Lord of the Manor


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Miguel Sanchez


Miguel Sanchez 2008


Lord of the Manor, Part IV


“I might know of someone if you are interested,” Allen said as Denise rang the bell letting us know it was time to eat.


After we finished eating, I had to get Allen back to the castle. “Bradley, would you tell Andrew to get the carriage ready? We need to take Allen back to the castle and I want us all to ride along.”


Andrew brought the carriage around then we were ready to go. Zack rode beside Andrew while the rest of us were inside with Allen. Zack, Bradley and I had both our swords and our longbows with us just in case there was trouble. Danny saw Allen and me holding hands. “Alex, do you really like His Highness?”


Allen smiled at the little boy. “Does that bother you Danny and please, call me Allen.”


Oh no sire, I couldn’t.”


Allen leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “You shall Danny, I command it.”


Danny smiled and returned Allen’s kiss. “If you put it that way sire, I shall. I like it that you and Alex like each other. Will you love each other too like Zack and Bradley?”


I looked at Allen and smiled. “I love him already son.”


Allen leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips as both boys cheered. “Will we soon have another Father?”


“I do not know son, we will see.”


Just then riders from the castle came out. Andrew brought the carriage to a stop and a guard looked inside. He bowed his head. “Good afternoon Your Highness.”


We were escorted to the castle then I had to say goodbye to Allen. When a guard opened the door, Allen shouted, “Close the door, I am not ready to get out yet.”


As soon as it closed, I dropped a curtain so we could have some privacy then Allen leaned over and kissed me passionately as Danny and Tony quietly giggled. He then kissed them and knocked on the door. The footman opened the door then helped Allen down. I saw His Majesty standing there so I hopped out and knelt before him. “Arise Lord Alex. I take it my brother had a meal with you?”


“Yes he did sire,” I replied. “He will fill you in on something else that transpired while he was at the manor.”


I so wanted to kiss Allen again but we were outside in public so I could not. “Very well Alex, we have some business to tend to so we must be going. Thank you for allowing Prince Allen to dine with you and your family.”


I bowed respectfully. “It was our pleasure sire.” I got back into the carriage and Andrew took us home.


The next day, Zack, Bradley and I started teaching Tony and Danny how to use their bows. It was a comical sight, watching them try to hold the arrows in place and then pull back on the bow string. We worked for several hours and they finally got the basics down. The next day we were able to concentrate on marksmanship. Tony was able to hit the target but Danny needed to get stronger. Over the next month, Zack and Bradley were working with them every day for a few hours in the morning and afternoon.


Allen and I continued to see each other and spend many nights together. The last time was very special for us. I had been at the castle for a private meal in Allen’s quarters. This was truly a feast fit for royalty. I was treated to pheasant and it was superb. We had several vegetables along with a large pitcher of wine. I tried not to over indulge but Allen kept refilling my goblet so I did get a little tipsy. By the time the meal was finished, we were both naked. How we got like that I don’t remember.


After we ate, we shared a luxurious bath together. I had the pleasure of washing Allen’s baby smooth body. “Darling, how do you keep your body so smooth?”


“Does this offend you love?”


I shook my head. “Oh no just the opposite, I love it very much.”


He smiled at me. “I am glad you do. My brother shaves my body. Would you like him to shave you too?”


I was glad he did this and not Oliver because I would be worried he would slip and cut off my lovers beautiful cock. I had not thought of that before. “If that would please you then yes, I would let him.”


After we washed each other, we then dried the other and moved to the bed. As soon as we were comfortable, Allen began kissing me all over my body. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and began suckling on it causing me to gasp in pleasure. “Oh lover, that feels so good.”


While he was doing this, his hands were caressing me all over. His one hand found its way in between my legs to my hole. He then began rubbing it causing it to open where he began to slowly work it inside. He removed his lips from my nipple then kissed me passionately. “Tonight I would like us to make love to each other.”


“Are you sure darling?” I asked thinking we were still moving to quickly.


He moved and sat across my hips. “Oh yes love, I am sure. I love you so much I want to spend the rest of my days with you.”


I pulled him closer to me so I could take his cock into my mouth then began to suckle it and get it wet. “I have something to ask so you can enter me easier.”


“What is it love? Anything you ask, I shall gladly do.”


“When I lift my legs up, would you lick my hole so you can get it wet?”


I saw an evil grin come across his face then he moved in between my legs. “Lift them up for me.”


He dove between my cheeks and started running his tongue around my hole then he shoved it in causing me to moan in total pleasure. Once I thought it was wet enough, I got his cock wet again then held my legs up. “Alright darling, slide your cock in.”


He lined his cock up at my back door then gently slid inside. He took his time and his thin cock didn’t hurt me. I took my hands and put them on his hips then started to pull him deeper into my now aching hole. “I do not want to hurt you love.”


I kissed him then smiled. “I have had Zack in me before love and his cock is fatter than yours. You can go all the way inside me.”


He slid in then I felt his balls against my arse. “But suppose I do not please you.”


I held his face in my hands. “That could never happen my darling.”


He turned red then looked down. “But I do not know what to do. I have never been with anyone except you.”


I gave him a loving smile, “Just start to slide out some then push back in.”


He started doing that ever so slowly then he got into a smooth rhythm building up speed. His staying power was not that long. “Oh lover, I can not hold it any longer.”


I felt him shoot his juice deep into my body then he collapsed onto my chest. His cock was still buried deep into my hole then I felt it go soft and slide out. I used my muscles to clamp my hole shut so I would not lose my lover’s juice. He looked at me then I kissed him ever so softly on the lips. “That was so beautiful darling. I love you so much I too wish to spend the rest of my days with you.”


Allen’s breathing got back to normal then he laid down beside me, pulling his legs up. “Your turn now lover, I want to feel your cock inside me.”


My cock was far from small. “Are you sure lover, my cock is bigger around than yours is.”


He giggled at that. “I know but it is not bigger than a cucumber. I have been working that into my arse just so you can make love to me.”


He had pulled his legs up then I moved down so I could look at his hole. I wet my finger then rubbed it around and it opened by itself. I decided to wet 2 fingers and gently insert them. They slid in easily as I heard Allen moan. “That feels better than a cucumber ever did. Now put your cock into me.”


Allen lowered his legs then suckled my cock getting it nice and wet. He pulled his legs up then I got into position. I put the head of my cock at the entrance then gently pushed forward. As soon as I entered his body Allen grabbed my hips and pulled me forward driving my cock deep into his arse. It was all I could do to keep from unloading in him right there and then but I was also worried he had hurt himself. “Are you alright lover?”


I could see a look of lust on his face as he hissed at me. “Oh yes, I am fine now make love to me.”


I started a nice slow easy rhythm going and soon his cock was hard again. As I was making love to him, he took his cock into his hand and began pumping it. He was moaning so loud I was afraid Oliver was going to hear us. Soon I could feel my juices boiling in my balls telling me I was about to shoot. I held out for as long as I could then I coated the walls of his insides with my juices. After we cleaned up, we cuddled close then fell asleep.


The next morning we were awakened by Oliver yanking open the curtains and mumbling something I could not make out. As soon as he left the room I sat up and kissed my lover. “If he acts rudely again love, I will no longer hold my tongue.”


Allen kissed me deeply causing my cock to become hard. “This is a time for happiness love, not anger. I would like to ask my brother if you can move in with me.”


“Are you sure about this? What would others think?”


He smiled at me. “That is simple. He would make a royal proclamation announcing that you have accepted a position on the royal staff as an advisor to him. As such, you would need to be here all the time.”


Allan seemed to have had everything thought out. “If your brother is agreeable to it I am too but I have to ask one thing though. Please give me time to talk with the boys. They need to know I am not deserting them.”


He sat up and moved over beside me. “Of course, take all the time you need.”


We got up and used the chamber pot then Allen set it outside so it could be emptied. We then dressed and went and had our morning meal. While we were eating, His Majesty came in and joined us. He could tell something was going on as Allen and I were both smiling at each other nonstop. “All right, are you going to tell me what is going on or do I have to guess it?”


I was about to speak when Allen beat me to it. “Oh brother, I am so happy. I wish to ask a favor of you.”


My face was now as red as the strawberry I was eating. The King looked at me then back to Allen. “Does this have anything to do with Alex here?”


I nodded my head. “Well sire, it does.” I said as I put the rest of the fruit into my mouth. “I love your brother and he me.”


I was interrupted at that point. “I want to spend the rest of my days with him.”


“And how I am supposed to do what?” The king asked as he winked at me.


Allen’s mouth dropped open. “Can you not help us brother?”


“I do not know Allen,” the King started. “What did you have in mind?”




Poor Allen was stuttering so bad the King gave himself away when he started laughing. “Very well my brother, I shall make a Royal Proclamation that Alex is now my Royal Advisor.”


Allen was in tears but now they were tears of happiness. “Oh thank you brother but please allow Alex time to talk with his family.”


The King looked at me and smiled. “As you wish Alex but I think they will be very happy for you.”


I left the castle and returned home in very good spirits. When I arrived, Andrew was there waiting to take my horse back to the stable. “After you brush him, can you bring the 2 ponies up here please?”


He smiled at me. “Are those for Master Daniel and Master Tony sire?”


I nodded smiling. “Yes they are Andrew. They have been asking me for a while now when they can get a horse.”


“A very nice surprise sire,” He said. “I shall have them up here in a few minutes.”


When I went inside, I was met by two happy little boys. “Did you and Allen have a good time?”


Each of them jumped into my arms hugging me tightly. “Yes, I had a great time. Now, I have something to give you.”


“What, what?” They said in unison as Zack and Bradley came into the room.


I set them down then took their hand. “Come on and you’ll see.”


Zack and Bradley were wondering what it was too, then Bradley broke into a smile. “Did you?”


I nodded my head then opened the door. Andrew was standing there with the 2 ponies they hand been admiring. Both boys were jumping up and down. “Easy boys, you do not want to spook them.”


Andrew picked Tony up while I picked up Danny and set them each on their pony. Zach and Bradley took the reigns and led them around so they could get used to each other then they let them ride alone for a few minutes while we all watched. When they came inside, the boys were happy they each had their own horse. Zack could tell something was up with me. “Alex, why are you so happy?”


“Come in guys and sit down. There is something important I have to talk with you all about.”


Danny came and hopped up on my lap. “Is this about you and Allen?”


Once everyone was seated, I began. “Yes son, this is about me and Allen. As you know, we have seen each other a lot over the past several months and our love for each other has grown all that time. Right now, I miss him so much I can hardly stand it.”


Tony came and cuddled next to Danny then put his arms around me. He kissed me on the cheek then his question took me by surprise. “Don’t you love us any more?”


Bradley got a little angry. “Stop it Tony, you know that is not true. Alex is our Father and will always be but I know what it is like to be away from the person you love. It was like that when I was away from Zack.”


Tony was crying after Bradley scolded him. “I am sorry Daddy. I just do not want to lose you.”


I wiped the tears off his face then kissed him gently. “I have told you many times son, that will never happen.”


Zack was really curious. “So what is going on now Alex?”


“Like I said, Allen and I love each other and he has asked me that I share his life forever.”


“Oh Alex, that is wonderful,” Bradley said coming over hugging and kissing me. “I do have a thought though.”


What’s that son?”


Bradley gathered his thoughts. “What will the others think when they see you living in the castle?”


I smiled trying to relieve him of that fear. “Allen has thought of that already. The King will issue a Royal Proclamation telling everyone that I have been named as a Royal Advisor and as such, I will have to live there.”


Tony started getting scared again, “B…but w…what about t…the manor?”


I hugged him lovingly. “Now what do you think will happen to the manor?”


He shook his head. “I do not know Alex.”


I looked at him. “I bet if you think you would know but I will answer it. Nothing will happen to the manor. Zack will become the Lord of the Manor and you will continue to live here. You, Bradley and Danny will continue to be the heirs.”


Danny looked at Tony playfully slapping him on the shoulder. “Boy you are dumb, I knew that Tony.”


Tony turned around and stared at his younger brother. “Oh yeah, then why did you not answer me?”


Danny turned red then stuffed his thumb into his mouth. “I not wanna intewupt Daddy.” We all giggled at that.


Over the next few days I made several trips back and forth from the castle so people would get used to seeing me. I did not spend the night even though Allen and I both wanted to badly. It was so hard not to be with my lover at night.


One day after I returned back to the manor Bradley met me at the door, “Alex, I can not find Tony anywhere.”


I covered my mouth. “When did you last see him?”


“It must have been a few hours ago.”


I scratched my head. “I just came down the path and I did not see anything. Where is Barkley?”


Just then Danny came out. “Barkley is not in the house. I looked all over for him and Tony.”


“Zack, have Andrew saddle the horses.”


While Zack was in the stable, Barkley came running up followed by Tony. “Alex, Alex come quick.”


“Where have you been?”


“Hunting, he said pulling me by the hand. “Hurry, come on.”


I followed him as he ran back into the woods. His little feet were running as fast as they could then we came upon a large deer with an arrow in his side. I was amazed at what he had accomplished. “Did you do this by yourself son?”


He looked at me with a huge grin on his face. “Yes Alex, I tracked him all by myself. It took me a long time too.”


Zack had come out on horseback so we lifted the deer onto the horse and went back to the manor. Andrew was waiting on us when we returned. “I will take care of that deer for you sire.”


“Thank you Andrew,” I said taking Tony by the hand. “Tony, you and I need to talk now young man.”


Danny stopped in front of me frowning. “You are not gonna whip him are you?”


I knelt down pulling him into a hug. “No son, I will not whip him. I don’t do that.”


I gave him a kiss then he took off to play. Tony and I went into the sitting room. “I am proud of what you did son but did you let anyone know where you were going?”


He looked down shaking his head. “No I did not.”


“Do you know how worried I was when your brother told me he couldn’t find you?”


Tears started to roll down his face as he stuck his thumb into his mouth, “Vewry.”


“That is right son,” I said softly easing him onto my lap. “I love you and I do not want anything to happen to you. Your brother was chased onto the property and shot, do you remember that?”


He nodded his head, “Uh huh.”


I lifted his chin then kissed him on the nose. “I sure do not want that to happen to you. I do not mind you going hunting since you have proven you know what you are doing but from now on, I want either Zack, Bradley or myself going with you. Is that clear son?”


He nodded head then smiled sheepishly, “Yes Alex, I am sorry.”


After my talk with Tony, we all went out and helped Andrew work on the deer Tony killed. Andrew had the deer hanging by his hind legs and was about to cut its throat when we walked in. Danny saw this and let out with a scream and I thought he was going to faint on the spot. “What are you gonna do?” he asked before his legs started to shake.


Bradley scooped him up while Zack covered his eyes then they took him outside of the barn. He was out of sight of the deer as I came up to him. “That’s how we prepare the animal for butchering son. I guess you’ve never seen it before, have you?”


He held his arms out for me so I took him from Bradley. “No Alex, I haven’t. I do not think I like that.”


Danny was only 6 so explaining this to him was not going to be easy so I thought it best to let it drop. “Zack, can you stay with Danny here?”


The teens stayed outside while helped Andrew cleaned and butchered the buck. After that was done, I got water heating then put 2 dirty boys into the bath. I got their hair cleaned then watched as they washed each other’s bodies. Tony took Danny’s little tool and carefully pulled the foreskin back then washed it but when Danny was washing Tony, he would not touch it. I was curious about this. “Danny, why will you not wash your brother’s penis?”


“My first Father said we were not supposed to touch it.”


Tony reached down and touched his. “See, I am touching it. How were you supposed to go pee if you do not touch it? I touched yours when I washed it, remember?”


I scooted close to the tub and gave Danny a hug. “Tony is right son; there is nothing wrong with having to touch it. It is a part of your body.”


He looked at me and smiled then took Tony’s tool into his hand and washed it.


Once both boys were clean, I took them out of the tub and handed them cloths so they could dry themselves.


Later on in the week, I had some more things to take to the castle so I decided to bring the others with me so we could surprise Allen. Tony and Danny rode their ponies so they could show him their newly acquired skills.


We were taking a leisurely ride up the path as we were not in any great hurry when Zack heard a voice. “There he is, hide behind that tree. I am finally going to show him how a real man acts.”


He raised his hand getting my attention. The 5 of us gathered close. “I do not recognize that voice but who ever it is I think is going to try to capture someone.”


We were still several hundred yards from the end of the path that leads to the clearing going to the castle. “Bradley, can you make your way to the edge of the clearing so you can see if anyone is coming?”


He nodded his head then made his way through the woods making sure he was on manor property. When he got up to the clearing he was shocked to see Allen walking alone without any of the castle guards as an escort. He quickly rode back to us. “Alex, Allen is out walking and he does not have any guards with him.”


“Oh my god, he will be an easy target for those men. We have to protect him. Tony, Danny, I want you to remain in the woods so they can’t get you two. Do you understand me?”


Tony got upset at this. “B…but Father, I can help.”


I shook my head. “This is not up for discussion son. We do not know how many of them there are and I can not risk you or Danny getting captured.”


I could see him frown. “Oh all right Alex, we will stay in the woods.”


We made our way through the woods so we were near the clearing but it was too late. Two men, dressed in black with hoods over their heads so we could not make out who they were, had grabbed him and one had put a black hood over his head while the other had bound his hands. “Leave us show this bastard how a real man acts.”


I looked around and saw a third man standing near the edge of the clearing. “Zack, can you make your way around so you can get to that third man? Bradley, I will need you to come with me so we can free Allen.” I looked at Tony and Danny. “Please boys, promise me you will stay here out of sight. I do not want anything to happen to either of you.”


Both boys had their bows and quivers with them so I felt they were reasonably safe. Danny nodded his head. “Yes Father, we promise.”


Zack had taken off so he could work his way over to the third man. Bradley and I decided it would be easier if we were on foot so we dismounted our horses and tied them to two nearby trees. We walked parallel to the three then started narrowing the distance. They got to a thick part of the woods then stopped. One of the men pulled his black robe off. “Now princess you will learn what it is like to be properly fucked.”


“Unhand me you bastard. You realize when my brother hears of this you shall be publically executed.”


“I am really scared.” The hooded man said sarcastically. “If your brother wants to see his precious queen again, he will do exactly as we tell him.”


“You would not dare.” Allen said as the man took his blade and cut the gown off his body.


“Oh I would not know about that. Now prepare yourself for a good fucking.”


Bradley and I were in position. “Let His Highness go immediately you bastard.”


He grabbed Allen by the hood and held the dagger up to his throat. “Now so fast who ever you are. If you take another step forward I will kill him on the spot.”


Just then the other man took his sword out. “Well, well, look who it is. Alex, you come to save your precious lover?”


I knew that voice but I could not tell who it was. I took my bow off my shoulder and put an arrow in it, taking aim at the hooded man. “Remove your hood you bastard.”


I was surprised, he did it. “Are you surprised Alex?”


I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Charles, HOW COULD YOU!”


He laughed. “How could I? It is easy; you are a disgrace to the title Lord. Your Father should have beaten the hell out of you when he caught you and that boy together in the barn years ago. He was just as weak as you.”




“Yes he did but he was weak. He acted more like a woman.”


Tears were streaming down my face. “HE WAS A MAN IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!”


“He was a sniveling coward. He was afraid to cane you when it was needed. That was why I did it and I am proud of it. Pity I just did not do it some more but now you can see this sorry excuse of a Prince get it.”


Charles looked around and found a large stick then took a step towards Allen. “STOP RIGHT THERE CHARLES!” I shouted as I had him in my sights. “I WILL NOT HESITATE TO KILL YOU.”


“If you do, that will bring about His Highness’ death just a little faster.”


I turned my eyes to try and find Bradley but he was no where to be seen. I scanned the area then saw him about 50 feet behind the naked man with the hood. “HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOU HOODED FRIEND OVER THERE TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT YOU?” I shouted getting Charles to stop advancing towards Allen.


He glared at me. “What are you talking about?”






The hooded man looked at Charles. “What is he talking about?”






He removed his hood and glared at Charles and now I knew who the second man was. “Tell me Charles what Alex is talking about.”


Charles looked over and saw the man now standing there without his hood. “PUT THAT BACK ON NOW YOU IDIOT!”


Allen turned around and got the shock of his life but it did not surprise me in the least. “Oliver, how could you? My father took you in after your father had been mortally wounded.”


“How could I sire? You are a disgrace to the Royal Family. It shall be my pleasure to see to it you never take the throne. Now Charles, what is Alex talking about?”


Charles stood there not saying a word. “ANSWER HIM CHARLES, OR SHALL I?”


Charles was so angry he was shaking. He dropped his sword onto the ground then pulled out his dagger and tried to throw it at me but he never came close. He shouted, “YOU BASTARD!”






Over in another part of the woods, Danny and Tony were standing around waiting as they were told. “Tony, I have to pee.”


Tony looked at his little brother and giggled. “So lift up your gown and pee, who will see you?”


Danny thought about it for a second then started to giggle. “Yeah, you are right.”


He moved over by a big tree and lifted his gown so he could relieve himself. Once he finished he turned to return to his older brother. Just then, the third man in black grabbed the boy. “TONY HELP ME!”


Tony looked out and saw a man holding Danny with a dagger in his hand. “Do not move boy or I will slit his throat. If you remain silent, I just might let you both live.”


Danny tried to be brave. “W…what d…do y…you w…want?”


The man kept his hands tight on Danny’s arms so he could not run. “I want that pretty little arse of yours. There is only one thing good for a pretty boy like you.”


Danny could no longer hold his tears back as he wailed. “NOOOOO PLEASE NOT THAT.”


The man laughed. “Go ahead and scream boy, there is no one alive to hear them. In fact, I like it when you beg for your life.”


Tony too was crying as he knew what that man wanted to do to his brother. “Hey you bastard, take me instead.”


The man laughed. “Wait your turn boy, you shall get yours too but not until I fuck him first.”


Tony had his bow leaning against the big tree beside him and he did not think the man could see it, or at least he hoped he could not see it. The man looked down at Danny and started running his hands under his brother’s gown. Danny’s wails were getting louder. “NOOOOO PLEASE STOP, I BEG YOU.”


The man just laughed louder. “Beg me to stop boy, I love that.”


Tony kept his eyes fixed on both Danny and the man. He had Danny’s gown up and was running his hands over the little boy’s arse and crotch and the man was looking down so he could not see Tony taking baby steps closer to the tree. Just then Danny let out another scream.




Bradley had been able to inch even closer as I continued to taunt Charles and Oliver. “SHALL I TELL HIM CHARLES OR WILL YOU BE A REAL MAN AND TELL OLIVER YOURSELF?”




Oliver stepped over towards Charles putting a gap in between him and Allen giving Bradley an opportunity to get even closer. “TELL ME CHARLES, WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?”


Charles was shaking his head. “NOTHING, DAMN IT TO HELL.”




Oliver took another step closer towards Charles so I took my chance. Charles had dropped his sword and Oliver was naked so he did not have any weapons so here was my chance. I looked at Bradley then winked at him to which he replied by nodding his head. “VERY WELL OLIVER, I WILL TELL YOU THEN.” I said causing Charles to take a step towards me but saw my longbow pointed at his chest. “CHARLES HERE WAS MEETING ANDREW IN THE BARN FOR TRISTS.”


“WHAT?” Oliver yelled stepping even closer towards Charles. “YOU WERE FUCKING ANDREW?”






Charles could no longer contain his anger. In his haste, he forgot about his sword and ran towards his dagger but it was only a few feet away from me and Oliver took a few steps towards Charles leaving Bradley the opportunity to get to Allen. Bradley had his sword out as Oliver realized he had left Allen alone but when he stopped and turned, he was now a few inches away from Bradley’s blade. “I would not move another inch if I were you.”


I took four steps then put my foot on Charles’ dagger. As he ran towards it, I backhanded him sending the old man flying backwards. I took my blade out and held it against the old man’s chest. “Go ahead Charles, give me a reason to kill you.”




Back over in the woods, Danny was screaming. He was making so much noise the man did not hear Zack come up from behind him. He yanked the hood off the man then held his dagger against the man’s throat. “Drop your blade and remove your finger from the boy’s arse and you better do it gently or I shall slit your throat where you stand.”


Tony ran up and took the man’s dagger. He wanted to kill the man for hurting his little brother but Zack was shaking his head. “Oh all right Zack.” Tony said taking Danny into his arms. “Bend over Danny; I need to see your bum.”


Danny did as he was instructed but luckily his hole was just a little red. Zack spun the man around and got a closer look at the man. “Who are you?”


“A true man,” he spat.


“A true man?” Tony yelled as he took the man’s dagger and sliced him across his leg causing him to scream in pain. “A real man would never try and hurt a child. Now who the hell are you, you bastard.”


He stood tall then. “I WAS once one of His Majesty’s Royal Guards.”


“Was a guard?” Zack asked as he kept the man from covering the cut on his leg.


The man sunk down to the ground and reached for his hood so he could cover the cut. “That’s right, WAS until your precious Lord Alex had me reduced to a lowly stable hand. It was then I decided to make it my life’s work to rid the world of sissies. None of you are worthy to breathe air. By now, that sissy Prince Allen should be dead.’


Just then Bradley and I came through the woods with our prisoners. Danny and Tony saw us then immediately ran for us. “Alex, Bradley,” the boys shouted in unison then stopped and knelt when they saw Allen. “Your Highness, you are still alive.”


“Arise boys, remember what I told you. You need not bow in front of me.”


Charles got belligerent. “See, he knows he is not a real prince.”


Tony was still holding the other man’s dagger and went to cut Charles. “NO TONY!” The Prince shouted.


The boy stopped. “Aww, alright Allen, I will spare him.”


Allen knelt down and picked the boys up into his arms. “Do not worry Tony, their lives will not be spared by my brother.”


The stable hand started shaking and shouting. “I THOUGHT YOU SAID WE WOULD BE REWARDED FOR THIS?”


I started to laugh. “The only reward you will receive is the business end of the executioner’s blade as it comes across the back of your neck.”


I took the robe off of the wounded man and put it on Allen so his dignity would be spared then we got our horses. I gave Allen my hand and helped him so he could ride with me. We had taken our prisoners and bound their hands behind their backs and put a rope around their necks tied to each other then the end was tied out my horse so if they tried to run, the rope would pull tight and they would then start to choke.


It was a hot day and to add to their discomfort we walked them at a brisk pace and gave them no water. As soon as the guards from the castle saw us they stopped and knelt before His Highness. The Captain of the Guard walked up to Oliver. “Why is this man bound sire?”


“He has committed treason,” Allen said hopping down of my horse then walking up to Oliver and backhanding him hard. “Isn’t that right you piece of shit?”


He spit his blood at Allen when he answered. “You are no Prince.”


The Captain of the Guard reached for his dagger but Allen stopped him. “NO, these men are not to be harmed in any way, I command it.”


They then bowed respectfully as one asked, “But why sire? They have committed treason, they are nothing.”


Bradley jumped in. “That is correct, they are nothing but they must be kept healthy so they can meet the executioner’s axe.”


The guard looked up at me. “Very well M’lord.”


The guards then took them off our hands. We dismounted our horses and walked across the drawbridge and saw the king standing there with tears rolling down his face. He ran up to Allen and wrapped his arms around him. “Oh Allen, I was so worried. I should thrash you for taking off unattended.”


I giggled then slipped up to His Majesty. “Shall I spank him for you sire?”


Allen turned red when he heard that. “Y…you w…would d…dare s…spank a p…prince?”


I smiled as the king interrupted. “He is a loyal subject Allen. He would do it if I so commanded.”


He saw the king wink at me then looked towards the ground. “I would have it coming. I am very sorry brother for leaving the grounds without proper escort. I promise never to do it again.”


I looked at him then gently squeezed his hand. “Soon you will not have to worry about that my love for I shall be living here permanently.”


The king smiled. “Who was responsible for rescuing you Allen?”


“Well they all were but it was Bradley who freed me. Zack rescued Danny but I think Tony would have killed him had Zack not took him alive.”


We looked at Tony. He smiled broadly nodding his head. “That bastard deserved it for what he did.” Tony replied then quickly covered his mouth as soon as he said it.


We all laughed as his expression. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. “That is all right son, he did deserve to die then but do not worry, he shall.”


We all walked inside the castle where the king brought drinks for us all. We noticed a young man standing by the staircase leading up towards Allen’s quarters. “Who is this sire?”


The young lad kneeled. “My name is Phillip, Your Highness. I am your new servant.”


Allen reached his hand out to the boy. “Arise Phillip, are you related to Oliver?”


The boy nodded his head. “Yes sire, I am his younger brother.”


I walked up to him and looked him into the eyes. “I have a question for you. Who are you loyal to, His Majesty or your brother?”


He took the King’s hand and kissed the back of it kneeling. “I am your most loyal servant and subject Your Majesty and I shall give my life protecting you and your brother.”


The king gently pulled on Phillip's hand. “Arise Phillip but there is a reason Lord Alex asks this of you.”


The boy looked at me. “And why is that Your Majesty?”


“Your brother, along with another kidnapped Price Allen and then was going rape him. Another man tried to do that to Danny here.”


Phillip put his hand over his mouth. “M’lord, why would he do such a thing? It is not that I do not believe you but I just do not understand it?”


I thought for a moment then Bradley stepped up. “Phillip, your brother has something against those men who love other men.”


“What?” he gasped. “That can not be.”


The king stepped in and he was not looking happy. “Do no call Lord Alex or his son a liar Phillip.”


Phillip knelt down taking the King’s hand. “No sire, I would never do such a thing. What I mean is my brother is not like that. He and I well…”


“Arise Phillip,” The King said. “How old are you Phillip and did he force himself on you?”


Phillip shook his head. “I am 15 sire and no, Oliver did not force himself onto me.”


I looked at the King then over to Phillip. “This makes no sense whatsoever.”


Phillip wiped the tears from his eyes. “May I have one request Your Majesty?”


The King nodded his head. “If it is to spare his life, I am sorry Phillip but that is not possible. He was going to kill my brother after defiling him.”


“I know that sire and I would not ask that but I do ask if I can see him.”


The King nodded his head, “Very well, that you may do.”


I went with Phillip as a guard escorted us to the cells. Phillip stood outside Oliver’s cell. “Why brother?”


Oliver looked up and saw his brother standing there. “What are you doing here?”


“Trying to understand why you would be behind kidnapping the Prince then watching as someone would rape him.”


Oliver spat at his brother. “Why? I will tell you why Phillip. It is because I love him. I have tried to let him know this but he wanted nothing to do with me.”




“He turned his back on me and then took another into his bed.”


Phillip shook his head. “But it is alright for you to fuck me. I do not know you Oliver. Father raised us better than to take part of rape or murder. I do not know you any more.”




I came out from where I was standing. “You beg your brother now to intercede with His Majesty? You can forget that, His Majesty has already said he will not spare your life.”




I reached out and took Phillip’s hand right. Then, right in front of Oliver, I kissed him on the cheek. “I am sorry you are going to lose your brother.”


He looked over to Oliver then to me hugging me tightly as tears streamed down his face. “H…he is n…not my b…brother any longer. My father did not raise us like that.”


We walked out of the cells then went back into the castle. On the way Phillip continued crying. “How could he do that M’lord?”


I put my arm around him and let him lean against me. “We never know why people do that. There was an old man who my father took in and raised as his own son who was also involved with this too. I am very sad he would do this but he did and it was his choice.”


“Do you love His Highness?” he asked.”


I looked into his eyes before I answered. “Yes I do, I love him very much.”


“My brother said he loved me and wanted to always be with me now he does this. How will I know if a person is telling me the truth?”


I thought for a minute. “Well, I have let my heart guide me. I knew His Highness was the right person for me because I could feel it in here (pointing to my heart).


When we got up to the main floor, there was a guard standing by His Majesty’s private study. “M’lord, I know I don’t have this right but might I ask a favor?”


“What is it Phillip?”


“Well sire, I have a younger brother in the Royal Orphanage. His Majesty has put him in a private room but I don’t get to see him very much.”


“Go on Phillip,” I said smiling.


“Well sire, could you use a servant? He would be very loyal to you and to your family.”


“How old is he?”


He looked down. “He is but 14 almost 15. He is very smart and knows how to read and write.”


I could use some help at the Manor now that I was going to be living at the castle. “I will talk with His Majesty. He would be more than welcome at the manor.”


He smiled then hugged me tightly. “Oh thank you M’lord, now I better get back upstairs and finish my work.”


I watched as Phillip hurried up the stairs then I went to talk with His Majesty. The guard opened the door and I saw The King sitting at his desk writing. “Ah Alex, come in, come in. Would you like to read this?”


He handed me a parchment and I read the proclamation he was planning on announcing. “It is perfect sire.” I said handing it back to him. “Sire, might I have a word with you in private?”


He looked at me sheepishly. “Might this be something about Phillip?”


“You know me too well sire.” I replied red faced.


“I need to know who I can trust Alex. My eyes were opened today but thanks to you and your boys, my brother’s life is safe. What is it you would like?”


“Well sire, Phillip asked about his younger brother.”


He nodded his head. “Yes, Michael is living in the Royal orphanage. He is not quite 15 yet but he is very bright. Would you like to have someone to replace Charles?”


I nodded my head feeling somewhat responsible now. “Yes Your Majesty.”


He sat back down and started writing again. “After I read the proclamation, we will get Michael out of the orphanage.”


I looked over at the others and Tony and Danny were smiling. I sat down and Tony hopped up on my lap. “Will Michael be able to play with us?”


“He is there to work Tony not play.”


“Aww,” my little one moaned. “Not even a little?”


I kissed him on the cheek. “That will be up to your brothers, son.”


The king took the note he just wrote and handed it to the guard outside then looked at us. “One more thing Alex, I want all of you to stay here at the castle for a while.”


I was taken a back. “Why sire?”


“That note I handed the guard was an order. I want a wall built around the properties and to cover the path. This way no one will be able to get onto either of our land without permission.”


I liked the idea. “What about the entrances to the paths?”


“I can build rooms at both sides so there will be guards posted on Royal Grounds. Have there ever been any problems on your side?”


I shook my head. “No sire, any problems that have happened have come from your side.”


He thought for a moment. “Very well, guards on Royal Grounds should be enough.”


I then got a wild idea. “Sire, I have a thought.”


“I am listening.”


I smiled wickedly. “Well, I can think of two more people who can work on the wall.”


“You are joking right?”


I shook my head. “No sire, I am very serious. They came onto my land and tried to kill your brother and my lover now they can break their backs building the wall. Personally sire, I don’t want them to die just yet.”


I went over to Allen and took him into my arms. “How do you feel about that baby?”


He kissed me softly. “This way they will know pain every day as they work hard. Oliver has had a soft life; this will teach him a lesson.”


I looked at the king. “Sire, can we get these boys into their quarters so they can get cleaned up? Also, someone needs to get a message to my cook Denise; she will be quite worried when we do not return to the manor.”


“Do not worry Alex, I will send a rider to the manor and inform her. Allen, show the boys to the guest rooms down the hall from your quarters.”


Allen and I took the boys and led them to the second floor. As soon as we reached the top of the stairs Phillip was standing there as if he were expecting us. He bowed to us, “Yes sire, what might I do for you?”


I took Allen’s hand smiling then winked at him hoping he would get what I was not saying. He returned my wink then looked at Phillip. “Please show them the guest rooms. Danny and Tony will room in one and Zack and Bradley the other.”


He bowed his head. “As you wish sire, please come with me boys.”


That evening the king had a real banquet for everyone. I thought he had pulled out the stops when he invited us before but this one was far more magnificent.


The following week was something I could not describe nor understand. Workers were putting up decorations and the great hall was being made ready for a huge celebration. I managed to catch His Majesty. “Sire, what is going on? Are you expecting a foreign king?”


He shook his head but did not really answer my question. “No Alex, not a foreign king.”


He had this smile on his face that left me with more questions then answers. I decided not to press him for fear of getting him upset with me.


Saturday was the busiest day of them all. After lunch, Phillip had us all bathe and there were lovely gowns set out. After we were all dressed, Phillip got us assembled. “Please follow me gentlemen.”


I had not seen Allen since we woke up that morning so I could not ask him what was happening. Phillip led us down the staircase then we were met by 2 guards dressed in their finest. Phillip left us and returned upstairs. The guard took us to the King’s private room then knocked on the door. Allen opened it motioning us to come inside. “My brother will be here momentarily.”


My head was spinning. “What is going on Allen?”


He smiled but said nothing. I looked at the others then Zack smiled. “Allen, is His Majesty going to read the proclamation today?”


I had learned to read my lover over this time and when he put that special grin on his face, I knew Zack was right. I took Allen’s hand. “Love, if this is that time…”


Just then His Majesty entered the room. I was in awe as to how he was dressed. He looked at us then motioned for us to sit. “I know this week was crazy but today I will read the Royal Proclamation naming Alex as my Royal Advisor.”


I looked at him. “Sire, if I am to be your Royal Advisor, how will this affect my status at the manor?”


“It should not affect a thing Alex but if you wish to pass your title; that is your right. As long as you shall live, Michaels Manor will be your land.”


Zack came up and took my hands. “Alex, you know how I feel about you and the manor. If you want to wait then do it. We know where our home is and even though you will be living here, the manor will always be your home.”


I looked at His Majesty, then to Allen and finally over to the boys while I thought about what to do. I saw Allen’s smile and I had my answer. I stepped over to the king. “How do I pass my title?”


He leaned in close to my ear then told me in a whisper. “Do you understand that?”


I nodded my head. I cleared a space then turned to face Zack, motioning him to approach. He stepped in front of me then I reached for his, my father’s, sword hanging in Zack’s scabbard. I motioned for him to kneel. I took the sword then tapped him on each shoulder. “I Alex Michaels, Lord of Michaels Manor do here by pass on my title to Zachary Ellis, arise Lord Zachery.”


I handed him back his sword and he returned it to its scabbard. Once that business was concluded, we were then led out onto the balcony over looking a huge mass of people. As soon as the mass of people saw the king they started cheering. He started waving to his subjects and it took forever to get the crowd to quiet down do the king could talk.


“My loyal subjects, today brings a time of great joy and, I am afraid, a time of great sadness. I will get the bad news out of the way first so we can concentrate on happiness. I am deeply saddened because three men conspired to and then did commit an act of treason.”


At that, three guards brought Oliver, Charles and Joseph (the stable hand) onto the balcony next to where we were standing. Charles knew his life was over so he thought he could cause an uprising. “I committed no crime against the King. It is the job of every loyal citizen to find and bring to justice those who are disloyal and subversive. I found just such a person, in fact, I have found many. One such person is masquerading as a Prince. That is right, Prince Allen is a subversive traitor. He lies in bed with not a woman but another man. The man he lies in bed with is standing up there beside His Majesty. Step forward Alex Michaels and show yourself as the traitor you really are.”


Just then a huge rock was thrown from the crowd and hit Charles in the stomach. “Quiet you bastard, you are the traitor.”


The King raised his hands and the crowd went silent as the guards took the men inside so they would not get pummeled. “Please my loyal subjects; do not hurl rocks at them.”


“Why not Your Majesty, they are traitors, they deserve to die.”


The King once again raised his hands. “And that they shall.”


I took a chance and stepped beside the King whispering to him. “Might I speak sire?”


He nodded his head so I raised my hands. “I want to ask you all something here and now. What Charles said is true. I do love His Highness.”


I was then interrupted by loud cheering. I raised my hands and the crowd got quiet. I reached my hand back and Allen took it as he stepped up beside me. “Now, how many of you does this displease?”


Another voice from the crowd shouted. “Death be to homosexuals.”


Just then I saw several men drag him off and try as I might, I could not stop them. Another voice shouted, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, M’lord, it is none of our business what you do in your bedroom. What is our business is how you lead us and treat us, your loyal subjects. Your Majesty, your Father was a great King who loved all of his subjects and you have carried on that tradition. In time, your brother shall too, so who of us has the right to judge you and who you love.”


The crowd roared with approval at the words just spoken. I looked out into the crowd. “Sir, would you please step forward and be recognized?”


Just then the unknown voice came up and I was surprised to see it was that of a boy. “I am that voice M’lord.”


“Please stay there as a guard will come and bring you into the castle. You are to be my guest.”


A guard came out and escorted the boy up to the balcony. I went inside to meet them. As soon as he saw me he knelt. “M’lord, I am at your service, my name is Michael Finch and I am but an orphan.”


I reached my hand out to him and helped him to his feet. “Is Phillip your older brother?”


He smiled at me. “Y…yes he is M’lord, do you know him?”


Just then another voice was heard. “Yes he does Michael.”


He turned around and saw his older brother standing right behind him then jumped into his arms. “Oh Phillip, I saw Oliver standing up there.”


Both boys cried but Phillip managed to speak. “Yes Michael, he was behind the kidnapping of His Highness. Now, I have some good news for you. Lord Alex has agreed to take you into his home. You see, one of the other men behind the kidnapping was his servant Charles he had earlier dismissed.”


“There is more to it than that,” I said smiling. “I have two young sons and they need someone to occupy them as well as teach them reading and writing.”


Just then Danny and Tony saw Michael and ran up to him. Michael knelt down. “Oh M’lord, they are precious. I will take very good care of them.”


The little ones cheered as the king stuck his head in. “Alex, we are waiting for you.”


Danny popped me on the bum. “Yeah Alex, it is not nice to keep His Majesty waiting.”


Phillip took his brother and got him into some different clothes as I rejoined His Majesty. When everyone saw me back on the balcony they started cheering again so I raised my hands and quieted them down so the King could speak. The King stepped forward and read his Royal Proclamation.


By Royal Proclamation, I do hereby appoint Lord Alex Michaels as my Royal Advisor. As such, he will be at my beck and call at all hours of the day and night. His Royal duties will require that he live in the castle and is to be considered a part of the Royal Family.


Inscribed by my hand on this the 16th day of August 1101.


“Step forward Lord Alex and be recognized.”


His Majesty removed my cloak as Lord of Michaels Manor and replaced it with a new one of the same color but it had His Majesty’s coat of arms on it. He also hung a chain around my neck symbolizing my position. “May I present Lord Alex Michaels, my Royal Advisor.”


The crowd cheered loudly for several minutes then I raised my hands asking for quiet. Now what he did next totally floored me. “Will Bradley Taylor please step forward?”


Bradley came out onto the balcony. The King placed his hand on Bradley’s shoulder and smiled at him. “I have another proclamation.


By Royal Proclamation


Yesterday, Bradley Taylor went above that of what is expected of any subject by coming to the aid of His Royal Highness, Prince Allen. Bradley put his life in great danger and rescued the Prince from certain death. Bradley made certain these traitors were brought back to the castle alive so they could face justice.


For his actions I hereby Knight him and he shall be known from this day forward as Sir Bradley Taylor.


Inscribed by my hand on this the 16th day of August 1101.


The King reached out and took Bradley’s sword from his scabbard. “Kneel Bradley.”


Bradley did as he was instructed then the king tapped him on each shoulder saying, “I hereby dub thee Sir Bradley Taylor. Arise Sir Bradley.”


His Majesty handed him back his sword then Bradley returned it to his scabbard. The king put his hand on Bradley’s shoulder and turned him to face the crowd. “May I present to you, Sir Bradley Taylor.”


The crowed cheered as I slipped up beside him and kissed him on the cheek. “I am so proud of you son.” We then went inside and had a huge party in the dining hall.


It took over 6 months for the wall and cover to be built around the property but once it was finished, it made traveling between the castle and the manor much safer.


Once that job was completed, Oliver, Charles and Joseph went on trial for treason. As His Majesty’s Royal Advisor, I was commanded to be present. Oliver did not deny his involvement but instead begged for the King’s forgiveness and his life to be spared. His Highness looked at Oliver and asked several questions. “I heard what you told your brother Phillip. You claim to profess your love for me but did you ever once come to me and tell me this?”


Oliver looked down. “No Your Highness.”


“You stood out there as I was stripped naked and about to be defiled and then murdered. Did you attempt to stop them?


Oliver shook his head, “No Your Highness.”


Is this how you profess your love for someone?” This time Oliver remained silent.


The King had made up his mind. “You three have been charged with treason and by your very words have admitted to it. Therefore, I find you guilty as charged and shall be executed. Your executions shall be public for all to see and will be carried out tomorrow at sunrise. May God have mercy on your souls. Guards, remove the prisoners back to their cells.”


The next morning, the men were brought out one at a time to meet their fate. I do not know who was who as each man had a black hood over their heads. Justice was swift and final. Their bodies were taken away and buried in an undisclosed location.


I kept Danny and Tony away as I felt they were too young to witness this as were Phillip and Michael. The day before, I asked the King if Phillip could spend the night at the manor so they would be nowhere around when the executions were carried out.


Michael is continuing with Danny and Tony’s education and they are doing very well. Bradley is at the castle during the day undergoing more training as a Royal Knight.


As for Allen and I, we continue to love each other to this day and I find it hard to believe all this happened when I was Lord of the Manor.


The End