Losing To Win XI
"Falling In Love"
By Joey E

Okay, folks. Sorry it took so long for me to write another part of Losing To Win. I've been busy with my new story, "Just The Beginning" which actually uses characters from this story. But after relentless prodding by a reader named Mike, here is another installment of my gay high school series. Thanks again for sending me feedback. I do my best to reply to everyone who sends an email. Please be aware, this does involve gay characters learning about life and love. If you have a problem with that, then read something else. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), don't read on either. Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.

"What? Here?" I asked.

"Yeah," He said with a grin. "Why not?"

"Dude, that's crazy, bro! I'm not doing that shit here!"

"All right, all right," Josh answered. "We'll save it for later. But for now, come here," he said.

We kissed right outside my parents' house. We must've kissed for about a minute straight. I took him home then and went to bed.

I was not looking forward to school on this Monday morning. I knew I had missed a lot and wasn't looking forward to making it all up. I got to school with the two clowns, Josh and Joe, and went to homeroom. I said hi to some of my friends and shit like that as I walked to my first class.

As I was walking down the hallway, I heard some commotion behind me as if someone was being thrown against a locker. I turned around and it was, indeed, someone being thrown against a locker. And that someone was, you guessed it, Josh.

Damn, I thought to myself, I thought this was over with. I walked cautiously over to the scene of the crime and quickly thought about what I was going to do. My first instinct was to break it up and to rescue my poor little bud. Then reality sunk in and I looked to see who was around us.

There was Josh being pushed up against a hard locker by Ben. Josh caught sight of me and pleaded with his eyes. My eyes shot away from him for a split second.

"Leave him alone," my voice boomed before I could stop it.

The crowd parted slightly as I worked my way towards Ben. Ben immediately put him down.

"Aw fuck, Edison, this cocksucker was lookin' at my fuckin' package...."

"Fuckin' leave him alone. Without this cocksucker. as you called him, you would be without a pitcher this season!   And besides, there ain't nothing to see with your package."  There was some chuckling. 

"What the hell?  You've been checkin' out my package?  I'm thinkin' you two have something more goin' on, Edison!" he said as he got up in my face.

"So what if we did?" I asked, my adrenaline kicking in. I looked over at Josh. He had a shocked look on his face and he started to say something.


"Shut up!" I hissed at him. "Go to class, buddy. I'll handle this."

"Steve," he said, louder this time. "Let it go. It's not worth it." He picked up his backpack and took off, leaving me and Ben staring at each other. Two other guys from the team were there too.

"Don't fuck with me," I warned Ben before I turned away. As I was walking away, I could see Josh walking out of the building. I sighed. This couldn't be good. Was it worth all of this shit that I might have to put up with? That I didn't know. I needed to talk to someone. For some reason, I went straight to the cause of my problem. My physics teacher/baseball coach. I knew he had first period off, and I knew that if I didn't talk to someone, I was going to burst.

I knocked on his door.

"Come in," he said.

I looked around the corner to find him at his desk, grading papers. He looked up from what he was doing and smiled.

"Edison! What brings you here?"

"Hey, coach, you gotta minute?" I asked, desperately.

His face lightened up immediately. "Sure," he said, getting up. "Come in, sit down."

He went over to the opened door and closed it. He sat down in the desk next to me. Coach was a great listener at times. Even though he was a no-nonsense guy on the field and in the classroom, he cared about his kids very much. Having grown up with him (he was my neighbor, in fact), I knew I could talk to him. And since he created this situation, well, I figured he could help me get out of it.

"Steve, what's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

As easy as I thought it was going to be to tell him, I clamored up. I didn't know where to begin. I stared at the desk top in front of me, not able to look at him.

"This is all your fault, Mr. Smith," I said.

"Huh?" he asked.

"You hooking me up with Josh for tutoring."

He sighed and sounded like he was going to go into one of his long tirades. "Listen, Josh, you were failing....."

"I'm not complaining about that. Josh has helped me. Surely you have noticed my grades. But he's also helped me in other ways too. Other ways that I didn't think I needed to know about."

"What are you talking about?"

I looked at him. "Man, in the past month, I've broken up with my girlfriend and have fallen in love with Josh," I said, softly.  "It's all your fault, Coach!"

Mr. Smith looked at me in shock. "Uh, Steve..."

"He was getting picked on today and I wanted to fight for him. But I'm not ready to come out. I'm not ready for that. I can only imagine what the team will say, let alone the whole school!"

"Didn't you report it?"

"Report it and rat on one of my teammates?" I asked.

"Well, if you're worried about what the team will say, I'm the coach. If they have a problem with it, then they have to deal with me," he said, almost defensively.

I smiled at Coach. "Thanks. But what about the school?"

"There is no reason for you to come out, Steve. For all they know, Josh is just a friend who may or may not be gay. You don't have to answer to them. You don't have to defend your actions. You're doing what's right. And I admire you for that."

"But don't you think the rest of the school is going to start rumors?"

"Dude, you're in high school. Rumors are going to start up about anything and everything. Look, I don't advise you to come out to the school. There is no reason to unless you want to. I know how it feels, believe me, I do," he said.

"You do?" I asked, surprised.

"Sure do, when I was in high school...."

I sighed.

"Hey, Edison, I was in high school ten years ago, so don't get smart with me!"

"Yes sir," I said, slightly amused.

"When I was in high school, I was in a similar situation. I wasn't gay myself, but I had a friend who was, sort of like Josh. We met up the same way you two did. He was actually a cool guy once you got to know him. And I figured that you could use the same experience, though I didn't know it would go that far," he said.

"So you had an ulterior motive to setting me up with Josh?"

"Yes, to get you to pass Physics, Edison!" he said with that tone in his voice.

"Oh," I replied.

"But, this kid was being picked on too. After a while, I took a liking to the guy, and started hanging out with him some. Oh sure, I was picked on for hanging out with him, but no one really messed around with me. I'm sure there was talk, but I didn't care. Look, Steve, you've got a lot of things going for you. I'm not telling you to stay in or get out of the closet, but I'm telling you not to worry about what other people think. You're a great ballplayer. And once you prove yourself on the field again, the rumors will stop. You had an outstanding season on the football team this past year. Hell you even broke a school record! Be yourself. Go on defend the little guys. You always did. That's one thing I've always admired about you. You're so much more than the average high school jock, buddy."

Wow, I thought to myself. He was absolutely correct. On all accounts. I felt better. I had someone behind me in school at least. And it felt good to let it all out to someone. I couldn't get over how good it felt.

"Thanks, Coach. I needed to hear that, buddy," I said, getting up from my chair.

"Trust me, no one needs to know about what you do in your own bedroom. Heck I'd prefer not to hear it," Mr. Smith joked. "It's your own business. If they want to talk, let 'em talk. Don't let Josh down, man. He's really opened up since you took him under your wing."

"Yeah, I know. I'm proud of him," I said, smiling, thinking about that cutie redhead.

"Well, let me write you a pass so you're not in trouble for your class. And remember, I'm always here if you need to talk to someone. And trust me, you've got me on your back. Not just because you're my star pitcher, but because I know how it feels and I wouldn't want to put anyone through the pain that I went through. But look at me now! I'm married, have one kid, and one on the way. Just believe in yourself, Edison."

"Thanks, Mr. Smith. I'll see you later today," I said.

I walked to my class and thought about what he had said. It was all true. He had said what my big bro had said, but in even better terms. I just had to believe that everything would be okay. To put this to the test, I ate lunch at my usual table that morning. However, I did something daring.

"Hey, Josh," I yelled as he walked by my table. "Come and sit here," I said, pulling up a chair for him.

Josh looked at me as if I were crazy.

"No really man, come and join us," I said. "John doesn't mind do you?"

John nodded his head no. "It's cool. There's room."

"Joe, slide over will you?" I asked my best bud who was sitting next to me.

"Oh sure," Joe said, laughing. "Kick me to the curb, why don't you?  No seriously, dude, come join us."

Josh still looked like he was not sure of what was going on.

"Oh come on, buddy," I said.

Reluctantly, Josh started towards me. He sat down next to me, looking very uncomfortable.

I looked at him and smiled. "That's better, buddy!"

He really looked uncomfortable but managed to eat. However, Ben came to the table and immediately started causing a scene. I don't think the rest of the table even noticed when Josh came to sit down next to me. But they did now.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" he sneered.

"Ben, don't start with this shit again.   I invited him over to eat with us.  He's a real cool guy," I said, wrapping my arm around his shoulder. Nothing gay, just what two buddies would do.

"Shit, man, I ain't eating with a faggot at the table!"

"Get the fuck out of here man," I said, now getting angry. I looked at Josh for a second before I looked back at Ben. This was it. I knew it.

"Hey guys, look who's sitting next to Edison?" he asked the table.

"I've got no problem with it," Joe said.

"Ah, shut up. Jay, John, Paul, look who he's sittin' with."

They looked over and shrugged their shoulders.

Ben grumbled and sat down across from me. "Have to fuckin' eat with a fuckin' faggot at the fuckin' table," he grumbled.

"Hey Ben, shut up and eat," John said. 

I looked at Josh and rolled my eyes.

"Maybe I should leave..." Josh said.

"Nah, dude," Joe said, softly. "You're cool here."

Josh couldn't believe he was actually sitting at the jock table with Steve by his side. At the same time, he was nervous as shit for both of them. He couldn't understand why Steve was doing this. At the same time, he was sort of impressed.

Lunch went by all right after this, but I could tell that it was far from over. I made sure Ben left Josh alone, watching him before I left for my class. I think I can handle this, I thought to myself. I can defend him without having to worry about being labeled gay.

Well, the rest of classes were a breeze. I saw Mr. Smith for Physics, and he acted like we never had that talk this morning. I was relieved. I dreaded after school though because I knew we were weightlifting after school. I said good bye to Josh and Joe and went to the gym.

John sort of looked at me with a strange look as I walked in. He pulled me over to the side and said, "That was really brave of you this morning at lunch," he said.

I grinned. "Yeah I know, man. I just feel bad for the kid. He's done a lot for me."

He lowed his voice more and said, "You really got it bad for the kid, don't you?"

I turned to him and gave him a confused look. "Huh?"

"Come on, bro, I've known you for what? Ten years? You've got something for this kid," he said. "I mean, it's cool. I won't say anything."

"Don't know what you're talking about," I said, trying to avoid the subject.

He laughed and just said, "Whatever, dude. Just know that I've got your back if you need me."

I sighed and turned to look at him.  "Thanks, buddy.  I may need that."

He nodded and smiled.  

Well, I thought to myself, that was a good sign. John was shorter than me, but almost just as strong. He was one of my closest buds on the team, after all, we played ball together for like he said ten years. Besides my best bud Joe, John was a good friend of mine.

We all worked out for about two hours and then headed home. It was uneventful. Ben acted as if nothing even happened and I was relieved. Maybe this could turn out to be a good thing. I went home, ate dinner, and went over to Josh's for my usual Monday evening study session with him. Apparently, Josh had other things on his mind then physics.

I rang the doorbell and waited. He opened the door, dressed in a pair of sweat shorts and a sleeveless. Damn, he looked good. He grinned and said, "I'm sorry, we don't want any Girl Scout cookies."

I had to laugh at that comment. "Well, maybe you'd be interested in something more tasty than cookies."

"Mmm, sounds good to me. How much?" he replied.

"Uh, well..." I said, not really knowing what to say.

"Come in, ya freak!" he exclaimed opening the screen door.

I walked in and set my backpack down on his couch. He immediately took me in his arms and kissed me, deep with tongue.

"Dude, you were awesome today at lunch. You blew my mind away," he said softly, as he cuddle up against me.

I took a deep breath and said, "Well, it's gotta be done sometime. I'm glad I surprised you. Hey, if the guys have a problem with you hanging around, then I've got a problem with the guys. Fuck them. They don't have to know our story."

"Why the sudden change?"

"You don't like it?" I asked.

"No, it's good, just wondering why you feel this way now."

"I had a talk with our matchmaker..." I said, grinning.


"Who set us up?" I asked, sitting down on the couch and pulling him down with me.

"Oh, Mr. Smith. You told him!?" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, I did. And I feel so much better now. At least I have Coach behind me now. And my buddy John seems to have figured it out on his own about us too. It's all good, though, Josh."


"Are you angry?"

"No, I'm just surprised," he said. "But hell, if it makes you feel more comfortable, then I'm not going to complain . The whole school already thinks I'm gay, so I don't care one way or the other. I just hope you don't do anything you'll regret."

"Buddy, I'm way past that," I said, sighing. "It all comes down to you, little man. Don't you see? I'm fuckin' crazy about you."

I saw Josh smile at me. I kissed him gently on the lips.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" he whispered in my ear.

I nodded my head yes.

He led me up the stairs to his bedroom. He took the lead and ran with it. He led me inside, closed the door, and kissed me again. His hands were wandering all over my body. He focused more on my ass than I ever noticed before. As he made out with me, his hands caressed, massaged, cupped, and groped my ass through my sweatpants. I felt his cock against mine, hard as a rock. He was breathing deeply and I knew, this was his moment to shine. My little man, takin' charge. It was about time.

He pushed me over to the bed and sat me down. I looked deep in his eyes. Those bright, blue eyes that I get lost in every time. He slowly took his shirt off, never taking his eyes off me. He grabbed my hand and put it up against his chest. I felt his defined, smooth pecs, and then he led my hand down his smooth six pack stomach. He then directed my hand down to his crotch, and I immediately grabbed his cock through his shorts. God it felt so good. I wanted his cock, fuck, I needed his cock.

"I want it, buddy," I said in a very deep, soft voice.

"Go for it," he said. "It's all yours."

I motioned for him to lift his ass off the bed so I could take his shorts off. I took them off in one motion, surprised he had no underwear on. He grinned at me.

"Easier to access?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, as I grabbed his hard seven inch cock. His balls were smooth, like he had just shaved them.

"Bud you shaved 'em?" I asked, feeling them. They actually felt hot that way.

"Yep!" he said. "You like them?"

"Oh yeah," I said. "I think I'm gonna have to see how they feel in my mouth."

I immediately went down on him, licking those smooth balls.

"Yeah, fuck, lick my balls, Steve," he murmured.

I took them both in my mouth. I reached up instinctively and started stroking his cock. His moans told me I was doing the right thing. I licked up the shaft of his cock up to the head. Kept licking up to his stomach, past his left nipple, up to his arm pit. He lifted his arm up, and I sniffed my man's pit. It smelled like pure man, and it was turning me on. I licked his hairy pit and he started to giggle.

"Sorry, man, it tickles," he said. I resumed licking up to his neck, until I met his lips. He grabbed the back of my head and we kissed. We ended up rolling around with him on top of me. He drew back and looked down at me.

"God, you're so fuckin' hot, Steve," he said as he was feeling my biceps through my t-shirt. "Get up."

I sat up and lifted my hands above my head. He practically tore off the shirt and threw me back on my back and ravished my upper body. His hands were feeling every muscle I had as he sucked on my right nipple. By now, I think he knew my nips were extremely sensitive. I could feel the precum dripping out of my cock into my boxer briefs.

"Aw.....yeah," I said. I need to have that cock in my mouth. I didn't care about mine at the moment. What was going on here? I needed to have that cock in my mouth.

"Com' on, Josh, let me suck you, man!" I said, pushing him up off me.


"Yeah!" I said.

"Well, first, take your sweats off," he said.

I got up quickly and threw them to the side. We were standing naked before one another. I grinned at him. His hands fell to my ass again as we kissed.

"Now come on, I wanna suck it," I said, pushing him on his bed. He spread his legs and I knelt between them. I teased him a little with my tongue, licking the head of it. Flicking his balls. He started to moan, and seemed to try to raise his cock so it would go into my mouth. I wouldn't let it though.

"Aw, come on, suck me, Steve," he said, his voice in frustration.

I took it in my mouth and he let out a deep sigh. I felt his hand on the back of my head, not forcing me down on it, but just reassuring that he was there with me. I did my best to take it all the way down my throat, but choked on it instead.

"Easy, man, it's all right. Just take it slowly," he said.

I had a lot to learn from him. And I was eager to learn anything he wanted to teach me about male loving.

"Here, come up here, dude. Let's sixty-nine. It's sometimes easier to take a cock from up here."

"Uh, okay," I said, getting up. We rearranged ourselves on the bed. He took my cock in his mouth first.

"Fuck...yeah," I said, before trying to take his again.

He was right. I swallowed up his cock down my throat easily. I felt him moan on my cock, the vibrations running through my body. I sucked on it long and hard as he sucked on me. I felt his mouth come off of my cock and lick my balls. I was on top of him and he lifted his head up so he could lick behind my balls. His hands were still all over my ass.

I let out a short cry as I felt a warm tongue brush up against my ass.

"Aw man, yeah!" I said, looking back at him before I went back to his hard cock.

"Here, Steve, get up. Lay on your back," he said. I did as I was told. He lifted my legs up in the air, and pushed them back towards me, thus exposing my ass to him. Luckily, I was fairly flexible. I grabbed on to my legs and he went down on me.

I looked down at him through my legs and saw him looking back up at me as he gave my ass a tongue bath. I couldn't help releasing moans from the extreme pleasure I was feeling.

"You like that?" he asked, grinning like a five year old.

"Oh yeah," I said, hoarsely. "Don't stop, baby, don't stop."

I tried to relax and open it up a little. His tongue dashed right in. I couldn't believe it felt this good. I was dripping precum like crazy. He stroked his cock as he ate out my ass. I knew what was next.

I saw him sucking on his own finger while looking at me. "You ready?" he asked.

I shook my head yes.

He slowly penetrated my ass with his finger, and surprisingly, there was no pain. Only pleasure. He watched me as he started moving in and out of my ass.

"Oh, Josh, fuck yeah," I said, grabbing onto my hard cock. I started to stroke it.

"Shit, wait a second," he said, as he took his finger out of my ass and then got up. He went over to his desk and took out a bottle.

"A little KY liquid never hurt anyone," he said, smiling. He squeezed some out of the bottle onto his finger and smeared it on my ass. He then proceed to stick it back into me and I let out a loud moan.

"Fuuuuuck!" I said, as I resumed stroking my cock.

He then pushed my hand away. I felt his warm mouth on my cock again as he dug deeper into my ass with his finger. Fuck it felt awesome!

I felt my whole insides tense up as I knew the edge was close. Without even thinking I blurted out, "God I wanna feel your cock inside me."

Josh froze. He let my cock out of his mouth and grinned. "Really?"

"Oh god yeah," I answered. Sweat was dripping off my forehead. I was extremely turned on here.

He chuckled and said, "Later, baby. Just enjoy it now."

I shook my head yes and he resumed sucking and fingering.

"Josh, I'm close, baby, oh, fuck..yeah....awww...keep fingering my ass, man," I said.

He kept sucking as my moans got louder and higher in pitch. I knew I was going to lose it.

"Aw fuck, Josh, it feels so good, aw....man, shit.....I'm gonna, gonna....I'm gonna cum," I yelled.

He kept sucking and I blew my load right in his mouth. I felt like I was shooting buckets. He took his finger out of my ass, but kept sucking the cum out of my cock. I grabbed on to his head and held it there as my body shook.

I let out a deep sigh. He let my now half hard dick out of his mouth.

"Good?" he asked.

I let my legs fall on each side of him. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and he crawled up on top of me and kissed me. I could taste my own cum in his mouth, but I didn't care. We kissed passionately and he rubbed his hard cock up against me. He kept grinding into me. His breathing became more staggered and I knew he was close.

"Aw, man, I'm gonna shoot," he said.

"Wait....feed me your load, bud," I said. I was slightly surprised that my drive was still there. But all I wanted was to taste his load in my mouth. He got up on top of me and started feeding me his hard cock. He began to fuck my face, with a lot of force, I might add.

"Yeah, Steve, take my cock, man. Fuckin' swallow my load....I'm gonna cum," he said.

With a muffled moan, he let it loose. I felt the load shoot with force on the back of my throat. He held his cock there as he shot at least four streams out. He pulled out and I swallowed the rest. Exhausted, he fell back onto me and we made out once more.

As he cuddled up with me, I asked, "Feel good?"

"Oh yeah," he said. I wrapped my arms around him and he laid his head on my chest.

"Steve, I think I'm in love with you," he whispered.

I tightened my hold on him and whispered back, "I know I'm in love with you, Josh."

And there you have it. More will be posted when I write it. Thanks for dropping by. Please send any comments or suggestions to NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks!