Losing To Win, XV
"The Other Couple"
By Joey E

After a delay that was longer than I expected, "Losing To Win" is back in full force with this fifteenth installment. Thanks to all who have responded in the past and keep those comments coming my way..hee hee. As you are probably aware, this is a gay high school series about guys coming of age and learning about life and love. You have been warned. All rights reserved. Copyrighted 2004. Any unauthorized duplication in any form is strictly prohibited without consent from the author. If you are under 21 or 18 in some areas, please don't read on. Thanks.


"You want to take a shower?" Josh asked, getting up out of bed.

"Yeah, I sort of do wreak of sex, don't I?" I asked.

"Ever shower with another dude?" he asked, with a wicked grin on his face.

"Sure," I said, being the dumb jock again. "I take showers with guys all the...oh, you mean that way?"

"Yes, that way..." he said, slowly and still grinning.


"Then follow me," he replied as he grabbed my hand, leading me to the bathroom.

In a way, I marveled at the fact how Josh took control of the situations when it was just me and him. It felt nice to have another person lead the way. In life, I generally was the leader and I liked that roll. But in this situation, I liked how Josh took the control. It showed me he wasn't a pushover like everyone else believed he was. He just never showed his assertiveness outside.

He turned on the water, adjusting it to the right temperature, and turned on the shower head. He climbed in the bathtub and looked back at me. I just took in the whole view of his boyish body. He was pale, there was no doubt about it. His bush around his cock was actually quite full, though there was not much else hair on his body. He had definition. His blue eyes were shining.

"You joining me?" he asked oh so innocently.

"Uh sure," I said. He moved aside to make room for me. I got in and the water was a little cooler than I like it, but I didn't say anything.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. We were right under the flow of water and he kissed the back of my neck. I had never showered with anyone sexually before. Not even Jill. This was hot. In no time, my cock was up and ready again. I turned around and planted a kiss on Josh's lips. We wrapped our arms around each other and I knew he could feel my hard cock pressed up against him. He grabbed it with his hands and started stroking it.

"Dude," he yelled over the noise of running water. "You're up again?"

"Yep," I answered.

All Josh did was grin. He grabbed the bar of soap, I think it was Irish Spring, and started washing me. He paid attention to every detail of my body, slowly and seductively. He washed everything from my toes to my armpits. Fuck this kid knew how to drive me crazy. Finally I couldn't stand it, and started to jerk my own dick. He pushed my hand away, rather forcefully.

"Aw bud! I need to cum!" I yelled.

He started to jack my dick, gave it about three strokes, and I shot my load all over the front of his body. Even though I had shot only about fifteen minutes ago, I still shot a good load over his chest and stomach. We cleaned off once again and stepped out of the shower.

"So Happy Birthday, Steve. How does it feel to be a legal adult?" he asked as we got dressed.

"Shit, so much has gone on in the last 24 hours that I really don't know. I haven't given it much thought. I guess all right. No different really. What feels different though is the fact that my parents know about me, my teammate's gay and has a boyfriend, and I told you that I loved you."

"Well, this is one birthday you'll never forget. Let's head out to the living room."

As we made our way to the living room, the door bell rang.

"Who the hell could that be?" Josh asked.

"At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Lucille Ball."

"Isn't she dead?" Josh asked, walking towards the front door.

"Precisely my point," I answered.

He stood on his tippy toes to see out the peep hole.

"Need a boost bro?" I asked, joking.

"Shut up," he said, still trying to peak through. He turned around and said, "Fuck, it's the little kid next door selling some candy I think. You want any?"

"Not really."

"Well, I should buy something from him," he sighed, opening the front door.

"Hey Vince," Josh exclaimed. "How's my main man doing?"

"Hey Josh. I'm just sellin' candy for school. Want some?"

"Uh, how much is it?"

"A buck, same as always."

The boy couldn't have been older than ten years old. He looked like a younger version of Josh, except stronger and bolder. He was cute in his own boyish way. Not sexually, but just cute as a kid is cute.

"Hmm..." Josh said, looking in the box. "How about a KitKat?"

"Sounds good to me," I answered. The kid looked up and noticed me for the first time.

"Oh, hey, dude," he said.

Josh reached into his pocket a pulled out a one dollar bill and handed over to the kid. The kid thanked him, and handed him the KitKat.

"Kids," Josh said, rolling his eyes.

"You know you could pass as being the same as age as he was."

"Who Vince? He's a good kid. I sometimes play with him, since he doesn't have many friends around here. He just moved in with his mom not too long ago. I can tell the kid really misses his Dad. Poor guy," he said.

"Why what happened?"

"He died," Josh said, sadly. "From what I hear, he was a great Dad too. Figures you know? My dad is still alive and he's an asshole. So, I try to help the kid out whenever I can. What he needs though is hero like you."

"Dude, I ain't no hero," I said, hating to hear that expression used on me. "I never felt like a hero and never want to feel like one. I know my shit, and I know I'm good, and that's good enough for me."

"You're my hero, does that count for anything?" he said, softly.

"If you say I'm the wind beneath your wings, I'll strangle you," I joked.

Josh laughed, realizing how corny he was being. But I also realized how serious he was too.

"Well, if you really want to get smushy, you're my hero, too."

"Oh shut up," Josh said.

"You are. More than you probably know."

He patted me on the shoulder. "I know. As impossible as it is for me to believe, I know."

Well, I had the head back home, since I needed to do some shit. My room was mess, and I knew it was only a matter of time until my parents got on my case to clean it. I also had to go collecting on the paper route.

After I got home, I saw a note on the kitchen table that John had called. Hmm...this could be interesting. I grabbed the cordless phone and dialed his number.

"Hey, is John there?"

"Hey, buddy, you called?" I asked after he got on the phone.

"Yeah, man. Wanted to know if you wanted to hang out tomorrow afternoon with David and I?"

"Uh, who's David?"

"David, the guy that was with me this morning when we ran into each other at the diner?"

"OH!" I said, understanding who he was now. "Uh, well, my bro is home from college this weekend. I was sort of planning to hang with him."

"Well, later then? Bring Josh if you want."

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, we were wondering if you guys wanted to have a foursome and..."

"WHAT?" I screamed.

"Just yankin' your chain, man. Seriously, though, we'd like you two to hang out if you want to."

"Sure, man. Well, how about this evening? My bro will be at the wedding and all, so I'll be free. Let me check with Josh, okay?" I asked, wondering how this would turn out. I was intrigued by the idea too, never really hanging out with other guys like us.

"Sure, and if he can't make it, I'd still like you to hang out with us," John said.

"Okay, sure thing. I'll give you a call later on."

As soon as I hung up the phone, I picked it back up again and dialed Josh's number.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Is this that hot, little stud that I fucked last night?" I asked in my lowest, sexiest voice I could possibly manage.

"Uh, I think you have the wrong number," he said, before he burst out into laughter. "Dude, you just left my house a few minutes ago. What? You want round three of the day?"

"Anytime you want it," I answered. "Actually, I am calling to see if you wanted to hang out with John this evening. He invited us over to hang with him and David."

"Who's David?" he asked.

"His, uh, significant other," I said, rather uncomfortably.

"Oh! So they want an orgy?"

"Little man, what is with you lately? You're out of control," I said laughing.

"Sure, man, I'd love to hang out with other guys like us."

"Cool, I'll pick you up at eight?"

"Yeah, sounds good," he said.

The rest of the day went by rather slowly. I had to go around to collect for the paper route in the afternoon. I cleaned my room, did some chores around the house. I still felt uneasy with my parents knowing. I did my best to avoid my dad, who was actually out and about so that was good. Joe came over later in the afternoon and we played some X-Box. But other than that, it was boring.

I had to do the dinner thing with the parents, though, slightly awkward. It went along smoothly and nothing was mentioned about my being gay or Josh. I just was excited to get to hang out with John and his bud. I picked up Josh at eight and we headed over to John's house.

On the car ride over, the ever-curious Josh spoke up.

"So you're telling me that you never knew your teammate was with a rival ball player?"

"No, not a clue," I said. "I'm not very good at picking that up, buddy."

"Well, have you met this guy David before?"

"Actually, I was thinking about that earlier and yeah I have. He's been hanging out with John for a while now. Even before high school."

Josh just laughed. "Dude, you need to get with it."

"Well, before you, I didn't even look for signs of guys being gay, bud."

We soon arrived at his place and his mom answered the door.

"Oh hey, Steven, John and David are downstairs. Come on in!"

As I said before, John and I had hung out before so his Mom knew me pretty well.

"Hello, Mrs. Murphy," I said. "This my friend Josh."

"Hi Josh. Nice to meet you," she said. "Well, they're down in the basement. Go ahead down."

"Thanks," I said, as I headed towards the basement steps with the little guy right behind me.

I opened the door and heard John laughing. We went down the steps and turned the corner. John's family had fixed up the basement, well, at least half of it, very nicely. It was mostly John's area. His desk was there, TV, stereo, couch, chair, everything a high school boy needs.

"Hey Edison!" John exclaimed, getting up off the couch. "Glad you could make it," he said, wrapping his arms around me.

I was not expecting that, but at the same time, it felt night. Nothing different than when I pitched a winning game and we hugged celebrating.

He then turned to Josh and said, "How's it going, Josh?"

"Going well," Josh said, not seeming sure of what to say or do.

"David, this is Josh. Josh, this is my boyfriend David," he said.

David got up to shake Josh's hand. I noticed that this time Josh had firmed up his handshake. I'm glad the little guy was learning. I had a better chance to check out David, now that I was checking dudes out. He was tall, about 6'3", had a rather slim build to him, about 190lbs, jet black hair, and deep blue eyes. Not exactly my type, but man, he was a stud. John sure knew how to pick them. As mentioned before, John, while not that short, looked shorter in comparison to David at 5'10", but equally as solid at 200 lbs.

"And you know David right?"

"Sure I pitched against him last year," I said, shaking his hand. "How are you doin'?"

"All right, buddy."

After that, there was a moment of silence in which we all turned to John for the next thing to say.

"What?" he asked all of us, laughing. "Why are you all looking at me for? Come on, dudes, sit down, make yourself comfortable.

We all sat down again, Josh and I on the love seat, and David and John on the couch. Again, though, there was an awkward silence. Josh looked up at me, pleading with his eyes for me to say something.

"So, how long have you been together?" I asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Oh, about three years now," David answered.

"I would've never guessed," I said, softly.

"How about you?" David asked us.

"Uh, about two months I guess," I answered, looking at Josh, who looked like he was going crawl in a hole and die. The confident Josh was gone, being in the midst of strangers at least to him.

"That's cool. I knew something was up, Edison. Just quite couldn't believe it though."

"I can't believe it either," I replied. "But, if this is the way it was meant to be, then so be it. God it's so weird to be talking about this out loud, let alone to you guys. I never pegged you for being gay at all!"

John smiled. "Well, that's good."

"So how do you do it? How do you keep it from everyone?" asked Josh.

John and David both looked at each other. At that moment, I could see something in their eyes that I never realized before. It was the way they looked at each other. I wondered why I never noticed it before, since I've hung out with them maybe a dozen times before. They were always pretty affectionate, pattin' each other on the backs and shit like that, but it just looked like two close buds, who had known each other for years.

"We made an agreement. No one has to know. Our parents know. They let us be who we are."

"They're cool with it?" I asked.

"Yeah, took some time, but my parents took it well. David's took it a bit more difficult, but they're cool now. We made an agreement that we wouldn't do anything stupid to out one or the other, and it's worked."

"Yeah, it's easier for us because we don't go to the same school either. I can't imagine how it would be though if we did."

"How'd you guys meet?" Josh asked.

"On the field. We were on All-Stars together one year, never played together before, for little league. And, I don't know, dude, it just happened," David explained.

"Yes," John added. "It was really weird. I don't even know how it started. We just clicked, on the field, and then off the field. He was the hottest player I have ever seen in my life."

"Did you have any clue you were into guys back then?" I asked, very curious about this subject, since it didn't occur to me until Josh walked into my life.

"Uh, yeah, most of it at least," John said. "You know I dated chicks before like in middle school. But I always knew it, deep down."

"Well, how did you guys hook up finally?" Josh asked.

"Oh, that was easy," David said with a grin. John grinned back at David.

"Yeah, he seduced me. We were hangin' out, and he mentioned that he had some porn. We watched it, and by the end of it, we were both sucking each other off," John explained.

"And what about you guys? How did you meet?" David asked.

I looked at Josh and he looked at me. "You want to tell them?" I asked.

"Dudes! Get comfortable," David said, smiling. "You're on the fuckin' love seat. Don't put it to waste. It's just us down here."

And at that moment, David wrapped his arm around John's shoulder and John, leaned in and sort of snuggled with David. My mouth dropped open. I couldn't help it.

"What's the matter, buddy?" John asked, amused at my reaction. "It's all cool here, man. Relax. It's just us."

I had a hard time taking that in, but Josh didn't. He immediately pressed up against me. When I didn't move, he grabbed my wrist and forced my arm around him. He looked up at me with those eyes of his, and I melted away. I drew him in tighter to my body and we both chuckled.

"Is that better?" I asked.

"Much," David replied.

"So, how did you guys meet?" John asked.

"Well, Mr. Smith, our Physics teacher said I needed to get extra help in Physics or I wouldn't pass...and..."

Josh shot up with a big smile on his face. "So I was stuck tutoring this big dumb jock."

"Ah, shut up," I said, ruffling his hair. "Anyway, yeah so he became my tutor. And I've been stuck with him ever since."

"Dudes, you are a good lookin' couple, you know that? John told me you took some shit from one of those breeders, what was his name?"

"Who Ben?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's an asshole," John chimed in. "I've been doin' my best to keep him under control for you, buddy."

"Yeah, I know, man, thanks."

"Well, enough of this shit, dudes," David said. "What did you have in mind doing tonight?"

"Don't know, didn't really think about it," I said, looking at Josh. "What do you want to do, little guy?"

Josh shrugged his shoulders.

"Big help you are, bud," I said, joking.

"Well, I suggested an orgy," John said, smiling.

"So did I!" Josh said, excitedly.

"Woah, slow down there partner," I said, practically holding him back. "I ain't gonna have no orgy now."

John and David looked at each other smiled. David leaned in and gave John a kiss on the lips. They looked happy and in love. It took me a second to realize that's what Josh and I looked like. Not the same people, but the same emotions and feelings. It was rather sweet and romantic.

"Well, actually, we were planning to go bowling before John came up with the idea of inviting you over."

"Oh cool! I haven't been bowling in years," I said. "That sound good?"

"Sure," Josh said, getting up. There was a twinkle in his eye that I couldn't quite figure out. I noticed my little man checking out David as he got up off the couch. I wondered what was going through his head.

"Dude, did you ever have trouble in the showers?" John asked me.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, did you ever pop wood because of guy in there?"

"Nah, not really," I said. "Tried to block it out. Besides, I'm not generally attracted to the jock type, dude. I mean look at Josh!"

"HEY!" Josh whined with a smile. "What does that make me then?"

"A hot stud," David said, smiling. "You can be a hot stud without being a jock."

Josh giggled.

"Well, I could never shower next to you bud," John said. "Fuck you mean to tell me all these years, you never caught me checking you out?"

"Nah, never, buddy," I said, amazed we were talking about this.

Somehow in this conversation, I moved over towards John and Josh and moved over towards David. After I finished my last line of dialogue, we both caught the end of David's last sentence.

"....oh yeah he's hot, bud!"

John and I both turned around to face them. Josh and David looked at us like they were caught saying something they shouldn't have been saying.

"Who's hot?" I asked Josh.

Josh giggled and smiled at David. They both turned to us and said, in unison, "No one."

"Come on, boys," John said, rolling his eyes.

We all hopped into John's parents' car and head out to the bowling alley. On the way, I talked to John about sports, about the latest football game that the Eagles had played. I didn't mean to keep Josh out of the conversation, but that's what John and I talked about. It was apparent that David had little interest in football. Luckily, the ride was no more than ten minutes.

We rented our shoes, paid for three rounds, and went to our designated post. David entered in all our names in to the computer screen and we all put on our shoes. We then went on a hunt for the right ball. Josh was having a hard time.

"Dude, I need a ten pound ball," he goes. "But most of them, the finger holes are too small. I'll be back."

I searched for the right ball, and found it easily. Josh ended up going up to the other end to find one. When he came back, I ruffled his cute strawberry blonde hair and said ,"You find one?"

"Yep. Man, I haven't been bowling in years. I'm not that good," he said.

"Well, don't worry, I'm not the best either."

John was up first and got a strike.

Josh was up next and got a spare.

"Way to go, buddy!" I said, giving him a high-five.

David went last and got nine.

The game went on without incident until the fifth frame. My little man stepped out, aimed, and threw the ball not towards the pins but towards us. His release was a little off.

I'll never forget the look on his face when he turned around. His eyes were wide, his face was red, and his mouth was wide open in shock. I looked at him and started laughing. He came back towards me to get his ball. I could tell he was mortified, so I did my best to stop laughing.

"Don't worry about it, bud," I whispered in his ear as he passed me to pick his ball up. "You're cute, no matter how you bowl."

He looked up at me and smiled.

"All right, all right, dudes, break it up," John said, coming over. "Nice shot, Josh."

"Hey look on the bright side," David said, coming over as well. "You still got your first throw."

The game went on. It was a tight game, and my little man kept up with the rest of us. I was actually surprised that Josh kept up, and realized that my little guy had tricks up his sleeve left and right. Each thing I learned about him only made my love for him grow.

At the end of the first game, Josh had really loosened up in front of David and John and I was very happy about that. My competitive streak kicked in by the end, though, and the little guy was only beaten by me. By two points. The final score was 160-158. John got 155 and David got 153. All in all, it was a close game.

"Good game guys," David said as he reset the scoreboard for our second game.

"Yeah, that was the highest score I ever got," Josh said. "It'll be downhill from here."

"Why you say that?" I asked.

"My first game is usually my best, the second one gets slightly worse, and the third is absolutely horrible," Josh explained.

"We'll see about that," I said, as I discreetly pinched his ass, not really caring who was around at this point.

Needless to say, I was horny . From watching my man's cute ass wiggle every time he went up to throw, from the thought of him being all mine, and from just being proud of him, made me extremely horny.

Josh jumped up when I pinched him and whipped his head around to face me. I just smiled at him. He smiled back. We both looked back at John and David who noticed the whole thing.

"All right you two," John said, getting up to bowl. "Get a room."

I think we both realized that this was not the time and the place. But, we both smiled at each other and sat down. The second game was close again. This time Josh didn't throw backwards, but he did something else.

It was the sixth frame, our scores were tied, and he was up to bowl. Somehow, he slipped and fell and accidently threw the ball in someone else's lane in the process. My poor little guy landed flat on his ass, legs spread out in front of him. I went over to him to make sure he was all right. I was expecting to find him so embarrassed and ashamed. Instead, I heard him laughing out loud.

"Dude!" he said, laughing. "Can you believe that?"

He immediately got up and went over to the next lane where two dudes were playing a game.

"Yo, I'm sorry about that," he said, still laughing.

"No problem, man," the guy said.

Josh came back over to our lane. John and David were still laughing after they saw that Josh was laughing.

"Nice shot, bro!" John said, giving Josh a high-five.

"Only I could do that!" he exclaimed.

After that little bit of comedy relief, the game went by smoothly. Final score? 150 John, 150 Josh, 140 me, and 135 David.

"I beat you!" Josh yelled out, giggling.

"Ooo...I'll get you back for that, O'Hara!" I yelled, jokingly.

"My ass if you do?" he asked, softly.

"And my ass if you do?" I asked, with a growing erection in my jeans.


The third game was slower for some reason. John was losing his strength, as indicated by his lower score. David was meanwhile picking up, I was about even, and Josh seemed to slide behind.

As Josh went up to the lane, I patted his shoulder and said, "Looks like your ass is mine tonight."

He just turned around and gave me a wicked grin. He went up to throw and scored a strike. He came back around with a big grin on his face.

"It's not over yet," Josh said. "It's still the seventh frame."

John came over to me.

"You two have a bet going, don't you?" he said, smiling as David went up to bowl.

I grinned. "Yeah, we do. My ass versus his ass."

John laughed.

As it turns out, Josh threw strikes the next two rounds. I had on the other hand gotten nine, a spare, and a spare. As Josh went up for his last throw of the game, he whispered to me, "Eat your heart out, dude!"

He threw the ball for one more strike. He jumped in the air in celebration. John and David both gave him high fives. Well, it looked like I was going to be fucked tonight!

The final game ended with Josh in the lead, David second, me third, and John last. All in all, John won the most points, followed by Josh, Me, and David.

"You're really a good bowler," David said, as we walked back to John's car.

"I'm surprised I did that well!" Josh said, still excited about winning the last game.

I was sincerely glad he got his win, with or without the bet going on. We got into the car and head back to John's house. It was now 11PM and we decided to just hang out with John and David and watch a movie. I knew it was a dangerous situation to be in. I had fun molesting Josh in the backseat on the way home though.

"Okay, guys, I want to see both hands now," John said, looking in the rearview mirror.

Josh looked a little startled, but then he said, "What about David?" I looked down in between the front bucket seats to see David's arm across. Didn't take much imagination to know where it was.

We got back to John's house and went back down to the basement. For the first time, I saw John kiss David. It wasn't a hot and heavy kiss, just a tender one on the lips. Josh was grinning when he saw them do that.

"What?" John asked me.

"Never saw a guy kiss a guy before. You guys are fuckin' hot," I said.

They both giggled. It was true. I was seeing them in a different light. I knew that if I didn't get out of there soon, I'd do something I'd regret. I was all horned up already, and having two hot guys kissing next to me wasn't helping any.

I took Josh, grabbed the back of his head, and kissed him too. They both watched as we kissed and the idea of being watched was hot. I had always liked the idea of public displays of affection. Didn't mind an audience. I had mine tonight.

I opened up my mouth to let Josh's tongue in, hoping he would take the bait. He did. Apparently he was as horny as I was.

"Damn," I heard David whisper to John.

Josh and I broke apart and looked into each others' eyes. We then turned and looked at John and David. David had his hand up John's shirt.

"Uh, buds, what are we doin' here?" I asked, wondering what this could lead to.

"This was not our intention," David said. "It honestly wasn't." He was still rubbing John's chest, and John didn't look like he had any objection.

It was almost like a live porn in front of our eyes. Josh meanwhile made it clear to me that he was horny by slipping HIS hand under my shirt. I looked at him and he smiled at me, as if to say let it happen. I couldn't get over my buddy makin' out with another dude, and it seemed weird doing this with Josh with my buddy over on the other couch. It was all too weird and I started to panic.

"Uh, guys, if you want to be alone, Josh and I can leave."

"Shut the fuck up," Josh said, as he jumped on top of me.

There you go, guys. I just had to end it there or else I'd be writing a twenty page chapter. I urge you to send any comments you have for me on this series. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't worry. Another chapter will be out very shortly. Please send all comments to NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks.