”

The boy was asking questions so fast neither Bradley nor I could answer them. Bradley gave his brother a hug then started answering his questions. “First I would like you to meet Lord Alex Michaels, he rescued me.”

The little boy came over and jumped into my arms kissing me on the cheek. “Thank you, thank you, thank you sir.”

Bradley’s face showed one of sudden shock. “No Tony you can not jump on him.”

I laughed at Bradley’s antics. “It is alright Bradley, I do not think young Tony here has learned protocol yet. How old are you Tony?”

“I am 6,” Tony replied with a big smile on his face.

Bradley looked around. “Where is Zack, Tony?”

Tony’s face sunk. “He is out in the field. His mommy died this morning.”

I set Tony on his feet. “Please take us to him.”

He led us around the back then headed out into a large field.  As we walked out to where he was, Bradley took off running towards him. As soon as Zack saw him he ran towards his boyfriend. Zack was unaware that his love had been wounded when he grabbed him and hugged him tightly. I held Tony’s hand while the 2 of them talked then I saw him motion for us. Bradley let out another moan in pain as Zack went to kiss him. He stepped back and saw his arm bound to his body. “Oh my God Bradley, what happened to your arm?”

“This is Lord Alex Michaels, he saved me Zack.

Zack dropped to his knee. “Thank you M’lord for saving Bradley. Bradley, Mother died sometime during the night. I am going to bury her here.”

I could see tears streaming down his face as he was telling Bradley then he fell to the ground and began crying uncontrollably. I stepped over and helped him to his feet then he buried his face into my shoulder, letting out all the grief. “Let is out Zack, let it out.”

Tony had begun crying as I held Zack. Bradley knelt down and held onto his little brother. Tony looked at his older brother. “What is going to happen to us now?”

“You have nothing to worry about thee Tony. I am going to bring the 3 of you to the manor.”

Zack looked at me. “Oh no M’lord, we could not. We would be imposing on you.”

I hugged him tighter. “You will not be imposing Zack. You all need a place to live and I have plenty of room.”

Once the tears subsided, we got on with the task of burying Zack’s mother. We then went inside the small home and packed all of their belongings. Once that was done we began the trip back to the Manor. The sun was beginning to set when we finally returned home. Charles was pacing outside when we pulled up. “Oh thank God M’lord, I was worried something had happened to you or Master Bradley.”

He helped me out of the carriage then together we got Bradley out. Zack reached up and lifted Tony out. “Charles, we have two more guests. This is Zack and the little one is Tony, Bradley’s brother.”

Charles smiled then led them into the house. “It is a pleasure to meet you both. If you’ll follow me I shall show you to your rooms.”

I tapped Charles on the shoulder then leaned close to his ear. “Put Zack in with Bradley and put Tony in with me for right now. Once he gets settled here, we can give him his own room.”

Charles nodded, “As you wish sir.”

I followed Charles and our guests as they went down the hall. The first stop was Bradley’s room. “Master Zack, you can sleep in here with Master Bradley unless you would rather have your own room.”

Zack looked at Bradley then back to Charles. “Oh yes I would like that.”

I looked down at Tony and he looked like he was going to cry. I picked him up into my arms and kissed him on the cheek. “Do not worry Tony, you have a room too.”

His face lit up then frowned again. “I am not used to sleeping alone Alex.”

Charles was about to correct him when I waved my hand. “Well, how would you like to share my room and sleep with me?”

For the first time, I saw his lovely smile. “Oh yes, I would really like that.”

I smiled back at him. “Then that is settled then, you shall share my room. Charles, please get some water heating. I am sure Zack and Tony could use a bath.”

Charles nodded. “I shall see to that right away sir but that will take some time. Denise has the evening meal ready.”

Our guests’ heads snapped up at the mention of food. I felt Tony’s lips on my ear. “Alex, I am hungry.”

I smiled at the child. “Then let us go and eat. I am sure Denise has plenty.”

We went into the dining hall and sat down. Denise put some of her venison stew into bowls then set them in front of our guests. She then set mine in front of me along with some fresh baked bread and hot tea then we all began to eat. Tony took a mouthful then smiled. “This is really good, thank you.”

Denise handed him a piece of bread and smiled. “You are welcome and there is more if you are still hungry.”

I watched as Zack and Tony ate their fill. It was obvious to me that they hadn’t had a decent meal in a long time. “Zack, when was the last time you had a proper meal?”

He swallowed his mouthful then took a sip of tea. “The hares I killed yesterday and 2 potatoes. I fed mother and she ate a little but Tony was so hungry so I let him eat.”

Tony looked up then started to cry. He stood then started to run out of the hall screaming, “I am sorry Zack.”

Zack got up but I shook my head. “You stay and eat while I go and talk with him.”

I left the dining hall and then saw Charles standing by my room. “He is in there sir.”

I entered then looked for Tony. I could not see him at first then I heard a soft muffled cry coming from under the bed. I sat down on the floor then looked under. “Tony you did nothing wrong.”

“I did Alex,” he said through coughs. “I am a pig.”

I stretched out on my stomach so I could better see him. “What makes you say that?”

“I am always hungry.”

I reached my hand out to him. “Come here please.”

He slowly crawled over then I extended my hand to him. At first he hesitated just out of my reach. I thought about moving closer but decided to let him come to me. I do not know how long we were like that but then he reached out taking my hand. I gently pulled him out from under the bed. “Alex, I caused Zack’s mommy to die. I am a pig.”

Once I got him out he made a beeline for my lap. “Tony, you are a little boy Tony and you need food too.”

“B….but she died Alex.”

I comforted the little boy as he cried. After several minutes of hard crying, his tears finally subsided. “I know you do not really understand but I’ll try and explain it to you. Zack’s Mother was really sick and from what your brother told me, she was having a hard time breathing. Had she seen a physician earlier, he might have been able to help her. I did not learn of this until yesterday and by then it was just too late.”

He sat there letting what I told him sink in. “Yu…you mean I did not cause her to die?”

I shook my head and smiled at him. “No Tony, you did not. I think it was just her time to go. Now why do not we get back out to our food before Denise skins us both for ruining her meal?”

I took a cloth and wet it then washed Tony’s face. After that, we returned to the dining hall. Tony ran over to Zack and hugged him. “I am sorry your mommy died Zack.”

He kissed the little boy on the cheek. “I know you are Tony and please do not think it was your fault.”

He gave Zack another hug. “I know that now Zack, Alex explained it to me.”

Denise took Tony and my bowls and reheated the stew then we got back to the business at hand of eating. I finished off my first bowl then had one more while Tony and Zack each had three and between the 4 of us, we polished off a whole loaf of Denise’s bread.

Once the meal was finished, Charles went to check on the hot water. He returned letting me know it was ready so Zack and Tony could get cleaned up. Bradley took Zack to his room so he could help him while Charles came up to Tony. “If you will come with me Master Tony, I will assist you with your bath.”

Tony looked up at Charles then over to me then started shaking his head as his hands traveled down covering his crotch. “Alex can you help me? Normally Bradley does but he is with Zack.”

I smiled at him. “Alright Tony, go down to our room and I’ll help you.”

He put on his toothy grin then took off. Charles was standing there shaking his head looking upset at Tony’s actions. “Sir, he needs to learn his place here.”

I walked over and put my arm around his shoulder. “He is 6 years old Charles, no one has taught him a thing as to proper protocol.”

“What is to become of them?” he asked.

“What do your mean Charles?”

He stepped back. “If I might put forth an observation sir but those 3 are orphans. Master Bradley said both his parents are dead and now Master Zack is orphaned.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. “Are you saying we should just turn them out or bring them to the orphanage?”

I could see him thinking. “Well sir, I think they might be in a better position to raise them.”

“Bradley and Zack are young men. They need to learn how to be men and by that I mean how to use the long bow so they can hunt game. They also need to learn how to protect themselves. When father was alive, if you remember, he had Sir William teach me how to use the sword. That took me almost a year of hard training. They won’t learn that in an orphanage.”

I saw Charles relent a little. “But what about Tony, he is just a child. He has probably had no education and he addresses you by your first name.”

“Is that not my right to allow Tony to use my first name, if I so choose?” I asked rather strongly as he started to speak causing me to wave my hand. “Have you forgotten where Andrew came from? Father took him in when he was barely 10 after his father was killed.”

Charles stopped and thought. “My apologies sir, I was rather abrupt and did not mean to step out of line. I was just…”

“Nonsense Charles,” I replied waving my hand. “I will need to talk with Bradley with regards to his brother. As for his education, I know someone who is well educated and would make a fine teacher.”

Charles stood there with his mouth hanging open. “Me sir, but I have not taught before.”

I smiled then laughed. “Charles, you will do fine. Even Zack and Bradley could benefit. Now, I need to tend to Tony. I do not suppose we have a sleeping gown in his size?”

“I will see what I can find sir. I will see if Andrew might have saved any from when he was younger.”

I left then went down to my room. When I entered, Tony was sitting on the bed and I could tell he had been crying. I checked the water and it was now perfect for bathing. I took my top off then sat down beside Tony putting my arm around his shoulders. “What is wrong?”

He looked up at me with sad eyes. “Are you going to send us to the orphanage?”

I could not believe this. He must have come back out while Charles and I were talking. I slid him onto my lap and hugged him close to me. “You must have heard Charles and I talking?”

He nodded his head, “Uh huh.”

I kissed the top of his head then stood him in front of me while I started to undress him. “Did you hear everything we said?”

He shook his head then I could see him fighting back tears, “Un, un. I ran back down here.”

I helped him getting undressed then led him over to the bath. I picked him up and set him in the warm water then knelt down. “Had you stayed you would have heard I am not sending anyone any place.”

I reached for the cloth then he took my hand. “Can you get in with me like Bradley does?”

I smiled while nodding my head. “Just a moment and I will get undressed.”

I removed the rest of my clothes then climbed into the bath. As soon as I sat down, he dove under the water wetting his hair then sat down in front of me. I rubbed some soap onto my hands and began washing his hair. While I was doing this, Tony asked a question that took me completely off guard. “Are you going to be my Daddy now?”

I was but 17 and had no intentions of ever taking a bride. My life would be happy with someone like Bradley or Zack to share my bed with. I was about to answer him when there was a knock on my door. Since I was expecting Charles I hollered, “Enter.”

The door opened and in came Bradley and Zack. At first they were holding hands then I saw them step away from each other. As soon as Tony saw them he stood up. “Look, Alex is helping me like you do Bradley.”

Bradley smiled at his brother. “You like Lord Alex do you not??”

Tony was nodding his head. “Yeah, I asked Alex is he was going to be my Daddy now.”

I looked at Bradley then looked down. I had not brought that topic up and the last thing I wanted was for Bradley to think I was trying to take away his brother. “Bradley, umm, it is not what you think.”

He stepped over towards the tub. “He needs someone to raise him proper, M’lord.”

Tony looked at his brother. “Why did you stop holding hands with Zack?”

Both he and Zack looked scared at Tony’s question. “You need not hide your feelings in or on the manor. If anyone ever says anything to you while you are here, they will answer to me.”

I got Tony bathed then washed my own body while the 4 of us sat and talked. Once I was done, I handed Tony out to Brad so he could dry him then I stepped out and started drying myself. Once dry I got into my gown. Tony then jumped onto the bed. “What about me, I can not go naked.”

Tony stretched out on the bed and before I knew it he was sound asleep. Charles finally returned with several of Andrew’s gowns from when he was younger. He looked over and saw Tony was now asleep. “I am sorry sir, Andrew had to hunt for them but it seems he does not need them now.”

I took the gowns from him and smiled. “He can wear one tomorrow Charles. Thank you and tell Andrew thank you too.”

Bradley, Zack and Charles went out while I lit a candle in case Tony woke up before I came to bed. I came out and joined them when I saw Zack and Bradley in a conversation then Zack looked at me. “Sire, what is going to happen to us now? We surely can not stay and impose on you?”

To be continued…