Losing To Win, XXII
"Play Ball!"
By Joey E

As promised, here is the 22nd installment of "Losing To Win", a story about gay high school kids learning about life and love. If this isn't your cup of tea, then dump it out and move on. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), get out too. As usual, thanks to all whom have responded. I appreciate any feedback I get from readers. This has been edited by Chuck.  Copyrighted 2005. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction is allowed in any form without the consent of the author.


Since I had already been rejected once by Josh, the second time wasn't as bad. I now knew where he stood and knew that I was pretty much defeated. But, life certainly did go on. I successfully blocked out Josh from my life, which was hard to do because of John. But I needed to do that to get on with my life. Josh knew that and respected that. We kept our distance. Though it was still torture to see him. Every now and then Josh and I would hang out, but always with other people there too. I had no sex life after that. I didn't date chicks or guys. I just felt numb. But, baseball season started and saved my day. My mind was preoccupied on pitching and training and that's exactly what I needed at the moment.

It was our first game of the season against a local high school team. While not our true rivals, we always put up our best fight with them. It was also the team that David, John's boyfriend played on. It was to prove to be a very interesting game. It was my first year as the first starting pitcher and I was excited about that. My bro and my family made sure they were there for the first game. Josh and Joe were there was well.

I warmed up with John behind the plate, catching my pitches as usual. Our team looked very well from seeing them in practice. I was personally pitching the best I felt in my life.

"Play Ball!" yelled the ump.

This was it. I was starting the first game of the season. I was pumped up and ready to go. The opposing team had uniform colors of white and blue, while ours were gray and red. I looked right into the batter's eye before I looked over at John. He gave me the signal for a fastball. I nodded. I wound up and threw.


Advance forward to the top of the third inning. I had let no hits in my first two innings. I was now facing a new kid who I had never seen before. He looked kind of scrawny and young. I thought I had him covered when all of sudden he hit the first pitch I threw. I watched it go high up over my head and kept going back and back...

"Aw, shit!" I said to myself as it flew over the fence.

His team cheered him. He looked at me for a brief second and then looked around realizing he had hit a home run. He jumped up in the air and ran around the bases. I had to admit, I was happy for the dude for some reason. I'd usually be pissed off, but some how, with him, it was different. Damn, what am I thinking?

The rest of the inning went well. We had four runs and they had one. It was my turn to bat now in the bottom of the fourth. I stepped up to the plate and heard the fans cheering me on. I focused on the ball and let the first pitch go by. The second pitch looked good so I swung. I hit in between the center field and left field. I ran as fast as I could around first base. I knew it was going to be tight, but the coach said to keep running. I ran up to second as I saw the ball from the corner of my eye being thrown towards the second baseman. I knew I would have to slide. I slid into the base, and accidentally knocked over the dude. He dropped the ball when he fell on top of me, but scrambled still on top of me to get back. He did. The umpire called me safe. I tried to get up, but he was still on top of me. I looked up at his face and it was the dude that hit the home run. Damn, he's hot, I thought to myself. Deprived of that kind of body contact for a while and plus his beautiful brown eyes, made me bone up instantly inside my jock. Have you ever had a boner while wearing a cup? It ain't too comfortable.

"Hey, bud, wanna get up off me?" I asked, smiling at him.

He was staring into my eyes the whole time. He slowly rose back up on his feet, allowing me to rise up as well. He never took his eyes off me as I got up. I reached down and adjusted my equipment. All of this happened within a matter of seconds, but it seemed like hours. He was a hottie. What was I doing? Checking out my opponents now? I shook my head, trying to clear it and focus on the game. I looked back at him for a split second. He was still looking at me. A grin crept upon his face before he turned his attention back to the game.

"Weird," I muttered.

Well, I did make it home after John hit his single. And then Ben struck out, thus ending the fourth inning.

I pitched so well that I was kept in the game. I pitched to that second baseman, who I learned was named "Stephens". I learned that his first name was Rick. He grinned as he stepped up to face me at the mound again. I turned red and directed my attention back to the game. I didn't do so well, and ended up walking him though. As he walked to first base, I noticed him adjusting his package while he was still looking at me. Which would have looked normal to the average viewer, but there was something definitely happening.

I pulled John to the side after noticing this strange behavior during the break of the sixth and seventh inning.

"John, what the hell is up with number three?" I asked, referring to the team number of Rick's uniform.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"If I didn't know any better, I think he's either teasing me or flirting with me."

John laughed. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Watch him. Just watch him."

"I don't know. Ask David," he said.

We went out to the field and resumed our positions. Nothing happened during my pitching, mainly because this guy wasn't up to bat.  I was up to bat though in the bottom of the inning and I looked out to see if he was there at second base. He was. This was too weird for me. I just concentrated on the game and played as I usually did. I popped up this time and was out.

It figures after I told John to watch, nothing happened. We ended up winning the game, and I had my first win of the season. We celebrated and went out to the field and formed a line to slap hands with the other team. It was the usual good game thing that jocks do. I was caught up in the win that I almost forgot about the weird one. But there he was, four guys back from the front of the line. As we high-fived, he grinned at me and said, "You should've been out, Edison."

I said, "Yeah right."

We made it back to dugout to get our shit and gear together. I looked out across to the other dugout when I came up. I had my batbag on my shoulder and I headed over to the stand where my bro and parents were. They congratulated me on a great game, and I was pumped up from my win.

Well, as usual, a group of us wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate like we always did after the games. So, we gathered up our gear and headed for the diner. However, I did look back to see if I saw number 3 one more time. He was still there. He was watching me as I walked away from the field. I turned around several more times and still found his eyes directly on me.

"Weird," I said to myself.

As usual, we had fun going out to eat afterwards. We tried not to be too obnoxious and loud in the diner. David had joined up with John somewhere along the line. They looked so happy together, but they carried it off as being good buddies. John would sometimes go out with David after his games too. All too soon it was over.

As we walked back to the parking lot, John pulled me to the side.

"Hey, buddy, we're heading over to David's bud's house. They're having a party there. Want to join us?"

Having nothing better to do, I answered, "Yeah sure. Why not? Any pussy there?"

John cracked up. "Yeah there's plenty of pussy there, you fuckin' faggot."

We all went back to my place and I hopped in the car with John and David. Now that it was just us, we discussed what I thought I saw during the game.

"So, dude, John tells me you think Stephens was flirting with you out there on the field?"

I could've took a swing at my bud right then. I didn't want David to know about it.

"Come on, bud, it's just us. So, do you know if this Stephens guy plays on our team?" John asked David.

"Not sure, dude. If he does, I never noticed it. He's a junior now, and he's a good slugger. That's all we care about."

"Is he going to be there?" I asked.


"Well, just curious," I answered.

"Don't do anything to embarrass us," John said, seriously.

"What do you think I'm going to do? Just grab his cock and ask him to suck it?"

"Well, you were always pretty blunt, buddy," John said.

"I'll be on my best behavior," I joked.

Hmm, I thought to myself, this could be an interesting evening after all.

We got to the party in no time and it was already underway. I had learned that this kid's parents were always gone on the weekend and it was a tradition now for there to be a little team party after some games. We went inside and guys called out David's name. The host, who was the losing pitcher of the game, asked for the keys as soon as we stepped inside. I was impressed with that. Some of the guys came up to me after awhile, telling me I had pitched a good game and how they would win the next time we played. I answered, well, I won't be there when they do.

I scanned the party in various rooms to see if I could find the mysterious ball player. I didn't. I grabbed a beer and sat down with John and David on a couch in the basement. I had small talk with some of the guys there. There were chicks there too, but none of them I was interested in. But they certainly were interested in me. I wasn't rude about it. I talked to some of them. John and David both seemed to get a kick out of it. I did too, I must admit. It was good to know that I still had it in me, even if I didn't want it.

I was so engrossed with a conversation with a chick named Lisa that I didn't notice another person in the room. I turned around and saw him. There he was. Looking at me. I tried not to notice, and tried to keep the conversation going. I failed at not noticing. Everytime I looked over towards him, he was looking at me, perhaps even studying me. I grew uncomfortable. I took the last swig of my beer and asked John and David if they wanted another. Anything so I could leave the room.

I headed upstairs to find more beer. The moment I turned around to go back downstairs, I walked into someone. I looked down and it was him.

"Woah, sorry, bud," I said, trying to remain calm and cool.

"No problem," he said.

Now the normal thing to do, at least from my perspective, would be to move out of the way to let me pass. But he didn't. He just stood there, smiling at me.

"What, bud?" I asked.

"You know, you should've been out," he said.

"Nah, I was safe, and you know it," I said, smiling.

"I uh, was, uh, distracted. That wasn't fair."

"What was the distraction?" I asked, being the stupid jock I am, I didn't get the double meaning.

"Well, I think you can figure that out," he said. It was now obvious that his eyes were traveling all over my body. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable again, but couldn't leave the situation. Something was keeping me there.

"Woah, buddy, are you drunk?" I asked.

"Gettin' there," he said.

Suddenly, I remembered the time when my bro's friend Tim gave me pointers on knowing if a guy might be interested. I decided, if he was going to play the game, so was I. I didn't give a damn about anything anymore since Josh left me. But it was a new thing to be pursued by some stranger in front of all these fuckin' jock teammates.

"Uh, I think I better get back to my buds."

"Yeah, okay, Steve. Keep runnin'."

I felt the urge to leave right now. I went back downstairs to John and David. John noticed my weird expression.

"What's up, bud?"

"I think some guy just hit on me!" I said, softly.

"Number three?"

"Yeah!" I said, sitting down next to him. "Fuckin' weird!"

"Well, why don't you just let it happen?"

"In front of all these people? I ain't ready for that shit."

"Get him alone. Take him outside or something," John said.

I looked at him if he were crazy.

"Just do it, bud. Don't be such a fuckin' puss," he said with a grin.

"Naw....not here."

"Do it or I'll do it for you," John said.

"Fuck you!" I said, getting up. I went back upstairs and scanned the room for Rick. I saw him talking to a chick. I walked up to him and cleared my throat, trying to get his attention.

"Oh hey, bro," he said, very coolly. He told the chick he would talk to him later.

I don't know how I did it, but I asked him, "Want to go outside for a bit?"

He nodded his head yes.

We went out the door to the backyard, which I must say I was very impressed. There was no one outside. Since it was early spring, the air was a bit cool. I looked over at him and he was still checking me out.

We stood there silently for a few seconds until we both started talking at the same time.

"Sorry, you first," I said.

"No you go first," he said.

"No, you," I said, smiling.

"Uh, well, uh, I'm Rick Stephens," he said, holding out his hand.

"And I'm Steve Edison," I replied, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Steve," he said. His voice was very deep and his eyes reflected the light from the porch light.

We remained quiet for another few seconds.

"Didn't expect to see you here," he said.

"Didn't expect to see you here either," I replied. As far as conversations, this one was going no where fast!

"What are you doing here anyway?"

"My bud John invited me to come along with him and David."

"Oh, okay. Those two are pretty hot aren't they?"

"Don't know what you mean bro," I said, in defense.

"Dude, they're a couple!"

"What?" I asked, acting surprised.

"What you didn't notice that?"

"Don't know what you mean," I said, looking far away.

"Yes you do," he said. "You know exactly what I mean, Steve."

Shit, he was making me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't used to being the one pursued. It was weird and yet it was exciting as well.

"Well, I'm taking a chance with you, I know. I don't even know you except you pitch a good game. And I hit a home run off of you too," he said. "But, you know I think you're hot. Come on, you have to know at least that much. Why else would you have asked me to come out here with you?"

He did have a point. "True. I noticed you checking me out."

"And I noticed you boning up when I was on top of you at the game today. That's why I figured we had something else in common besides baseball."

"Buddy, what? You think I'm gay?" I asked, softly.

"Dude, not so loud. I'm not out at all, either. I just never saw someone as hot as you are. I'm sorry if you're not. But you gave me all the right signs man. I just had to take the chance."

He turned away from me after he said that. I could tell right then and there that this guys was for real. He, like me, didn't have a clue what to do next. Although he was more aggressive in the chase, he was just like me in the long run.

I looked at him and said, "Bud..."

He looked up at me slowly. I couldn't help but grin at him. Once he saw my grin, he grinned back. He stood a few inches shorter than I did. He did look like he had some Latino blood in him. Needless to say, he was sexy as hell. I couldn't help but compare him to Josh. I had nothing else to compare. But, he was sexy in a different way. Those big brown eyes, looking at me to say the next thing.

"Okay, suppose that I liked dudes. What would you say then?" I asked, still trying to somehow play it cool.

He chuckled at that statement and grinned at me again. "I don't know. Suppose I liked guys. What would you say?"

I liked how he turned it around on me. "I'd say, you look good."

He sighed and smiled at me. I could see the tension just disappear from his whole body then.

"I do?"

"Yeah, uh, yeah, you do."

We stood there still wondering what to say next. I was relieved that he spoke first.

"So you really into dudes?" he asked, looking up at me.

I nodded my head yes, slowly.

His face turned into a big grin and he said, "Thank god! I thought so! But I was just not believing my instincts."

"Well, I guess your gaydar works well," I said, moving a bit closer to him. He noticed and moved closer to me.

"So, uh what would you like to do now?" he asked.

"Not sure, buddy. Not really used to this sort of thing."

"Wait, you haven't played around before?" he asked, breaking into a wicked grin.

"Oh sure, I have. Had a boyfriend even."

"You still have one?"

"No, bud, broke up about a month ago."

"Aw, shit that sucks," he said.

"Well, life goes on. I did love him though. Still do."

"YO EDISON!" I heard John yell from the back  door.

I looked over at him as he came over towards us. I tried to give him a sign with my eyes, but it failed.

"You ready to leave yet? David wants to head home, man."

"Aw, fuck," I muttered. "Well, shit, man, I was havin' a good time."

"Oh hey, Rick," John said to my newfound buddy. "I'm sorry, bud, but we really do want to leave now."

Since I rode with them, I had to leave when they wanted to leave. I was secretly hoping that Rick would volunteer to get me home later. But he didn't.

"All right, bud, I'll be in in a moment."

"Well, it looks like I have to leave now, bud," I said, turning toward Rick again.

"Shit, dude, I'd offer you a ride home later, but I came with my buds too."

"Well, so what?"

"Well, I could give you my number..." Rick said, with a grin.

"Ah, yeah, that would be cool.."

"Let's go inside and I'll write it down for you."

We both practically ran inside. We passed John and David in the hallway.

"You ready?" John asked.

"In a minute," I said, following Rick to the back of the house where the kitchen was.

He grabbed a scrap piece of paper and a pen. He wrote down his name and number.

"Here, don't lose it," he said, smiling at me. I smiled back.

"I won't."

"Call me sometime. It's my home number, so don't call after 10, but call me!"

"I will, bud. Count on it."

We both walked back out to where John and David were. We said goodbye to some people there and all four of us headed out.

"So, it was cool meeting you, Steve," he said, extending his hand out to shake.

I grabbed his hand and shook it. I pulled him towards me and we hugged, a very masculine hug, but we hugged for a bit longer than maybe we should have.

"Call me," he whispered in my ear.

I broke away and smiled. He then looked around and saw no one watching. He gently kissed me on the cheek and bolted back into the house. He was so fuckin' cute the way he did that. Before he walked back inside, he turned around and waved to me.

"Well, well," David said, getting into the car. "Looks like Ricky's a little gay after all. Who came on to whom?"

"I'm not sure," I said, climbing in the back seat. "I'm still not sure."

"You're the man!" John yelled, obviously a little drunk. David appeared to be fine however.

"I got his phone number. I might have gotten something more if you didn't want to leave so soon! But it's cool. Maybe it's best that you did want to leave. Gave me a way out before I did anything I might regret."

"Dude, you're becoming quite the stud, man! Congrats!"

"I don't know what to think about the whole thing, but it felt awesome."

"You are going to call him, aren't you?" John asked.

"Fuck yeah!" I yelled, pretty damn proud of myself. "Dudes, I can't believe that I just picked someone up at a baseball game!"

"Well, that's how we started!" David said.

"True," I answered. "So, should I call him tomorrow?"

"Yeah, why the hell not?" John asked.

"Hmm...maybe I will...." I said, not being able stop the grin appearing on my face.

Well, it's an interested place to leave off eh? More will come soon as I am anxious to see how all this plays out myself. Please send any comments to NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks!