Lord of the Manor


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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2008

Lord of the Manor, Part II

Bradley, Zack and Charles went out while I lit a candle in case Tony woke up before I came to bed. I came out and joined them when I saw Zack and Bradley in a conversation the Zack looked at me. “Sire, what is going to happen to us now? We surely can not stay and impose on you?”

“There is the Royal Orphan’s Home set up by His Royal Majesty.” Charles said before I could answer.

“If that is what you want…” Zack started to answer but I interrupted him.


He looked at me then spoke in a soft voice, “I was merely…”

“SILENCE,” I said in a firm voice as I stood. “Since when did you become Lord of the manor?”

He realized he’d incurred my wrath then knelt, “If I might speak M'lord?”

I did not allow him to stand as I was very angry at his impertinence. “You may, provided you keep your tongue in check.”

“I was just offering suggestions M'lord.”

That statement did not reduce my anger towards him. “Did you not remember our talk earlier Charles?”

“Yes M'lord, I remember it.”

I did not like doing it but I then threw something back into his face. “Tell me Charles, how did YOU come to the manor?”

He looked up at me with a surprised look on his face. “I…I don’t understand.”

“Arise Charles, it was a very simple question; how did you come here?”

He stood then looked at the floor. “Your father was gracious enough to bring me here when I was but a small boy after my parents had been killed.”

I stepped closer to him. “That is right, my father brought you into his home. He raised you as his own and saw to it you were educated. So now you deny that to Zack, Bradley and Tony?”

He went over and knelt before Zack and Bradley. “Please forgive my impertinence Master Zack and Master Bradley.”

They each touched him on his shoulder then Bradley stood. “I forgive you Charles. M'lord if this is going to cause problems…”

I waved my hand. “Nonsense, this will not cause any problems with my staff.”

Charles came over then knelt before me. “I shall pack my belongings and be out at first light M'lord.”

I leaned down and brought him back to his feet. “No you will not Charles. You’ve been loyal to my family for years and I can not forget that but I will say that if you dare question me in front of others again, you shall be dismissed without a recommendation.”

“I will not forget M'lord. Might I retire to my room for the evening?”

I nodded to him. “You may.”

Once he left I looked at Bradley and Zack. “I am sorry for Charles’ outbursts. Bradley, Tony asked me a question when we were in the bath and I want to talk with you about it. Before I do, you all have a place to live for as long as you wish.”

Zack jumped out of his chair and ran over to me giving me a tight hug. What he did next surprised me. He looked over at Bradley and back to me then proceeded to kiss me. At first it was a gentle chaste kiss but then it got more passionate. I needed to talk with Bradley but my cock was beginning to respond to his passion. I gently broke the kiss. “Zack, I need to talk with Bradley about his brother.”

He frowned. “Please forgive me.”

I smiled trying to reassure him. “I am not unhappy with the kiss Zack but if we had kept going I don’t think anything else would have gotten done.”

I pulled him against me so he could understand what I meant. I ground my crotch against his then he broke out into a huge grin. “I see what you mean. After we talk, would you care to join us in our bed?”

Oh what an offer I was just handed. It had been a very long time since I enjoyed the company of a male. I looked at Bradley and he too was smiling. “I have but one question. Does Tony know you two are lovers?”

Bradley smiled and nodded his head. “He knows M'lord. He caught us one night a while ago so we sat down and had a talk with him. He does not totally understand what it is we do in bed but he understands Zack and I love each other very much.”

That made me feel better. “Now Bradley, here is what I need to talk with you about. While I was bathing Tony, he asked if I was going to become his new father. I did not answer because I just did not know how you would feel about it.”

Bradley thought for a moment. “M'lord…”

I stopped him. “Look, when we are here at the manor, please call me Alex.”

Bradley then continued. “Alex, Tony needs a father. He died about a year after he was born and desperately needs a male in his life. He looks up to me for a lot of things but there is much that I do not know.”

I was not much older than they were. “Are you sure Bradley?”

He nodded. “Yes Alex, I am very sure.”

“Very well then, now let us talk about you and Zack.”

Zack gasped. “Us Alex, you mean you do not want us here?”

I moved my chair over so I could be nearer to them. “I did not say that. What I mean is you two need a family.”

“You wish to care for us too?” Zach asked in astonishment.

I smiled and patted his leg. “I do and there is much you two have to learn. I was lucky my father taught me how to use the long bow when I was younger and a young Knight taught me how to use the sword. Have either one of you had any proper schooling?”

They looked at each other then Bradley looked towards the floor. “A little Alex, we know how to write some but we need help reading.”

I smiled at them. “Then it is settled. Tomorrow Charles will begin teaching the 3 of you how to read and write along with some basic mathematics while I go and see if I can have an audience with His Royal Majesty.”

They looked at each other and smiled then immediately wrapped me in the best hug I can ever remember having. I saw them look at each other then Bradley leaned in and kissed me. He held the kiss for a few moments then he pulled off and Zack took his place. As soon as Zack began kissing me I felt a hand on my crotch. I pulled back. “We should take this down to your room.”

Zack and Bradley each took a hand then we went down to their room. On the way, we stopped to check on Tony. We went in and saw him curled up with his thumb in his mouth. “He looks so cute does he not?”

I was about to blow the candle out when Tony opened his eyes. “I gotta go bad Alex.”

I reached under the bed and pulled out the pot as he scurried down off the bed. He quickly let fly. He stood there and relieved himself then shook off the last drops. He turned and raised his arms to Bradley. “Tuck me back in.”

Bradley put him on the bed then pulled the covers back up then leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. As soon as he stepped back, Zack kissed him. I think the little guy was sound asleep before I gave him my kiss. We stood there for a couple of moments then we quietly left.

As soon as we entered the room, Zack closed the door and Bradley was kissing me again. No sooner had his tongue entered my mouth than my dick was hard as a rock. I knew who it was as Bradley and I were still locked in a very passionate kiss. Zack gently lifted one foot off the ground and removed a shoe. After lowering that foot back to the ground he repeated the process with the other. Now I was standing there naked.

I felt him turn around and begin undressing Bradley from the waist down then I had the strangest sensation. I felt Bradley’s cock touch mine then Zack’s tongue. I let out a muffled moan into Bradley’s mouth. Bradley broke the kiss then looked down. “How does that feel Alex?”

It was something I had never felt before. “Oh god Bradley, it feels wonderful.”

What happened next caused me great embarrassment. My body began to shudder then I exploded all over Bradley’s crotch and Zack’s face. I looked and saw Zack licking my load off his face. “Alex, you taste so sweet.”

“I…I am so sorry Zack, I did not want to shoot so quickly. You’re the first person since I was about 10 to do that.”

Bradley looked at me. “Alex, are you a virgin?”

Again I blushed. “Yes, I have only had one encounter with a boy. Like I said, he put his mouth on my dick and it felt oh so good. I was moaning too loudly and my father came into the barn and caught us.”

Zack stood up and hugged me close. “Did he lash you Alex?”

I shook my head. “No he did not. My friend David was so scared but my father just took us into a stall and talked with us. He said we had to be very careful so others would not see us otherwise we could get into trouble and called some very cruel names.”

Bradley smiled. “Your father was very loving towards you.”

I had to smile. “Yes he was, loving and understanding. After he talked to us, he said David should go because there was much work left to finish.”

Zack leaned in and kissed me passionately. “Did you ever see David again?”

I frowned. “No, I never did. I don’t know what happened to him or his family.”

During this time, Zack removed his clothes, Bradley removed his then he lifted my gown over my head then he ran his hands down my back as Zack began to run his over my chest. I gasped at the sensations and once again my cock was at full staff. I felt Bradley begin to massage the cheeks of my butt then he ran his finger over my hole causing me to shudder. “Alex, can I touch you there?”

My body was experiencing things it never had before and I did not want it to stop. Before I could answer, Zack took me by the hand then led me over to the bed. “Lie down Alex.”

I was so excited yet I was becoming apprehensive. Bradley saw this then helped me get comfortable. “What is wrong Alex?”

I felt him kiss me gently. “I am a little scared Bradley.”

“Alex, I have come to develop feelings for you since I have been here. You saved my life and have shown me much kindness, I could never hurt you. Zack and I would love to show you how to give and receive pleasure.”

This is a dream come true. “Bradley, last night I had thoughts of you in your bed. I dreamed of this and now it is coming true.”

Zack climbed in beside me then straddled my hips. I gazed at his body then reached up and began caressing him as he had done to me. I ran my hands over his male breasts and his body shook when I rubbed them. I felt them become hard then his nipples began to stand out. He leaned down then hissed into my ear. “Lick them Alex.”

I stuck my tongue out and ran it over one nipple then the other. I took one into my mouth and began to suckle on it as a baby would his mother’s tit. He began to moan then I felt Bradley doing the same thing to me. I ran my hand down his stomach finding his moist cock. I ran my thumb around the head which was peeking out of his foreskin. I then tasted the wetness that was on my thumb and it was very sweet. I felt a tongue run around my ear then dart in and out. “Suck his cock Alex.”

I followed Bradley’s instruction and took Zack’s hardness in between my lips. This was the first time I had ever done this and I was unsure what someone’s cock would taste like. I got a good amount of Zack’s juice on my tongue then swallowed. His wetness was like honey and I knew right then, I wanted more. I pulled his hips closer so I could take more of it into my mouth. I wanted more and I tried even causing myself to gag. Zack pulled back then ran his hand down my cheek. “Go easy Alex, you do not have to take it all.”

Zack pulled out of my mouth then turned himself around so he now straddling my face with his hips. I retook his cock into my mouth then he leaned down and began sucking on mine. Together we sucked on each other then once again I felt a hand on my ass. Zack reached through my legs then drew them up causing my butt to come off the bed a little. What I felt next was out of this world. Bradley began licking my back passage causing little explosions to go throughout my body. The more Bradley licked at my hole the harder I began to suck on Zack’s cock.

Once again I felt his finger rub over my hole then he began to slowly insert it. He slowly pushed into my virgin butt until he hit something causing me to moan loudly. “Oh god what was that?”

Bradley continued his massaging on my ass. “I do not know Alex but when Zack and I do it to each other, it feels good. Do you want me to stop?”

I never wanted these feelings to stop. “Please do not stop.”

At that point I felt him working another finger inside. I gasped at the intrusion and slight pain but that soon passed. I took my hands and began massaging Zack’s butt as Bradley had done to me. I saw his hole and it seemed to be opening and closing on its own. I took my finger and gently rubbed it. “Go inside Alex, I am used to it.”

I was curious as to what he meant so I took his cock from my mouth, “How are you used to it Zack?”

He turned around and brought his head by mine as Bradley continued to finger my butt. “Bradley and I put our cocks into each other’s arses. It is how we show love to each other.”

I had seen each of their cocks and they looked bigger than their holes. “Does that not hurt?”

Bradley smiled lovingly at me. “It did a little at first. This is why I am doing this to you so it will not hurt as bad.”

“You wish to put your cock into me?”

Zack caressed my face then kissed me passionately. “Oh yes Alex, we both wish to love you but only if you want.”

The feelings that Bradley was causing was driving me mad with desire yet knowing his cock would be going into my arse hole was a little scary. “Y…yes I do want you to love me but please do not hurt me.”

Bradley leaned forward and kissed me. “Oh no Alex, we would never hurt you.”

Bradley removed his fingers then began licking my hole again. No sooner had he done that when Zack started sucking my cock again. I felt Bradley start to wiggle his fingers back inside my hole and I felt a little sting of pain but that lasted only for a moment until he hit that spot again. “Zack you should move.”

Bradley rubbed my balls as the sensations continued to build. “He wants to take you in his mouth. He swallows my stuff all the time.”

No sooner had Bradley said it when I shot. “Oh Zack I am shooting.”

Bradley was wiggling his fingers inside my arse and the feelings were something I have never felt before. The feelings were so strong this time when I shot, my balls were sore. Bradley still had his fingers in me and by now I was used to that feeling but then he took them out and slid his body up beside me. “How do you feel?”

My chest was still heaving and my breathing was rapid. I closed my eyes for a moment and allowed myself to relax. “Oh guys, I feel wonderful. I never knew my body could feel so good. Bradley please, make love to me.”

He kissed me softly. “Are you sure Alex? You are a virgin and we’ve helped you to experience a lot. We do not want you to hurt your body.”

I grabbed his head pulling it towards my lips then kissed him passionately. “I am very sure. I have never felt like this before and I do not want it to end now.”

Zack went down and started getting my arse hole wet then did the same to Bradley’s cock. Zack helped me lift my legs then Bradley moved over so he could enter me. As soon as I felt his cock touch my ass, I closed my eyes in anticipation of his entry. Bradley gently pushed as I began to feel my arse open to take his cock. Before I knew it, the head was now in my body. Bradley stopped then looked at me. “Are you alright now?”

I leaned up and kissed him. “Oh I am more than alright.”

Slowly he put his cock inside me and I got this feeling of fullness. I finally felt his cock hair touching my cheeks. Zack looked in between us then kissed his lover. “You are all the way in Alex.”

Bradley started moving in and out of me. I felt him hitting that spot in me which caused my own cock to move on its own. “Oh man Bradley, I have never felt anything so good before. Go faster please.”

I saw Zack move and then Bradley stopped pumping. I could not see what was happening but then I heard Bradley begin to moan. “Oh yes Zack, lick my hole then put your cock in my arse.”

I was about to watch as I was being made love to and Zack was going to love Bradley at the same time. I felt it as soon as Zack entered Bradley’s ass. He jerked a little driving his tool deeper into my hole. “Oh yes Zack, that is perfect. Now let me start loving Alex again.”

Bradley started pumping his cock in and out of my hole and at the same time his motions were letting Zack’s tool move in and out of him. Before long, we were both loving and being loved. Bradley started humping me faster and faster then he threw his head back. “Alex, I am going to squirt from my cock.”

A few moments later I felt a wetness inside my body and then something amazing happened. Bradley drove his pole deep into my arse then my dick exploded sending my liquid all over my chest and stomach. It was the most wonderful thing I had experienced. Just then I heard Zack moan and I knew he was going to shoot into Bradley’s tunnel. He and Zack just stayed there as their bodies shook and convulsed. Finally, Zack slid his cock out of Bradley then he slid out of me. Zach reached under the bed and pulled out the chamber pot. Bradley quickly sat on it as he passed some very smelly gas along with Zack’s load. “Oh god Bradley, that stinks.” Zack said holding his nose while heading over to the window.

He opened the window and let in some fresh air then it was my turn to sit on the pot. As soon as I sat down, I too farted like Bradley. I purged all of the juices Bradley had put inside then Zack took the pot outside and emptied it. There was no way it could stay under the bed all night. After he returned, the three of us cuddled close then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Charles was in opening the drapes letting in the morning sun. “Oh God Charles, close them. I am not ready to get up yet.”

I kept my eyes squinted then saw the room go dark once again. “As you wish sir,” Charles replied then left us to get some more sleep.

I rolled over and felt a small body next to mine. I ran my hands over it and came into contact with his crotch. I did not feel any hair so I knew it was not Bradley or Zack. I opened my eyes and saw Tony smiling at me. “Morning Alex, I could not sleep alone so I came in here. I hope you do not mind.”

I kissed him on the cheek as he wrapped his arms around my neck. “Not at all Tony, did you sleep better once you came in here?”

“Uh huh,” he said with a little giggle. “But the room had a funny smell, kind of like after Zack and Bradley love each other.”

I thought it best not to go into uncharted territory so I let that be. “Are you hungry?”

He rolled over on top of me. “Uh huh and I can tell you sleep naked too.”

“Is that alright with you?” I asked so I could tell if I had to wear my sleeping gown in bed.

He nodded his head. “Sure Alex, I sleep like that too.”

He hopped out of bed then around trying to find the pot. I heard water hitting it so I knew what was going on. I then shook Bradley. “Come on now, I am sure Denise has our morning meal waiting on us and besides, Tony’s hungry.”

Tony was standing there naked so I guess he forgot to bring his gown with him. I put mine on then hurried down the hall to my room to find his. I darted back to Zack and Bradley’s room then took Tony so we could get dressed. As we were coming out of our room, Bradley and Zack came out of theirs. We went into the dining hall and Denise was just putting the food onto plates. “Good morning M'lord. It is nice of you to grace us with your presence.”

She always had her way of letting me know I had displeased her, “Good morning to you too Denise. Charles, could you ask Andrew to saddle my horse please? I need to ride to the castle to seek an audience with His Royal Majesty.”

He bowed then excused himself. “I shall do that now sir.”

After we had eaten our fill, I took Tony, Zack and Bradley into the sitting room where Charles joined us. “While I am with His Majesty, Charles will begin your lessons.”

I heard Tony moan. “I thought you were joking Alex.”

I shook my head. “Not at all Tony, you must learn to read and write.”

“Aww, alright Alex.”

I took Charles out into the hall. “Charles, this is what I need you to do. Teach them how to read and write along with math. I also need you to teach them proper protocols for meeting royalty. Now, when it comes to discipline, when I am away that is your area but I do not believe in striking children.”

“But sir,” he said interrupting me.

I shook my head. “No buts Charles, this is something that shall not be debated. Also, when I am here at the manor, disciplining the children is my responsibility.”

I could see he did not like this but he had no choice in the matter. “Very well sir.”

We went back inside the sitting room where I gave each of them a hug then I prepared myself to leave. Andrew was holding my horse outside the front door then I mounted him and was off. Before I could get very far, Barkley was chasing after me. “Come along Barkley but mind your manners.”

I was about half way to the castle when several riders came out approaching me. When they met me I noticed one of the men was the Royal Physician. “How is young Bradley’s shoulder doing M'lord?”

“It is getting better but I can tell it is still rather sore. Are you going to pay him a visit?”

He nodded his head. “His Majesty asked me sire.”

“Thank you for checking up on him. Might you know if His Majesty is busy? I need to discuss a few matters of importance.”

I could see him thinking. “I do not believe he is busy.”

I nodded then was escorted to the castle while the physician was escorted to the manor. When we crossed the drawbridge, there were several guards milling around. One guard had a lance in his hand and pointed it directly at my chest. “Halt!”

“Remove that lance from His Lord’s chest, this instant,” my escort shouted. “That is Lord Alex Michaels and he will not be treated like that. Can you not see his cape? How many times must you be reminded?”

The man removed his lance then bowed before me. “Arise,” I said to the guard. “I am here seeking an audience with His Royal Majesty. His Physician said he was not busy.”

The guard who pointed his lance at me took off, “If you will wait here M’lord.”

I dismounted then walked around, stretching my legs. I rubbed my ass because it was a little sore from the previous evening. The guard came back out then bowed. “If you will be so kind as to follow me, His Royal Majesty shall see you M’lord.”

I took off my longbow and quiver then handed them to the man holding the reigns of my horse. I followed the guard into the castle then came to a door I knew well. The guard knocked on it then he motioned me inside. When the door closed, I knelt saying, “Your Majesty.”

He took my hand smiling. “Arise Alex, now what may I do for you?”

He sat down then pointed to a chair for me to sit in. “As you remember when I left yesterday, Bradley and I went to check on his friend Zack.”

The King nodded. “I remember Alex, how is he and his mother?”

I looked down then let out a sigh. “He is doing alright sire but when we arrived, he was in the garden digging a grave, his mother had passed away.”

“Oh Alex, is there anything I can do?” The King asked with deep concern in his voice.

I looked up. “Right now, Zack and Bradley’s young brother Tony are staying at the manor.”

“Bradley has a brother?” the King asked surprised.

I nodded. “Yes sire and he is a lovely boy. He reminds me a lot of myself. This is what I wished to talk with you about.”

“Anything I can do to help. They shall have private quarters at the Royal Orphanage and receive the finest of care.”

I gasped then knelt before him. “No Your Majesty please, I beg of you.”

He took me by my elbow and helped me back into my chair. “Aright Alex, I am listening.”

I gathered my thoughts then began explaining what I wanted. “Sire, as you know I shall never take a wife.”

He smiled at me. “I remember you telling me but that but That is not an issue with me.”

I sighed breathing a little easier, “Thank you sire, but as I said before, I brought Zack and Tony to my home and they seem happy even though they have only been there over night. What I would like is to make them my heirs so they and any children they might have later on, will not have to worry about where they will live.”

I could see him thinking. “Your father did leave you financially set Alex and I know you don’t squander your money. I do have to ask how you plan on seeing to their education.”

I smiled at that. “That is being handled as we speak. Charles is well educated and he is seeing to their needs.”

“You have looked ahead,” He said smiling. “Zack and Bradley are young men. Will you see to their other needs?”

I nodded again. “I plan on it sire. I will teach both of them to use the sword, the longbow and then how to hunt. I have plenty of game on Michaels Manor and I only take what I need to sustain those living there. I will also teach them how to plant crops.”

“Your father taught you well Alex and I am confident you will share your knowledge well with them. What order do you wish your legacy?”

I thought for a moment. “Bradley told me Zach just turned 17 so he is the oldest.”

The King stood and went over to his desk taking out a piece of parchment then started to write using his feathered quill. He wrote for several minutes then took the red candle and dropped some wax onto the parchment. He then took his ring placing his seal on it. “Here Alex, I think this should cover everything.”

I looked at the parchment and it read:

By Royal Proclamation, the lineage of Lord Alex Michaels continues as set forth below.


First in line following his death shall be Zachary Ellis, age 17 years.


Next in line shall be Bradley Taylor, age 15 years.


Last in line shall be Anthony Taylor, age 6 years.


Inscribed by my hand this 14th day of June 1101

I had to cover my mouth and try to fight back tears of joy as it was now official. “Oh sire, thank you very much.”

He knelt down in front of me and wiped the tears from my eyes. “Nonsense, Alex. You have chosen to take those boys into your home giving them a life and are teaching Zack and Bradley what they need to know as they move into adulthood.”

What I did next was totally out of character for me but I stood and hugged him. He looked shocked at my forwardness then I quickly released him then knelt. “Please forgive me Your Majesty.”

He reached down taking my hand and brought me back to my feet. “Nonsense Alex, I just was not prepared for it but I certainly was not upset by it. I get hugged by my little brother all the time. He is taking his lessons right now but one time when you are here, you must meet him.”

I bowed my head. “I would like that sire. If you shall excuse me, I have to get some provisions in the town. I need to get Bradley and Zack before I go.”

The King hugged me this time. “Please do not let me keep you then. One evening soon, you and your charges shall have to join Prince Allen and myself for our evening meal.”

The King opened the door and we walked out towards the front of the castle. “I look forward to it sire.”

The attendant brought me my bow and quiver then after putting them on, I mounted my horse. “Ride safe Alex,” His Majesty said as I whistled for Barkley.

We left the castle then rode home. As soon as I arrived, Charles was waiting for me. “Master Bradley and Master Zack did quite well with their lessons sir.”

I was pleased to hear that. I dismounted then Andrew came and led him towards the stable. “Andrew, please saddle two horses. Zack and Bradley shall be accompanying me into town.”

He nodded his head, “As you wish M’lord.”

As soon as I stepped inside, Tony was right there wanting a hug. I removed my sword, bow and quiver then picked him up in my arms. “Did he make you my Daddy?”

I kissed him on the nose smiling. “The “He” you are referring to is His Majesty and you need to learn to address him properly.”

“Well then, did His Majesty make you my Daddy?”

I had to laugh at the way he said it. “Yes son he did, you are now officially my son.”

“Yippie,” he shouted as he started wiggling to get down.

Brad and Zack came in with strange looks on their faces. “What’s Tony all excited about?”

I wrapped my arms around them and smiled. “His Majesty approved my request to have you boys my official heirs to Michaels Manor.”

They both hugged me tightly but Bradley was in tears, “Oh Alex thank you. I guess that makes us your sons too?”

I hadn’t thought of it that way. “Yes son, it does. Now, Charles tells me you have both done very well with your lessons.”

They both were nodding their heads then Zack tapped me on my shoulder. “The doctor said Bradley's shoulder is healing nicely. It will take another few weeks before it is totally healed but he should not have any problems with it once it is completely healed.”

I was pleased at the news. “Well then, would you boys like to join me when I go into town? I need to get some provisions.”

Bradley shook his head. “Alex, if you do not mind I would like to rest. My shoulder is sore and I am also a little sleepy.”

I could understand that as I too did not get much sleep. “That is fine Bradley. You go and rest, Zack and I will go into town.”

I told Charles to tell Andrew that it would be just Zack and I going into town and we were ready to leave. I went and donned my sword and I could see Zack admiring it. “Alex, could I have one?”

I still had my father’s sword but I was not sure he could handle the blade. “Have you used a weapon such as this?”

He nodded his head. “It has been a while Alex but yes, I have.”

I went and got my fathers sword then helped him hang it properly. We then stepped outside so I could see what he could do. “Very well then Zack, prepare to defend yourself.”

He drew his sword then we tapped blades, after that the battle was on. Zack did very well and I could tell he had had a very good teacher. Over the course of things, I showed him 3 mistakes which could cost him his life. I stopped the battle then we put our swords back into their scabbards. “You are very good Alex and thank you for showing me my weaknesses.”

I smiled as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. “You are quite welcome; I do not want an heir to die in battle if I can help it. Shall we go into town now?”

He nodded his head then we mounted our horses. “Charles, we shall return as soon as we can. Bradley is resting in his room.”

He nodded his head. “Very well sir, the evening meal shall be ready upon your return.”

Zack and I headed off into town leaving Barkley to stay with Tony. The ride was pleasant and the shop keepers had many fine items for sale. I stopped at one shop and looked at a sword for Bradley. While I was doing this, I had given Zack some money to purchase some vegetables that we did not grow in our garden. As I stepped from the shop, I noticed an old man giving Zack a hard time. “Be gone with you peasant.”

Zack tried to explain. “I have money to purchase what I need.”

The man raised his voice. “I SAID BE GONE WITH YOU!”

I walked up to the stall and watched making sure the old man did not see me. I watched as Zack reached into his pocket to retrieve some of the coins I had given him. “Here look, I have money.”

He tried to show the man what he had but then the old buzzard raised a stick towards Zack. ‘HOW DARE YOU, I SAID LEAVE!”

He went to strike him but I had pulled my sword and prevented it. The old man’s stick broke as it came into contact with my sword. I stepped forward and pointed it against his chest. “Is this how you treat your customers?”

“He is a…well I…He is a common thief and beggar.”

I was furious at his actions. “Did you not see the money was holding? Step out here, I command you!”

The man eased himself out from behind his goods. Zack was sill holding 2 of the gold coins I had given him and showed them to the shop keeper. “He never said he had money.”

I took the flat of the blade and smacked him hard on the shoulder. “I witnessed the whole thing so mind what you say old man. I will ask you again; did you not hear that he had money?”

He looked at the ground. “I heard him but he is a liar and a peasant.”

“He holds 2 gold coins in his hand yet he is a liar?” I shouted at him but he said nothing. “Look at me and answer.”

He raised his eyes then saw the cape. He dropped to his knee. “Please forgive me M’lord.”


I could see the anger still in his eyes, “Him, M’lord?”

“You dare question me? I said apologize to him and be quick about it. Zack, come here son.”

The man looked at me after I spoke to Zack. “H…he is your son?”


He man knelt before Zack. “Please accept my humblest and most sincere apology sir.”

I could tell his actions were just formality and there were no real meaning behind his words. The man stood then Zack spit on his feet. “Your words were hollow. We will not shop here ever again.”

“How dare you, you ungrateful bastard,” he said as he started to withdraw his sword.

Zack and I both pulled ours out at the same time but Zack was a little quicker. The man went to swing but Zack blocked a parry then swung striking him across the stomach. The man let out a scream as he dropped his sword then grabbed his fat belly, covering the now bleeding wound. We walked away putting our swords back into their scabbards and left the man there to tend to his wound. Zack looked at the ground. “I…I am sorry Alex.”

I put my hand on his shoulder. “There is nothing to be sorry for Zack, you defended yourself.”

We got our horses then walked down the street until we found another merchant who had what I needed. We made our purchases and I tied them on my horse then walked towards the end of town.

We were just about to mount up when we heard some loud screaming. Zack and I looked around and saw a small boy start to run out of an old run down shack when a man ran out after him then grabbed him, pulling him back inside. Just then we heard yet another scream. We let go of the reigns then ran over to the old shack. Zack stuck his head inside and saw the young boy begging, “No sire, please. Do not kill me, I beg of you.”

I eased up and watched the goings on. “Then remove those rags from your body and be quick about it.”

We could see the boy was no older than Tony and when he removed his top, his back was covered with welts and bruises. The child was shaking so badly he could hardly move so the man took out a blade and sliced the remaining garments off his body. In the man’s haste, he cut the boy’s leg causing him to scream. At that point, I had seen enough. I reached for my bow and took out an arrow. Once I was ready, I whispered to Zack. “Call out and get his attention.”

Zack nodded and removed his sword. “Let the boy go you bastard.”

The boy ran as the man reached out missing the naked child with his blade. He then turned and faced us as I shouted, “Drop the blade.”

“That is my child,” the man yelled still clutching the knife.

I held the man in my sights as Zack eased inside the shack. He kept a good distance between himself and the man. He saw the naked child lying on the floor with blood coming down his leg. Zack started to ease himself over but the man tried to turn. I hollered at him, “Do not move or this arrow is for you.”

He turned back to face me then Zack scurried over and put himself in between the man and the child. I heard the boy crying as Zack ripped his sleeve and covered the wound on the boy’s leg. “I am Zack, and that is Alex. We are going to get you out of here.”

The boy winced as Zack tied the material around his leg. “I am Danny and that man killed my Mommy and Daddy. He said I was going to be his slave.”

I heard what Danny said. “Zack, bring him out. If this bastard flinches, he is dead.”

Zack picked the child up in his arms and started heading towards the door. I was watching Zack when I heard the boy scream. “Drop the blade,” I shouted.

He swung around and threw it at me hitting the wall as I released my arrow catching him in the chest. Zack laid Danny down so I could look at the cut on his leg. I removed the material Zack put on him and it had stopped bleeding but I thought it could use a compress in case it started again on the way home. Once that was done, I looked around to find some clothes. There was very little there but I managed to find something to cover him.

I handed Zack the clothes then Danny started crying. “What is going to happen?”

Zack dressed him then managed to calm him down. “You can live with us.”

Zack was smiling at the child trying to keep him calm but as soon as he heard where he could live, he started shaking again. “R…are…yu…you… going make me a slave?”

I was still kneeling from changing the bandage so I gently picked him up into my arms. “No child, I am not going to make you or anyone a slave.”

“That is what that man said,” Danny replied through soft cries. “He said another man needed people to work on his land.”

I was angry at the thought of someone coming in, killing children’s parents then taking their children enslaving them. “Do not worry Danny; you are now under my protection.”

I stood up with the boy in my arms then went outside to get our horses. Zack mounted his steed then I handed the boy up to him. I was about to mount my horse when I heard a commotion coming up the street. There was a man on a horse whipping people. “On your knees and bow before The King.”

I knew His Majesty would not be pleased at this man’s actions. I stood there until his carriage came into view then looked up at Zack. “What is with him?

Zack shook his head as he too could not believe what he was seeing. He was about to answer me when Danny let out a blood curdling scream. I looked up but felt pain across my back. “I said on your knees.”

Danny was screaming in terror as the horse mounted man began to strike me again with a whip. Zack pulled his sword as the man was about to strike for a fourth time. He extended the blade out just as the man swung causing the piece of leather to be cut missing my body. Just then another rider came up and knocked the man with the whip off his horse. He quickly dismounted and came to my aid helping me to my feet. “Are you alright M’lord?”

I looked and there was the man who earlier had his lance pointing at my chest. “Yes thank you. Who is that?”

The man reached down and yanked the guard to his feet. He turned him towards me then pushing him down to his knees. “How dare you strike a Lord?”

He stayed there in silence not knowing what to say. Zack had managed to calm Danny down then pointed his blade at the man’s throat. “Answer him at once.”

Just then 3 more men came up followed by another I immediately recognized. I dropped to my knee then I felt his hand on my shoulder. I looked up and he had his hand extended so I took it rising to my feet. “Good afternoon Your Majesty.”

He put his other hand on top of mine encasing it.  “Good afternoon Lord Alex, are you alright?”

I nodded my head. “Yes sire, I am fine but I am afraid I have something very unsettling to tell you.”

Zack put his sword away as the King looked up at the small child in his arms. “Does this have anything to do with that boy?”

Danny was frightened by him and he began to shake in Zack’s arms. I reached up and Zack handed Danny to me. “I am afraid so Your Majesty. Danny, you do not have to be afraid of this man, he is your King.”

I could see he was still frightened. That was until His Majesty reached out and took the boy into his arms. He brushed his hair out of his eyes and smiled. “Lord Alex is right Danny, you do not have to be afraid of me.”

Danny looked back and forth at us then began to relax in the king’s arms. “Sire, it seems someone is going around killing people just to enslave their male children. This boy’s parents were murdered and the attacker, I fear, was going to defile the child.”

The King gasped. “Is this true Danny, were your parents killed?”

Danny nodded his head. “Yes sir, he said I was now going to be his slave. They saved me then said I could live with them.”

I could see His Majesty smiling as Danny told him about what happened. “Well then we should not keep you waiting for your new home.”

The King handed Danny up to Zack. “Sire, if I find out who is doing this they shall feel my wrath. I do not care who it is.”

I saw the King nod his head. “I would prefer if you could bring him to me alive, Alex.”

I bowed graciously. “That is my goal sire. He has much to answer for. May I take this child home now?”

“By all means Alex,” His Majesty replied then turned to the man now kneeling before him. “No guard of mine shall strike one of my subjects. You are lucky I am in a good mood otherwise you would be on the end of a rope. Your new job shall be cleaning the Royal Stables; now on your feet.”

The man rose reaching for his horse. The lead guard stopped him from mounting. “You will walk this horse back to the castle. Now on your way.”

The King turned and headed back for his carriage then I mounted my horse so Zack and I could get Danny home. Before we left, I looked at his wound. “How is your leg Danny, can you manage the ride?”


He nodded his head then looked up at Zack. “It is alright sir, I will manage.”

Zack was able to hold Danny and control the reigns as we made the trip home. As soon as we arrived, Charles, Bradley and Tony were there waiting on us. Zack handed the now sleeping boy down to Bradley then we both dismounted. Andrew was right there and took the horses over to the stable. Bradley saw the cloth around the boy’s leg. “Alex, what happened?”

I brushed the dust off my clothes then we went inside. Zack and I removed our weapons then he began to fill Bradley in on what had transpired. Charles was listening intently as Zack told his lover about how he almost became a slave. “Sir, why would someone murder a family just to get a boy? I do not understand this.”

I really did not have an answer. “I do not know Charles and His Majesty is none to happy about it either as he was in town. I do know Danny was about to be defiled before the man was going to leave with him.”

Tony stood remarkably quiet as we talked. I looked over at him and I could see a sad look on his face. I went over and knelt down in front of him. “Would you like a room of your own now so you can sleep with Danny?”

He nodded his head then slipped in between my arms resting his head against my shoulder. I picked Tony up and Zack carried Danny down to the room next to his and Bradley’s. Zack gently laid the boy down on the bed then Tony quickly scurried up and stretched out beside him. Tony rolled over and faced the sleeping child so Zack and I left then two of them alone.

It was mid-afternoon and now we had two boys who were short on things to wear. I knew a woman who made clothes and I decided to pay a call on her to see what I could get. “Charles, I am going back into town to get some clothes for Tony and Danny. I should be back before dark.”

I got my horse saddled then rode into town. I found her shop and I was in luck, she had all I needed and at a reasonable price. The sun was still showing when I got back to the manor. When I went inside I saw Danny and Tony in the sitting room surrounded by Barkley. They looked up and saw me holding my saddle bag which I carried over my arm and Tony was the first to jump into my arms. “What did you get Alex?”

I gave him a quick hug then set him back onto his feet then went over to Danny. “I have something here for both of you.”

Danny had a surprised look on his face, “Something for me sir?”

I nodded my head. “Yes Danny and you can call me Alex.”

I picked Danny up then reached my hand out to Tony and together we went down to their room. “What is it Alex, please tell us.”

I sat Danny on the bed then put my saddle bag down and began to open it. As soon as the first one was opened Tony gasped. “Are those for us?”

I held up one of the gowns. “Well, I think this is a little small for Bradley or Zack, don’t you?”

Tony giggled but Danny just stared at it. “Oh no Alex, they are much too good for me.”

“No they are not Danny,” a voice said from the doorway.”

Zach and Bradley came in and stood beside me. “He is right Danny. You deserve nice things.”

Danny looked down then started crying. “But sir, I am just a commoner. I am nothing to you.”

I knelt down in front of him then lifted his chin. “That is not so Danny, you live here now and you will for as long as you wish.”

“But what about your parents, they will toss me out or make me a slave.”

I smiled at him. “My parents are dead Danny, this is my property.”

His eyes got big. “This is all yours now?”

Bradley knelt down and rubbed his hair. “That is right, Alex here is a Lord and he can say who stays here.”

Danny hopped up then dropped to his knee. “I am in your debt.”

I picked him up shaking my head. “You are not in my debt Danny. I brought you here to raise and so you can live happy, just like Tony, Zack and Bradley.”

I sat Danny on the bed then went to reach for a top. I was about to put it on him when I noticed he was in need of a bath. I noticed the water was heating thanks to Charles. I went over and checked it then pulled out several buckets full and poured them into the tub. I then added some cold water so it would not be too hot. Tony saw what I was doing. “Can I help him Alex?”

I nodded my head. “Yes you can Tony just do not go making a mess by splashing water on the floor.”

I got Danny undressed then looked at the cut on his leg. Now that it had stopped bleeding, I could see it was not all that bad. I set him into the tub then lifted Tony in. “Thanks Alex,” I got in unison as I turned to leave.

The two older ones came out with me and returned to the sitting room while I checked on the evening meal. I saw Denise working on some fresh rolls. “We have another guest tonight.”

She looked at me and shook her head. “I have made plenty sir but you will soon run out of rooms for them to sleep.”

That was her way of getting on me but she loved seeing children eat well. She was constantly spoiling me while I was growing, making special things just for me. I walked over and smiled at her as she was working and had a little giggle in my voice. “Would that be a problem to you?”

She looked up and saw the smile I still had on my face. “Go on sir, you know I wished your Mother hadn’t died so you could have had brothers or sisters. Now go on, I have work to do if you want to eat.”

I left her to her work then joined Bradley and Zack in the sitting room. Zack had a serious look on his face. “Alex, do you think someone out there is doing what you said to His Majesty?”

I shook my head. “Zack, no one would be caught doing that because they know the penalty. His Majesty would have a public beheading to anyone caught using a child as a slave.”

I saw Bradley cover his mouth when I said it. “You are joking, right Alex?”

I shook my head. “No Bradley, I am not. His Majesty loves children and I heard once from my father that he carried out just such a sentence, I was about 9 at the time so I did not see it.”

Just then we heard a loud thud from the bedroom. The 3 of us were down the hall like a shot then I opened the door. We saw Tony standing there rubbing his hip and butt as Bradley gasped. “What happened Tony?”

He looked at us still rubbing his butt. “I tried to get out of the bath because the water was getting cold.”

We came inside and Bradley got a cloth and started drying Tony as I got Danny out. We got the boys dry then I removed the wet dressing on Danny’s leg. I made sure it was dry then decided to leave it open. I held out his garments for him and reluctantly, he agreed so I began to dress him. Bradley and Zack got Tony dressed and when we were done, they looked really gorgeous. I went and got my mirror so they could look at themselves. “What do you think?”

Zack did not wait for them to answer. “You guys look great.”

Danny had a look on his face that said he still was still unsure about it. It was probably the first time in a while he’d had anything proper to wear. “Are you sure about this Alex?”

I nodded my head then bowed smiling. “I am certain Danny, you look stunning. I think it is about time to eat.”

Upon my saying that, two little ones started jumping up and down. Tony headed for the door with Bradley and Zack following. I was about to move when I felt a hand on mine. I looked down and Danny was standing there uncertain as to what to do. “I do not know what to say Alex. You’ve been so nice to me and Tony said I was going to be his brother.”

I knelt down in front of him. “That is right; this is your home now so you have nothing to worry about.”

He thought about it then he broke into a huge smile. He threw his little arms around me neck and hugged me tight as I stood up and carried him down into the dining hall. Denise saw me carrying him as she’d set his food down. “I thought I was going to have to send Charles after you sir.”

I smiled as I set Danny's butt on his seat, “My apologies to the cook for being tardy.”

She leaned over as I was sitting then felt a little smack on my bottom as she leaned close to my ear. “And let us not be making a habit out of it either.”

She became like a second mother to me when I was younger and was always making me something special. We dug in and I watched as Tony and Danny made quick of their food and both wanted more. After we ate, Denise had prepared a warm pudding for desert. That took me back to my youth and we all gorged ourselves by having seconds. After dinner, we went outside and walked around as Tony and Danny romped and played with Barkley. After it got dark, we talked in the sitting room until it was time for bed. It had been a full day for me as well so I decided to retire early.

I had just gotten undressed when a little voice was heard. “Alex, I am scared.”

I looked and there was Danny and right behind him stood Tony. I put my gown on then knelt down holding my arms out as they came over. “What are you afraid of Danny?”

Tony wrapped his arms around Danny and me. “He is like I was last night. Can we sleep in here with you?”

I fought hard not to giggle as they were as sincere as they could be. “Of course you can,” I replied as I stood and got Danny one of the dressing gowns left in here that were for Tony.

I reached under the bed and pulled out the chamber pot so we could all do our nightly ministrations. Once that was done, I slipped the gown on Danny then took the pot and headed for the door. He looked at me strangely. “Where are you going?”

“I am going to empty this. If we have to go again, I don’t think it will hold it all.”

Tony opened the door for me while I went out back and emptied then rinsed it out. When I returned, the two boys were stretched out waiting on me. “Come on Alex,” Danny giggled. “We are waiting on you and we are tired.” I put the pot under the bed then crawled in and we settled down for the night.

Over the next several weeks, Bradley’s arm had totally healed and he was beginning to use it again. I had started teaching Zack to use the longbow and he was becoming very proficient with it.

One afternoon I was going to go for a ride and I went to put on my sword when I noticed neither of them were in their proper places. I knew Tony and Danny were still doing their lessons but I had not seen Bradley or Zack.

I stepped outside and I heard the sound of metal. I walked around to the side of the house and saw Zack teaching Bradley how to use the blade. I watched as Bradley went to strike and Zack blocked it causing the sword to fly from Bradley’s hands. As he was retrieving his sword, I came into view. Zack was the first to see me. “Hi Alex, I am teaching Bradley how to use the sword.”

“I see that,” I replied as I walked over. “I noticed Bradley is learning as quick as you did but my sword is much too heavy for him to handle properly. There is a fine craftsman in town that does excellent work.”

Bradley came over when he heard that. “Are you going to get me my own Alex?”

I nodded my head. “That I am, I have only been waiting for your arm to heal. I have seen one or two in his shop that might do you well until you grow a little more and get a little stronger.”

Bradley became excited at hearing he would be getting his own sword. “When can we go Alex?”

I was about to answer when I heard a rider coming. I went to the front and saw him dismounting. “What might I do for you?”

The rider turned as I walked forward then knelt. “I have a message for you M’lord from His Royal Majesty.”

I motioned for him to rise then took the message and opened it. It read:


Would you and your family do me the honor of joining Allen and I tomorrow for our evening meal.”

I folded the paper up then looked at the rider. “Please tell His Royal Majesty that we would be honored to join him tomorrow.”

The rider bowed. “I shall tell him personally M’lord.”

To be continued…