Lord of the Manor


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Miguel Sanchez 2008


Lord of the Manor, Part III

I folded the paper up then looked at the rider. “Please tell His Royal Majesty that we would be honored to join him tomorrow.”

The rider bowed. “I shall tell him personally M’lord.”

I nodded then he left to deliver my reply. I started to walk back when I saw my youths standing behind me. Bradley came up to me. “What was that about?”

I smiled at him. “We have been invited to dine with His Royal Majesty tomorrow evening.”

Zack then smiled and started giggling. “You better talk with Tony and Danny before we go.”

“Be nice Zack,” I replied trying to scold him but I too was starting to giggle. “I will talk to them on how to act but just remember they are still very young, so some mistakes are bound to happen.”

We started to head for the house when the little ones came out. Danny launched himself at me so I had to react quickly. “Was there someone here Alex?”

“Yes there was. We have been invited to the castle tomorrow evening to dine with His Royal Majesty.”

Right away Tony got excited. “Really, we are going to meet the man who let you be my new Father?”

I could see the sparkle leave Danny’s eyes as he heard what Tony said. I hoped my answer would make him smile. “That is right Tony and I will ask His Majesty if he can make Danny my son too.”

Danny’s face lit up as soon as I had gotten the words out of my mouth. He wrapped his little arms around me and hugged me tightly. “Oh thank you Alex, thank you.”

We went inside and Charles was standing there giving me a strange look. “What has Master Daniel so excited sir?”

I was going to answer but Danny beat me to it. “Alex said he was going to ask His Majesty if he would make him my Father like he did for Tony.”

Charles started to give me one of his looks but thought better of it. I was also pleased as to how Danny referred to the king. “The 5 of us have also been invited to the castle tomorrow evening to dine with His Majesty and His Highness. Also, Andrew will be needed to take us in the carriage. I shall see to it he gets something to eat at the castle.”

“Very good sir, I will let Denise know about your plans for tomorrow evening.”

The next day, everyone including me was anxious about going to the castle. Right after lunch, I took Zack and Bradley into town so I could get Bradley his sword. We entered the shop and Bradley saw one he liked. “Alex, look at that one, it is magnificent.”

I was about to reach for it when the owner cam in. “Good afternoon M’lord, is there something I might can help you with?”

I nodded. “Bradley here is ready for his own sword. His strength is still improving and he can not quite handle mine yet. What about that one?”

He reached up and brought it off the wall. “A fine sword M’lord but it is heavier than it appears.”

I took it from him and he was right. “The extra weight seems to be in the handle.”

He smiled. “That is correct; it is so the blade can take a little extra punishment. I have one here that the lad should be able to handle.”

I handed him the sword back and he showed me another. It was almost the same as the other but not near as heavy. “Try this Bradley and tell me what you think?”

We went into the rear of his shop then stepped outside. Bradley swung the blade several times then Zack took his out. “M’lord, it has not yet been paid for.”

I patted him on the shoulder. “If he breaks it, I shall pay for it sir.”

I watched as the two of them went at it. Bradley was handling the new blade like he had had it for ever. They finally stopped then he came over to me. “Alex, this is perfect. Might I have this one?”

I nodded my head then looked at the owner. “We shall take it sir and a scabbard to hold it.”

The owner checked the edge on it and got Bradley everything he needed then I paid for them. As soon as we mounted the horses Bradley smiled at me. “Oh thank you Alex, I feel I can really take care of myself now.”

I needed to work with him some but he was very skilled. “I think you can too. I will work with you like I do with Zack so you can get better.”

We rode home and Andrew was waiting for us when we arrived. “Good afternoon sirs.”

He held my horse for me as I dismounted. “Good afternoon Andrew, did Charles tell you about this evening?”

He nodded his head as he took all three sets of reigns. “Yes he did sir and I shall have everything ready for you.”

The teens had gone inside while I was talking with Andrew. Charles was standing by the door as I entered then removed my sword, bow and quiver. “I have started water heating so everyone can get a bath sir.”

“Thank you Charles,” I said as the anxiety started once again.

I saw his expression change. “Is there something wrong sir?”

I shook my head as I tried to calm the butterflies in my stomach but I wasn’t successful. “Ah well I am just a little nervous about this evening, that is all.”

He had a quizzical look on his face. “Are you worried about the others?”

I shook my head. “Oh no Charles, it is nothing like that. Bradley and Zack know how to address His Majesty and His Highness as do Danny and Tony. I am sure the younger ones will make small mistakes but I am also sure they will be overlooked. They do have very good manners for ones so young.”

Charles smiled. “That they do sir. So what is the problem then, if I might ask?”

I looked down then went into the sitting room where I saw we were alone. “It is me Charles. I’m scared out of my mind about meeting His Highness.”

Charles looked at me in shock, “You sir? You have been around His Majesty many times.”

I nodded my head. “I know that Charles but never His Highness, Prince Allen.”

“Is he not the King’s younger brother?”

I nodded again. “Yes he is.”

It suddenly hit Charles. “Are you smitten with him sire?”

I felt my face turn as red as my cape. “I do not know Charles since I’ve never met him in person.”

“Well then something has you nervous.”

He was right and there was no denying it. “I have seen him once Charles at a distance. He was on his balcony. I caught only a glimpse of him then he went back inside his room but what I saw of him was breathtaking.”

Charles smiled at me. “I see sir.”

I do not think you do. “I am so afraid I will not know what to say or even find my tongue to speak.”

“And if you do, you are afraid you might step on it?”

I had to giggle. “Well, that too. I just do not know what to do. I would love to get to know him.”

“I am sure once he gets to know you too sir, he would like the same thing.”

My head was spinning. “I hope so Charles, I truly hope so.”

I left the sitting room and headed down the hall. I went to check on the others and my first stop was Tony and Danny’s room. I opened the door just a little and they were fast asleep together on the bed. I decided to let them sleep a little longer so my next stop was the youngsters. I knocked on the door and waited. I heard someone say “enter” so I did.

Bradley and Zack were in bed cuddling as I entered the room. Zack looked over his shoulder and smiled. “Come on in Alex, we were just talking.”

I went over and sat beside them. “What were you guys talking about?”

Bradley sat up. “Well, you actually. You seem nervous about something.”

Was I showing it that much? “Yeah guys, I guess I am.”

Bradley was quick to continue. “Is it about meeting The Prince?”

I raised my eyes. “Oh and what do you know about him?”

“I know he is gorgeous. I have seen him outside a couple of times.”

My head started spinning again as I thought about him so I closed my eyes briefly. “I know, I have seen him also but only from a distance.”

They came over and sat beside me wrapping me in their arms. Zack kissed me on the cheek. “Just be yourself Alex. You are just as good looking as His Highness.”

I forced a smile. “That is easy for you to say.”

Bradley slapped me on the shoulder. “Nonsense, I bet you two hit if off right away.”

Zack giggled. “I bet he is as taken with you as you are with him.”

“Oh I can only wish,” I said as I stood up.

I headed for the door so I could wake Danny and Tony. “A gold coin says you will be in his bed tonight,” Zack tossed out.

I froze in my tracks then looked at them. ‘If that could only happen,’ I thought but somehow knew it would not.

I shook my head. “That would be moving way to fast guys and besides, it would be up to His Royal Majesty. You two should get your baths and I will have Charles come in and set out clothes for you both.”

Bradley picked up his clothes holding them for me to see. “What is wrong with these Alex?”

I shook my head. “Normally nothing Bradley, they are fine clothes but tonight is a very special occasion and for that, even finer clothes are needed. I even picked up some for Danny and Zack. I have to go and wake them so they can get washed.”

I left their room and walked over to the boys’ room. I was about to enter when I heard Charles. “If I might sir, shall I get Master Tony and Master Daniel ready while you prepare yourself?”

That would give me more time. “Yes, thank you Charles.”

He nodded. “Oh by the way sir, I’ve set your attire out for you already.”

I could always count on him. “Thank you Charles,” I replied as I went into my room.

When I entered, I saw the clothes Charles had set out. They were indeed my finest. I just hoped Danny and Zack would not laugh when they saw the hat. I looked in the tub and Charles had already prepared it. I quickly undressed then stepped into the warm water. I stretched out and lay back letting the warm liquid rise up over my shoulders and around my neck. I closed my eyes as I felt every muscle begin to relax.

The next thing I remember was being startled by a knock then a little head appear from around the door. “Alex, I look funny in these.”

I sat up and looked and there was Danny. “Well come on in and let me see.”

He shook his head. “No, you will laugh at me.”

“I will not Danny, I give you my word now please, let me see.”

He started to enter then the door was pushed open and there was Tony holding his hand over his mouth. Both boys looked like handsome young men. “You both look very handsome,” I said smiling broadly.

Tony could no longer control his giggles and that got Danny even madder. “He looks funny.”

Danny turned and was about to punch him when Zack and Bradley came up and quickly separated them. “See Alex, I told you so.”

I quickly finished washing myself then stood reaching for a cloth to dry myself. “No you do not boys,” I said stepping out of the water. “If I do say so, you look like two young gentlemen. The King and the Prince will be taken aback by you both.”

“They won’t laugh at us?” Danny asked as he was now held in Bradley’s arms.

I finished drying my body then went over to get dressed. I sat on the bed and put on the stockings then slipped on the rest of my attire. When Tony saw the hat he started laughing. “What is that Alex?”

I turned around and picked it up. “It is a hat Tony. This was given to me by my father right before he died.”

Tony stopped giggling on that. They set them down then we went out to the sitting room. Charles was holding 2 capes, one in each hand. He held them out towards Danny and Tony. “These were Alex’s when he was a boy. I think they will accent your attire nicely.”

Danny turned around as Charles placed it over his shoulders. I wiped the tears from my eyes as I remembered my father putting that around me when I was his age. “You look so handsome Danny.”

He went over and looked in the mirror then I saw a smile come on his face. “I don’t look funny Tony,” he said sticking his tongue out at him.

Charles then placed the other cape on Tony and he too looked handsome. I went back down to my room and found two others that went well with what Bradley and Zack had on then put them onto their shoulders. Charles then placed mine on me then we headed for the door. Zack stopped and looked at me. “Should we bring our swords?”

I didn’t expect any trouble on the ride to the castle but one never knew what to expect or when. “Bring them but don’t put them on.”

We each took our swords then went out to our waiting carriage. Andrew was waiting for us with the door open. He helped Danny and Tony in then the rest of us got inside. “Are you ready to go sir?” Andrew asked before closing the door.

I made sure we had everything then nodded. “Yes we are Andrew.”

The ride was fairly smooth and it seems not to have taken us all that long to arrive at the castle. As we crossed the drawbridge I saw guards all standing as we passed then I felt Andrew bring to carriage to a stop. We waited then a guard opened the door. “Good evening M’lord, His Royal Majesty and His Royal Highness are expecting you.”

He bowed then held his hand out so I could exit the carriage. He put his hand out for all of the others as well then we were led towards the castle. Before we entered, I looked at the lead guard. “Can you please take care of my coachman?”

He nodded his head then went over to another guard. “Take care of M’lord’s coachman. See to it he is given food and drink.”

We then entered the main hall and were led to His Majesty’s throne room. Two guards stationed outside turned and opened the doors then the guard entered as the outer guards crossed their lances. He banged his lance on the floor. “Lord Alex Michaels and guests Your Royal Majesty.”

I heard a voice reply, “Bring them in.”

The guards pulled their lances back and I led the others in. As we approached the throne, I saw Prince Allen and my heart began to race. We stopped at the foot of his throne then all knelt, “Your Royal Majesty.”

He stood then stepped down. “Arise Lord Alex. I would like you to meet my brother, Price Allen.”

We stood then bowed before him. “Your Royal Highness.”

He stepped down and I felt him touch my shoulder. “Arise Lord Alex; we thank you for accepting our invitation.”

I felt giddy as he touched me but I managed to find my tongue. “You’re most welcome sires.”

The King stepped down and led us into a large sitting room. A servant brought us a wide assortment of fruits and drinks. I watched as His Majesty was poured some wine in a gold goblet and then some was served to His Highness. The servant then came over to me and handed me one of fine silver. I held it as she poured then I looked over to the King trying to make sure it was acceptable if someone my age had wine. He lifted his goblet assuring me that it was. I took a sip of the liquid and it tasted remarkably sweet.

What he did next totally surprised me. He set his goblet down then stood moving over in front of Danny. He knelt down in front of the young boy smiling and took his hand. “How are you doing since I last saw you?”

Danny had a piece of fruit in his mouth at the time but he quickly chewed and swallowed it. “I’m doing fine Your Highness. Did you ever find out who wanted to make me a slave?”

I saw the King look at me then back to Danny. He rubbed his cheek then sighed. “Not yet, but I do have my men out trying to find who it is. I promise whoever wanted to enslave you will be punished.”

Danny smiled at the King’s promise. “Oh thank you Your Highness. Before I forget, Alex says he would like to ask you something.”

I turned red when he said that because I knew what he was referring to. The King looked at me. “Well then, he and I shall have a talk later.”

I could see him smiling at me as I bowed my head. Just then, there was a knock on the door. The King stood then went over and opened it. “Your Majesty, your meal is ready to be served.”

I saw him nod his head then he opened the door all the way. He looked at the 4 boys then held out his hand, “If you will follow him.”

They got up and started to leave then Tony stopped and looked at me. I put my hand on his shoulder. “I will be there, now catch up with the others.”

Tony walked quickly to catch up as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned at there was His Highness. “My brother says you’ve taken them in and are raising them?”

My mouth got dry and I tried not to gasp. “Yes I have. I feel like I have 4 younger brothers.”

I felt him slip his hand into mine as His Majesty turned and looked at us. I froze in fear not knowing what to do. I tried relaxing my hand but the Price held it firm. “I…”

He smiled at me. “Alex, I had them leave so you and Allen could talk.”

I turned and looked at the Prince and he had a huge smile on his face. “I too have seen you and I have asked my brother if we could meet. I knew you had taken in those boys and I don’t want to put you in a difficult place with them.”

I did not know what to say or think. I looked at the King then bowed my head. “Are you giving us your blessing sire?”

He smiled at me then stepped closer to us. “Alex, I know my brother’s desires and I also know a lot of people would use that against me if anyone ever found out about it.”

I looked him in the eyes. “I would never jeopardize either of you sire, I am a loyal subject.”

He waved his hand. “I know that Alex, and I know you would do anything to protect us both.”

The Prince looked at me. “I would like to know if seeing each other would be a problem for the boys in your home.”

I shook my head. “I do not think so sire. The two older boys care deeply for each other and have talked with me about my happiness. As for Danny and Tony, they would probably like it also.”

The King stepped out and motioned for us to follow. “I think we should talk about this later but we have 4 hungry boys waiting on us.”

We stepped out and followed His Majesty as His Highness continued to hold my hand. I looked over at him and he smiled. “I do like you Alex and please, when we’re alone, call me Allen.”

I returned his smile. “I like you too Allen but this is all so new to me.”

“This is new to me too so we can learn it together.”

We went down to the dining hall and I tried to let Allen’s hand go but he would not let me. When we walked in, everyone stopped and then knelt as His Majesty entered. He told everyone to rise then we all took our places. I was sitting beside Tony and Danny was on my other side. Across from me were Bradley and Zack.

After that, people started bringing trays of food out. I’d never seen so much food. I saw a roast of venison, a leg of lamb and there was also what looked like pheasant. I’d had that once, before my father died. There were vegetables and fruit and drink galore. We waited for His Majesty and His Highness to begin but I was surprised at his action. “Alex, you are honored guests. We shall not stand on ceremony, please fill your plates.”

A servant came around to help Danny and Tony as they could not reach the platters. I, on the other hand, quickly filled my plate with a little of everything. I looked at the King and Allen to be sure they had started eating. The King nodded his head as Allen smiled. About half way through the meal, Tony tapped me on the arm. I looked over at him as he swallowed his mouthful. “Do you like The Prince?” He asked in a soft voice.

It was a good thing I had swallowed my wine because I had to cover my mouth. I was staring at him unsure what to say. “He is His Majesty’s brother.” I replied trying to see where this was going.

He shook his head. “No Alex, do you like him like Bradley and Zack?”

“Tony, we just met. I do not know what will happen in the future.”

His face changed. “If you do, would you leave us?”

I ran my hand over his cheek. “No son that would not happen. I agreed to be your Father and that I will always be.”

That seemed to satisfy him as he broke into a huge grin but I knew this was something I would have to talk with the King and his brother about. After dinner, we got a huge surprise from His Majesty. “How would everyone like to see some of the animals here on the grounds?”

Right away, Danny jumped up and was about to yell but then he stopped. I almost giggled as the King broke out into a huge laugh. He motioned for one of the servants and whispered something into his ear. “Come along and we shall all see the royal animals.”

Zack looked at me and I nodded my head then he and Bradley got up and followed the boys. Prince Allen picked up a bottle with wine and poured some into my goblet. He patted my hand smiling then I saw the door close. “Did Tony have questions?”

I nodded my head. “Yes he did. He asked if we liked each other. I told him we had just met then he got serious. He asked if I was going to leave him.”

Allen hugged me then kissed my cheek. “I would not want that to happen, Alex.”

I looked him in the eyes. “I think what worries him is that he might not have the manor to live in. I told him he would always be my son and nothing would ever change that.”

“Neither of us would want that to change Alex.” The King then said.

My head snapped up as he was now standing behind us. I had not realized that I had closed my eyes when Allen hugged me because it felt so good to be held. Allen was now looking deep into my eyes. “If things do get serious and they need to be with you all the time, we have room here.”

I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. “I guess that is an option Allen.”

I felt his thumb rubbing the back of my hand. “Would you like to go for a walk?”

I looked at the King and he nodded his approval then I smiled at Allen. “I would like that.”

We got up and again I felt his hand slip into mine. I was about to kneel when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “That’s not necessary now Alex.”

Allen and I headed for the door then we turned and went into a private wing. “Where are we going?”

“We are going to our private courtyard. There is a wall around it and no one is allowed in here, except for my brother and me.”

We walked down a long hall then into a beautiful area that had to be their private living area. We were heading towards a door when Allen stopped then changed directions. He turned and led me to a staircase. “Where does that go?”

He smiled and started going up. “This is my room Alex.”

I wasn’t sure about this but I followed him. We got to the top of the stairs then we went down another long hall. We stopped outside a room and I started getting both nervous and excited. He opened the door then led me inside. I had never seen such a finely decorated room before. “Allen, this is spectacular. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

He reached up and removed his crown then turned around and removed his cloak. He took my hand and led me out of the room and back towards the staircase. Outside in the courtyard it was very peaceful. We walked around then came to a stone bench and sat down. He looked me in the eyes then eased me into a hug. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to meet you?”

I pulled back and stared at him. “How long you have wanted to meet me?”

He smiled and nodded his head. “After I heard what you did for young Bradley after one of the guards chased him onto your property then tried to kill him, I knew I just had to meet you. I had also seen you when you came to see my brother.”

My heart was pounding at this as I continued to look at his smiling face. “I have wanted to meet you too Allen. I saw you once on your balcony and I was quite moved.”

We were both looking at each other then I felt Allen’s lips against mine. I felt his arms wrap around me as I began to respond wrapping my arms around him. I don’t know how long our lips were together then he broke it. “Alex, I could fall in love with you.”

My head was spinning. “Allen I could fall for you too but there are others to think about.”

I was lost in his eyes. “I know Alex. You have a family to think of but they will always be safe and loved.”

He leaned in and kissed me again. “I know that Allen, it is just that I am thinking about Tony and what he asked me.”

“He will not lose his Father Alex; I will not let that happen.”

Just then we heard the door open so we quickly moved away from each other. “His Majesty sent me Your Highness. He would like to see you and Lord Alex in his study.”

The man bowed then left. I noticed the look on his face and it was one that had me worried. Alex then turned and looked at me. “We better not keep His Majesty waiting Allen. But before we go, might I ask a favor?”

I held his hands in mine and gazed into his eyes, “Anything Allen.”

"A fine young man like you has obviously so much to manifest. I would be pleased if you spent tonight showing and sharing with me more of your talents to please me as you already do."

He leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips and I could feel my cock hardening under my gown. He ran his hands over my head then I felt him caress it in between our bodies. My head was spinning and I knew I would soon shoot if he did not stop caressing my tool. This was a dream I had long been waiting for. I concealed a mischievous smile as I bent my head as I knelt before him. Every inch of my body was aroused as I said softly, "As my Prince wishes, so shall it be."


He took me by the hand and we made our way down the stairs to see His Majesty. When we had made our way to the hall, Tony and Danny were buzzing with excitement. As soon as Tony saw me, he immediately ran towards me. “Alex, you should have seen all the animals they have.”

He jumped into my arms hugging me tightly. “I am glad you had a good time son but you must remember not to run inside the castle.”

He looked over at Allen. “Please forgive me Your Highness.”

The young prince laughed. “It is quite all right Tony. Many a time have I done the same thing when I was your age.”

The others were there so I called them over. “Boys, I have something to ask you and I would like each of your approval.”

Zack came up and put his hand on my shoulder. “What is it Alex?”

I turned a little red then. “Well, Prince Allen has asked if I could spend the night.”

Tony looked at me with an evil grin on his face then leaned close to my ear. “Do you have a boyfriend like Zack does with Bradley?”

I could feel my face getting hotter by the second as I looked at my son. “I would not say that just yet Tony.”

He kissed me gently on the cheek as he grinned from ear to ear. “Well, I hope you do Father. You need to be happy too.”

Allen stood there in amazement as I looked at Tony then to him. “I think he just gave you his blessing.”

I set Tony down on to his feet. “I think we should ask your brother too, Your Highness.”

Allen went to his brother's private room then knocked on the door. “Enter.”

Allen opened the door then motioned for me to follow. “I’ll be right back boys.”

I followed Allen then knelt before His Majesty. “Arise Alex; do you not remember what I have told you when we are in private?”

I stood immediately. “My apologies sire.”

Allen looked at his brother and smiled coyly. “Brother, might I ask a favor of you?”

As soon as those words left his lips, I started turning red again. “Might this have something to do with Alex here?”

He nodded his head then took my hand pulling me beside him. “Yes it does. I have asked that he spend the night with me in my bed.”

I am not sure why but I started shaking when I heard the question asked. I immediately fell to my knees. “I beg your forgiveness Your Majesty.”

He knelt down and took my hands in his raising me to my feet. “Alex, do you desire this too? To share my brother’s bed with him?”

I could only look at the floor. “Umm yes Your Majesty, I do.”

He lifted my head up with his finger so he could look me in the eyes. “And are your intentions honorable? Will you be gentle with him and not cause him any pain either physically or emotionally?”

I looked over at Allen. “Oh yes sire, I shall never intentionally cause him pain of any sort.”

He then reached over and took Allen’s hand placing it in mine. “And after this evening, are your intentions to continue seeing my brother?”

I gazed into Allen’s eyes smiling, “If those are his too sire, yes.”

He reached out and pulled us both into a firm loving embrace. “Than you have my blessing Allen to have Alex here share your bed tonight and any other night you so desire.”

Allen let go of my hand then hugged his brother. “Oh thank you brother. You have made me very happy. I have wanted to meet Alex for the longest of times. I heard how he saved Bradley then took those boys into his home. He is both brave and very loving.”

His Majesty then shocked me. “And good looking too isn’t he?”

I turned as red as my cloak and Allen giggled. “He is that also.”

His Majesty turned and handed me another piece of parchment. “I think this shall cover everything now Alex.

I opened the parchment and read it.

By Royal Proclamation, the lineage of Lord Alex Michaels continues as set forth below.


First in line following his death shall be Zachary Ellis, age 17 years.


Next in line shall be Bradley Taylor, age 15 years.


Next in line shall be Daniel Moore, age 7 years.


Last in line shall be Anthony Taylor, age 6 years.


Inscribed by my hand this 21st day of July 1101



I bowed my head. “Thank you sire, I know this will make both Danny and Tony happy.”

We went back out with the others and saw Bradley and Zack now holding two sleeping boys in their arms. I motioned for them to follow so I could get them back home. A guard called for my carriage and soon, the four of them were on their way back to the manor.

I saw the servant who came to us earlier glaring at Allen. I made a mental note of it but said nothing in case I was wrong. The three of us returned inside the castle and then Allen and I retired for the evening after saying our good nights to the king.

Once in his private chambers, Allen quickly removed my cape then knelt down removing my shoes and stockings. He then stood to remove my gown but I stopped him. “Not yet please.”

I removed Allen’s cape, shoes and hose then nodded my head for him to continue. He leaned in and began kissing me passionately and my cock began to swell once again. Allen reached down and began to slowly lift my gown over my head tossing it aside. I then felt his hand graze my ball sack. “Oh Allen, please stop. I don’t want to shoot my juice just yet.”

I reached down and raised his gown over his head and got my first chance to see him totally naked. “Allen, you have no hair on your body at all.”

He looked down. “You are disappointed.”

I lifted his chin up. “Oh no, not at all, your body is lovely.”

I knelt down and began caressing his totally smooth skin. His cock was perfect. The head of it was covered by the foreskin and was as big around as two of my fingers. I knew I had to feel this organ inside my arse. I took his cock into my hand and retracted the skin. I saw the head was wet so I stuck my tongue out so I could taste his offering. “Oh Alex, I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I stood facing him. “Allen have you never been with another before?”

Again he dropped his head down. “I know not those ways Alex.”

I kissed him gently. “I only know 2, Bradley and Zack. They taught me how to gently love. Does this disappoint you?”

He smiled. “Oh no Alex, now you can show me how to love you properly.”

Before we got into bed, we used the pot then set it outside so it could be emptied. Once we were in bed, I rolled onto my side and Allen did the same thing. I scooted close then wrapped my arms around his soft lithe body and began to caress every inch of his baby soft skin. Soon, I had him moaning with pleasure. “Alex, would you lick my cock again?”

I turned around and took his leaking cock into my hand then began to suckle it like a baby to a mother’s tit. His juice was both salty and sweet. I then decided to take it all into my mouth at once causing him to moan loudly in pleasure. I bobbed my head up and down on it for a few minutes then stopped. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes Alex, I wish to try that now.”

Before I could say a word, Allen turned around and tried to take all of my cock into his mouth, causing him to gag. “Easy Allen, you do not have to put it all in your mouth at once to give me pleasure. Just take a little in then run your tongue around it.”

Allen start moving his head up and down then accidentally got my cock with his teeth causing me to gasp. “Oh Alex, I am sorry. I will try and be more careful.”

I moved my body into a better position then began to suck his cock as he did mine. I had learned how to relax and enjoy the sensations but Allen’s staying power was very short. I saw his sack begin to draw up then he fired into my waiting mouth. I swallowed every drop of his juice then came up and held him as his breathing slowed down. I kissed him and shared some of his own load. “How do you taste?”

I watched as his tongue swirled around, getting used to it. He smiled and we began to duel with our tongues. He said, “I’ve tasted myself before, now I want to taste you.”

I stretched out and let Allen have free run with my body. He turned and straddled my shoulders with his knees giving me perfect viewing access to his back door. His hole was pink, smooth and ever so inviting. I couldn't resist the temptation so I lifted my head and licked his most personal of places. I heard him moan with my cock in his mouth. As soon as I felt that I couldn’t hold out any longer and blasted my load into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could but I saw excess hanging onto his chin. I took my finger and wiped it off then he surprised me. He took my hand and stuck my fingers into his mouth and sucked them clean. He came back up beside me then planted a kiss on me. “Did you enjoy that?”

I ran my hand down his chest until I found my prize again. His cock was once again standing tall. “Oh yes Alex, I loved taking your cock in my mouth and tasting your juice.”

“Would you like to do one more thing or are you too weary?”

His eyes seemed to light up. “More? There are more ways to love?”

I kissed him deeply. “Oh yes Allen, this is the ultimate way to show someone you love them.”

I lifted my legs up then he got the message. “Oh Alex, are you sure about this?”

“Allen, I hope what I say is not too forward of me but my heart has opened to you.”

He looked at me quizzically. “Opened like Zack and the others?”

I closed my eyes then opened them smiling as I shook my head. “Not like that Allen, but something much more. But maybe we do move too quickly.”

“I do not understand.”

I pulled him against my chest then sighed. “I am falling in love with you.”

I heard him gasp. “How can that be, we just met.”

“I know it is fast but it is what my heart is telling me.”

He ran his finger down my face and felt the tears. “Alex, why are you crying?”

I kissed him gently. “Tears of happiness, I have never felt anything like this before.”

He took his thumbs and dried my face. “I know, my heart is telling me that too.”

I could feel his tears on my shoulder as we held one another then slowly drifted off to sleep. The next morning, I was awakened by someone knocking on the door. “Allen, someone is knocking.”

“That is Oliver, my servant.” Allen said rolling back into my arms.

Just then the door opened and that man came in again. He shot daggers at Allen then to me. He pranced over and opened the curtains. “Time to get up Your Highness, the day is passing you by.”

The next thing I knew the covers were over my head. “Oh god, how I wish he would leave.”

I giggled softly. “Tell him like I tell Charles.”

“Good idea,” he whispered into my ear. “Close the blinds Oliver. We will be up later.”

“But sire…”

“CLOSE THE BLINDS NOW!” Allen said in a firm voice.

We stayed still then I saw the room get dark again and then the door was slammed closed. “That man scares me Allen. Every time he looked at us, he was glaring like he wanted to hurt you.”

Allen lowered the covers in the now darkened room. “He is a good servant Alex. He has been with the Royal Family for years.”

By this time, I had to relieve myself. I got out of the bed and looked for the pot. I felt under the bed and there was another. I pulled it out then quickly relieved myself. When I finished, Allen reached out and grabbed my cock then gently pulled it getting me to follow. “Easy baby, you want to pull it off?”

I was now at the edge of the bed when I felt him start to suckle it. I could feel it hardening in his mouth then all too soon, I fired. My eyes were closed then I felt him grab me around the waist as my legs almost gave out. “I have you love.”

Allen relieved himself in the pot then he got me something to wear. He took me by the hand as we went across the hallway into a small dining room. Once again Oliver was staring at us but this time I could not remain quiet as I let go of Allen’s hand. “Do you always act so rudely?”

“I beg your pardon?”

Allen saw it for himself. “Watch your tongue Oliver; you are speaking to my guest and to a Lord.”

He bowed. “Excuse me M’lord.” He replied then quickly left the room.

“I don’t like him,” I said taking him into my arms. “Is he your personal servant?”

We sat down and started eating. “Yes he is.”

I swallowed my mouthful. “I hope he is as trustworthy as you think. I would hate for him to feel my anger.”

Allen smiled at me. “You’d really protect me?”

I took his hand and kissed it. “You are His Majesty’s brother and add to that, someone I love.”

Just then His Majesty came into the room. “I thought I might find you two in here. Did you both sleep well?”

I was about to kneel when I remembered the admonishing I’d received earlier. “Yes sire, we slept fine. Sire, how am I to return home? The boys used the carriage last night.”

Allen looked at me frowning. “You’re leaving so soon Alex?”

I kissed his hand. “I do have a few things to do at home Allen. I have to restock meat and I was going to take Bradley and Zack with me so they can learn. I also need to work on Bradley’s bow skills.”

His majesty got himself some food then joined us to dine. “You do them proud Alex. I feel each of them shall become great men thanks to you. I have 2 small bows that used to belong to Allen. Would you like to have them for Tony and Danny?”

“Why thank you sire. I shall be sure to tell them they were gifts from you.”

I finished my meal then the three of us walked towards the courtyard. On our way, I saw Oliver staring at Allen and me as we held hands. I slipped my sword on over my shoulder then belted it against my waist so it wouldn’t ride upward as I withdrew it. I looked over my shoulder and saw Oliver was still staring at us. I quickly pulled my sword then turned, holding the tip of it against his throat. The King and Prince saw this when His Royal Highness asked, “Alex, what are you doing?”

“This servant lurks around like a thief in the night, always staring at The Prince and myself.”

Oliver thought quickly. “That’s n…not t…true Your Majesty.”

“LIAR!” shouted Allen. “Lord Alex spoke to you this morning in the dining room about this very thing now what do you say to that?”

The King looked at the man as he knelt before us. “Well Oliver, what say you?”

Again he thought quickly. “Sire, is it not my job to make sure His Highness is safe?”

Allen walked over towards him so I lowered my sword. He reached down and yanked the man to his feet then hit him across the mouth with the back of his hand. “LIAR! YOUR JOB IS TO WAIT ON ME NOT LURK.”

“B…but sire.”

“SILENCE,” the King shouted. “Any guest in the castle is just that, a guest and is to be given complete respect. If there is one more complaint about you, you shall be dismissed. Is that understood?”

“Y…yes Y…Your Majesty.”

Allen was still very angry. When Oliver started to stand, he took his foot and pushed him backwards onto his arse. “Now be gone with you!”

The King’s Royal Carriage pulled up. “Sire, that is yours. I can not ride in there.”

He giggled. “Then how do you expect to return to the manor?”

Allen looked over at me and smiled. “And I will have to ride with you to keep you company.”

The carriage pulled up and the footman opened the door then helped Allen and me inside. On the way, we were snuggled together. “Did you have an enjoyable time love?”

“Oh yes Allen, it was more like a dream come true. My love for you just keeps getting stronger.”

He turned his head and kissed me passionately. “Oh love, you forgot your good clothes.”

I kissed him deeply then gave him an evil smile. “I guess I will have to come back to get them.”

“And spend the night?”

I giggled at the way he said that. “Of course, I can not very well refuse a royal command, can I?”

We both laughed then I felt his hand work its way under the hem of my gown. “Oh Alex, what have we here?”

I gasped as I felt his hand come into contact with my now hard cock. “You did that so you will just have to make it go down.”

He gladly obliged as he leaned down and started suckling on it. This time he made sure not to scrape it with his teeth and soon I was delivering a load of my juice into his waiting mouth. “How was that my love?”

It was a good thing I was sitting down because I would have fallen. “Oh god Allen, that was wonderful.”

He ran his tongue around his lips then kissed me sharing my own juice with us. I felt the carriage begin to slow down so I knew we were home. The footman opened the door and helped me out but when Allen went to come down, he closed the door. “I’m sorry sire…”

“Open this door immediately,” Allen said with a firm voice.

The man shook his head and started to move, that’s when he felt the tip of my blade. “You heard what His Highness said; now open the door this minute.”

The footman finally did as he was ordered to. Allen stepped out then the footman glared at us. “His Majesty shall be informed of this.”

I laughed at him. “Go right ahead.”

The footman hopped on the back of the carriage then they took off. “Now you can get back to the castle on your own.”

The driver cracked his whip and the carriage took off back down the path. The driver looked over his shoulder and shouted something I could not make out, then I saw Charles step out. As soon as Allen turned around he knelt. “Good afternoon Your Highness.”

As Charles was kneeling, Tony and Danny came running out of the house. “Allen, Allen you’re here.”

Charles broke his kneel and grabbed both boys by the arms yanking them down to the ground. “How dare you act like that in front of the prince?”

I thought Allen was going to come unglued. “How dare you grab the children like that?”

“UNHAND THEM THIS INSTANT CHARLES!” I shouted as the boys were now crying due to the hard pull on their arms.

Charles remained kneeling. “Please forgive…”

“SILENCE THIS INSTANT.” I shouted again as I started reaching for my blade but Allen stopped me. “STAND UP NOW!”

Charles stood and faced me. I could tell he was scared, “Y…Yes M’lord?”

“You have disgraced this family for the last time. Several times you have spoken without permission, begged forgiveness and I have given it. BUT THIS TIME YOU DARE PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY SONS AND THEN YOU ASK FOR MY FOGIVENESS? HOW DARE YOU!?!”

He stood there in silence. Danny walked over then looked up at him. “Alex, he didn’t mean it.”

“Son, people need to learn their place and when not to be putting their hands on other’s children. Now I ask you again Charles, why did you take it upon yourself to put your hands on my sons?”

He went nose to nose with me, “Because that is MY job. Who do you think taught you your manners?”

Now it was beginning to come back to me. There were several times I had been sent to bed without my evening meal and with a sore arse too. “YOU! YOU TOOK A CANE TO ME?”

He laughed. “Yes and it made you a better man but I see I should have done it more because you’ve become weak unlike your Father.”


Just then Denise came in. “I’m sorry M’lord, I was sworn to silence but now that it is out I am free to speak.”

Charles glared at her. “Quiet you old bitch.”

“I’ll not remain silent any longer,” She said then Charles reached for a dagger.

“I should have done this long ago,” He replied but then felt a blade at the back of his head.

I looked and Zack was holding his sword against Charles’ neck. “Drop it Charles.”

He did as instructed. I went over and picked the blade up looked at it closely. “Where did you get my Father’s dagger from?”

Charles stood there with a defiant look on his face. Zack poked him with his sword, drawing a little blood. “Answer him now.”

Again he remained silent, “Very well then. Since you choose to say nothing, you leave me no choice. Pack your things and get out.”

He then became contrite. “What about my wages M’lord?”

I could not believe this. “You try to kill someone in MY home and you expect money? The only thing preventing me from lashing you is your age. You shall leave here with exactly what you came here with and that was nothing but I shall be gracious enough to let you take your clothes.”

Charles stormed towards his quarters then returned with a small bag. He held it open. “Would you like to inspect it M’lord?”

I looked inside quickly then waved my hand. “Now be gone with you and if I see you on manor property again, I’ll treat you like I would any other trespasser.”

Zack held the door open as Charles left. “Should I follow him Alex?”

I shook my head. “That won’t be necessary. Allen, I’m sorry you had to witness this.”

He came up and wrapped his arms around me. “There is nothing to apologize for. I can not believe a loyal servant would turn on someone who rescued him and took them in.”

“Ahem,” I heard then looked and saw Denise still standing there.

I looked down, “My apologizes Denise.”

She giggled. “I’ve seen you hug others M’lord. I was just going to say lunch is ready. Shall I set a place for His Highness?”

I looked at Allen and smiled. “You will join us, right?”

Allen went over and took Denise’s hand then kissed it. “It shall be my pleasure to dine with you.” She curtsied then went back to the kitchen.

Now that everything had settled down we all went into the sitting room and started to talk. Bradley looked at me with a confused look on his face. “Who will take Charles’ place?”

I thought for a moment. “We really don’t need anyone for what he does. We can all pitch in and help around here.”

Tony looked at me. “What can we do, we are little.”

I picked him up and sat him onto my lap. “Well, you and Danny can keep your room picked up for starters. You can also sweep the floor. I’ll only ask of you what you can do son.”

“I might know of someone if you are interested,” Allen said as Denise rang the bell letting us know it was time to eat.

To be continued…