Losing To Win XXIII
"Calling Rick"
By Joey E

Sorry for the delay guys. Got tied up in real reality, life. But anyway, here is the twenty third installment of the gay high school series, "Losing To Win". The whole series is copyrighted 2005 by Joey E, all rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction is allowed without consent of the author. Also, if you are under 21 (or 18 in some areas), don't read on. If you are offended by gay and straight high school kids learning about life and love, then don't read on either. I can't say thank you enough to all who have responded about this story. I really do appreciate the feedback, negative or positive. Special thanks goes out to Shaun and Chuck. And as always, though I haven't mentioned him in a while, Matt.

So what was I supposed to do now? I had successfully gotten Josh finally off my mind for a bit and now this guy comes waltzing into my life, breaking down any barrier whatsoever that I had built up. I thought on this as I went to bed, very tired, but happy. It was going to be an interesting day tomorrow.

I woke up early and delivered the papers the next day. I went back to bed, as I usually did on a Saturday morning. I woke up three hours later at 10AM and had the hardest morning wood I have had in a long time. What was a teenage boy supposed to do in this case? I grinned as I pulled my sheets down, revealing my whole body. I looked down at my chest, seeing my muscular pecs and grinned agian. I looked further down to see my six pack abs and finally to see my bulge in my boxer briefs. I shucked them off in one movement and laid back down on the bed. I gripped my 7.5 incher and started stroking. God it felt good. Thoughts went flying through mind about Josh, about the game, about what happened at the game. I pictured Ricky and I in uniform after the game, leaning against the dugout and making out madly. I wondered what he looked like under the uniform and in my fantasy, it looked very good.

I kept stroking and it didn't take me long to feel the urge to shoot it. The last image I remember was Ricky going down on me and sucking my cock dry. I shot it instantly and made mess all over my chest and stomach. I laid back down, breathing heavily, and feeling good.

I finally got up, put on some clothes, and headed downstairs to eat something. My bro was there at the table and he was talking to Dad.

"Morning son," he said.

"Hey bro!" Matt said.

"Hey," I said to both of them. I went over to the cupboard to get some cereal. I poured milk over it and then sat back down to the table.

"So what are you up to today, Stevie?" Dad asked.

That was Dad, always the damn planner. I couldn't stand that about him. How am I supposed to know what I'm going to be doing when I just woke up? It never made sense to me.

"Don't know, Dad."

"Well, I'm headin' back to school this afternoon. Sorry I'm not able to hang out more, bro," Matt said, breaking into it before it became something more.

"That's cool. You told me that before."


We then talked about yesterdays game, like we always do. It was fun and I enjoyed it every time we did. Dad, being the former baseball player, who actually made it in the minors at one point, was a great inspiration to us both.

I went back upstairs to shower and get dressed for the day after that. I found the piece of paper in my pants pocket with Ricky's number on it. Nah, not yet, I told myself. I'll call him later this afternoon. I put it on top of my desk and got undressed. I realized I boned up again and felt like stroking it again. Why the fuck not?

I climbed back on my bed and started stroking with my soccer shorts pulled down to my ankles. God it felt so good. And I was fuckin' horny today. I stroked it, just enjoying the feeling, but only to be interrupted when my bro came bursting through my bedroom door.

"Bro...I wanted...WOAH!"

I wasn't ashamed of what I was doing. This scene had played out many times before.

"Watch it, bud...." I said.

"Sorry, Stevie...didn't know you were, uh..."

"It's all right."

"I'll talk to you after you're done," he said, with a grin on his face.

I grinned back as he closed the door. I resumed my stroking and I felt turned on by being caught by my older bro again. It took me less than thirty seconds more to blow my second load of the day. I quickly wiped off and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

"Now, what did you want to tell me?" I asked, standing in my bro's bedroom doorway.

He grinned back at me and said, "Just wanted to let you know that I was having a party tonight, if you wanted to come out and hang out."

"Oh," I said. "Well, I don't know what I'll be doing, but if I'm free, I'll give you a call."

Two o'clock rolled around sometime and I knew it was now time to call this guy named Ricky. I picked up the cordless phone and dialed the number he scribbled on the pad.

"Hey, is Ricky there?" I asked, when a male voice answered the phone.

"Yeah, this is he."

"Uh, well," I said, realizing I was sweating and nervous. "Uh, you gave me your number last night at that party we both went to and I..."

"Oh? Which one are you? I gave my number out to four guys..."

Now I was officially at a loss for words. "Uh...."

He broke up in laughter. "Dude, Steve, it's me. I'm just jokin' with you!"

I laughed back and was relieved to see he remembered me.

"Ah, so you do remember me then?"

"Sure do. How could I not? You've been on my mind all day!"

Another good sign, I thought to myself.

"Sweet," I said. "Well, uh, what you up to today?"

"Nothin' just hangin' out..."

"Cool, cool," I said, not knowing what else to say.

"Well, did you want to hang out or what?"

"Oh," I answered, again being caught off guard. "Uh, sure...yeah, bud."

He laughed at my delayed response. "You're a goofy guy."

"Yeah, well," I said.

"Well, you're place or mine?" he asked.

Boy this guy didn't waste anytime. I wouldn't be surprised at this point if he asked me who's bed next.

"Uh, I don't care, bud. Your call."

"Al'ight...you come here."

I really liked the way he talked. First of all, his voice was very deep and masculine, something I was really beginning to like. I liked his confidence too. I could tell he was a very fun guy.

"Okay, bud, when?"

"Now?" he asked, laughing.

"Uh, okay, sure. How do I get there?" I asked, smiling.

He gave me directions which lead me into the next town over, but only was a ten minute ride.

"Okay, I'll see you here when?"

"Give me a half hour," I said.

"Sounds good, dude! See you later."

"Count on it," I said.

Wow, what the hell was I doing, I asked myself while I was in the car driving over to his place. Something was driving me to go over there and get to know him though. I thought about the game and how there was just something about him that drew my eyes to him. To think that he wasn't even the same type as Josh just boggled my mind. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew this had something to do with Josh just leaving me like that. I just wanted to prove that I could get a guy myself too.

After making a wrong turn, I finally got to his house. It was a very nice neighborhood, new development, as they were appearing all over South Jersey now. I took a deep breath as I unbuckled my seat belt and got out of the car. I noticed there were no cars parked in the driveway and I was desperately hoping that his parents were not home.

I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. I was surprised when a chick my age answered the door. I could see her eyes scan me over as she opened the storm door.

"Hey, is Ricky here?" I asked.

She was about Ricky's height actually and looked a lot like him. "Yeah, let me go get him."

She actually didn't go get him at all. She simply turned around and yelled "RICKY! Someone's here to see you!"

Come to think of it, she was pretty hot in her own right. Dark black hair, straight, medium length, killer legs, killer ass, and big fuckin' tits too. And yet with all of that, she still maintained a nice girl image, which I thought was hot.

Just then another figure appeared which was even better. This kid was about 5'8", about 150lbs, dark black short hair, and brown juicy eyes. His face brightened up even brighter when he saw it was me.

"Steve, dude. What's going on?" He asked, passing by his sister out the door.

We shook hands and smiled at each other. His sister seemed to linger by the door a bit before she turned around to go back inside.

"Not much, bud. So this is where you live?"

"Yeah not bad eh?" he asked, smiling. His teeth were perfectly straight and bright white. His lips looked soft and full.

"Not bad at all," I said eying down his body.

He giggled at my comment, knowing exactly what I meant.

"You want to come in?" he asked.

"Sure," I said.

We stepped inside the house. I could tell right from the start that this family had some decent money. I was impressed to say the least. He led me up to his room. I was starting to wonder what I was getting into when I came into his room. It was set up a lot like me. He had a bookcase just devoted to his baseball life. Pictures of old teams, some trophies, some baseballs, and it was cool. Very cool. In the corner, I saw a guitar and an amp.

"Woah, dude, you play guitar?" I asked.

He blushed and said, "Yeah. Been playing for about ten years now."

"Bud, how old are you anyway?" I asked.

"Seventeen. How old are you?"

"Eighteen. Just turned eighteen about a month ago."

"Have a seat man," he said, pointing to the bed.

I sat down on his bed while he sat down on his desk chair. I wasn't sure what to say or ask next, but luckily, he took care of that for me.

"So, you like that hit I made off of you yesterday?" he said, confidently with a smirk.

"Aw, shit, buddy, you fuckin' asshole!" I said, laughing. "Well, remember who tried to tag who out at second base!"

"I'm glad I tried," he said.

"I'm glad you did too," I said. Though I wanted to jump his bones that minute, I decided to play it cool. Besides, I really didn't think I had the balls to do it anyway.

"So, how long have you known David?" he asked.

"For about four years now. John and he hang out a lot together."

"Yeah, they do. I know they've got something going on..."

"What makes you say that?"

"Just the way they act around each other. It's easy to pick up once you know what to look for."

"True," I said, not knowing what else to say without outing a teammate of mine.

"Well, good for them. So what do you want to do? Play some video games? Go out to a movie? Play cards? Bake cookies?" he asked.

I had to break up in laughter after the last two things he suggested.

"Play cards? Strip poker?" I asked.

"Maybe later," he said, as he winked at me. "No seriously, what would you like to do?"

"I don't care, bud. It's up to you."

"Well, if it was up to me, I'd take you right here on my bed. But as I said before, that's for later."

"Mmm...." I said, licking my lips.

"Well, how about some Hockey?" he asked, holding up EA Sports NHL 2005 for Xbox.

"Sounds good to me!" I said.

He popped in the game and handed me a controller. There was a kind of sexual tension in the air that couldn't be denied. But we tried to ignore it as we went on. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up the strong hold for much longer if we didn't do anything else. So I was glad to have something to distract me from the obvious.

We actually got a good game going. I've played the hockey game before, but I wasn't that great at it. Rick was a pro, though. He fuckin' beat me every time. I was not one for losing either, but somehow, losing to him wasn't as that bad.

"Well, bud, you kicked my ass enough times!" I said, after our fourth game.

He looked over at me as he laughed. We were sitting on his floor, backs against his bed and facing the TV.

"Hey, I gotta question for you," I said, looking up at him as he got up to turn the Xbox off.

"What's that?"

"Well, obviously you look slightly latino, but your last name is Stephens. How does that work out?"

He turned back to me and grinned. "My mom's Latino, my Dad's not."

"Ah," I said, laughing. "That would make sense."

"So, you hungry?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," I said, getting up too and stretching. I noticed his eyes were fixated on my body as I stretched out. I made sure to stretch high enough that my shirt would raise to show off my six pack stomach to this newfound stud. He checked me out, no questions.

"Nice dude," he said, in a low, husky voice that sent chills down my body.

I'm sure I blushed at him, but I smiled and said, "Thanks, buddy."

He walked up to me slowly, never taking his eyes off my face. I looked down at him when he was directly front of me. He reached up and slid his hand under my t-shirt and felt what he had just seen.

"I'm gonna kiss you, Steve," he said, looking back up at me. It wasn't like a question, but more like a warning.

I said nothing, as I waited for his next move. This was totally different to me and it was quite erotic to have someone else take the lead. Josh did to an extent, but not like this. I was loving every minute of it.

He slowly grabbed the back of my head as his other arm wrapped around my waist. I let him pull my head down and our lips met right as my eyes closed. It was a soft kiss, no tongue. He broke it and looked at me, keeping his face centimeters away from mine.

"I'm gonna kiss you again," he said as he pushed his lips on to mine. I felt his tongue trying to get between my lips. I opened up and it flew in immediately. I wrapped my arms around him at this point and he really went wild. He was to this date the best kisser I had ever kissed in my life. I gave it right back to him, probing his mouth with my tongue. He then used his strength to push me down on his bed and he fell on top of me. I felt his hard cock now, against my leg as he started grinding it . I knew I was rock hard at this point as well.

Before I knew it though, he stopped. I looked at him, wondering why he stopped. "We can't do this now, bro," he said pushing me off of him. "My sister's home!"

I understood what he was saying. But damn it, I wanted to fuckin' see him naked!

"Okay," I said, not trying to sound too disappointed. I got up off of him. He got off the bed with an extremely noticeable bulge in his sweats. Damn, that boy had a big cock!

"What?" he asked, grinning, probably knowing exactly what I was staring at.

"Fuck, that thing must be huge!" I said, still staring at the outline.

"Oh, this?" he asked, grabbing it.

I felt a drop of precum come out of my throbbing cock just when he did that. I let out a soft moan.

He chuckled and came over to where I was standing.

"You can touch it if you want."

I giggled for some reason. He grabbed my wrist and directed my hand down to his crotch. He put it on top of the bulge and I felt nothing but a hot cock. He moaned softly as I wrapped my fist around it. I played around with it, desperately wanting to shove my hand down his pants to feel it. But when I did that, he grabbed my arm and said, "No, dude...not now."

I was horny as hell now and I wasn't going take no for an answer. This was too much for my senses to handle.

"All in good time, Steve....all in good time."

"What? Are you nuts?" I asked, finally verbalizing my frustration.

"Dude, I just met you like yesterday. Are you saying you want to fuck around now?"


"Don't you want to get to know me first?" he asked backing away from me.

"Well, sure, but there's all the time in the world for that!"

"When's the last time you fooled around with a guy?" he asked out of the blue.

"Over a month ago!" I exclaimed.

"Damn, a stud like you?" he asked.

"Yeah, haven't really wanted it though. My boyfriend and I just broke up about a month ago."

"No shit, you had a boyfriend?"

"Yeah..but I don't really want to talk about him right now."

"It's cool. I never had a boyfriend before."

"Dude, you practically seduced me into your room. How the hell can you not have had a boyfriend?"

"Well, I have a few friends that I fool around with now. I've met a couple of cool guys online."

"Online?" I asked, being the naive jock that I am.

:"Yeah dude...like AOL!"

"Oh, I don't have that. Aren't you afraid of someone knowing you though?"

"Yeah, but I'm careful about that. Besides, if they know about you, you also know about them. It's an even exchange," he explained.

"True.....just sort of weird chattin and meeting up with strangers."

"You've ever done it?"


"How'd you find your boyfriend then?" he asked.

"Don't know. He sort of just fell into my lap. He was my physics tutor."

"Ah, that's kind of romantic. Was he a big guy like you?"

"Nah, he was a bit of a nerd, actually. Quite cute though and a redhead."

"Sounds interesting," he said. "Well, do you want to go hit up a movie?"

"Sure I guess. Which one?"

"How about Meet The Fouckers?"

"Is that still playing?" I asked, laughing.

"You see it ?"

"No," I answered. "But I never saw Meet the Parents either."

"Oh, you haven't? It's funny."

Well that was a good thing that he liked comedies. I was a big comedy fan of movies.

"Okay, we'll do that, bud. I'll drive," I said as he walked over to the door.

"Good, because I don't have my driver's license," he said, laughing.

"Shit, man, how old are you?"


"Oh, I'm eighteen. But you seriously don't have a license yet?"

"Nah, bro, I've got my learner's permit though. But you drive."

"Okay, I will!"

We hopped into my cars and took off to the mall area where the closet theater was. We cranked up the tunes on the way there. We talked some more about the differences in our schools, what classes we had, what mutual friends we had. It was just a relaxing conversation. Though at one point, he did grab my crotch while I was driving just to see my reaction as he called it.

We pulled up to the parking spot and went inside. He insist on paying for my ticket, which I didn't like that much. But if it made him happy, I decided to let him. We found the theater it was in and went inside. It looked relatively crowded already.

"Sit back here?" he said, pointing to an empty row that was close to the back of the theater. He winked at me and I caught on to what he wanted.

"Okay," I said, moving inside the isle and sitting down in the middle.

He sat down right next to me. The lights went down and the previews came on to the screen. During the opening scene, I became aware of his arm on the armrest rubbing up against mine. I turned to him and he turned to me. We both grinned and kept watching the movie. It was then that I realized he had the cutest, joyous laugh I had ever heard in my life. It sounded very deep hearted and full.

The movie turned out to be hilarious and we laughed through the whole thing. At one point, he seemed to have looked around to see who was near us and then he grabbed my hand. We held hands through the rest of the movie. I felt myself getting hard again too.

All too soon, it was over. We got up and stretched. I noticed him checking me out while I stretched again. He certainly liked to check me out. I guess it was a good thing.

"Dude, that was a funny movie!" he said, as we walked out of the theater.

"Yeah, bud."

I looked at my watch and realized it was now six o'clock.

"You hungry now?" he asked.

"Yeah, I am," I said, noticing my stomach was indeed growling.

"What do you feel like?" he asked, as we walked out the door to the parking lot.

"Uh, how about Don Pablo's?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me."

We headed over to Don Pablo's which was practically right across the street. The wait wasn't that long surprisingly and we saw two familiar faces waiting in line as well.

"Well, well, well! Look what the wind brought in," David said, smiling at us.

"Oh shit," I said. "Hey, guys what are you up to?"

"I reckon the same thing you are up to," David said. "Hey Rick."

"Yo Edison," John said.

We all shook hands. David gave Ricky the thumbs up sign. Rick giggled.

"Well, would you like to join us?" John asked.

"Uh," I said, looking at Rick. To be honest, I was relieved to see them here. But if Rick wanted to eat alone with me, then I wouldn't complain either.

Rick looked back at me and I nodded to him that it was okay.

"Sure," he said.

John went up to the hostess and changed the number in our party. We were seated five minutes afterwards. We had amazingly got a booth. John and David were on one side and we were on the other.

"David, how long did you know about Rick?" I asked, knowing something was going on between the two of them.

"Uh," David said, looking at Rick. "Well, I pretty much knew about Rick before he asked about John and I."

"You knew too?" I asked John.

"Well, sort of. We knew he was, we didn't know he would be interested in you though."

"Actually we knew that too," David chimed in, grinning.

"Aw, shit," I muttered. "You kept this from me?"

"Steve, it doesn't matter. You're here with me now, and that's what matters," Rick said, softly.

All my anger disappeared the moment he said that. I couldn't be mad at a face that cute.

"Okay, okay..." I said.

We all ordered our drinks and then we checked out the menu.

"Dude, how about our server?" David asked all of us.

"Oh shut up," John said, smiling.

"What?" David asked, laughing. "We always check out dudes."

"But with them here? God you are so gay right now!" John said.

"And you're not? Come on, bro, lighten up!"

Rick and I exchanged looks as the two argued. It was actually kind of cute, though I was wondering if anyone could hear them.

"Come on guys," Rick finally said. "Don't embarrass us."

"Well, this is weird," I said.

"What is, bud?" John asked.

"Being here, with all of you."

"Yeah, it can be a bit weird. Especially when we're so close to home," John said.

"We should all go to the city!" David said.

"What?" I exclaimed.

"We should all go to Philadelphia."

"None of us is 21!" Rick said, wondering where David was going with this.

"They sure have restaurants though that are in that part of town. Come on guys...we could all feel a little more comfortable away from here, couldn't we?" David went on.

"Yeah, buddy, I'd say we're due for another trip," John said. "You in, Edison?"

"Ah, why the hell not?" I answered, agreeing it did sound like fun.

"Okay...when?" Rick asked.

"Now!" David said.

"What about our sodas?" I asked.

"Finish them. Let's get the bill and get the fuck out of here!" John said, eagerly.

We all laughed and downed them. We asked our server for the bill and paid it. In no time, we were out of there and all in my car, headed for the city of Brotherly Love.

Well, there you have it. This story is getting way out of hand! It will be back in control soon, don't worry. And the ending is closer in sight than I thought it was.  In the meantime, send all comments or suggestions to NEPhillyBoy76@aol.com Thanks!