Losing To Win, Part X
"Back To Reality"
By Joey E

Okay, I have a good reason for the delay in posting this chapter. After the last part, I didn't know what direction I wanted to take this story. But, I've decided to keep it going for now. I'm planning a spinoff series dealing with Matt and Steve, but that's further down the road. So in the meantime, here is part ten of Losing To Win.

Special thanks goes out to Jake and John. As usual, this is a work of fiction. All similarities to real life is strictly coincidental. All rights reserved to the author. No unauthorized duplication in any form is permitted. If you are offended by gay guys, I don't recommend reading on. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), don't read on either.


I woke up to the sound of Matt cursing at the alarm clock that his roommate unfortunately left set on. I heard him grumble as he got out of bed and walked over to where the radio clock was and turn it off. Unfortunately, after that, I could not fall back to sleep. Evidently, my bro was the same way since I could hear him tossing and turning in his bed.

"Matt?" I whispered, after a few minutes passed by.

"Yeah?" He asked out loud.

"Are you awake?"

"Well, no, I'm sleeping and I'm talking to you in my sleep," he said, rolling over to look at me.

The beds were on each side of the bedroom. I looked over at him. "Sleep well, little bro?" he asked.

"Honestly, no," I answered. "I don't know why, but I just couldn't get comfortable." Though I knew why, I didn't dare bring last night's events up until he did.

"Neither did I, Stevie. Yo, what the fuck happened last night?" he asked.

"I don't know, Matt," I sighed, relieved he brought it up. "I'm sorry, Matt. It'll never happen again."

'Hey, it's cool. Nothing happened that I didn't let happen. It's not like you were taking advantage of your ol' big bro," he said smiling at me.

I smiled back at him. He still had that shit-eating grin. "What the hell made you do it anyway?"

"I don't know," he said laughing. "It didn't help that you were fuckin' beating your fuckin' meat right in front of me. And I guess, looking back on everything, when we did fool around together, it excited me too."

"I understand, Matt. I guess I just wanted one last time with you. Thanks. I'll never forget it," I said, smiling.

"Yeah, I bet you never will. Especially when you go home tonight and jerk off again. You'll fuckin' think of me and.......aw...man, that's fuckin' sick!"

We both laughed.

"Well, you wanna take your shower before I do?" he asked, getting out from his covers. From the looks of his boxer briefs, he had serious morning wood.

"Nah, you go ahead," I answered, thinking I have something I need to do before I do anything else.

"Okay, bro," he said. "Be back in a flash."

When he left the room, I immediately pulled down the covers and started stroking my morning wood. Fuck, it was so fuckin' hot, jerkin' off with Matt again. All I could think of was him. In no time at all, I spewed a load all over my t-shirt. I wiped my cock off with it and took it off. I got up out of bed and put some boxers on. I went out to living room. I heard a knock at the front door. I threw on my jacket so I wouldn't just be in my fuckin' boxers. I ran down the cold stairways and answered the door.

"Damn, did I wake you up?" asked a cute boy named Tim.

"No, man, we got up about fifteen minutes ago. You wanna come up? My bro's in the shower," I explained.

"Sure, man," he said. He followed me back up stairs and sat down on the couch.

"I hope you don't mind me just in my boxers," I asked.

"No, man, we're all fuckin' guys here. Who the hell cares?" he asked.

"Well, I know I wouldn't be able to control myself if you sat down in your boxers. On second though, I think I'm gonna borrow one of Matt's T's," I said laughing. I went into the bedroom , grabbed a t-shirt of his and put it on. I walked back out and sat down next to Tim.

"So uh, what happened after you guys got in?" he asked.

"Ah, nothing much. He understood where I was coming from and I understood where he was coming from."

"Oh good, I didn't mean to cause any trouble between you," he said.

"Ah, it's all good Tim. You did point things out to me that I would've never realized on my own. Thank you," I said, sincerely.

"No problem. We'll have to do that again sometime soon," he said.

Just then, my bro came out of the bathroom in a towel. I saw Tim's eyes buldge out. I laughed.

"Hey, Tim! You're here early."

"Dude! It's like 1PM!" Tim exclaimed.

"Oh shit, is it?" I asked, jumping off the couch. I had a boy waiting at home for me to come home to. "I told Josh I'd be home by like three."

"Well, you better take a shower then and hurry," Matt said.

I jumped in the shower, came out freshy clean, and went back into the bedroom. I put on a new outfit and walked out.

"You have time to get a late breakfast, don't you, bro?" Matt asked.

"Yeah I guess so," I said.

"Well, then, let's go!" Tim said. Both of the got up off the couch.

"Great! I'll drive!" I offered.

"Uh, no," Matt said.

"Why not?"

"Because I know how you drive," Matt said, smiling at me. "Dude, I'll never forget trying to teach him to drive," he said to Tim. "It was a complete disaster."

"Maybe it wasn't the driver. I think it was more like the teacher," I said, in defense.

"The teacher had nothing to do with it. No teacher could have predicted that you would've driven down that sidewalk!"

"Was it my fault I didn't know the transmission was in reverse?" I asked, defensively.

"Any idiot could've figured that out!" he said, laughing.

Tim was laughing along with us and finally said, "All right, buds, I'll drive!"

No one argued that point and we all hopped into his car. We all ate at a local diner and had a great time, carrying on like three guys should. Nothing was brought up about our lifestyles and I felt great. I felt great.

We got back to campus and shortly after I had to jet.

"Well, guys, I gotta get back to my boring life," I said. "Thanks for a great time, bro," I said giving him a big hug.

"Tim," I said, holding out my hand and smiling. "It was great to meet you and thanks for the tips!"

He took me in his arms and gave me a hug. I hugged him back . He leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

"Aw, fuck, that's no way to kiss him," Matt said, laughing. Before I knew what hit me, Matt grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. Nothing erotic, just two CLOSE brothers kissing on the lips.

We both cracked up and smiled at each other. Tim looked at us as if we were crazy.

"I had a great time meeting you, Steve. Come back soon. And bring your boyfriend this time!"

I laughed. :"I'll see what I can do. Thanks agian."

With that, I made the ride back to my hometown. On my way back, I thought the whole thing over. All right, I lied. I didn't think about anything. I put in a CD and just fuckin' enjoyed the ride home. Life was good. I was ready to tackle my own problems, feeling renewed and refreshed.

"Hi mom, dad," I said as I came in the door.

"Hey, Steve, we're in the family room," Mom's voice said.

I set down my overnight bag and went down the hall way into the family room.

"You look good son," my Dad said.

"Well how else would I look?" I asked, smiling.

"I figured you'd still be hung over," he said.

"Matt!" my Mom said to my dad. "But he's right, you do look good. Better than you have in a long time!"

"Thanks," I said, sitting down. "I had a great time with Matt."

I told them some details of the weekend, leaving out at least three quarters of the details, but they seemed to buy it.

"Well, I gotta go get unpacked," I said.

"By the way, Stevie, Josh called. I think Joe called too," my mom said.

"Thanks, mom," I said.

I went upstairs and picked up the phone. I dialed Josh's number first.

"Hello?" answered a voice.


"Steve! How's it going?" he asked, realizing who it was.

I smiled. "All right, I'm home now!"

"Great!" he exclaimed. "I'm in the middle of something now, but I can be over there in about a half an hour."

"That's cool. I'll be here," I said.

"Okay, I'll just show up at your door," he said.

"All right, sounds good, later!"


I was not known for being a talker on the telephone. I liked the conversations to be short and sweet and to the point. Josh seemed to be that way too. I unpacked and got my room back into order after being sick for three days.

"Steve," I heard a soft voice say.

I turned around to look and saw the most beautiful face in my doorway.

"Josh!" I exclaimed, walking over. I gave him a huge hug and a big kiss. "Mmm...I missed you, bud."

"I missed you too," he said, smiling up at me.

Now I knew why I had it bad for this guy. He was totally my style. He made me forget my bro, Tim, and even that one dude I was checking out at the party. I was so happy to see him. I didn't even realize how much I missed him.

"So, you want to give me a chance?" I asked, softly in his ear.

"Yes, Steve, yes. I missed you so much," he said, kissing me on the cheek.

"Oh, Josh," I said, kissing him on the lips. I was so happy just to be with my little man.

"Well, I'm glad we got that out of the way," he said. "Because I need to help you in physics now."

"Bud, the physics can wait!" I said, laughing.

He laughed. "Nah, dude, you're parents are home. We can't do anything now..."

I closed the door and locked it. "Who cares?" I asked, with a grin on my face.

"Oh you can't be serious?" he asked.

"Isn't that half the fun?" I asked. I was indeed extremely horny. I looked at his face and smiled. He was finally all mine. And I was finally all his. I looked into his blue eyes. I ran my fingers through his short curly strawberry-blonde hair.

"Hey, you got your haircut!"

"Yeah, do you like it?" he asked.

"Mmmm.... yeah I do," I said, licking his earlobe. He shivered and let out a quiet moan.

I led him over to my bed and pulled him down on top of me. He willingly laid down on top of me and we started kissing, passionately. Our bodies rubbed up against each other. My hands felt his back, slid down to his ass, and cupped both cheeks. His tongue went down my neck. His hands flew up my shirt, feeling my smooth, muscular chest. My hands went up the back of his shirt.

We were rudely interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Stevie, Joe is here," my Dad said behind the door.

Josh looked up at me in panic. I looked back at him and just started to laugh. There was nothing to do but laugh. "Okay, Dad, we'll be right down."

"Luckily, we weren't naked," I said, straightening out my shirt. "You ready?"

I looked over at him, trying to straight his clothes out as well. I looked down at his pants which had a huge tent in them I started laughing again.

"Shit, Steve, what am I going to do with this thing?" he asked, sounding cute as can be.

"Save it for later," I said. "Can't you hide it?"

"No, no chance."

"Well, untuck your shirt, bud," I said, watching him in amusement.

He untucked his shirt and it hung over his cock, but unfortunately, his cock poked out enough to show through the shirt.

I just laughed again. "Josh, it ain't the end of the world. I'll get rid of Joe and be right back up."

"Nah, I don't want you to do that," he said.

"Trust me, I'll be right back."

As I was walking down the steps, I was wondering what the hell my little bud wanted. I went to the living room where he was chatting with my parents.

"Hey, Steve. I just came by to see if you wanted to hang out tonight."

Well, so much for trying to get rid of him. I couldn't tell him no. I said, "Well, Josh is here too. If you want to hang out with us.."

"Oh yeah, that would be cool!" he said. Sometimes Joe didn't quite get a subtle hint. I shot him a look.

"Well, he's up in my room," I said. "Let's go."

We walked back upstairs and I saw Josh, sitting at my desk.

"Hey Josh," Joe said to him. "How's it going?"

"All right, man," he said, with a surprising amount of coolness to him.

Well, I didn't want to seem rude to Joe. But I did want to spend time alone with Josh.

"Yo, let's go downstairs and play some pool, man," Joe said, getting up. Good ol' hyperactive Joe. Always full of ideas.

"You want to?" I asked Josh. I was surprised at how Josh was taking this.

"Sure, why not?" he said, getting up.

We all headed down to the basement.

"So, Josh, since you're like my best friend's significant other, I guess it's my job to fill you in on him," Joe said, grinning. We all sat down on the couch.

I turned on the radio with the remote to the receiver. "Okay," Josh said, grinning at Joe. "I'll bite. What do you know about him?"

"Josh!" I protested. "Joe, you fuckin' bitch," I said laughing."

"Well, let's see," Joe said, thinking.

"Is he a good lay?" Josh asked, bursting out into laughter.

"Oh, he's the best lay in town!" Joe exclaimed. "I hear he gives the best blow jobs this side of the Mississippi."

"Joe!" I said, horrified.

"Oh lighten up, Steve. He's a great guy, Josh. You're one lucky guy to be with this bum."

"Oh?" Josh asked. "That remains to be seen. You wanna break?"

"Sure," Joe answered, getting up. I was surprised that Josh knew this much about pool. He racked up the balls.

"Hey, guys, what about me?"

"Ah, you'll play the winner," Joe answered. He grabbed a pool cue and broke the balls. The solid red ball went in the corner pocket and rolled down inside the table.

I knew what kind of pool player Joe was. Very inconsistent. But he seemed to be in focus tonight as I watched him sink another ball. He missed the third one. Josh stepped up to the plate and shot a stripe in on his first try.

"Nice shot!" I said, impressed.

"That was nothing," he answered, giving me a wink.

It may have been my imagination, but Josh seemed to be a lot more easy going with me as time went on. He seemed to come out of his shell around me and I liked him more and more. He didn't seem like just some nerd when he was around me. He looked like a confident, cool dude. He shot the next ball in one of the side pockets. He grinned again, proud of himself.

He shot the third ball in the far left corner and it went in.

"Damn, boy, you are good!" Joe said.

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve," Josh said, smiling at me.

"Yeah, I've noticed that," I replied.

He studied his next shot, realizing that he didn't have a clear shot of anything. Somehow, though he bounced the cue ball off the side and hit a stripe into the other side pocket.

"DAMN!" Joe shouted.

"Look out Joe, I think he's gonna beat you!" I said, excited that my boy was beating him.

"Shut up, you'll jinx me," Josh said.

Sure enough, he missed his next shot and Joe stepped back up to the table. Josh came over to sit beside me on the couch. I put my arm around his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek.

"Nice shots, baby," I whispered.

He smiled and said, "Thanks."

"Fuck!" Joe shouted as he missed his shot.

Soon, Josh was down to the eight ball, while Joe had two solid balls left to hit in. Josh called the pocket, hit the ball and shot the eight ball in like a pro. He jumped in the air for joy. I got up off the couch and we high fived together.

"Remember Joe, no one messes with my little man," I said, putting my arm around him.

"I thought I was your little man," Joe said, looking hurt.

"Well, that is true," I said. "You're both my little men. But only one of you is my boyfriend."

"Thank god!" Joe said, breaking away from my hold.

"Good game, Joe," Josh said, smiling. His dimples showed as his teeth shined.

"I'll get you back," Joe said, smiling. I knew Joe had a competitive streak in him.

"But now it's my turn," I said, racking the balls.

"So, did Steve ever tell you about the time he was suspended?"

"And who's fault was it?" I asked, not at all amused.

"Hey, you could've said no, man," Joe said.

"It would've been fine except for the fact that you were caught and ratted us all out!"

"Hey, dude, if I'm going down, you were all going down with me!"

"So, guys, what's next on your agenda?" Joe asked. "A ring? A wedding?"

"Bud, shut up!" I said.

Josh looked up at me. "Not until I fuck him."

"Aw, shit, I didn't need to hear that, dude," Joe said.

Josh flashed a grin at me. There something different about him that I couldn't quite get. I couldn't figure it out.

"Well, as soon as you let me..." I started to say, not wanting to be made out to be the pussy.

"Nah, man. I'm gonna have that cute ass..."

"Shut up guys!" Joe said, cringing. "That's enough."

We both laughed at Joe. "Joe, what's wrong?"

"Look, I'm all right with you guys liking each other and all. But I don't need to hear the details of your sex life. I'm cool with it, but I have my limits."

Josh and I looked at each other. It was true, Joe was being much cooler than I thought he would be. He was supporting my decision to be with Josh. He was being nice to Josh and I couldn't be cruel to him for that.

"All right, Joe. We'll behave," I said, breaking the balls. None went in.

The game went pretty quickly, as we were pretty evenly matched surprisingly. I had no idea Josh was that good. I won, knocking the eight ball in before Josh did.

I looked at my watch. "Guys, it's fuckin' 10PM. I need to be in bed soon!"

"What a fuckin' pussy," Joe said to Josh.

"Well, he has his paper route to do," Josh said in my defense. But then he added, "But he is a fuckin' pussy anyway!"

Joe and Josh both laughed. I knew they were establishing some sort of bond this evening. It was wonderful to see my best friend and my boyfriend getting along so well. Though I thought it could be dangerous, they were certainly enjoying themselves.

"Well, guys, I'm kicking you out," I said, getting up.

"Aw...." Josh said.

We all walked up the steps and out the front door. "Do you guys need rides?"

"No, we'll walk," Joe said, smiling back at me.

"Maybe you'll walk. But bring my boy back here right now," I said, not wanting to get rid of Josh just yet.

Josh said good bye to Joe and walked back up to where I was standing.

"He's a funny guy!" Josh said, smiling up at me.

"Yeah, Joe's a bit of a nut, but he's a lot of fun. I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together alone tonight," I said.

"Hey it's all right. I had fun tonight. But I should head back to my parents too. It is a school night," he said.

We walked down to my car and we both got inside. He took my hand immediately and kissed me. God he was a good kisser. I felt some light stubble on his chin as we kissed.

"Mom works late tomorrow night. Do you want to come over?" he asked with a grin.

"Fuck yeah, baby. I'll be there after I do my work out with the guys."

"Cool," he answered. "We'll need to talk about physics though. After all, that's how this whole thing got started."

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll get to that sometime tomorrow. But, I think you know what I want to do."

He laughed.

"I better get you home before I take you right here in the car," I said, softly. I looked over at his cute face and melted again. Damn, he always does that to me. Fuckin' cute smile, bright blue eyes.

"So, why don't you?" he asked smiling.

That's all guys for now. I am thinking of ending this series soon. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks.